Mushroom City Car Wash [Roleplay]

The Dark Core

And it’s just begun!
Charcoal: (In head *My sons...) The first time we meet...

Charcoal: Could I have a breve?
Man at cacher: Sure, $2.50 is your change.
Charcoal: Tha—- *Slips on the slippery ground* Ow...
Mario’s mom: Hey, are you ok? Here, let me help you up, the name’s Celina.
Charcoal: Now I remember, your Celina!

Paper Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Mario's mother: "Celine. OK, next question. What is your job? Or what was it during the time of Bowser's first invasion in Super Mario Bros.? Also. I seem to have forgotten yours. What is it?"

:bowjr:: "I think he said Charcoal to this person I want (Jazzi). And I want her be with us because we will need to open the door to the cave up high. It needs four people to open. And we are missing one due to Yoshi the SSM being eaten by Yoob. And if you have any doubts about me, right now I am focused on trying to defeat the Shroobs and no one else."

Mario's mother: "Charcoal. Ok. Thanks. Now all I need to know is his occupation. Now or during the time of Bowser's first invasion in Super Mario Bros."

Mister M

The most charming villain ever.
Do not mess with my wholesome Plot ARC

*In his sleep, Mario breaks the Spy Cam*

Mario: Wha? What was that?


Mario: Luigi, You're alive!


Mario: Luigi, what?

*Luigi swings a cleaver at Mario, but misses. Mario runs downstairs. Luigi follows*

Mario: Luigi, wai-

*Mario trips*

Luigi?: Finally, now you will understand the pain you put me through!

*Luigi thrusts the cleaver down, but Marchionne appears and blocks the attack*

Marchionne: Run.

Mario: But-!

Marchionne: Just go!

*Mario runs out the door and into another house*


Dr. Mario: We already have 5 people, though. Are you sure you don't want her for something else?

Mr. M: Yeah, Villains don't do things for no reason. Trust me, I'd know.

Paper Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
:bowjr:: "Dr. Mario. I would ask my dad, but he seems to be a little tied up right now. And Mario's mother is busy with Charcoal. And I don't see anyone else to ask. So, that's why I asked this person (Jazzi). And the reason why I am trying to defeat the Shroobs is that other villains tend to ruin Bowser's plans. Now, come on while these two talk, we should use this time to search for the Cobalt Star shard."

Toad: "And Bowser Jr. goes towards the cave and Jazzi, Dr. Mario, and Mr. M follow him."


Celestial Guide
*Meanwhile, in Diamond City, Oxide has passed the final round of the Touch League*

:wario:: Here to collect your reward, eh? Too bad! You'll have to beat me in order to get it!

*Wario puts the gold thing on his head. He then transforms into Wario Deluxe*

:wario: Deluxe: With my new powers, I'll make clouds cover the controls to these next few microgames! And you can't make them go away! Be prepared to lose!

:waluigi:: You can do it, Oxide! Don't give up!

: We know you can win this, Oxide! Stay confident!

: Ruff!

: I won't lose! I'm a master at these microgames! I'll be able to pull through this easily!

*The battle against Wario Deluxe starts*

Mister M

The most charming villain ever.

Mario: Mamma Mia...

*Mario enters a bedroom*

Mario: Wait...

-Flashback: A long, long time ago-

Marchionne's Mother: Marchionne, could you get me a glass of water?

Marchionne: Of course, mother. I'll be right back.

*2 Minutes later*

Marchionne: Mother, here's th-

*Marchionne suddenly gets shoked. He drops the glass to the floor*

Marchionne: ...Mother?

*Marchionne goes to his Mother's bedside*

Marchionne: Mother? Please, don't go! Noo!!


Mario: Augh...My head hurts.

*Mario leaves the house, and goes into another house*

Mario: Mamma Mia... Another familiar house...

*Mario picks up a letter*

Mario: 'Wouldn't be a shame if misfortune fell your way'...?

*A hole suddenly opens beneath Mario. Mario screams*

Mario: ...Ugh....Where am I now?

*Mario gets up off a spider web. He sees someone off in the distance*

Mario: Hello...?

*Mario starts slowly walking toward the figure.*

Paper Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Mario's mother: "Carpeting. Ok. I am a cook. Wait. Cs. Why did we name our children Mario and Luigi again?"

