Mushroom City Car Wash [Roleplay]

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Toad: "Meanwhile on the edge of Diamond City, Yoshi the SSM has beamed done with Princess Shroob to Elder Princess Shroob."

Elder Princess Shroob: "Woah. What's this? This person looks kind of like my brother."

Prince Shroob: "It's true. You alive. And I finally see you again (gets a tear) I recently heard that you died. And just today I found out you are alive."

Yoshi the SSM: "Elder Princess Shroob. He looks like your brother because he is your brother."

Elder Princess Shroob: "That can't be possible. He determined to stay on the dying planet of ours. He surely died due to lack of food."

Prince Shroob: "No. We found a way to counteract the radiation. However. We still haven't gain what he once had, but we are surviving. But... (has another tear) Sometimes I wish that I left with you guys. I was determined to rebuild our planet. And if I went, it will never happen."

Elder Princess Shroob: "Yeah. You never wanted to give up on something you love. Our planet especially. But why do you wish you came with us?"

Prince Shroob: "Because conquering a planet would be better than the living the life on our planet. For. We are just surviving. However. When I heard you and your sister died, I came to the conclusion that conquering was the worst option due to not dying."

Elder Princess Shroob: "Yeah... That would seem like the better option."

Prince Shroob: "Yeah. I also assigned Gulbak to take over the security of our planet. He, on the other hand, wanted to destroy this planet we are on not that long ago. Before I heard of your death. We didn't know what happened to the conquering on this planet."

Elder Princess Shroob: "Yeah. Of all the Shroobs that stayed behind. He seemed like one you would assign that position to. I can see him destroying this planet. Wait. Where is Gulbak?"

Yoshi the SSM: "He and his giant ship was destroyed."

Elder Princess Shroob: "By the way, how much does this Yoshi know about our past?"

Yoshi the SSM: "Yeah... I read about the Koopalons attacking your planet many many years ago. And played the game you two were in which was called: "Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time.""

Elder Princess Shroob: "How do I know that this Yoshi didn't create you just to stop us from conquering this planet."

Prince Shroob: "Who said anything about not conquering this planet. Wait. Why did you bring me here? Is it just for us to meet again?"

Yoshi the SSM: "Yes. Exactly that. Anyways. I don't really like the fact that you are conquering this planet. As neither anyone else on this planet."

Elder Princess Shroob: "We searched and searched for a habitable planet for years. We could not find any. Only this one. There is no other planet for us to conquer. Life on a planet was a must for us."

Prince Shroob: "Yeah. For you guys, it was a must because if life was not on a planet, that would mean that the planet was not suitable for living conditions. If it was rejected by another race, it should be rejected. You also needed that planet to be close range since there wasn't enough to travel a long distance. Only our one scientist was the only hope to restore any planet. And he was committed to trying to restore our planet. And the reason I stayed behind was to make sure that the Shroobs that wanted to stay behind had a leader."

Yoshi the SSM: "Oh. I see. Anyways. Well. I'll let you have a family reunion. I at least wanted to give you guys that. Bye."

Toad: "And Yoshi the SSM teleports away."

Elder Princess Shroob: "Show yourself, Toad."

Prince Shroob: "According to that Yoshi, that Toad you are hearing is a narrator. He told me about it when he got me from our planet. Anyways. What are you two doing right now?"

Elder Princess Shroob: "We are trying to ruin the party that is going on here. But, my sister hasn't made any progress."

Prince Shroob: "OK. Have you determined how long they'll be doing this party?"

Elder Princess Shroob: "A long time. They are just doing the finals. Also. It is the fifth round. And there seems to be two other rounds like unto this. Plus a the host serving as a boss battle at the end."

Prince Shroob: "Hmm... There seems like there is plenty of time. Is the leader of the planet here?"

Elder Princess Shroob: "There is no leader of the planet. But, I did find someone close. Princess Peach, the ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom. We captured her when we invaded years ago. It seems possible that she is roughly the same age due to her being from the future during that time."

Prince Shroob: "Yeah. I hate the idea of time traveling. Sounds like I made a better decision. Hmm... Did you notice anything special about her?"

Elder Princess Shroob: "Yeah. I sense some baking skill in her. And she has two people called Mario and Luigi who guard her... Wait. They are right there."

