Mushroom City Car Wash [Roleplay]

Mister M

The most charming villain, ever.
Luigi: C'mon! We gotta get your powers back!

*The group leaves cold storage and walks up the stairs to be greeted by an army of minions*

Mr. M: Well, that's intense.

Mario: We're not gonna win by doing nothing!

*Mario pulls out his hammer and charges at the army*

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Toad: "The army fights back. A Buzzy Beetle goes upstairs to inform Bowser and his son."

:buzzy:: "Sir. Mario, Luigi, Mr. M, and Mr. Y have escaped the cold storage. They also have Gooigi. They are going to try and get Mario's, Mr. M's, and Mr. Y's powers back."

:bowser:: "Wait. You have Mr. M's and Mr. Y's powers? Give them to me."

:bowjr:: "Sorry, dad. I don't have them. King Boo got their powers. He even was the one with the machine originally. He said that we can have them to get Mario and Luigi's powers if they had any that the machine can get. And since he has authority over me and you weren't in the castle, I didn't question it."

:bowser:: "Is King Boo still in the castle?"

:bowjr:: "No. He's not."

:bowser:: "I wonder why King Boo would want Mr. M's and Mr. Y's powers. Well in either case, I am going to stop Mario from getting his speedrunning powers back. So, you are in charge of keeping the thrown room until I return after fighting with the army downstairs."

Toad: "And Bowser BLJs to the downstairs and starts fighting the group."

:buzzy:: "He went there quickly. Well. Better help him out."

Toad: "And he goes back downstairs.
Meanwhile at the cold storage..."

:koopa:: "There. It's fixed. Now to help out that fighting I see. Maybe groups of numbers will help me out."

Toad: "And he shuts the door and goes to the action... Not knowing that the fire in the cold storage is still burning and the Shroobs in there are starting to thaw and become free and the door he fixed wouldn't hold them in..."

Mister M

The most charming villain, ever.

Mario: Luigi! Catch!

*Mario throws a Fire Flower at Luigi*

Luigi: Good thinking!

*Mario and Luigi unleash a barrage of Fire Balls at the army, unknowingly unfreezing the Shroobs*

Mario: Hey, do you hear someth-

*The Shroobs burst out of cold storage*

Luigi: Oh, no! Not again!

Mario: Run for it!

*Mario uses a combination of Dives and normal Long Jumps to quickly leave the castle, his allies following not too far behind*

Mario: Quick! Onto the karts!

*Mario and Mr. M jump onto the Red Fire. Gooigi goes back into the Poltergust G-00 as Luigi and Mr. Y hop in the Green Fire. They speed off*

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Toad: "The Shroobs that burst out of the cold storage lay perfectly still. They seem to be unconscious. However, it wouldn't be long before they revive. The entire floor of the cold storage has Shroobs."

:bowser:: "AH! SHROOBS! The Shroobs have melted! And have escaped the cold storage. Koopa Troopa, you are looking at a demotion after this is over. For now, we are going to evaluate the castle. Every leave. Let's go to the Bowser's Car Wash to regroup."

Toad: "And everyone in Bowser's Castle escapes.
Meanwhile in some Ghost House..."

Mr. B: "Ugh. Oh. I'm alive?"

Mr. KB: "Yes. This is the first time I am doing this. The name's Mr. KB. I am the one who your power goes to after you have an unfortunately timed death."

Mr. B: "And who are these two Goombas? They look Mario Bros.-ish."

Mr. KB: "These are the Mario Goomba Bros. Created with the powers of Mr. M and Mr. L."

Mario Goomba: "Pleasure meeting you, Mr. B. I liked to be called Mario Goomba."

Luigi Goomba: "Pleasure meeting you, too. I liked to be called Luigi Goomba."

Mr. B: "And who is this Yoshi?"

Black Yoshi: "Greetings. My name is Yoshi. Or Black Yoshi. Never gotten a real name. So, the species will do. Anyways. I was captured by Bowser and put into a prison. But thanks to Mr. KB, I now escaped there. He gave me the powers of Mr. Y."

Mr. B: "Black Yoshi sounds generic. Anything special about you?"

Black Yoshi: "No. But I am suppose to be with the Mario Goomba Bros, as requested by Mr. KB."

Mr. B: "Ok. How about... Yoshi the Mario Goomba Bros. Sidekick. Or Yoshi the MGBS. How does that sound?"

Black Yoshi: "No... that sounds too much like Yoshi the SSM, who I never met. Besides, I am not a sidekick. I am a helper."

Mr. B: "I have. OK... How about..."

Black Yoshi: "How about Goomba Black Yoshi."

Mario Goomba Bros.: "Sounds good."

Mr. KB: "OK. Well, good luck you four. With Mr. B revived, I am no longer needed here. Bye."

Toad: "All of a sudden, Mr. KB becomes King Boo."

