Mushroom City Car Wash [Roleplay]

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Toad: "After a while, the group arrives at Yoshi's Island."

:bowjr:: "By the way, it doesn't have to be baby tears I think. Right?"

Yoshi the SSM: "Umm... Yeah. I think... I mean, Professor E. Gadd was able to produce a lot of the special water soon after learning about that weakness. Oh. And we are at Yoshi's Island. And to no surprise, this place is very vacant of Yoshis."

:bowjr:: "Yeah. Wait. Are you going to say that we are going to rescue your kind from something."

Yoshi the SSM: "Yeah. But we also must search the entire island for the Cobalt Star shard. We only have to worry about-"

Toad: "All of a sudden, Yoob eats Yoshi the SSM whole, causing the other three to flee into a house until Yoob leaves."

:bowjr:: "This doesn't look good. That monster is eating the Yoshis and has eaten Yoshi the SSM."

Mario's mother: "Yeah. That sounds terrible. Yoshi the SSM. Why is he called that?"

:bowjr:: "Oh. A human. My name is Bowser Jr. And these two are Mr. M and Dr. Mario. Yoshi the SSM is short for Yoshi the Space Station Manager. He helps maintain my dad's secret space ship that he doesn't use that much. And there was no need due to its huge size."

Mario's mother: "Oh. Bowser Jr. You must be the son of Bowser. I have heard about you two. And about Dr. Mario. But not about Mr. M. Anyways. I am Mario's mother. I came here for a tourism and just arrived here yesterday when an egg appeared. It was quite strange, this egg. But this morning, it hatched and the monster roaming around right now started eating the Yoshis. And he seem to have gotten them quite quickly thanks to being so quiet."

:bowjr:: "Wait. Your that evil Mario's mother."

Mario's mother: "Yes. And you are the son of the one who killed my husband. So, I am sensing we wouldn't get along."

:bowjr:: "Probably not. But we may need you. There are four-people doors up ahead. We would need you to help open them up. Anyways. Have you seen any Blue Pyramid-shaped objects around?"

Mario's mother: "No I have not."

:bowjr:: "We need to search the whole island for this thing. It's called a Cobalt Star that has been scattered."

Mario's mother: "Hmm. Sounds like fun. It will be great to have fun with Dr. Mario."

Toad: "Meanwhile in Diamond City..."

Red Yoshi: "Horray! Another round completed!"

Sonic: "Great job. I made it too. But I only had one life left at the end. Wish me luck for getting through the finals."


Kart Racin' Robot
Luigi: Yeah, who exactly are you?

Mario: What Luigi means to say is, I'm Mario. You've already met Tall, Young, and Cowardly.

Luigi: Haha, very funny, Mario.


Dr. Mario: Hold on, I'm a bit different than normal Mario. It'll still be nice to have a mother figure, though.

Mr. M: Wait, Mario and Luigi have parents?

Dr. Mario: Yea, why?

Mr. M: Well, they never talk about them.


???: *laughs under her breath at Mario's teasing* Yeah, I know you two very well. Don't worry I'll explain later. I just dunno the man with you. *points to Charcoal* My name is Jazzi. I'm not supposed to be here. I come from another dimension, which is a parallel universe. I call it the main universe for it's the original one. From my dimension I go to other AUs. I'm supposed to be in the Gunman Bros. universe. But I can't get back until my universe track me down. So would it be fine if I tag along with you guys?


Supreme Overloard
Chacoal: Yes you may! My nam is Charcoal! Please excuse my manners. This these two tweddle dee’s and Tweeddle dumbs are my sons. They are really nice people. *with a huge grin* But sometimes they have manners of a volcswaggon.


Supreme Overloard
Charcoal: I don’t like talking about her,
:dk: GUYS! WE HAVE PROBLEM! I SAW A YOOB, AT YOSHI’S ISLAND! Boswer Jr, Yoshi SMM, and someone who said they are Mario’s mom!
:dk: I would, but, there in a plot ar—-
:dk: Fine, but all you can do is say hi, no more!
*everyone heads off to yoshi’s island


Kart Racin' Robot
*Mario stops halfway down the path out of Evangaline Mansion*

Luigi: Bro? What's wrong?