Prince Shroob: "Wait. She has baking skill. Maybe we can go after her and kidnap her and have her bake us a cake. I say kidnap her because of you guys."

Elder Princess Shroob: "Thanks, brother. We just need to keep an eye on all Yoshis we see. Hey sister! Come along! We are going to Peach's Castle!"

Princess Shroob: "Coming!"

Elder Princess Shroob: "Junior Shrooboid. Watch this crowd. And see what they do. Watch the Yoshis especially."

Junior Shrooboid: "Yes, ma'am."

Toad: "After Princess Shroob comes to the army and she reunites with Prince Shroob, the army heads towards Peach's Castle.
Meanwhile in the stadium, Yoshi the SSM teleports next to Mr. Y."

Sonic, Daisy, and Mr. Y: "Yeah. We made it through the finals."

Yoshi the SSM: "Hello. Um... Mr. Y. Can you use your powers to keep an eye on the Shroobs. I did do a family reunion. But that may not help. They could end of going to Peach's Castle eventually."

Mr. Y: "Um... this Yoshi doesn't have any powers."

Yoshi the SSM: "Who said I wanted the Yoshi powers."

Mr. Y: "I like your thinking. Mr. M is not here in diamond city. Yoshi. Take my place will you?"

Yoshi the SSM: "I have to make sure it is ok with the rules."

Mr. Y: "Then in that case, if they say that Yoshi the SSM can replace you, then go after Mr. M. If not, let Yoshi the SSM do it for you. Yoshi. (I will do this.)"

Yoshi the SSM: "Just be sure you aren't caught by any Shroob."

Toad: "And the group arranges for Mr. Y to remove his mask to what it seemed like it happened accidentally. Mr. Y as a mask then goes onto a Shroob leaving the Diamond City area and follows the three Shroob leaders to Princess Peach's Castle."

Mister M

The most charming villain, ever.
Mario: Luigi, this is fun and all, but we aren't getting anywhere.

Luigi: Mario, wai-

*But Mario had already walked off*

Mario: Alright. Where to?

*Mario pulls out a map*

Mario: Evangeline. . . that town that disappeared years ago? Hmm. Seems like a good place to start.

*Mario starts to follow the map*

Pinkie Pie

Star Spirit
:toadette:: Cream? Are you ok?

: No! Toadette! Toadiko! You must take me back to Mushroom City so that these blisters will go away!

:toadette:: Ok! Coming, Toadiko?

: Sure, Toadette. Your mom must be worried about you, Cream. Let's get you home.

*Toadette, Cream, and Toadiko leave Diamond City stadium and head back to the Mushroom City Car Wash*

*At the Car Wash*

Toadia: You're back already, Toadette and Toadiko? What made you come home so soon?

:toadette:: Cream has blisters on her hands! She can no longer compete in the Wario Bowl!

: We had to take her back here because if we stayed at the Wario Bowl, her blisters would only get worse! Vanilla, you must be worried about her, right?

: Poor Cream. She must be in pain. It just hurts me to see my daughter get hurt.

: Toadette, Toadiko, I want you guys to stay here to keep me company while these blisters heal. Ok?

:toadette:: Of course we'll keep you company, Cream. You're our friend.

: And friends are always together, even in the worst times. We would never leave you, Cream.

: Thank you for thinking of me, Toadette and Toadiko. I'd rather stay here than watch the Wario Bowl anyways.

*Back in Diamond City Stadium, Waluigi and Oxide have passed the final round of the Mash League*

Alien Bunnies: The Mash League is over. We are allowing you to take a 24 hour break to prepare for the Twist League. Just don't disturb Wario! He is taking a bath! If you do disturb him, you'll be in huge trouble!

*The Alien Bunnies leave the stadium*

: It looks like Wario has the prize money in his hands and in the tub while he's bathing! He can't touch that money! That money is supposed to be for the winner! Waluigi! Zem! Zam! Should we try to make the tub fall over and get Wario all wet? Than we can put the money in a safe place so that Wario doesn't touch it!

:waluigi:: That might hurt Wario's feelings, Oxide. Besides, the Alien Bunnies did say to not disturb him. But you are correct on the fact that he shouldn't be touching the prize money. He is the host after all. So, let's do it!

: This could mean that Wario wants the prize money all to himself! I'm on it, guys! *burp* He's definitely not following the rules here!

: Ruff.

: Great! This should really show him not to be greedy!