King Boo: "What happened? Are what are you guys doing here?"

Mr. B: "I am not sure anymore."

King Boo: "This place is for Boos only. So scat."

Toad: "And the four leave the Ghost House."

Mr. B: "This place is unfamiliar to me. We should try to find our way to the Mushroom City and see what's going on there."

Goomba Black Yoshi: "OK. I think I know where that is. I'll take you there."

Toad: "And the group starts heading towards Mushroom City."

Mario Goomba: "You guys are hearing that voice right?"

Luigi Goomba: "Yes. I thought I was crazy too."

Mr. B: "Let's keep going. It's just a narrator speaking. Come on."

Pinkie Pie

Star Spirit
*At the Car Wash*

:wario:: I want to buy a Nintendo Switch for Warioware. That way, we can make new microgames with it!

*Wario checks his safe, piggy bank, and wallet, but finds no money*

:wario:: I have no money! What can I do?!

:waluigi:: That's because we spent it all on Bowser's Make As Many Coins As You Want Mecha back in Party World, Wario! I don't know how we can get it back!

:wario:: Well, we have to find a quick way to get it, Waluigi!

*Wario and Waluigi go into the Car Wash lounge, where Zem, Zam, and Oxide are watching TV. Wario accidently steps on the TV remote, changing the channel*

: Wario!! You just made me and Zem and Zam miss our show!!

:wario:: Sorry, Oxide. Me and Waluigi are looking for a quick way to make money so that my Warioware crew can get their hands on a Nintendo Switch because I have no money! And you probably wouldn't lend us some of your cash, right Oxide?

: My cash is my cash! No one else can use it unless they promise not to spend all of it!! And you probably will spend all of it, Wario! I know I have lots of money, but I usually don't let people borrow it!

*on the TV*

Ben the Reporter: This just in! The new Super Pyoro 2 game just became a bestseller and is flying off the shelves!

:wario:: I got it! Waluigi! Zem! Zam! Oxide! I want you guys to come to Diamond City where my game company, Warioware Inc., is located! You guys can join all of my friends who have been making microgames for years at Warioware! You'll make lots of microgames together, while I host the annual Wario Bowl! I might as well send out invitations to Toadette, Toadia, Toadiko, Cream, Vanilla, Daisy, Blue Toad, Yoshi the SSM, Sonic, and Erazor Djinn, too! What do you guys think of my plan?

:waluigi:: I finally get to make microgames at Warioware! This is a dream come true! I've always wanted to work at Warioware!

: We get to make games? This is awesome! I've always wanted to make my own games!

: This could be fun, Zam! Of course, you won't be making the games. *burp* I know you're feeling sad right now, but you'll get used to it eventually.

: Ruff. Ruff. Ruff.

:wario:: Great! I'll send out the invitations right now!

*Wario writes invitions to the Wario Bowl in Diamond City for Toadette and co., Daisy, Blue Toad, Yoshi the SSM, Sonic, and Erazor Djinn. Once all the invitations are sent out, Wario and co. get into the Wario Car and drive to Diamond City*

*Back at the Car Wash*

:toadette:: We just got a letter! It reads:

Dear Toadette and co.,

Come to the Wario Bowl in Diamond City! The entry fee is 10000 coins! Make it through 4 leagues, and you could win 10 million coins! Don't miss out on this huge tournament!

From Wario.

Toadia: Me and Vanilla are staying here, Toadette and Toadiko. Hopefully you win the tournament!

: I'll be staying here with Toadia, Cream. Make your mom proud!

: I will. Cheese, let's go win this tournament!

: I wonder what this tournament is all about. Let's go!

*Toadette, Cream, and Toadiko leave the Car Wash and head for Diamond City. Toadia and Vanilla stay at the Car Wash to keep things busy*

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Toad: "Meanwhile at Daisy's castle, Daisy reads the letter from Wario."

Daisy: "Hmm... This looks interesting. Better than doing nothing and have nothing come. Maybe I get to see Luigi. Come on, Blue Toad. Your invited too."

Toad: "And the two go to Diamond City.
Meanwhile at Yoshi the SSM's house, Yoshi the SSM reads the letter to Sonic and Captain Toad and Erazor Djinn."

Yoshi the SSM: "That Wario is trying to get me to spend money again. Wario Bowl. Not interested."

Sonic: "This sounds like some excitement. More excitement around here. I'll go."

Captain Toad: "What do you say about this competition, Erazor?"

Erazor: "Competition. Never heard of this competition. What is it?"

Captain Toad: "Oh. It varies between events. But people go against each other in usually non-violent games and a winner is chosen based on their performance in the games."

Erazor: "Sounds like fun. I think I will take a look at this competition."

Yoshi the SSM: "OK. Well, I'll stay here and keep an eye out for any trouble on this world."

