Mushroom City Car Wash [Roleplay]


Spirt-taking ghost Pokemon
*Meanwhile, Tumble and co. arrive in Waluigi's Island*

:tumble:: Welcome to Waluigi's Island!

Millennium Star: Here, you'll face SML Luigi for the Mischief Star Stamp. Oxide, you're the only one who hasn't faced anyone, so you get to battle him.

SML Luigi: No one causes more trouble than me! That's why I deserve the Mischief Star Stamp.

:toadette:: You can do it, Oxide.

: Keep your head up, Oxide.

: Show him your powers, Oxide.

:wario:: Do your best, Oxide.

:waluigi:: I believe in you, Oxide. Don't give up!

: Stay confident, Oxide. We're counting on you!

: Ruff.

: Bring it on! I'll show you that I'm not to be messed with!

*The battle between SML Luigi and Oxide begins*


Spirt-taking ghost Pokemon
SML Luigi: Hiya! Take this!

*SML Luigi throws fireballs at Oxide*

: Try me!

*Oxide fires his Plasma Gunshots at SML Luigi*

SML Luigi: Run! I've been beat!

*SML Luigi runs away*

:toadette:: Great job, Oxide.

: You did it, Oxide.

: Good work, Oxide.

:wario:: Keep it up, Oxide.

:waluigi:: I knew you could do it, Oxide.

: Nice work, Oxide.

: Ruff.

:tumble:: Here's your Mischief Star Stamp!

Millennium Star: Great job, you collected all 7 Star Stamps. However, there is one more opponent you need to face.

:toadette:: Who is it?

Millennium Star: ME.

*The battle between Toadette and co. and the Millennium Star begins*


Kart Racin' Robot

*Mario had been revived, lowering his Life count to 4.*

Mario: Oh, mamma mia... that was a brutal death...

*Mario gets up off the ground and then pixelates to the Car Wash*

Mario: Yello? Anyone here?

*Mr. M & Mr. L fly in*

Mr. M: Oh, there you are, kid! You put us in a loop there.

Mr. L: Yeah. You should've been there to see him go crazy.

Mario: If I didn't know better, I'd say you're getting attached to Jazzi!

Mr. M: Well, Uh, O-Of course I'm not! I-I'm just doing...hero stuff, ya know?

Mario: I can see right through that.

Mr. M: Alright, Alright. I'm looking out for the kid. Quit making such a big deal outta it.


Luigi: Mamma mia! I gotta get someone to look after the Car Wash for me!

*Luigi pixelates to the Car Wash*

Luigi: Guys! I nee-

*Luigi sees Mario*

Luigi: Mario! You're alive!

*Luigi rushes to Mario and hugs him*

Mario: Of course! You thought I'd just forgot all about 1-UPs?

Luigi: Eh, Good point. Anyway, can you be Manager for a while? I have to meet Daisy's parents.

Mario: That explains the Tux. Sure!

Luigi: Thank you so much, Bro!

*Luigi hops in the Poltergust 4000 and starts driving to Sarsaland*

Mario: Gotta say, I'm happy for him.
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Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Captain Goomba: "Don't worry, me and the other three captains will protect Bowser."

Toad: "And the Captains go right beside Bowser.
Meanwhile on Isle Delfino..."

Graffiti Yoshi: "Welcome to Gelato Beach. Here there are a wide range of things to do. Including visiting the coral reef, riding the sand bird, and participating in the watermelon festival."

Yoshi the SSM: "Wow! This place looks pretty clean."

Graffiti Yoshi: "Yeah... Shadow Mario did this last night. Now let's tour this place."


Kart Racin' Robot

Len: So, this is where he lives?

Marchionne: Without a doubt.

*Len and Marchionne enter Mushroom City. They walk around for a little while before they see Luigi driving the Poltergust 4000 out of town*

Marchionne: There he is.

*The two start following Luigi inconspicuously, trailing a bit behind as to not seem suspicious. They follow him out of Mushroom City*


Mario: Hey, wait. Where's that dumb version of me?

Mr. M: Probably out somewhere tripping over his own two feet.

Mario: Eh, I'm getting kinda worried about him.


Kart Racin' Robot
Mario: Yeesh. Sorry for stating the facts.

*SMG4 Mario and Meggy enter the Car Wash*

SMG4 Mario: Huh? What facts?

Mario: The fact that you're dumb?

SMG4 Mario: Eh, You're not wrong.


Kart Racin' Robot
SMG4 Mario: Well, Congratulations! You just explained something to me and I understood it! That's very hard to do! *Turns to Meggy* Remember when you had to explain to me how to play Splat Zones?

*SMG4 Mario and Meggy laugh*

Meggy: I had to tell him five times! *Continues laughing*

Mario: Yep. I'm even more worried now.


Spirt-taking ghost Pokemon
Millennium Star: I'll show you my powers!

*The Millennium Star fires meteors at Toadette and co.*

:toadette:: Begone!

*Toadette attacks the Millennium Star with her hair*

: Kneel before us!

*Cream attacks the Millennium Star with Thunder Shoot*

: Come at me!

*Toadiko attacks the Millennium Star with her bombs*

:wario:: Have a rotten day!