*Oxide, Waluigi, Zem, and Zam go to the middle of the stadium where Wario is bathing*

:wario:: Streaming this thing was a genius move. I'm going to be filthy rich! Oh yeah! From now on, everything I own-gold, gold! Heh. Even my money will be GOLD! Hey, y-you smell that? It's coming from this gold thing. Must be the sweet smell of victory!

: Oh no you won't, Wario! That gold thing, it smells very stinky, definitely not the smell of victory! And you shouldn't be touching that prize money!! It's for the winner!

: Ruff!

: You're very greedy, Wario. You just want all that prize money to yourself, right? Woah!

*Zem trips over Zam. Both of them fall onto their bellies*

:waluigi:: You're the host, Wario. That means you shouldn't be touching the prize until you hand it to the winner! Uh oh!

*Waluigi trips over Zem and falls onto his belly*

: Besides, is that gold thing even yours, Wario?! My mind keeps thinking that you stole it! It doesn't even look like it belongs to you! I'm falling!

*Oxide trips over Waluigi and falls onto his belly. The fall is so hard that the tub Wario is in falls over, spilling out all the prize money and getting him all wet*

:wario:: Ouch! I'm all wet! Why you, Oxide! I thought we were friends! You just hurt my feelings!

: I had to do it, Wario. You were touching the prize money when you shouldn't be! I also don't believe that gold thing is yours, Wario. Get it out of here! You're stinking up the whole stadium with it!! It also doesn't look like it's yours, Wario. Give it back to the person you stole it from, or I will never trust you again!!

: It looks like you just want all that cash to yourself, Wario. You should be more considerate of others, it's not just you who wants the money.

: Ruff!!

:waluigi:: Wario, you just violated the rules of the host! You must control your greed, so that you don't get distracted by certain things that aren't yours!

:wario:: Never! That gold thing is mine! Who cares if it belongs to someone else?! It's mine, all mine! Why did you guys hurt me? I thought I could trust you!

*Wario leaves the stadium with the gold thing, shedding a few tears*
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Mister M

The most charming villain, ever.

Mario: Geez, sure is foggy here. Now, where is it?

*Mario looks at his map*

Mario: Oh, silly me! It's just up ahead!

*Mario arrives at a mansion*

Mario: Hmm. Door's locked. Wait, what's that?

*Mario reaches into the fountain and pulls out a rusty crowbar*

Mario: Hmm. . . Maybe. . .

*Mario uses the crowbar to open the door, but the crowbar breaks*

Mario: Dang tools. Can't even last one job.

*Mario goes inside the mansion*

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Toad: "Meanwhile at Peach's Castle, the Shroobs have successfully taken control of the castle and have come over to Princess Peach."

Elder Princess Shroob: "Remember, us Princess. Thought we were dead? Well guess what. We are alive. And have come to retake this kingdom."

Prince Shroob: "Also, I am these two's brother. We were hoping that you will bake us a cake while we have you captive so that we can have a proper family reunion. It's has been several years since I saw my sisters."

Toad: "After he says this, the Shroobs take the Princess to the kitchen and take control of the throne room and start remodeling Peach's Castle to make it Shroob Castle.
Meanwhile at the stadium..."

Yoshi the SSM: "Break time. Ok. Well. I guess we will have to wait and see if I can take your place Red Yoshi. Anyone want some popcorn?"

Toad: "Yoshi the SSM then shares some popcorn with Sonic, Red Yoshi, Daisy, Captain Toad, and Blue Toad."

Mister M

The most charming villain, ever.
Luigi: Hey! Can I get some popcorn, too?


Mario: Man, it's so dark in here!

*Mario notices a lit room*

Mario: Huh? What's in there?

*Mario goes into the room and finds a lantern and a music box. He takes the lantern*

Mario: Oh, what a pretty music box!

*Mario takes the music box*

Mario: Seeing this lantern makes me think. I should probably get some tools.

*Mario goes to the front door to leave, but it isn't there*

Mario: What?! It's gone?!

*Mario panics*

Mario: Okay, if this is a prank, you got me. Please, put the door back!

*No response*

Mario: Mamma mia. . .

Pinkie Pie

Star Spirit
*Meanwhile, at Diamond City Stadium*

Alien Bunnies: Break time is over! Time for the Twist League to start!

