Mushroom City Car Wash [Roleplay]

Baby Luigi Rescuing Mario

*insert Shakira music here*
*rolls down window, and the driver who pokes her head out appears to be a little, angry-looking Baby Luigi-lookalike (who is admittedly cute while angry but don't tell her that)*

Officer Dark Light (in a very stilted, irritated voice): Hello. I would like my SUV cleaned. Thank you.


Supreme Overloard
*Guy with Ipatch* *In an italian accent that sounds like Mario and Luigi* Now, I don’t know who owns this place, but what I do know is that I will clean this thing better than Luigi. Where are Mario and Luigi? Names Charcoal.

Fawful: *In a tree* That Charcoal doesn't know that Fawful erased Mario and Luigi’s memory of their father. Heh, heh, heh.

Baby Luigi Rescuing Mario

*insert Shakira music here*
Officer Dark Light (grumbling): Look, under other circumstances, I would have questioned the validity of your ability to handle this without the management's permission but...considering the rather unfortunate circumstance that I had been in, I don't care who is actually employed. Or not. I just want my car to be free of the gunk. That would be all. Please make it snappy.

*steps out of the car, while the officer refuses to look at the state of her car, and storms inside the car wash building*


Supreme Overloard
Charcoal: Ahh, youth, she’s just like I was when I was a kid. *Washes car spotless so good that you could eat off it. In 2 seconds* IT’S DONE! WHERE IS MARIO AND LUIGI!?

Baby Luigi Rescuing Mario

*insert Shakira music here*
Officer Dark Light: Well that was fast. Thanks.

*hands over cash*

Officer Dark Light: Pfft, I don't know where Mario and Luigi are. Probably getting their heads stuck in pipes or something.

*eyes and brows narrow down*

Officer Dark Light: I do not want to drive in a sewer again. I don't care who you are, even if you're my police chief. You are not going to send me down there to find them. No way.


Supreme Overloard
B.T.J. *Calls Officer Dark Light* I need you to drive through the sewer—*Charcoal watches as his phone is smashed* Pfft. Teenagers, you know, whipersnappers like you need to calm down, I am Mario And Luigi’s father actually.

Baby Luigi Rescuing Mario

*insert Shakira music here*
Officer Dark Light: Actually. I can't go to the sewer. I have...parked cars... that need to be ticketed. Too many idiots think that it's fine and dandy to park on the fire lane these days and they don't know that a cop is actually around catching them red-handed.

*chuckles disdainfully*

Officer Dark Light: So...I'll be off. It's far more important than whatever is happening in a toilet anyway.

*steps into SUV and drives away, rather quickly*


Supreme Overloard

😿 Welp, that floped.

Baby Luigi Rescuing Mario

*insert Shakira music here*
*Officer Dark Light patrolled the city, being unusually extremely disappointed that there were no illegally parked cars for her to get distracted with. After her escapade with the racers who fled into the Warp Pipes that led to a very busy treatment plant...she'd rather be in a large standoff against Bowser. And every single one of his troops simultaneously."

*Officer Dark Light then moaned like a zombie waking up from a restless sleep when she saw B.TJ. pull up from behind her.*


Supreme Overloard
B.T.J. Ok, well were gonna die if you don’t and for right now he’s in the body of a cat! And your the best officer in the county!

13FF5B29-4A4F-479F-9768-11B5747E0EA6.jpeg you were saying?

B.T.J. *Eyes get big* DARK LIGHT! RUN FOR IT!

Baby Luigi Rescuing Mario

*insert Shakira music here*
Officer Dark Light: I'm not even an Officer III, I have no stripes on my uniform, yet you want me to tackle a gigantic supervillain, something that none of us are tasked to do, because he comes with all of those crazy super-powers that none of us are adequately equipped to handle it. No, we're better off leaving this to the superheroes. All I have is...what a taser, pistol, baton, pepper spray, flashlight, and a pump shotgun? I'm not even SWAT-level equipped for bloody heck!

*drives away*


Supreme Overloard
Me: OH NO!
*Activates Reality stone destroys all but the car wash, everyone in the town is sent flying.
Me: What do we do... MOD! LJS! SOMEONE! STOP THANOS!

Edit: Thano’s stone breaks and time reverses

Baby Luigi Rescuing Mario

*insert Shakira music here*
*Officer Dark Light wearily gazes off into the night, ready for another long shift.*

*Looks onto the night sky, and wishes it wasn't so darn light-polluted. Back where she had originated from, you can see the Milky Way weave its way across the sky in the summer and fall, colorizing the sky with some gradients of reds and blues. You can also see a brilliant green spiral galaxy head-on, which most Mushroom Kingdom residents only see if they race on Rainbow Road. But in the city, the sky is blotted out with a yellow gaze, obscuring all but the brightest of stars and planets in addition to the moon, which is over the sky and is in a waning gibbous phase.*

*A black crow with a witch's hat and a crooked beak swoops down and lands on the hood of the police car*

*Officer Dark Light, not expecting a feathery friend, reacts surprisingly and almost reaches out for her gun*

: Caw, caw caw.