Toad: "Meanwhile after traveling for a bit, the Bowser Jr., Mr. M, Dr. Mario, and Jazzi come to the cave and open it."

:bowjr:: "This doesn't look like a big cave. So, it shouldn't take long to find the Cobalt Star. Also. Why does that figure right there looks like me and my dad's baby form? And why are there cookies here."

Baby Bowser robot: "Intruders detected. Operation Cookie Snatchers Be Gone is in progress."

:bowjr:: "Look, we aren't here to take cookies. (The robot attacks BJ, but he misses) I don't think that we can reason with it. Come on, we must defeat it in battle."

Toad: "And Bowser Jr. and Baby Bowser robot start fighting.
Meanwhile in Diamond City..."

Mr. Y: "Wow! I am doing quite good. I don't really need rules. And the minigames aren't that hard."

Captain Toad: "Well, good luck winning the round anyways."
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Celestial Guide
: This is a bit tough, but I'm still going to able to make it!

*Suddenly, Lulu enters the stadium*

:wario: Deluxe: Getting too tough, kid? You can always give up!

: Never! I came here to win this thing, not to lose!

Lulu: NEVER!

*Lulu shoots an arrow at one of Wario Deluxe's balloons, popping it*

Lulu: Yah! Fun's over! I'm taking back what's mine!

*Lulu starts tugging on the gold thing*

Lulu: Hey! Hey, you Yoshi! And you alien! I'll take care of Wario here. You two go and win this thing!

:wario: Deluxe: Let go!

*The battle against Wario Deluxe continues*

The Dark Core

And it’s just begun!
Charcoal: Well, that question... We named Mario because your Grandpa’s name is Mario. And Luigi, well Luigi’s was your restraunt so thats how we named them.

*At beanbean border*
:bowser: (I am an awful Jumper) Sure...

Paper Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Mario's mother: "Umm.... I don't have a grandpa named Mario. However. My dad's mother's brother's name was Marius. So, I can see why you got close. As for Luigi, it was the restaurant we went to during the time before Luigi was born that convince me of the name. And the name was chosen at that time. But if I remember correctly, it was based on your father's mother's name of Lois. Ha ha ha ha. I remember when we even thought Luigi would be the first born. Um... it's been a while. So... Do you have any questions for me that I can answer? Also, my name is Milena, not Celine. Although, the names are similar."

Toad: "Meanwhile in the cave up high on the island, the four have finished searching the cave."

:bowjr:: "It isn't here anywhere. It isn't even in that robot. I wish Yoshi the SSM was here. He could probably tell us exactly where it is. Wait. Are those UFOs?"

Toad: "As he says this, UFOs peak into the cave and see the four. They then leave."

:bowjr:: "Huh? I expected them to attack. I wonder why they left. Also, is that rumbling outside?"

Toad: "Meanwhile just outside the cave, Yoob is climbing the wall of the cave and is struggling. All of a sudden, the UFOs shoot a blast at Yoob and Yoob becomes giant."

:bowjr:: "AH! It's that monster from the village! Except now it is huge! Everyone, run!"

Toad: "The four then try to flee the cave, but near the entrance, Yoob sticks out his tongue and eats the four. After a bit, Mr. M, Dr. Mario, and Jazzi wake up to find themselves inside Yoob in a room that has a close path on one side, and a hole above on the other side. Bowser Jr. doesn't seem to be anywhere nearby, though."

The Dark Core

And it’s just begun!
Charcoal: Ahh, there goes my memory Melina, but... I fear our sons may be in danger... Oh yeah my Herobowser here, I am just going to asume from how your post acted that Melina accepts Charcoal as her Husband. We need to save them... but where do we go?


Celestial Guide
*Meanwhile, in Diamond City, the battle against Wario Deluxe has ended, with both Mr. Y and Oxide emerging victorious*

:wario: Deluxe: HUH? What? I lost?! Who are you?

Lulu: Lulu! Luxeville's greatest hero!

:wario: Deluxe: Hero? I don't see it.

Lulu: ENOUGH! Give me back that pot you're wearing, or else!

:wario: Deluxe: Give up my crown? No way!

Lulu: I'm giving you one last chance. Hand it over NOW! You've left me with no choice!