Sonic and Captain Toad: "OK. Bye."

Toad: "And the three leave.
Meanwhile at Bowser's Castle's storage room, the Shroobs stand up and two notable figures stand up high."

Princess Shroob in the Shroob Language: "Sister. Where are we?"

Elder Princess Shroob in SL: "Looks like some kind of a castle. It's really hot here, outside. Yet, it's cold in there for some reason. I wonder how long we have been in there? And who's castle is this?"

A Shroob in SL: "Well, whoever lives here has decided to abandon this place. There is no one here."

A Shroob in SL: "You sure? Then who's that?"

:bobomb: who didn't hear the alarm: "Ah! The Shroobs escaped! The Shroobs escaped!"

Toad: "After running around the castle and seeing no one else, he comes to a halt at the cold storage."

:bobomb:: "I am guessing that they already know."

Elder Princess Shroob in English: "Eh ham. Hello, there. What's your name and who do you work for if applicable."

:bobomb:: "Quiet Shrooby. I am only going to tell you that I don't answer to anyone except Lord Bowser and King Bob-omb. Mostly to Bowser since I live here in his castle. And you can be sure to defeat you all once he has regrouped and figured out a plan."

Elder Princess Shroob: "(SL) Bowser. That is the guy I took over. So he was probably the one to lock us up in the ice and keep us there. We should find our way to Peach's Castle using our knowledge that this is Bowser's Castle. (E) Well. We will see about that. Good-bye, little bomb. (she then lit up the Bob-omb and he explodes away from the Shroobs) (SL) We will head to the castle now and retake this kingdom."

Toad: "And all the Shroobs leave Bowser's Castle and start heading towards Peach's Castle."

Elder Princess Shroob in SL: "That voice. That sounds like a Toad. But I don't see any Toads around here. Be on the look out. For they will be needed for our plans."

Pinkie Pie

Star Spirit
*in Diamond City Stadium*

:toadette:: We're here! Let's do this!

: Let's go win this tournament! I'm ready when you are!

: I wonder what games we'll play. I won't lose this!

*Meanwhile, at Warioware Inc.*

:wario:: This is my game company, Warioware Inc.! Waluigi! Zem! Zam! Oxide! You guys go to the lounge and introduce yourselves to my friends! I've got a tournament to host!

*Wario leaves Warioware Inc., heading for Diamond City Stadium. Waluigi, Zem, Zam, and Oxide go into the lounge of Warioware Inc*

Orbulon: Welcome to Warioware Inc.! My name's Orbulon! What are your names?

:waluigi:: The name's Waluigi! Nice to meet you!

: I'm Zem! And that's Zam! It's a pleasure to meet you guys!

: Ruff.

: The name's Nitros Oxide! Can you introduce us to the rest of the employees?

Orbulon: Sure! Everyone, these are our new employees! Their names are Waluigi, Zem, Zam, and Nitros Oxide! Please, introduce yourselves to them.

Mona: I'm Mona! Nice to meet you!

Jimmy T.: I'm Jimmy T.! I hope you like dancing as much as I do!

Dribble: I'm Dribble!

Spitz: And I'm Spitz! We're taxi drivers in Diamond City!

Ashley: You'd better learn my name, cause it's Ashley!

Dr. Crygor: I'm Dr. Crygor! You'll like it a lot here.

Mike: I'm Mike! The Karaoke Robot!

Penny: I'm Dr. Crygor's daughter! Name's Penny! Pleased to meet you!

Kat: My name's Kat!

Ana: And I'm Ana! We're kindergarteners who're secretly ninjas in training!

Young Cricket: I'm Young Cricket!

Master Mantis: And I'm Master Mantis! I teach Young Cricket how to fight like a true warrior!

5-Volt: I'm 5-Volt! And this is my son, 9-Volt!

9-Volt: I'm 9-Volt! I'm a huge Nintendo fan and have a huge collection of Nintendo merchandise!

18-Volt: I'm 18-Volt! I'm 9-Volt's best friend and we often play games together!

Orbulon: I'll show you guys to your workspace. Enjoy your stay!

*Back in Diamond City Stadium*

:wario:: Listen up! Hey! Hey, you people ready for the most De-Luxe tournament ever? Let the Wario Bowl games begin! Hey! You guys hear me? START CHEERING NOW!

Lulu: Wario! WARIO!

:wario:: Huh? Who are you?

Lulu: I'm gonna get you!

:wario:: Mmm-hmm? I don't do autographs, kid. Anyway... First up... the Mash League! Next, Twist League! And finally, Touch League! Master all three leagues and you'll get to face the real master! Me, Wario!

Lulu: That's how you want to play this?

*Lulu leaves the stadium*

:wario:: … Let's get this over with.

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Daisy: "I don't see Luigi anywhere. Only Waluigi is here. But beating Waluigi should be a piece of cake."