Officer Dark Light: Oh. Murkrow. Didn't expect your appearance out of all things in the middle of the night. I expect bad luck coming forward, right?

Murkrow (gazes a bit ruffled): That's just silly superstition, officer.

Officer Dark Light: Yeah, but as a night partner, I can take advantage of that.

Officer Dark Light: What were you up to? Did you find any news on the missing child?

Murkrow (croaking): Sadly, no, officer. I have searched around and I couldn't find her. I really hope I didn't lose her.

Officer Dark Light (showing much worry): It's really important we have to find Baby Peach. It's been two days since her disappearance and her guardians are worried sick.

Murkrow: I know, but...I'm trying my hardest. I bet your team is too.

Officer Dark Light: Yeah I know about the negative reports from air support...

*both are silent, thinking of what to do next*

Officer Dark Light: Well, I'm glad you're here. Could use a nice little form of back-up if I need it. *smirking* Your ability to use Mean Look serves to be pretty invaluable during pursuits.

Murkrow: Can I come in the car? Would like to snuggle up in the seats.

Officer Dark Light: Sure thing.

*rolls down window, Murkrow hops inside*

Murkrow: Do you think that maybe...she's...gone?

Officer Dark Light: I sure hope not. I don't know what kind of psycho would want to hurt her. We will find her eventually, I'm sure of it.


Kart Racin' Robot
*Luigi pulls out his D.S.*

Luigi: Hey, if anyone can hear us, we're in a cave just outside of Evangeline Mansion. We're caved in. If anyone can hear us, please, come and save us.


Dr. Mario: I thought you had a plan.

Mr. M: Same here. But who cares? We don't really need a plan.

Dr. Mario: I think we do, I mea-

*Mr. M would've already started attacking Swiggler*

Dr. Mario: Goddammit.


LJS: Stand back.

*LJS pulls out the Stark Gauntlet*

LJS: Frick off, Thanos.

*LJS snaps his fingers and erases Thanos*

LJS: Done.


Supreme Overloard
:bowser: Well he’s gone for- Luigi? What? YOUR IN A CAVE! HOLD UP! KAMEK! GET THE AIRSHI—
:bowser: Isn’t that for like teens?
:bobomb: No.

:bowser: & :bobomb: LET’S DUEL!

*At the cave entrance*
Charcoal: Mario, Luigi, it’s me, your father, stay where you are! *Starts slowing mining to them*


*kicks through the invisible roleplay door* hi ya'll im going to be my oc for the time being.

*a big flash of light appears near the cave of which Mario and Luigi are trapped in*

???: *grumbles and whispers to herself* This isn't the correct dimension! Why does this always happen to me!

The thirteen year old girl stumbles her way in the darkness. She comes across Charcoal, who she doesn't know.

???: HEY!!! What are you doing?! Where am I?!


Kart Racin' Robot
Mario: Dad? Is that really you?

Luigi: And who's with you? Oh, and most importantly...

Mario & Luigi: GET US OUTTA HERE!!!

-Meanwhile, in the mansion...-

*Riba gets out of his bed*

Riba: Ugh...How'd I die this time?

*Riba tries to remember*

Riba: A man in green...? Whatever. I need to find that other guy...the red one...

*Riba starts wandering around looking for Mario*
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Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Toad: "Meanwhile at Vim Factory, Yoshi the SSM, Bowser Jr., Mr. M, and Dr. Mario have defeated Swiggler."

Yoshi the SSM: "Is it just me, or did Swiggler feel harder to defeat then it felt like when I played the game."

:bowjr:: "Well, it is part of their plans, so there's that. They wanted him, so they made him harder than before just to make sure that he wasn't as easily defeated then last time. That is what I would guess."

Toad: "All of a sudden, a shard appears in front of them."

Yoshi the SSM: "Woah! No. It can't be... (looks at it closely) It is. Is there anyone inside of it... (after looking for any signs) No. I don't feel anything. But why is it here?"

:bowjr:: "More importantly, what is it?"

Yoshi the SSM: "It is a Cobalt Star. Or at least, a part of it. But, it isn't the same one in Partners in Time. That one was destroyed when Elder Princess Shroob escaped from it."

:bowjr:: "Wait. You mean that the Shroobs can be placed inside of these."

Yoshi the SSM: "Yeah. However. There is one key flaw that allowed Elder Princess Shroob to escape. It must be scattered in order to keep them in. Bringing them together would reverse the scattering. And probably only one Shroob per Cobalt Star. But, I would say that it is worth being scattered in order to prevent it being used on them. But. Where would they find a Cobalt Star? And again, why is it here? Surely they would have chosen better locations. Oh. Or chose harder bosses to keep them. Junior. They one may be inside your dad's castle. We should go there."

:bowjr:: "Oh. Really? Any other locations?"