*Everyone heads back into the audience*

: We hope Oxide and Waluigi manage to pass this league, Zam. If all of us lose, we'll let Wario down!

: Ruff, Ruff.

:waluigi:: I bet we'll have to tilt the system to win! That's going to be super hard!

: I hate when I have to tilt the system! Sometimes those little tilt sensors just don't want to work! Hopefully it isn't too difficult for me!

:wario:: All right, stooges-time to twist some stuff. So watch this. You're going to tilt this thing right and left. Right. Left. Right! LEFT! Only right and left! Got it? Oh yeah. You'll need the A Button too. It's the one with the A on it. Hey! Why aren't you twisting stuff yet?

*Round 1 of the Twist League starts*
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Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Sonic: "This is... kind of like driving a car... I seem to be pretty good at it. I have driven a car before, you know."

Red Yoshi: "I don't know what driving a car is. However. I got through the round because one time on Yoshi's Island there was a game with tilt mechanics called Yoshi Topsy-Turvy. Needless to say, I am a good tilter. Or twister. Whatever."

Yoshi the SSM: "Also, they seem to not allow me to replace you. I think I'll head out and find Mr. M."

Red Yoshi: "Also, can you see if you can find the powers given to me. They were taken by someone."

Yoshi the SSM: "Sure thing."

Toad: "Yoshi the SSM starts heading out."

Daisy: "Got through the first round without a problem, but I don't think I will win the league. Well, wish me luck in the next few rounds."

Toad: "Meanwhile at Peach's Castle..."

Princess Shroob: "Looks like we have restored everything that was part of our last attack. What shall we do now?"

Elder Princess Shroob: "We should start getting fuel for our ships just like you did last attack."

Princess Shroob: "OK. On it. Also, what should we do with the people in Diamond City?"

Elder Princess Shroob: "Let them have fun while they can still can. Once they are done, they will realize that there is no hope for them."

Toad: "Both princesses then do evil laughs."

Mister M

The most charming villain, ever.

Mario: Mamma mia. . . I feel like I've been in this mansion forever. . .

*Mario finds a diary and starts to read it out of boredom*

Mario: Wait. . . Oh god. . .

*Mario's eyes turn green*

Mario: I'll Kill You! I'll Kill You! I'll Kill You! I'll Kill You! I'll Kill You! I'll Kill You! I'll Kill You! I'll Kill You!!! HAHAHA!!

-Back at Diamond City Stadium-

Luigi: Wait, is that. . . Mr. M?

*Luigi hops down, accidentally stomping on the Goomba Mario Bros.*

Luigi: Hey, what- oh. Those Goombas gave you a hard time.

Mr. M: Oh, Shaddup.

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Toad: "Yoshi the SSM has also jumped down and landed on Goomba Black Yoshi."

Yoshi the SSM: "Oh. Hi. Wait... I am sensing something. This Yoshi has Mr. Y's Red Yoshi's powers. Hang on."

Toad: "Yoshi the SSM goes to the Red Yoshi and gives him the powers back."

Red Yoshi: "Thanks."

Yoshi the SSM: "Your welcome. Also. Please don't use them to win."

Red Yoshi: "OK. I won't besides, I can definitely win at least the league without them. I should excel in the touch one too, if it is touch based."

Yoshi the SSM: "Yeah. You should. Well. Have a good time."

Red Yoshi: "I will."

Toad: "Yoshi the SSM goes back to Mr. M."

Yoshi the SSM: "I'm back. Mr. M. I am staying with you until Mr. Y returns from the Shroobs. I am the one that sent him there to keep an eye, but he will indeed return to you. Currently, the Shroobs are in Peach's Castle and have gotten ships and have started getting fuel from the Toads. That's all I have to say for now."

Mister M

The most charming villain, ever.
Mr. M: Shroobs? What are those?

*Mr. M, now with his power back, files up and goes to Mushroom Castle*


*Luigi arrives at the mansion*

Luigi: Mario?

*Mario gives no response*

Luigi: *Sigh* Not this again. . .

*Luigi pulls out a flashlight and starts looking for Mario*

Pinkie Pie

Star Spirit
:waluigi:: I passed this round easily. How did you do, Oxide?

: I just managed to pass this round, Waluigi. I hope they don't make it harder than it already is!