Sonic: "Hey, Daisy. How you been?"

Daisy: "Good. Pretty boring around my place. It hasn't been long since we last met."

Sonic: "No it hasn't."

Erazor: "Mash, Twist, and Touch. These should be easy to do."

Daisy: "Is that a genie?"

Sonic: "Yes. His name is Erazor Djinn. Erazor for short. He is an evil genie I met more than 10 years ago. The one that has the lamp is Captain Toad."

Daisy: "Well. It should be fun to compete against, right?"

Sonic: "Um... I believe so. He decided to accept his fate that I put upon him 10 years ago. But you probably don't want to hear the long story, right?"

Daisy: "No. Not really."

Mister M

The most charming villain, ever.
*Luigi loses control of the Green Fire and nearly crashes into Diamond City Stadium*

Luigi: Mamma Mia! Rusty bucket of parts!

*Luigi gets off the Green Fire and looks at the Jumbotron*

Luigi: Mario! Look!

Mario: What is it?

*Mario sees the tournament ad*

Mario: Maybe we can fight some allies there!

*Mario & Luigi enter the stadium*

Mr. M: Hey! Wait for us!

*Mr. M & Mr. Y follow after the Bros.*

Pinkie Pie

Star Spirit
*Back at Warioware Inc.*

:waluigi:: You know guys, if we entered the tournament, we could give the cash prize to Wario! Let's leave this boring place!

: A tournament?! I must compete in this! But how do we leave Warioware Inc.?

: I'll call Orbulon and see if he can let us off our jobs. That'll make us leave Warioware Inc. easily!

: Ruff.

*Zem calls Orbulon*

Orbulon: What is it?

: Can all of us be let off our jobs?

Orbulon: Sure!

: Great! Let's compete in this tournament!

: Ruff!

: Now I have a real reason to be here! I'll show the others a real lesson in speed!

:waluigi:: We have to hurry, guys! The Mash League is about to start!

*Waluigi, Zem, Zam and Oxide run as fast as they can to Diamond City Stadium*

*In Diamond City Stadium*

:toadette:: Hey! Did I just hear a little girl in the audience?

: I heard her too, Toadette. I think she wants to attack Wario!

: I heard her as well, Cream. Wario might be in trouble!

:waluigi:: We're here! Let's win this tournament and give the cash prize to Wario!

: This is much better than making games for a company that gives you very little pay! I'll be serving the others up, extra crispy! *burp*

: Ruff!

: Greetings, creatures of Diamond City! I've come to compete! Hey, Toadette and Toadiko! Mind if I sit next to you cuties?

:toadette:: No, Oxide! You'll try to hug me really tight or kiss me until my lips are infected! Leave!

: Yes, of course you can sit next to us, Oxide! I'll even give you a little kiss on the cheek to make you comfortable! Cause I...

:toadette:: *covers Toadiko's mouth* Sister! He's bad for you!

: I'll still love him, Sister! Just agree with me for once, ok?

:toadette:: Fine, Toadiko! But make sure that he's close to you at all times! Cause you know that I hate him!

: Yay! *hugs Oxide* You're so cool, Oxide! I love you!

: I love you too, Toadiko! And Toadette, I wasn't planning on hugging or kissing you. I just wanted to have some company for a while.

*Toadiko drags Oxide to his seat in the audience. The Alien Bunnies give everyone in the audience a Nintendo 3DS*

:wario:: You chumps ready to mash some stuff? You'd better be! Find the +Control Pad... and the A Button. You'll need those to squeeze out a win. Not hard enough for you? Some games use just this. Some, just this. Is that too much to handle? Now then, make like a potato... and MASH!

*Round 1 of the Mash League starts*

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Sonic: "Cool. I am good at mashing buttons at great speeds. This should be quite easy. (starts mashing) Real easy."

Erazor: "This technology. How does it work? (starts mashing) Oh. This seems pretty simple. I can get use to this."

Daisy: "Mario Party has taught me how to mash quickly. (starts mashing) Not going to end up in last, that is for sure."

Blue Toad and Captain Toad: "Yeah. You guys are better mashers. (starts mashing) Let's see how we do."

Mr. Y who came with Mario, Luigi, and Mr. M: "I wonder why Yoshi the SSM isn't here. I can see that an invitation was sent to him. (starts mashing) Who knows. Maybe I will get confused with him. And any money that I win will be split with him."

Toad: "Meanwhile at the desert..."

Mr. B: "We are getting close to the grasslands. (sees the Shroobs) Huh? Oh. Right. Shroobs."

Mario Goomba: "No! Not the Shroobs! They were a pestilence many years ago and quite recently."

Luigi Goomba: "Um... I don't see their weakness anywhere. Since this is a desert. Their weakness is water."

