Mushroom City Car Wash [Roleplay]


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*Mario & Luigi dodge the attack*

Mario: Hey, Luigi?

Luigi: Yea, Mario?

*Mario & Luigi make a plan while speaking italian*

Mario: Got it?

Luigi: Okie-Dokey!

*While Luigi distracts Bowser, Mario sneaks up behind him and grabs him by the tail*

Mario: No matter how many times you fail, Bowser, you just won't give up. Gotta say, I do respect that, but. . .

*Mario flings Bowser away Mario 64-style*

Mario: You always fail!


Spirt-taking ghost Pokemon
*Meanwhile, at Twilight House*

: We're here today to honor Emp. Velo XXVII's death. Everyone, please say your prayers.

*Lady Bow looks around the audience. It is empty. Lady Bow leaves the funeral hall and goes back to the entrance of Twilight House, where Bootler awaits*

: What's wrong, Bow? Did no one attend the funeral?

: Yes, Bootler. Not even one person showed up. I told you that no one cares about him, Bootler.

: That's not the truth, Bow. Look! It's Toadette, Cream, Toadia, Toadiko, Vanilla, Wario, Waluigi, Zem, Zam, and Oxide! They're coming here, and they're carrying flowers in their hands.

: Oh! What a nice surprise! I thought no one would come to the funeral!

:toadette:: We're not here for the funeral, Bow. We're just here to put some flowers on Velo's grave. Can you take us to his grave, Bow?

: Certainly, Toadette and friends.

*Lady Bow guides Toadette and co. to Velo's grave*

: We're here! Ready to place your flowers?

:toadette:: We are!

*Toadette places her flowers on Velo's grave*

Toadia: I hope he can protect everyone in heaven. Even if he never protected us.

*Toadia places her flowers on Velo's grave*

: I hope he likes the afterlife. Hopefully he can be useful unlike when he was alive!

*Toadiko places her flowers on Velo's grave*

: I hope he likes the flowers I'm giving him, Cheese. I don't want to disappoint him.

: Of course he'll like the flowers, Cream. In fact, you and I gave him flowers straight from the flower garden at the Car Wash!

*Cream, Cheese, and Vanilla place their flowers on Velo's grave*

:wario:: Even though we don't really know this guy, we still have to honor him, right Waluigi?

:waluigi:: Right, Wario! I even picked out the fanciest of red roses for him!

*Wario and Waluigi place their flowers on Velo's grave*

: Even though we betrayed him, Zam, we still have to honor him. These forget me-nots are the perfect flowers to honor someone who died. *burp* Excuse me. Anyways, let's place these flowers!

: Ruff. (We won't forget about him, ever!)

*Zem and Zam place their flowers on Velo's grave*

: Why should I honor him?! I've always hated Velo, and I never will stop hating him!! That's why I picked the poison ivy!

:toadette:: If he wasn't here, your plans to turn the Mushroom Kingdom into a parking lot a few months ago would've succeeded, and we'd be living in constant fear of starvation and dehydration! You should at least respect him a little, Oxide. Put that poison ivy down and pick some good flowers!

: Ok, Toadette. I'll throw this poison ivy away and pick some good flowers. I'm sorry!

:toadette:: That's ok, Oxide. Hopefully you don't pick another bunch of bad flowers!

*Oxide throws away his poison ivy and goes to pick some white roses. He then places them on Velo's grave*

: Those flowers look so beautiful! You guys did a fine job of placing them. Thank you very much for honoring Velo.

:toadette:: You're welcome, Bow! Good bye!

*Toadette and co. leave Twilight House and return to the Car Wash*


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Mario: Princess! Are you alright?

Luigi: Hey, Mario?

Mario: What is it, Luigi?

Luigi: Where's Mr. M?

Mario: Uh-Oh. That's a problem. Quick, go tell the others! I gotta get the princess home!

Luigi: Okie-Dokey!

*Luigi sprints to the Car Wash as Mario walks the Princess back to Mushroom Castle*

Luigi: *Catching Breath* Mr. M. . . Gone. . . Need. . .Find Him!

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Toad: "Meanwhile in the desert of the Mushroom Kingdom."

:bowser:: "That Mario. Ugh. Lost to him again. He even probably got Princess Peach now too. But... where am I now? (looks around and sees that he is in a desert.) This must be the desert of the Mushroom Kingdom. Hmm... I'm thinking that if I go this way, I will reach my castle. But if I go that way, I will reach Peach's Castle. I feel like I should be heading to my castle to plan things out for the next time."

Toad: "And Bowser heads towards his castle.
Meanwhile on the mountain top..."

Yoshi the SSM: "I probably should say good-bye to Mr. Y for now. (looks around and sees that Mr. M and Mr. Y are no longer on the mountain.) I guess they decided that they should leave. I wonder what they are doing right now."

Sonic: "Hey, Yoshi. I am thinking of returning back to Mushroom City. Are you coming too?"

Yoshi the SSM: "Yes I am. Hey, want to race for fun?"

Sonic: "Sounds fun."

Toad: "And the two run down the mountain towards Mushroom City.
Meanwhile in a very blizzardy part of the north..."

Captain Toad: "Almost... there...

Toad: "After going a few more feet, he arrives at the place he wanted to go. Here, he sees that the blizzard is not around and can clearly see the treasure."