*Wario attacks the Millennium Star with Wario Waft*

:waluigi:: Take this!

*Waluigi kicks the Millennium Star*

: Try to fry us!

*Zem punches the Millennium Star*

: Ruff!

*Zam bites the Millennium Star*

: You'll never survive this!

*Oxide fires his Plasma Gunshots at the Millennium Star*

Millennium Star: Ouch! Ow! Stop that! I guess I'll admit defeat.

:toadette:: Please make all of us the greatest superstars in the universe than!

Millennium Star: I can't! I'm not the real Millennium Star!!

*The Millennium Star flies away*

:toadette:: No! This can't be!

: What can we do now? I'm devastated, Cheese! What a waste!

: Was this all for nothing?!

:wario:: No! We've been tricked!

:waluigi:: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! This is very depressing!

: I can't believe this was all for nothing, Zam. What a waste of time!

: Ruff!

: Noooooooooooooooo!! I can't believe this! My dreams of being an alien superstar again...crushed!! Boo hoo hoo! 😭

*Oxide starts crying at the top of his lungs*

:tumble:: Stop crying, everyone! That Millennium Star was only a fake! The real one is coming to you right now!

*Tumble pulls a white, glowing star, much smaller than the fake Millennium Star, out of his cap*

:tumble:: This is the real Millennium Star! It is the one who was the power to make all of you the greatest superstars in the universe!

*The real Millennium Star glows brightly, making Toadette and co. the greatest superstars in the universe*

:tumble:: I bet you're wanting to go back to the Car Wash, right? Lakitu! Lakitu! Come get us out of this toybox!

*Lakitu comes and takes Tumble and co. out of the Toy Box*


Spirt-taking ghost Pokemon
*Meanwhile, at the Mushroom City Car Wash*

:tumble:: Sorry, I have to leave now. You guys better get prepped for Halloween! And on the next party cruise, Host Toad and Koopa will be back, but they're not the only ones hosting this time! And you'll also be receiving lots of presents! See ya!

*Tumble leaves the Car Wash*

:toadette:: Tumble's right. We really need to decorate the Car Wash for Halloween, and buy all our costumes and the Halloween candy we'll be handing out to the little kids on the 31st! So, everyone. What costumes do you have in mind? Whoever already has a costume can help Toadia and Vanilla decorate the Car Wash for Halloween! Also, Toadia, Vanilla, how are all the Pokémon doing?

Toadia: Those Pokémon are total scaredy cats, Toadette! They won't even fight!

: Yeah. Someone really needs to toughen them up!

:toadette:: Really?! Oxide! Your Pokémon are scared of fighting! Toadia and Vanilla said that they must toughen up! After we buy the Halloween candy and our costumes in Coconut Mall, can you try to get the Pokémon to participate in some battles so that their fear will go away?

: Certainly, Toadette. I'll try to toughen them up. Are they trick-or-treating too?

:toadette:: Yep. But make sure you buy little kid sizes for most of them! Anyways, back to my question. What costumes do all of you have in mind?

: I'd like to be a princess, Toadette. No Disney Princess Dresses though. I want something that isn't from the magic kingdom.

:toadette:: We can certainly do that. Toadiko?

: I'd like to be a fairy, Sister. Make sure that the dress is very sparkly and pretty and that the wings actually fit on me!

:toadette:: Can do. Wario?

:wario:: Wario Man, of course! I already have my costume, so I'm not going with you guys!

:toadette:: Well, hope you like decorating the Car Wash. Waluigi?

:waluigi:: I wanna be Dracula! Not the one from Hotel Transylvania though. I hate Adam Sandler!

:toadette:: That's doable. Zem?

: I'm going in my Punk outfit, which I already have. Oxide, are you ok with babysitting Zam for me since I already have a costume?

: Sure, Zem. As long as he doesn't bite me!

:toadette:: Ok, than. Zam?

: Zam wants to be a Devil Dog this year, Toadette. Make sure you get one with glowing eyes!

: Ruff!

:toadette:: We can do that. Oxide?

: I can't decide what I want to be for Halloween!! My Star outfit is mainly for space travel, my Hot Rod outfit isn't really meant for Halloween, and my Shower Cap outfit is purely for laughs. I want something I'll actually want to wear on Halloween, which none of the outfits I already have are viable for.

:toadette:: Well, hopefully you can find what your looking for, Oxide. Pokémon?

Toadia: Anything that fits them well will work, Toadette.

:toadette:: Ok! Cream, Toadiko, Waluigi, Zam, Oxide, Pokémon, you're coming with me! By the way, I'm thinking of being a witch for Halloween! Zem, Wario, you stay here and decorate the Car Wash for Halloween. See ya!

*Toadette, Cream, Toadiko, Waluigi, Zam, Oxide, and all of the Pokémon leave the Car Wash and travel to Coconut Mall. Wario and Zem stay to help Toadia and Vanilla decorate the Car Wash for Halloween*
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Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Toad: "Over on Ilse Delfino…"

Graffiti Yoshi: "Welcome to Pinna Park. Here, there are many amusement park rides, including Yoshis' favorite, Yoshi-Go-Round."