Mr. B: "I know that. I can sense the presence of evil doers. I don't want them to get in my plans. Also. These Shroobs were from the invasion years ago when Mario and Luigi were just babies."

Elder Princess Shroob in E after coming close: "Hello there. My name is Elder Princess Shroob. And this is my sister Princess Shroob. You look kind of like Bowser, you know."

Mr. B: "(to himself) She's talking to me. Ahem. (to EPS) Of course I look similar. I am the perfect person of the Mr. tribe to control Bowser. My name is Mr. B. I am sensing that you are going to Peach's Castle and dropping Shroobs in the locations you come to. I can sense evil doers. I have no interests in your plans. Nor to stop you guys."

Princess Shroob in SL: "Sister. I think I can see a city in that direction. I am seeing something is going on there."

Elder Princess Shroob: "(SL) Oh. Maybe it's a party. We should probably crash that party. (E) Thanks. Also. We are going to go to that city since there is a party there that we will crash."

Mr. B: "OK. I think I will go with you guys. And help you guys crash this party."

Toad: "And the group starts heading towards Diamond City."

Pinkie Pie

Star Spirit
:toadette:: This should be pretty easy. I learned this from Mario Party!

: Hey, this is easy! I'll be sure to win this, Cheese!

: This is too easy! Give us something harder!

:waluigi:: We're getting closer to winning that cash prize!

: This is way too easy! It'll take more than that to fry me! *burp*

: Ruff!

: Even a baby can do this!! Amp up the difficulty, pretty please!

:wario:: Hey, looks like you beat the Mash League warm-up. Guess now I can crank up the heat! Time to bring out all the games made by my flunkies in Diamond City. Jimmy T. is up first!

*Wario leaves the scene. Round 2 of the Mash League starts, featuring sports games made by Jimmy T.*

*Meanwhile, on Sapphire Street, a stray cat is on the loose. Jimmy T. walks up to the cat. The cat jumps into his blue afro. Two girls, Amy and Mimi walk up to Jimmy T.*

Amy: Over there. See?

Jimmy T.: Hm?

Amy: I can't believe it.

Mimi: Yeah! He's so cute!

Jimmy T.: Heh.

Amy: I wanna meet him.

Mimi: Wait... Really?

Jimmy T.: Ciao, ladies!

Amy: Hi!

Mimi: Hi!

Jimmy T.: Lemme guess. Fans, am I right?

Mimi: Uh... kinda!

Amy: That obvious, huh?

Jimmy T.: Tsk, tsk. Hey, Jimmy always knows.

Mimi: Can we get a pic?

Jimmy T.: Ah, I thought you'd never ask!

Amy: Aah!

Mimi: Aah!

*Amy and Mimi pull out their cellphone. Jimmy T. then dances for the girls, while they take pictures of him*

Jimmy T.: Oh, yeah... Ha, ha! All right... Come on! Mmm-hmm! Yeah! Everybody!

Amy: Wow. That was something.

Mimi: These pics...are so good!

Amy: Can we get a few more?

Jimmy T.: You KNOW it.

*Amy and Mimi take another picture*

Amy: Thank you! This totally made our night.

Mimi: Lemme send you the best shot.

Jimmy T.: Groovy. Huh? … Aww, kitty.

Amy: See ya! Your cat is SO cute.

Mimi: The cutest!

Jimmy T.: Let's roll.

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Sonic, Daisy, Mr. Y, and Captain Toad: "Yeah! Another round completed!"

Erazor: "Woah. That was close. I only had one life left."

Blue Toad: "That's better than me. I lost all my lives just a second ago."

Toad: "Meanwhile outside the place they are at..."

Princess Shroob in SL: "Look at them. They seem to be having fun. Tell Mr. B to let me go first and ruin the party."

Elder Princess Shroob in E: "Ok. Mr. B. My sister is going to go first in ruining their party."

Mr. B: "Ok. Go, for it, Princess Shroob."

Toad: "And Princess Shroob lands in the middle of the place and shouts some stuff in the Shroob language."

Pinkie Pie

Star Spirit
:toadette:: This is still too easy!

: My thumbs are getting tired!

: When will this mash fest end?

:waluigi:: Give us something harder!

: This is getting hard for us, Zam. My thumbs are getting numb.

: Ruff.

: This is still easy! Make it harder!

:wario:: So, you beat Round 2 of the Mash League! Mona-you're up next!

*Wario leaves the scene. Round 3 of the Mash league starts, featuring That's Life games made by Mona*

*Meanwhile, at Joe's Clothes, Mona is looking for a new dress*

Mona: Hmm... I don't know where to start.

Joe: Hey, Mona. Ya need help with something?

Mona: Yes! My big party's tonight, and... I still don't have a dress!

Joe: Let's try this-close your eyes...and then imagine your perfect dress.

Mona: Hmm...

Joe: Great. Go ahead and describe it to me.