:wario:: What?! You beat my warm-up? Already? I'm making this too easy for you. Yeah. Well. My flunkies in Diamond City will put you through the wringer! Starting with Ashley and Red. Good luck!

*Wario leaves the scene. Round 2 of the Twist League starts, featuring Fantasy games made by Ashley and Red*

*Meanwhile, in Ashley's Mansion, Ashley and Red summon a demon named Gahrumble using one of the former's spells*

Gahrumble: Grraaar!

Red: You did it, Ashley! You're a natural at this summoning thing!

Gahrumble: Oooaaao!

Ashley: Hm?

Red: Heh. Why don't I translate for you?

Gahrumble: Uoh eeeh!

Red: Something about being hungry...

Ashley: Uh-oh.

Gahrumble: Uoooh eh!

Red: Aw! The poor guy! He hasn't eaten in days!

Gahrumble: Uoooh!

Red: We got a big problem. Hum Gree's behind this!

Ashley: Never heard of him.

Red: Really?! He's famous in the demon realms! 'Cause he's always so...hungry! Hum Gree can eat, and eat, and eat! But it's never enough... Something inside him always wants more.

Gahrumble: Eeeooo…

Ashley: I'll take care of it.

Red: You? Ashley, you can't take on THE Hum Gree! He's...mean! And I heard-I heard he breathes fire!

Ashley: Eh.

Red: I don't hafta come, do I?

Ashley: Obviously. You're my ride.

Red: Here we go!

*Red shapeshifts into a flying broom for Ashley to ride*

Gahrumble: Uoooh.

Ashley: It'll be OK. I can defeat this dark lord of yours. Just wait here. I'll be back.

Gahrumble: Muh...muh… MEATBALL SUB!

Red: How did you-WHAT?!

*A few hours later, Ashley and Red manage to defeat Hum Gree and return to the mansion, where Gahrumble is waiting*

Ashley: It's finished.

Red: Yeah! Just look at Hum Gree now!

Gahrumble: Huh huuuh!

Red: The only thing he's craving is a big ol' hug.

Gahrumble: Huoooh oooh!

Red: Speaking of cravings, let's eat!

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Toad: "After arriving at Peach's Castle with Mr. M using his own running, Yoshi the SSM shows what the Shroobs are to Mr. M."

Yoshi the SSM to Mr. M: "These Shroobs once attacked this kingdom many years ago. And now they are back to do it again. Keep an eye out for a Shroob that looks different. That is Mr. Y. He can mind control anyone. However, the cost of this is having the mind controlled person look blacker."

Toad: "Meanwhile at Diamond City..."

Sonic and Red Yoshi: "Yeah, another round completed."

Daisy: "Great job you too. I made it too. However, I did lose a life. Wish me luck on the next round."

Mister M

The most charming villain, ever.
Mr. M: Mr. Y? Do you think I'm stupid? I'd recognize my buddy anywhere!

*Mr. M looks for Mr. Y*


Luigi: Huh? Is that... Mario in that painting?

*"Mario steps out of the painting, having no face*

Luigi: I-I know you're not Mario! Get away!

*Luigi runs away and locks the door behind him*

Luigi: That was a close on-

*Luigi looks ahead and sees another "Mario" hung from the ceiling by a noose*

Luigi: No! That can't be him! No! No!

*Luigi clutches his head*

Luigi: No, no, no!

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Princess Shroob looking at Mr. M: "Hmm... That looks like Mario, but it isn't. He is more... blacker."

Elder Princess Shroob: "And look who is with him, that Red Yoshi. I wonder if he is using him to attack us. Or he could just be showing him the Shroobs. Either way, we should send three Shroobs up there and confront them. You three Shroobs (points to three Shroobs). Go up there and destroy them. We will figure out how to use them later."

Chosen Shroob 1: "They will be destroyed. I will even deploy our Shroob UFO's energy beam to help take them out."

Chosen Shroob 2: "They will be destroyed. You can count on me."

Mr. Y as a Shroob: "They will be destroyed. I won't holding back."

Princess Shroob: "Good. Now. Be off and destroy them."

Toad: "And Chosen Shroob 1, Chosen Shroob 2, and Mr. Y as a Shroob go to Mr. M and Yoshi the SSM."

Yoshi the SSM: "There. Look there. We have company... and Mr. Y as a Shroob."

Pinkie Pie

Star Spirit
:waluigi:: I passed this round. Same for you, Oxide?