Yoshi the SSM: "Wow. It is so clean. And looks very busy."

Graffiti Yoshi: "Well, Shadow Mario cleaned this last night. And this is October, so that means that festivities and markets here are not uncommon. This may be a tropical island, but we do still have harvests. Anyways. The ones that host the festivities and markets are farmers. We even get farmers not on Isle Delfino, but not too often. Wait a minute. What is that robot doing here?"

Toad: "The robot he is taking about is a robot version of Bowser. But before anything else is done, the head of the robot opens up and reveals Shadow Mario inside of it. He then takes off his mask, revealing that he is Paper Bowser Jr."

Paper :bowjr:: "Hello, you guys! I am Bowser Jr. Or the Paper Mario world's version of him. Anyways. I came to this island because I heard of this world's adventures here. And I wanted to do the same thing since I never did it in my universe. Unfortunately, he said that he got Mario to somehow clean the mess he made. It seems that I got unlucky and cleaning myself."

Yoshi the SSM: "Oh. This is Paper Bowser Jr. This world and the Paper Mario world are connected via a book. And thus, these two universes are easy to travel to each other. It was chaos when it was first discovered. Just play Paper Jam to find out. Anyways. He is basically the same as Bowser Jr. in this world. He just made out of paper."

Graffiti Yoshi: "Oh. OK. Thanks. It's good to know why he's here. Come on. Let's check out this park."


Kart Racin' Robot
Mr. M & Mr. L: Halloween?

SMG4 Mario: You've never heard of Halloween? Oh, man! Where do I start? It's a wonderful time of year where you dress up in cool costumes and go door to door in search of the best candies!

Mario: Yeah, but that's not for a few weeks.

SMG4 Mario: Whatd'ya mean? It's never too early for Halloween!

*SMG4 Mario helps decorate the Car Wash for Halloween*


Spirt-taking ghost Pokemon
*Toadette and co. have arrived in Coconut Mall*

:toadette:: Ok, everyone. Before we buy our costumes, we're going to the candy shop to get some Halloween candy to hand out to all the trick-or-treaters on the 31st. Make sure that each of us gets a different type of candy. I don't want any candies that are similar to each-other!

*Toadette and co. go to the candy shop*

*at the candy shop*

: Welcome to my candy shop! My name's Cloud N. Candy. Are you here to buy some candy for Halloween?

:toadette:: Yes. Now, everyone will be assigned a different candy to get. I'm on lollipops! Want candies do you want to get?

: I'm getting caramel cremes, Toadette.

: Chocolate bars for me, Sister.

:waluigi:: Candy canes please! Wait a second...this is for Halloween, not Christmas! Gummies please!

: Mini sized licorice, please. Zam's getting those marshmallows that are shaped and taste like bananas and strawberries. And the Pokémon, they're getting rock candy.

: Ruff.

:toadette:: Ok than! Let's split up! Everyone, once you're done getting your candy, let's meet where the checkout is before we pay for it!

*Toadette and co. split up and start looking for the candies they were assigned to get in the candy shop*

*Back at the Car Wash, Toadia and Vanilla find a big box full of Halloween decorations*

Toadia: We found the Halloween decorations, everyone! There's a lot of stuff in here! Wario, you'll be tasked with blowing up the inflatable decorations and balloons that are going outside the Car Wash. Zem, you're in charge of making a Jack-O-Lantern for the outside of the Car Wash. Vanilla and I are handling the inside of the Car Wash. Now, let's get decorating!

: Toadia? Is it ok if I help Zem carve his pumpkin? He's never carved one before.

Toadia: Sure, Vanilla.

*Wario heads outside with all the inflatables and balloons*

:wario:: Toadia wants me to blow those all up by hand. Not happening! I'm going to get the air compressor! It'll be a whole lot easier than just using your own breath!

*Wario goes back inside the Car Wash and gets the air compressor, than heads back outside and turns it on*

:wario:: Much better! Now, everything will get blown up without me having to put my mouth on it!

*Inside the Car Wash kitchen, Zem and Vanilla find a very large pumpkin*

: I've never carved a pumpkin before, Vanilla. I'm glad you decided to help me carve it.

*Vanilla puts the pumpkin on the table, then grabs a cutting board, a knife to cut the pumpkin with, and a bowl for all the seeds*

: First, you have to cut the top of the pumpkin off. Be careful with the knife, as it is very sharp and could cut you.

*Zem grabs the knife and cuts off the top of the pumpkin*

: Good work. Now, before we carve our pumpkin, we need to take out all the seeds.

: Is it ok if we do it together? It'll go a whole lot faster than if I do it on my own.

: Sure, Zem. Of course I'll help you.

*Zem and Vanilla start taking the seeds out of the pumpkin*

*Back in the Car Wash lobby*

Toadia: Now I have to put all these decorations up. This is going to be hard work.

*Toadia starts decorating the inside of the Car Wash*


Supreme Overloard
Yoshi SSM I don’t know if your using Jr. right now but you haven’t been so I’ll say that you aren't please tell me if I am wrong.
:bowjr: Dad! What’s going on?
:bowser: I don’t know. Just get somewhere safe.