Mona: It's extravagant, like a parfait. And a plushy!

Joe: I think I can work with that.

Mona: And super cool, like Wario!

Joe: Cool? Wario?!

Mona: Yeah! He's icon! I love him. And that 'STACHE!

Joe: 'Stache?! Why? Wha-?

Mona: I love your look too, Joe. Like that tie! It just screams fashion!

Joe: What? You mean this old thing?

Mona: But anyhow... Did that work? Tell me what to wear!

Joe: Uh... Well, I'm not sure, um... I think... So, like a parfait... but also like Wario?

Mona: What about that one?!

*Mona runs off to get a dress and tries it on*

Joe: You really think I've got style? Maybe I should consider wearing this tie more often. Uh... Mona? Mona?

Mona: I'm trying this on. Tell me what you think!

Joe: Oh. Coming!

*after Mona shows Joe her new dress, she puts back on her regular clothes*

Mona: I'd call that a success! Hey, I was thinking...

Joe: What is it?

Mona: should come to the party tonight! There'll be lots of cool people. You'd totally fit in!

Joe: Oh! It's so nice of you to think of me. It has been a while since I put myself out there.

Mona: Oh no! I'm late for my own party!

Joe: Of course, I don't know what I would wear...

Mona: See you there. Bye!

*Mona leaves Joe's Clothes and gets onto her scooter*

Joe: But if you think I've got style- Mona?

*Mona speeds off on her scooter*


*Meanwhile, in Crystal Park, Lulu is at a bench with a dartboard with Wario's nose and moustache on it next to it. She is trying to shoot it with her Hydrocannon LX*

Lulu: That Wario guy is the worst! I'll wipe that stupid moustache right of his stupid face!

*The water Lulu is shooting creates a rainbow, amusing her*

Lulu: Huh... ? Yeah! RAINBOW!
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Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Sonic, Daisy, and Mr. Y: "Yes. Another round completed."

Erazor: "Another close call. But I think I finally got the hang of it."

Captain Toad: "Lucky you. I lost all my lives."

Blue Toad: "I wonder why there is a Shroob in the middle of the area. I didn't understand a word she said, though. I wonder what she's doing here?"

Sonic: "Well. I think I can take care of her quickly. Useless they say it is the boss of the league. Hmm... Maybe showing her to Wario."

Toad: "Sonic then goes out and picks up Princess Shroob and takes her to the edge of the place near where Wario appears. He then goes back to his seat. He does this at high speeds so that it happens within a minute."

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Toad: "Mr. M walks out of the arena, and Mr. B spots him."

Mr. B: "Just as I thought. Mr. M is here. Well. Time to show him that I am alive. Come along Mario Goomba Bros. and Goomba Black Yoshi."

Toad: "And the three jump down from high above in order of next four lines."

Mario Goomba: "Hello there, Mr. M. You have really cool powers. Or did. And now I, Mario Goomba, have them."

Luigi Goomba: "Hello. Your brother had really cool powers too. And now I am Luigi Goomba."

Goomba Black Yoshi: "Hello. I am Goomba Black Yoshi. The helper of these two Goombas. I am liking your friend, Mr. Y's powers."

Mr. B: "Hello. Glad to see me back from the dead. Well. Surprise!"

Toad: "By the way, the four surround him on all four sides."

Mister M

The most charming villain, ever.
Mr. M: You better piss off before I stomp all over you!

*Mr. M pulls out his switchblade*


*Mr. L awakens from sleep*

Mr. L: Ahh, another beautiful morning.

*Mr. L senses something*

Mr. L: He's in trouble... again.

*Mr. L's spirit leaves his body and summons a portal into Mr. M, causing Mr. M to glow green and get Mr. L's powers*

Mr. M: Huh? I don't know what this is, but I like it!

*Mr. M flings the four muggers away*

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Mr. B after getting up from the blast: "Oh no. That shouldn't be possible. I thought he was without power. What is that green power then? Oh. It might be the spirit of Mr. L. I better run while I can still can. But where? No where is absolutely safe from Mr. M and Mr. L. Maybe I just run. Mario Goombas. Show your worth to Princess Peach. Only don't interfere with the Shroobs."

Toad: "And Mr. B runs in the direction of the desert."

Mario Goomba: "Ugh. Sorry, what Mr. B? Mr. B. Did he say to show our worth to Princess Peach?"

Luigi Goomba: "I think so. Um... There is Mr. M. I wonder what he will do to us now? Let's lie still until we know. You too, Yoshi."

Goomba Black Yoshi: "OK. Will do."

Pinkie Pie

Star Spirit
:toadette:: A bit hard, but I've still got a chance!

: My thumbs have blisters on them from all this mashing! Please stop!

: I passed this round effortlessly!

: Sorry, guys. Me and Zam lost our last life. We're out of here. But we'll still watch the tournament!