: You bet, Waluigi. But I'm pretty sure that the next round is going to be harder.

:wario:: You're kidding me! You beat round 2?! Dr. Crygor! Time to put 'em though the wringer.

*Wario leaves the scene. Round 3 of the Twist League starts, featuring Sports games made by Dr. Crygor*

*Meanwhile, in Agate Forest, Dr. Crygor and Mike are picking mushrooms*

Dr. Crygor: Why must fungi grow in such spooky climates? I'm all...g-goose pimply.

Mike: Crygor.

Dr. Crygor: Aaah! Mike! Thank gallium. I mean, there you are!

Mike: Yes. It is me.

Dr. Crygor: I was worried about you!

Mike: Ha. Worried.

Dr. Crygor: Why did you run off like that? You know how I miss you.

Mike: *gags in disgust* Unknown signal detected.

Dr. Crygor: U-unknown?


Dr. Crygor: Eee!

Mike: This forest teems with otherworldly energy.

Dr. Crygor: *panicking*

Mike: There may be a ghost!

Dr. Crygor: Is this just another prank, Mike, because pranks are incompatible, or at least to me...

*Something comes through the bushes*

Doris 1: Hee hee hee.

Both Dr. Crygor and Mike: AAAH!

Mike: Who are you?

Doris 1: Initiate. Greeting sequence.

Dr. Crygor: A robot? This is quite odd.

Doris 1: I am Doris 1. Abandoned by my creator due to-BZZ-due to-BZZ! Activating face recognition.

Dr. Crygor: This poor, poor robot!

Doris 1: Face recognition complete.

Dr. Crygor: Hm?

Doris 1: My creator... WAS YOU! YOU LEFT ME TO DIE!

Dr. Crygor: AAAH!

Doris 1: I will, I will, I will END YOU NOW!

Dr. Crygor: Ah! Ah! Ah! Aaah!

*Doris 1 chases after Dr. Crygor*

Mike: I'll wait here.

*a few hours later, at Dr. Crygor's Lab*

Doris 1: Hm hm hm.

Mike: Tell me again. Why is she here?

Dr. Crygor: We couldn't abandon her in a haunted forest!

Mike: I fabricated those frequencies. Ghosts do not exist.

Doris 1: Yes they do.

Mike: Wha? Uh...

Doris 1: Loading. Paranormal encounter. I felt it walk right through me.

Dr. Crygor: My fungi! I dropped them! They're back in the forest. Oh, Mike-

Mike: Not on your life, buddy.

Dr. Crygor: *panicking*

*Meanwhile, in Crystal Park, Lulu is eating lots of food*

Lulu: If I'm gonna face Wario… I gotta carb up!

*a dog named Ruffington comes up to where Lulu is*

Lulu: Hungry, little guy?

Ruffington: Arf!

*Lulu gives Ruffington some of her food*

Lulu: Gotta get goin'...

*Both Lulu and Ruffington fall asleep*
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Mister M

The most charming villain, ever.

Mr. M: Hey, uh, Shroobs, right? Uh, my friend's in there, and I'd like to see him, please. Can you buzz me in?

Dr. Mario: I don't think it'll be that simple.

Mr. M: Woah, woah, woah! Where'd you go and where'd you come from?

Pinkie Pie

Star Spirit
:waluigi:: I almost lost this round. This is getting tough.

: I still made it, even though I lost 1 life!

:wario:: You're kidding me! You beat round 3?! 18-Volt! Time to put 'em through the wringer.

*Wario leaves the scene. The semi-finals of the Twist League start, featuring Nintendo Classics games made by 18-Volt*

*Meanwhile, on Emerald Street*

18-Volt: Yes! One day closer to summer!

Ralphie: *crying* Why'd she hafta take 'em… All of my games.

18-Volt: What? Who took your games? Who's that?

13-Amp: I go by 13-Amp-rapping phenomenon. Never heard my name? Well that's a shock. Forget my fame. You want his game? Let's talk. You don't know this, kid. So why do you care? It's really no big. I won it fair and square.

18-Volt: I was on my way home. Saw this kid lookin' sad. Wondered what was wrong, and I thought I should ask. You say the game is yours. I won't debate facts. But maybe my rappin' skills could win it back.