*Mario stays still*

Luigi: Mario, wh-

*Before Luigi knew it, Mario had shoved a knife into his chest*

Alice (as Mario): "Mario, Mario, Mario". That's all you ever call me. You should've known that he's gone now. Only I remain.

Luigi: H-he's in there...*Cough*...somewhere...

Alice (as Mario): Wrong.

Luigi: [He's pushing the knife in deeper!]

Alice (as Mario): No one, especially not you, will stand in the way of my resurrection.

*'Mario' starts walking back toward the Mansion*

Luigi: M..Mario...

*Luigi collapses*

Luigi: [What will become of him? Of me? Of all my friends? What now? I guess I'll just have to rest here and find out...]

*Luigi slowly gets back up*

Luigi: [No. I can't leave him like this. I'm coming, bro.]

*Luigi starts following after 'Mario'*


Mr. M: You know how Mario's Ma said something about his father?

Dr. Mario: Why'da ask?

Mr. M: Well, just look.

*Mr. M points at Charcoal and Co. walking up to them*

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Mario's mother: "Who in the world is that? You think that he is my husband? But he's dead. Anyways. Mario and Luigi moved away from us when they became adults. Besides that, Bowser has been attacking the Mushroom Kingdom ever since they became adults. Although, it makes sense. Bowser became an adult not long before my sons. So only sometimes he says my name and it is his way of saying my name. My name isn't Mamma Mia. He calls me that because I am his mother. Also. I can see Donkey Kong. I have heard about him too."

Toad: "Meanwhile in Diamond City, a Shroob with a mask arrives and goes next to Red Yoshi."

Red Yoshi: "Ah. Mr. Y. You have returned."

Mr. Y as a Shroob: "Yeah. I came here to warn you guys. But first, can you put me back on."

Red Yoshi: "Sure."

Toad: "And he puts the mask on and becomes Mr. Y while the Shroob returns to normal. Mr. Y then kicks the Shroob out of the stadium."

Mr. Y: "There. Now I am ready to tell you guys. The Shroobs are planning to invade this place soon after it is over. As a matter of fact, they have already come here and are outside the stadium."

Sonic: "The Shroobs. You mean that purple being has many others with her."

Mr. Y: "Yeah. That was their leader."

Sonic: "OK. We shouldn't worry about them. I will be able to take care of them in a few seconds. I will just wait until either it is over or I lose all my lives in the next round."


Kart Racin' Robot
Mr. M: Uh, Hey.

-Meanwhile, in the Town of Evangaline-

Luigi: Mario... Where could you have gone?

*Luigi enters a house*

Luigi: What the...why do I feel like I've been here before?

*Luigi finds a diary and reads it*

Luigi: Dear lord...oh no...

*Luigi's eyes turn brown*


*Luigi clenches his fists*


-Meanwhile, in the Mansion basement-

Mario: Why do you want me? What use am I to you?

Alice (as Mario): A puppet, that's what.

*Mario sighs*

Riba: Finally, I found you!

Mario: Huh? You again?

Riba: That's right.

Mario: B-but Luigi killed you!

Riba: I can't die. If I do, I just get reborn. Now, come here.

Mario: No! Never!

*Mario runs away, escaping through the basement door into Evangaline*


Supreme Overloard
Charcoal: *Looks at Mario’s mom. *Sniff* Oh, uh, sorry, you look like my late wife.
:bowser: *wins duel but is sent by cannon to yoshi’s island* WAAAAHOOO!! Guhh, oh, hi guys! I... *looks at Mario and Luigi funny* something jogs my memory, but, I have a feeling there are two of you...


Supreme Overloard
:bowser: Well I must be off...
Fawful: HE HE HE! NOPE! *shoves vacume mushroom into Bowser*
:bowser: Huarg? AWWW!!!!! *Vacumes in Jezzi and mr. Y* AHH! *passes out*
I can change the charaters to mine if you guys want.


Kart Racin' Robot
Mr. M: I guess. Can't be the Green Thunder. He's kinda dead. And, I do mean kinda dead.


Mario: Ugh, It's so dark in this forest. I can't see a thing.

Riba: Wait. Don't move.

Mario: Eep!

Riba: Do you see those lights?

Mario: Yeah, Why?

Riba: Don't touch them. I'll lead you through here.


*Mario & Riba start walking through the forest*

Riba: Wait, stop!