: Ruff!

:waluigi:: The perfect difficulty. Good thing I passed it!

: Good thing Wario cranked up the difficulty! But I'm still speeding through this!

:wario:: So, you beat round 3 of the Mash League. Dribble and Spitz, it's your turn!

*Wario leaves the scene. The Semi-Finals of the Mash League starts, featuring Fantasy games made by Dribble and Spitz*

*Meanwhile, in the farthest edge of space, Dribble and Spitz are trying to get back home to Diamond City*

Dribble: Aw, not again.

Spitz: Oy, traffic out here's a beast, but these intergalactic fares are the real moneymakers.

Dribble: Uh, didn't we just get stiffed?

Spitz: Yikes! That was a close one!

Dribble: These buffoons. Can't they see we're driven' here?!

Spitz: Stay cool, Dribble!

Dribble: B-but, Spitz-they'll scratch the car!

Spitz: You kiddin'?! That there's a spaceship! It could do way worse than a scratch.

Dribble: I guess.

Spitz: It's all about stayin' cool, like with the customers.

Dribble: Aw, Spitz. You always stay so levelheaded. Hey, what's that thing headed in the way?

Spitz: It's a laser! U-TURN!

Dribble: We're not gonna make it!

Both Dribble and Spitz: Aaah!

*Dribble and Spitz's taxi gets hit by a laser*

Dribble: *groans*

Spitz: *coughs*

Dribble: I guess it could be worse.

Spitz: That's it, buckos.

Dribble: Huh?

Spitz: First, we get stiffed? And now this?! Dribble...the octoblazooka!

Dribble: I'm on it. But, Spitz, ain't we supposed to stay cool and all that?

Spitz: I'm not just gonna sit here and let these punks knock us around! If they want a fight, they got one!

Dribble: Stay cool, Spitz! Stay cool! SPITZ!

*The octoblazooka shoots lasers at the ships. All the ships come down*

Spitz: Good work, Dribble. Now, who's next?

Dribble: That's it. We chased them all off!

Spitz: Oh. Are you sayin' we won?

Dribble: Yeah, guess I did. That's nuts. We're alive!

Spitz: See that? All you gotta do is stay cool.

Dribble: Yeah, cool.

Spitz: Exactly. It's like that old sayin': fortune favors the cool.

Dribble Let's just go home.

Spitz: Ain't life grand, Dribble? Ain't life grand...

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Sonic, Daisy, and Mr. Y: "The semi-finals are done."

Erazor: "Whoops. Seems like I lost my last life. Well, it was good while it lasted."

Captain Toad: "I have been watching the Shroobs, and there seems to be a whole group of them far from here."

Mr. Y: "A whole group. I am thinking that Yoshi the SSM should be contacted. Here. Let me take pictures. (takes pictures of all the Shroobs he sees.) There. And sent. That should tell Yoshi the SSM about the Shroobs."

Toad: "Meanwhile at Yoshi the SSM's house."

Yoshi the SSM: "Oh. What's this? "These Shroobs have escaped the cold storage of Bowser's Castle. They may be after conquering the kingdom. They are currently here at Diamond City." O-K. Wait. What a surprise. OK. "Yes. This seems like terrible news. However. This is actually good news to someone else. I am going to pick him up and be there. Make sure to both keep the two lady leaders alive and keep the Shroobs there. I will move as quickly as possible." And sent. OK. Time to deliver the news."

Toad: "And Yoshi the SSM teleports to a small shuttlecraft and goes to the Shroob planet.
Back at Diamond City..."

Mr. Y: "Oh. Got a response. Oh. Ok. I will, Yoshi the SSM."

Sonic: "What is so important about these two lady leaders that make good news?"

Mr. Y: "You should find out once Yoshi the SSM arrives."

Mister M

The most charming villain, ever.
Mario: Another perfect round in the bag!

Luigi: Easy for you to say. I was on my last life again.


Mr. M: Brother. It's good to see you again.

*Mr. M closes his eyes and makes his connection to his home universe*

Mr. L: Bro! What happened to your power?

Mr. M: It got stolen by Mr. B.

Mr. L: Who?

Mr. M: He apparently caused ruin to our home years before we were born.

Mr. L: Huh. Anyway, I think I know how to get your power back! Looking through your memory, your power was infused into some goombas. All you have to do is defeat them and your powers are yours again!

Mr. M: Sounds easy. Thank you, brother.

Mr. L: What are brothers for?

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Mario Goomba: "Mr. B warned us that there may be a way to have our powers return to the origin. Didn't he. And if there was, we wouldn't remember anything that happened during this time."

Luigi Goomba: "Mario Goomba, I don't want to lose our powers. I don't want to be just a regular Goomba again."

Mario Goomba: "We were regular Goombas for a few seconds. Remember. We came from a Big Goomba that split in two. Thus we are twins."