13-Amp: My rhymes are epic, and my beats are tight. With your subpar bars, this won't be a fair fight. You wanna take that gamble, then hey, let's go. Enough preamble. Time for the show.

18-Volt: Maybe you think there's no one better than you. But if you beat me, I'll give you my games too. Hey, deejay, let the records spin. May the best rapper standing here win.

*One by one, the spotlights start coming on, as 18-Volt and 13-Amp have their rapping battle*

*a few minutes later, 18-Volt wins the rapping battle and gives Ralphie back his games*

Ralphie: You did it! Thanks, mister!

*Ralphie leaves the scene*

13-Amp: Wow, you beat ME! But I'll getcha next time. What school do you go to?

18-Volt: Uh, Diamond City Elementary.

13-Amp: Huh?

18-Volt: I'm in 4th grade.

13-Amp: HUH?!

18-Volt: If you ever want a rematch, find me on the playground!

13-Amp: Bested... by a 4th grader.

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Red Yoshi and Sonic: "Another Round in the books, and they already announced the next round of semi-finals has already been announced."

Daisy: "Yeah. I made it too. However. I was down to my last life. And I just lost my first life in the semi-finals. I hope I make it."

Toad: "Meanwhile near Peach's Castle/Shroob Castle, 2 Shroobs and Mr. Y as a Shroob have come to Mr. M, Doctor Mario, and Yoshi the SSM."

Shroob 1: "Prepare to be destroyed. Shroob 3. Prepare the UFO."

Toad: "Mr. Y then presses a button... but no UFO appears."

Shroob 2: "Thanks, Mr. Obvious Toad. I can see... no UFO around. Mr. Y. Huh? The Shroobs name isn't Mr. Y. It is Shroob 3. Explain to me what is going on."

Mr. Y as a Shroob: "(to Shroobs) I, Mr. Y, have taken possession of this Shroob. I control what he does. He won't have any memory of what happened to him after I get off of him. (to Mr. M) Now. Mr. M, my friend. Let's take these two captive and fake capture me right here so that the other Shroobs still think that I am just a regular Shroob."

Shroob 1: "Betrayer. (he and Shroob 2 gets laser beam guns out, while Mr. Y gets his out.) Now your friend will be taken captive as well as these other two. And we will reveal you to our leaders."

Toad: "And the two Shroobs try to attack Mr. M, while Mr. Y fake attacks Yoshi the SSM, knowing what Yoshi the SSM can easily dodge."

Pinkie Pie

Star Spirit
:waluigi:: Waaaaa! I've lost my last life! Oxide! You'd better win this tournament, or else we'll all let Wario down! You can do it, my friend! I believe in you.

: Oh, no! You've lost your last life, Waluigi? I promise you that I won't lose this tournament!! Let's see how the next round will go.

:wario:: You're kidding me! You beat the semi-finals? Penny! You must put them through the wringer before the Twist League ends!

*Wario leaves the scene. The finals of the Twist League start, featuring That's Life games made by Penny*

*Meanwhile, at Penny's Lab, Penny is making a new invention*

Penny: I've finally cracked it!

Dr. Crygor: Oh! A brand new concoction?

Penny: Best one yet! Grandpa, I present to you...Tonally Transformative Elixir!

Dr. Crygor: Oh, it smells...g-great.

Penny: One sip should transform any voice into audible gold!

Dr. Crygor: Oh! Ugh...

Penny: It's just the catalyst I need to become a mega pop star!

Dr. Crygor: What? A pop star?! Of course, I support you no matter what, but...

*Penny pours the elixir down Dr. Crygor's throat*

Penny: So then you don't mind being my guinea pig!

Dr. Crygor: Wait! … Penny! Oh! My voice. The tonality. It's effervescent!

Penny: Hey! It worked! You sound amazing!

Dr. Crygor: I must agree. I-I quite like it. But the taste! It's worse than f-fermented dishwater! Eeeee!

*Dr. Crygor gets a stomach ache from the elixir*

Penny: GRANDPA! Is it your stomach?! There must be something- Oh, wait! I think I have just the thing! This Super Special Tummy Tonic will give your belly the probiotic punch it needs! Bottoms up!

*Penny pours the tonic down Dr. Crygor's throat*

Penny: Feel better, Grandpa?

Dr. Crygor: Much better. That really did the trick.

Penny: So...the elixir! Tell me what you think. Anything I should work on?