Yoshi the SSM: "If they keep it the same locations, besides your dad's castle, it would be at Yoshi's Island, the desert's underground, Star Shrine, and Shroob Castle."

:bowjr:: "Woah! That is a lot of places. Would it be good to split up?"

Yoshi the SSM: "No. We will need all four of us to work for that goal. Since of the four person doors we will encounter. However, we should be able to find someone and send them to Bowser's Castle. Captain Goomba. I'll call him. (gets out a phone and calls Captain Goomba) Hello, Captain Goomba, it's me, Yoshi the SSM. I need you to go to Bowser's Castle and find a blue pyramid-shaped object. It should be somewhere. Look for it, please. Thanks. Yes you can use Captain Shy Guy, Captain Boo, and Captain Koopa Troopa. Ok. Thanks. Bye. (hangs up) Ok. That takes care of that place. Um... I think we should go to Yoshi's Island. Since that place may be in danger. But if you think of a better idea, you can tell me as we leave."

Toad: "And the four start to leave Vim Factory."


Kart Racin' Robot

Junior: Daddy! Hey, Daddy! I-

*Junior stops to catch his breath*

Junior: I got your hat.

*Junior hands Buford his hat*


Mr. M: Slow down. Are you saying this reality is based upon a series of games? That whatever happens in the games will happen for real?

Dr. Mario: Of course not. Calm down.

Mr. M: That's what they would say!

Dr. Mario: Since when were you superstitious?

Mr. M: Good point.

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Yoshi the SSM: "No... But, I am looking at Partners in Time for references since the Shroobs are the same ones that invaded during that time. And I wouldn't be surprised that similar things will happen here. One key difference, however, is that Elder Princess Shroob is not trapped in a Cobalt Star this time. So, I would presume that she will be helping her sister in the planning business. Also. The Cobalt Star isn't the Shroobs only weakness."

:bowjr:: "Um... Yeah. My dad put them in their weakness... water. A special kind of water, to be exact. Um..."

Yoshi the SSM: "This kind of water is what baby tears are made of. That's where it was first discovered."

:bowjr:: "Yeah. Salty water. That's right. The Shroobs were put in it and then were freezed until they became ice."

Yoshi the SSM: "Even though that is a good way to handle them, I would say that gathering the shattered Cobalt Star would be an alternative we can do. Surely, they will be helpful in reducing the threat."


Kart Racin' Robot
Dr. Mario: Where did Bowser even get baby tears?

*Mr. M and Dr. Mario look at each other with a concerned look*


Luigi: Can you please hurry?! We're running out of Oxygen!

Mario: I feel lightheaded! Hurry!


Spirt-taking ghost Pokemon
*Meanwhile, in Diamond City*

: Two more rounds to go, than I'll be facing Wario!

:wario:: You beat round 3? Cricket, Mantis, you're on!

*Wario leaves the scene. The semi-finals of the Touch League start, featuring Sports games made by Young Cricket and Master Mantis*

*Meanwhile, at Diamond Amusement Park*

Mantis: Cricket!

Cricket: Yes, Master!

Mantis: We must train...harder than ever, pushing ourselves to the edge.

Cricket: Right!

Mantis: Body AND mind. For we must never neglect the intellect.

Cricket: Never, Master!

Mantis: All this is why I have put us in the gravest of danger.

Cricket: But, Master...Isn't this a park for...amusement? All these rides, so many balloons! Am I wrong, Master?

Mantis: Open your inner eye, Cricket!

Cricket: Oh! Th-that? The Chromaconda roller coaster! Riding a giant snake? Through the sky? At 100 miles per hour? Breakneck Falls... Master, the plunge! From that height, in those rapids? It's just a log, Master! JUST A LOG!

Mantis: Thus, we push ourselves. Thus, we excel.

Cricket: Incredible. How wrong I was about this place! I am a fool...but eager to prove myself!

Mantis: Than follow Precious Prancers!

Cricket: I see, Master. A trial like no other! I must step into the spinning stampede-and tame these untamable beasts!

Mantis: Prepare! Will you chase death? Or death, chase you?!

Cricket: Ready, Master!

*a few minutes later, Young Cricket completes his trial and returns to Master Mantis. Somehow, Lulu is hanging from Young Cricket's arm*

Cricket: I survived, Master. Though barely.

Mantis: Mmm.

Cricket: This steed, most of all, was my favorite. Hmm, nice horsey.

Lulu: Yeah... Nice horsey!

Mantis: Cricket! You've picked up a passenger.

Lulu: *giggles*

Cricket: Whuh? Oh, I didn't notice. Little girl? ...Get off.

Lulu: Huh?!

*Lulu gets horrified when Cricket says this to her, and turns grey*

Cricket: So what's next, Master?

Mantis: The Diamond Wheel! But first, Cricket...the Trial of the Lost Child.

Cricket: Yes, of course!

Lulu: Come on! Giddyup, horsey!

*Cricket and Mantis start making their way to Diamond City stadium to deliver Lulu back to Luxeville, her home*