*Lulu grabs her Hydrocannon LX and shoots water at Wario Deluxe, knocking the gold thing off his head. He then turns back into his normal self*

Lulu: Yay! Serves you right! The people of Luxeville have been holding it long enough!

:wario:: Huh? Holding it?

Lulu: This is a toilet! It had just been put out to dry after being cleaned when you stole it!

:wario:: Fine! Take it!

*Wario hands Lulu the toilet he stole. Lulu then leaves the scene, returning the toilet to Luxeville*

*after Lulu leaves*

All Warioware employees: Wario! Where's our pay?!

:wario:: I guess I'll give it to you!

*Wario gives some of the cash prize to the Warioware employees, leaving the winners with only 10, 000 coins. Oxide and Mr. Y split up the prize, both getting 5,000 coins*

: This is just half the amount that we all entered with, Wario! Where's the rest of it?! If you don't tell me, I'll be the one driving all of us home!

:wario:: Well, Oxide, some of it I spent on balloons! The rest I gave to the employees at Warioware!

: What? Wario, I thought you promised to not touch the money! Well, you'll have to suffer to my driving skills!

:waluigi:: This is going to be a wild ride. When Oxide drives, he always goes over the speed limit!

: Let's just get out of here, Zam. I've had enough of this!

: Ruff!

*Oxide and co. get into the Wario car and drive back to the Car Wash very quickly*

Paper Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Toad: "All of a sudden, a group of Shroobs go in front of the car Oxide is driving. However, due to his poor driving skills, he easily dodges them. The Shroobs try to follow, but unsuccessful due to them not predicting the car's moments. Meanwhile, the Shroobs have invaded Diamond City and taken over all of it and have taken away the Erazor's lamp from Captain Toad."

Elder Princess Shroob in E: "I see you guys enjoyed that last event. Well, now we are going to host our own event. An event that you guys will watch. The event is a celebration. A celebration for our conquest of the Mushroom Kingdom. I will wait until the finishing touches are done."

Toad: "And Elder Princess Shroob laughs and the Shroobs start to fill the stadium and Elder Princess Shroob leaves and goes to her sister."

Elder Princess Shroob: "So, what is the status report right now, sister?"

Princess Shroob: "Unfortunately, two Cobalt Star shards have been collected already. I would say it would be good news that they are held by two different people, but unfortunately, it seems as if the two groups will indeed meet. However, recent reports have shown that Yoob has been grown and has eaten Yoshi the SSM, Bowser Jr., Mr. M, Dr. Mario, and a woman by the name of Jazzi. But I haven't counted my chickens before they hatched. It's an expression. Anyways. Last time, Mario, Luigi, Baby Mario, and Baby Luigi were able to escape Yoob. I made it harder than last time, but that may not be enough. Also, there is a shard in there like last time."

Elder Princess Shroob: "Why did you place them in the same locations as last time."

Princess Shroob: "I didn't think that there was a way to get to them. And if there was, it would be harder to get. I didn't expect Yoshi the SSM to find a baby so quickly."

Elder Princess Shroob: "Well, eventually he'll come here. And we will be ready for him here. We cannot let the Cobalt Star get back together. It will mean the end of us."

Toad: "Meanwhile at Yoshi's Island..."

Milena: "If it wasn't for the fact that woman was worried about our sons, I wouldn't have an idea. Say. Where were you before coming here? Maybe we can retrace our steps to find them."

Toad: "As for Charcoal and Milena being the Mario Bros.' parents, I don't see any reason why they shouldn't be. Although that memory lost would probably be more impactful. Anyways.
Meanwhile inside Yoob, Yoshi the SSM is trying to push a boulder, but has been unsuccessful. However, Bowser Jr. has shown up right beside him. The two are above Mr. M, Dr. Mario, and Jazzi."

:bowjr:: "Ah! Yoshi the SSM! There you are. I was wondering if you would know about the location of the Cobalt Star shard."

Yoshi the SSM after stopping: "Oh! Bowser Jr.! I see that you been eaten too. Have Mr. M and Dr. Mario been eaten too?"

:bowjr:: "Yeah. And a woman named Jazzi. We have her help us open the door to the cave up high. That's where we were eaten. We were also attacked by a robot who looked like me and my dad's baby form."