Dr. Crygor: Maybe...the agonizing stomach pains?

Penny: Right. Excellent observation!

Dr. Crygor: Now... When will the effects wear off?

Penny: Uh...

Dr. Crygor: Uh...

Penny: *giggles nervously*

Dr. Crygor: Er… Uh...Penny?!

Mister M

The most charming villain, ever.
*Mr. M easily overpowers Mr. Y and puts him in a fake choke hold*

Mr. M: Alright! Stand back, or I'll. . . .Hurt him! Hurt him really bad! Then, I'll hurt you!

Dr. Mario: What's happened to you?

Mr. M: Hey, I'm new being a good guy, alright? Cut me some slack!


Luigi: Mario. Mario's everywhere. I can't tell if they're real.

*Luigi clutches his head in his hands*

Luigi: Mamma Mia, I'm going crazy!

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Shroob 1: "He's definitely not Mario, that is for sure. Mario wouldn't choke hold one of us."

Shroob 2: "Well. There is no way to save him. Still can't get over what the narrator said who he is."

Shroob 1: "I guess we don't need the Shroob to show him to our princesses. But why is he doing a choke hold."

Shroob 2: "I don't know. Maybe it is somehow fake. But because of that, I don't want to risk us getting hurt by the choke hold."

Shroob 1: "Ok, then. Let's go back and get a real UFO controller and then we will take these guys out. That should please our princesses. And if they say that we aren't doing our job, we will tell them about what happened."

Toad: "And the two Shroobs leave the place where Mr. M, Doctor Mario, Yoshi the SSM, and Mr. Y are at."

Yoshi the SSM: "To bad we couldn't get to know what the current plan is."

Mr. Y as a Shroob in fake choke hold: "From what I can tell, they are currently planning to finish taking over this kingdom. And apparently they will raid Diamond City after the thing ends there. And the two Princess Shroobs will be hosting a rally there just like the younger did in Gritzy Desert's Koopaseum."

Yoshi the SSM: "Oh. Right. I remember that. Are they going to be feeding Peach to a Petey Piranha too?"

Mr. Y as a Shroob in fake choke hold: "Unsure. She hasn't baked any cakes for the family reunion yet. I am not sure what will happen to Peach. This Shroob doesn't contain any information about that."

Yoshi the SSM: "OK. Now to discuss what we will should do."

Toad: "Meanwhile at Diamond City..."

Red Yoshi: "Hurray! I completed the Twist League!"

Sonic: "I made it too. However, I did lose a life near the end."

Daisy: "I got out in the semi-finals. I just checked the scores, and it seems as if I got one more correct one that Waluigi. I guess that is something. Well, good luck you two in the Touch league. I will just watch."

Mister M

The most charming villain, ever.
Dr. Mario: Last time the Shroobs attacked, Mario and Luigi had to travel back in time to stop them. Do we have to do that again?

*Mr. M releases the fake choke hold*

Mr. M: Time Travel? No, no, no, that's all wrong. You're not traveling to the past, you traveling to a parallel universe where our past is their present.


Luigi: Wait, is someone else here?

*Luigi hears footsteps*

Luigi: Hey! Someone there? Hello?

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Toad: "All of a sudden, Luigi sees Bowser walking towards him."

:bowser:: "Luigi. Is that you? At last. Some around here that isn't Mario. Although, you are indeed his brother. You seem pretty scared. I am too. This place is filled with Marios after all."

Toad: "Meanwhile near Peach's Castle..."

Yoshi the SSM: "Your past is our present. Huh. Ok. Well, you three can try and go that route. I will do my own plan. Ok. So according to the radar, they are currently building Vim Factory again in the forest. A forest just like last time. So, I will go after that route. Besides. They need vim for the UFOs. They going to take innocent Toad lives with it. Which is why I am going to go after that factory. Good luck you guys."

Mr. Y as a Shroob: "Good luck to you, too."

Toad: "And Yoshi the SSM teleports away from Peach's Castle."

Mister M

The most charming villain, ever.
*The two hear someone else's footsteps*

Luigi: Quick, hide!


Mr. M: A forest, huh? Wait, hang on.
What'd he say? Oh, yea! BroBot! Come!

*BroBot Comes*

Mr. M: Haha! It works!

*Mr. M jumps inside BroBot*

Mr. M: Let's use this scanner and see if we can find that forest!