Mario: Huh?

Riba: Okay, keep moving.

Mario: Okay...

*Mario & Riba make it through the forest, and come across a town. They enter a house*

Riba: Alright, I'll go and check out this town. Stay here, and don't do anything stupid.

*Riba leaves*

Mario: Wait, is someone there?

*Mario goes upstairs, viewing a man that looks exactly like Mario, only dressed in a suit*

Mario: Huh? Who're you?

Other Mario: Are you proud of yourself? Of what you did?

Mario: Stop that!

Other Mario: To put it simply, you're a failure.

Mario: Cut it out!

*Mario the sees the body of Peach*

-Flashback: Mansion Kitchen, not long ago-

Princess Peach: Mario? Is that you?

Mario: [No! Not her! Please!]

Alice (as Mario): Hello, your highness~.

*Mario stabs Peach right in the heart*

Mario: [NOO!!!]



Other Mario: You keep denying the truth, even when it's right infront of you. Just because you can't control that witch inside you doesn't mean it's not your fault. What are you going to say? Are you going to lie? Of course not, I'll make you confess.

Mario: You don't know a thing about me!

Other Mario: Of course I do. I am you. I had to sit and watch everything you've ever done. Now, let's make this easy. Kill yourself. I'll make it quick and painless.

Mario: A-alright...


Spirt-taking ghost Pokemon
: One round left! I'd better win this one!

:wario:: You beat the semi-finals? Orbulon, you're our last chance before I put this gold thing on my head!

*Wario leaves the scene. The finals of the Touch League start, featuring Fantasy games made by Orbulon*

*Meanwhile, at Giagantaburger, Orbulon is in the drive-thru, ordering food*

Danny: Have a great day! Welcome to Giagantaburger! What can I get you today?

Orbulon: French style of fries, please. No salt. No grease. Cold. Subzero.

Danny: Chilly fries, comin' right up!

*A few minutes later, Orbulon gets his food*

Orbulon: *eating* Nom nom nom nom. Earth food. So scrummy. So starchy. Hmm...still hungry.

*Orbulon re-enters the drive-thru*

Danny: Welcome to Giagantaburger! What can I get you today?

Orbulon: A shake. The milky kind with...extra picante.

Danny: Chili shake, comin' right up!

*a few minutes later, Orbulon gets his shake*

Orbulon: *drinking* Gluggy glug glug. Too fast! Oh my! Brain Freeze! Still hungry.

*Orbulon re-enters the drive-thru*

Danny: Welcome to Gigantaburger! What can I get you today?

Orbulon: I would like to eat 9 Megaburgers, please. No, 10 please!

Danny: Sorry, sir. We're sold out.

Orbulon: Eee!

Danny: Yeah, we're all out of hamburgers. By the way, they're made of cow, not pig.

Orbulon: Understood. I will procure the cows you need to complete my order.

Danny: What?

Danny: Uh, you still here?

Orbulon: I might take a while. Locating cows is risky business.

Danny: Uh, sure.

*Orbulon teleports to a farm to capture some cows*

*a few minutes later, Orbulon comes back with some cows*

Orbulon: Hm hm hm! Please! Burger these cows for me!

Danny: Is that mooing?

Orbulon: Yes, you are welcome. 10 Megaburgers, please.

Danny: Not a chance, mister!

Orbulon: Oo!

Danny: What on earth are you thinking? We can't cook those things here!

Orbulon: Are you not a chef?!

Danny: No! I'm only a high schooler! They don't even let me near the grill! Just go away, OK?

Orbulon: My mistake. Come, little milkies!

*Orbulon teleports back to the farm to return the cows he captured*


Supreme Overloard
*B.T.J. *Walks upstairs* WHAT IN TARNATION! *looks at Mario’s dead body* *angrylie looks at Other Mario and shoots him* No, Mario... JR! GRAB MARIO! NOT A SOOL SHOULD KNOW.


Supreme Overloard
:tumble: HEY! Some faces, in bowser’s body no less.

*In Bufords car*
B.T.J. I...Mario’s dead, now, Peach is dead, Mario is dead, Ugh! *Calls Charcoal, hey, Mario’s dead*
Charcoal: *Notices Mario and Luigi had disappeared after rescuing them* My, My, My son’s dead. *Walks to a rock and crys badly*