Yoshi the SSM: "Cave up high. That must be the cave where you dad hid from the Mario Bros. when he stole two Cobalt Star shards in Partners in Time. He also wanted to eat cookies there. He must of created that robot to continue that. Anyways. Where are those three? Wait. Look in that hole there."

:bowjr: after doing so: "Ah. There they are. Hello, there! I am ok you guys! Um... How do we get them up here? There is nothing to help them."

Yoshi the SSM: "Mr. M can fly. As for Dr. Mario and Jazzi, I think this block will help."

Toad: "Yoshi the SSM hits a block and a pipe appears and Dr. Mario and Jazzi come out of it. Mr. M also flies up to them."

:bowjr:: "Great. Now that we are all here, we should form a plan."

Yoshi the SSM: "I currently have a plan. Not only to escape, but also to get a Cobalt Star shard in here. If it was the same as last time. Anyways. See this boulder? This boulder should create a path down below once pushed into the hole those three were in. I have been trying to push it, but have been unsuccessful. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to determine whether or not it is heavier since it required multiple Yoshis last time. There are some Yoshis around, but they all seem to not be helped by just me alone. Of course, since Mr. M is here, he should probably move this boulder easily. However, the Yoshis should still need help since they need to escape too. I mean, Yoob is powered by Yoshis. Um... Bowser Jr. would you like to help me save the Yoshis. I promise I won't tell your dad."

:bowjr:: "Help the Yoshis? By themselves, I would decline. But they power this monster, right?"

Yoshi the SSM: "Yeah. It's called Yoob. And it's was created by the Shroobs."

:bowjr:: "Umm... Couldn't Mr. M just create a path outside right here and now?"

Yoshi the SSM: "I don't think so, but I am not 100% certain. This Shroob is made of some invincible organic materials. Why, even my teleporter seems to only go inside of Yoob. But only in paths that I could reach normally. Except for braking out of a Yoob Egg. That I can easily teleport out of. However, it can break easily by outside force."

:bowjr:: "O-K. Great. Well, I will assist you in freeing the Yoshis... if you could probably give me something from the island. Don't worry about it now. That can wait. I will just ask for it after we get out."

Yoshi the SSM: "OK, then. Off to free the Yoshis. And I would just need Bowser Jr. for this."

Toad: "And Yoshi the SSM and Bowser Jr. start going through the rooms to free the Yoshis."

Mister M

The most charming villain ever.
*Mr. M starts penetrating the Yoob's flesh*

Dr. Mario: Are you sure this is a good idea?

Mr. M: Nope.

*Mr. M's powers stop ripping the flesh*

Mr. M: What?! This beast's flesh is too strong!

Dr. Mario: Oh, Mamma Mia...We're gonna be here for a while.


Mario: Hello?

*The figure gives no response*

Mario: [Wait, is that...Peach?! No..., It can't be. Peach is dead. Then...Who's this?]

Paper Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Toad: "After Jazzi and Mr. M leave Yoob, Yoshi the SSM and Bowser Jr. have come back with 7 other Yoshis being black, white, pink, yellow, green, light blue, and regular blue and Yoshi the SSM and Bowser Jr. see that Mr. M and Jazzi are gone, but Dr. Mario is still inside Yoob."

Yoshi the SSM: "Oh. Wait. How did those two leave. Also, the boulder is still here. So, Yoshis. We will need to push this Chomp Rock ourselves. With Dr. Mario and Bowser Jr.'s help."

Toad: "And the 10 push the Chomp Rock into the hole and it opens the path up."

:bowjr:: "Wow! We did a good job. Say. Do we have to go out this way? Maybe we can go the same way as Jazzi and Mr. M."

Yoshi the SSM: "Um... What is the way that they did go? Anyways. Yoob is a factory, and if we don't shut it down, imagine what it will do to the rest of the Mushroom Kingdom, including Bowser's dominion."

:bowjr:: "I will eat everyone alive. Even if they could escape-"

Yoshi the SSM: "No. They wouldn't be able to escape. The way to shut it down also blocks the intended path to escape."

:bowjr:: "Also, this seems like the digestive system of Yoob. It may be dry, but it is still disgusting, isn't it."

Yoshi the SSM: "I guess you are right. But we shouldn't worry about that until we escape. Now, come along you guys. We need to escape Yoob."

Yoshis: "Yoshi! (Yeah!)"