Luigi Goomba: "Oh. Right. Anyways. What should we do? Run away?"

Goomba Black Yoshi: "No. Mr. B only wanted us to help him defeat Mr. M. But if we ever were separated from him, that we should show that we can do good. That's why he said show your worth to Princess Peach. Mr. B has chosen his path. We must chose our paths."

Mario Goomba: "Hmm... Maybe. But these are his powers. And the your powers are Mr. Y's."

Luigi Goomba: "Please. I don't like what your saying."

Mario Goomba: "But let us at least give him a good one while we are at it. Goomba Black Yoshi. Help us to remember this life afterwards."

Toad: "And the Mario Goomba Bros. go near Mr. M and start fighting with him.
Meanwhile on the Shroob planet, Yoshi the SSM has teleported down to the prince."

Prince Shroob: "Y-Yoshi? Why are you here again? Did you bring anyone with you?"

Yoshi the SSM: "I have come to bring some good news. I did not bring anyone with me."

Prince Shroob: "Oh. What's the good news. I would like to hear it."

Yoshi the SSM after showing the pictures: "Apparently, your sisters are actually alive."

Prince Shroob after looking at the pictures: "Yeah. They are my sisters. Where is this place? And why did you say that my sisters were defeated?"

Yoshi the SSM: "Diamond City, apparently. Sonic is right there. And I know Sonic is in Diamond City. As for the reason why I thought your sisters were defeated, I have played a game where the Mario Bros. defeated your sisters. But apparently, Bowser froze them in ice some time afterwards. The ice they were in just recently melted and your sisters are alive again. And I can take you to them."

Prince Shroob: "Wait. You can take me to them. Ok. We should hurry. They went to your planet years ago to conquer it rather than stay here. I am pretty sure they don't know what happened to this planet after they left. And probably assume that I am no longer alive. So. Let's be on our way, shall we. Minister Shroob. Be sure to watch this planet until I return."

Toad: "And the two teleport to Yoshi the SSM's shuttlecraft."

Prince Shroob: "I thought you said that you didn't bring anyone along. But that voice. That sounds like a Toad."

Yoshi the SSM: "That is Main Toad. He is a narrator. He has become a narrator since we last met. Anyways. We are now on the way to my planet."

Pinkie Pie

Star Spirit
:toadette:: I got through this round perfectly.

: These blisters are getting worse! And I've also lost my last life! I'll still watch the tournament though.

: No sweat! We're almost at the finals!

:waluigi:: Just enough to pass. This round was tough.

: Another round completed! I'm going to have to up my game since Zem and Zam were eliminated a round ago! I shall not let my friends down!

:wario:: So, you beat the semi-finals of the Mash League? Last, but not least, 5-Volt!

*Wario leaves the scene. The final round starts, featuring Nintendo Classics games made by 5-Volt*

*Meanwhile, at 5-Volt's house, 5-Volt is watching TV and keeps switching channels*

5-Volt: *yawns*

*5-Volt looks at the clock*

5-Volt: 9-Volt is home soon! I'd better start on dinner.

*On the TV*

Mr. Sparkles: Hey, shoppers! It's time to... sparkle.

5-Volt: Or not-this looks good.

Mr. Sparkles: See it. Like it. Buy it. Own it. Love it. And IT is...a HOT new frying pan!

5-Volt: Frying pan?

Mr. Sparkles: It's tuff-nuff coated with sprinkle-sprankles!

5-Volt: Whaa-?

Mr. Sparkles: Heats like a dream! Eases back pain! Makes your kids super smart! And you, a millionaire!

5-Volt: Wow! R-really?!

Mr. Sparkles: Like it?!

5-Volt: YES!

Mr. Sparkles: Don't buy it just yet! Now it's time those muscles, shoppers!

5-Volt: Uh, what?

Mr. Sparkles: That's right, my friends. These pans are heavy! How heavy? A ton per pan!

5-Volt: Who in the world thought THIS up?

Mr. Sparkles; So before you buy, give this workout a try!

5-Volt: Maybe I will.

Mr. Sparkles: You too can bench-press these pans! Aren't muscles just the absolute best? We'll get started right after the break!

5-Volt: Who needs a break? I'm ready to go now!

*a few hours later, 9-Volt comes home from school*

9-Volt: I'm home!

5-Volt: Ready to eat? Made hamburgers!

9-Volt: YES! *gasps*

*In his excitement, 9-Volt drops his aqua blue Nintendo 3DS under the counter*

9-Volt: My game! Oh no, I can't reach it!

5-Volt: One sec...

*Thanks to the workout she did earlier, 5-Volt manages to lift the counter with just one hand*

5-Volt: Hrm! Problem solved!

9-Volt: Huh? *looks at 5-Volt holding the counter with one hand* NO WAY!

5-Volt: *giggles*