Captain Toad: "Yes. I found it. It is a true report that there was treasure here. Wow! Look at all this treasure! Not sure how to go back home with no food. But... I better see what kinds of treasure there is before worrying about how to get out of here."

Toad: "And so, Captain Toad starts looking at the treasure and starts finding all kinds of valuable stuff."


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Mr. M: Augh, Where am I?

*Mr. M looks around. He's in a cold, dark room*

Mr. M: Ah well, I'll ju- huh?

*He looks down to see his leg chained to the wall*

Mr. M: Aww. . crap. . .

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Mr. Y: "Mr. M. Is that you? Brrr… It's so cold. And dark. Let me lite a fire. (he does so and the fire helps them see each other.) This place doesn't look familiar. Where do you think we are?"

Toad: "Up in the north, Captain Toad has gone through all the treasure, and has stumbled upon a lamp."

Captain Toad: "A lamp. An oil lamp to be precise. Looks like a good antique. Although, it does look like it needs some cleaning."

Toad: "After rubbing the lamp, Erazor Djinn comes out of the lamp."

Erazor Djinn: "Ugh. Thank you for setting me free. Though it is temporarily, it is much needed."

Captain Toad: "Wait. Are you a genie?"

Erazor: "Yes I am. I am a genie of the lamp. My name is Erazor Djinn. What's yours?"

Captain Toad: "Captain Toad. Why is your name Erazor? Sounds like you want to erase and you are a razor."

Erazor: "You know, that was what I was doing with the book, "Arabian Nights," before I was cursed to this lamp to grant three wishes to anyone with the lamp. Three wishes. No more. Though, with you, I will grant thee to go to any place in this world to go to because you probably don't want to be here. Just don't say the words, "I wish.""

Captain Toad: "Wait. Your an evil genie then. Also. How were you stopped? Because I remember reading the "Arabian Nights.""

Erazor: "Yes. I was even punished. But hatred grew inside and that's why I was erasing the "Arabian Nights." However, that blue rat, who I think is called Sonic, wished me to restore the pages and caused me to be live inside this lamp and grant wishes like I did before. Only without a limit. He also did another wish, so he cannot wish any more wishes with me."

Captain Toad: "Sonic. I know of Sonic the Hedgehog that Mario competes with at Olympic games. But not of any other Sonics. Another question. If you were in the book of "Arabian Nights," how in the world did you escape from there?"

Erazor: "Though I am bound to this lamp, I can still use my powers. I chose this location more than 10 years ago to hide from the world and cause a blizzard to occur in this place to prevent anyone unwilling to find the treasure here to turn away. Are you done asking questions?"

Captain Toad: "Um... No. Not for now."

Erazor: "Then where do you want to go. Since I am bound to the lamp, might as well enjoy the granting of wishes. For I don't see what else to do."

Captain Toad: "So. Can we go to the Car Wash of Mushroom City. I am thinking of showing this lamp to Mario and Luigi. And Luigi works at that Car Wash. Also, can we bring along this treasure."

Erazor: "Sure. Let me use my magic to summon something. (causes a big carpet to appear.) There. It's called Magic Carpet. This will take you anywhere in the world. Come on. Let's get out of this cold place."

Toad: "And so, Erazor Djinn and Captain Toad get on with the treasure and start travelling towards Mushroom City."

Erazor: "Is it just me, or did I hear someone speaking. He sounds somewhat like you, Captain Toad."

Captain Toad: "Yeah. That's a narrator. It's best to not worry about him, for he just tells what is going on. He even changes the scenes."

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Mr. Y after realizing something: "Bowser's logo. This place is freezing. This must be the cold storage of his castle. The place where he keeps the Shroobs from the invasion when he and the Mario Bros. where babies."

Toad: "Meanwhile at the Car Wash of the Mushroom City, it is now day time and Captain Toad and Erazor Djinn arrive there."

Erazor: "Is this the place?"

Captain Toad: "Yes, it is. It seems as if Luigi isn't here right now. Neither is my fellow associate treasure finder, Toadette. Well. I guess we should wait around until they do come."

Erazor: "This place doesn't seem to get many cars here. However. I can see that it is fully equipped to wash cars."

Sonic: "Erazor Djinn. How did you come to this world? I thought I destroy you in the lava."

Erazor: "Yes. But using my powers, I transported me and the lamp to your world at that very instant."

Sonic: "And I didn't know this for... how long has it been?"

Erazor: "More than 10 years."

Captain Toad: "So that is indeed Sonic back then."

Sonic: "Back then? Huh?"

Erazor: "I told him my story when we first meet."

Captain Toad: "Also, he's a hedgehog and not a blue rat."

Sonic: "I am not called Sonic the Hedgehog for no reason, you know."

Erazor: "Well, Sonic the Hedgehog. Be it know unto you that I won't go around this world and cause trouble. For you caused me to be trapped in this lamp forever. There is nothing I can do against this lamp. Unfortunately, I won't be able to travel on my own free will. Someone must carry the lamp."

Sonic: "Wait. Mr. B said before he died that you must be stopped. Yet, I don't see any reason to stop you right now."

Erazor: "Mr. B. Who's that?"

Yoshi the SSM: "Mr. B. He was a bad dude that was really powerful. Does that answer the question?"

Erazor: "Vaguely. But it will do. He must of sensed my presence and Captain Toad coming near me. He probably figured I may be like the same threat as I was when I met Sonic the last time."

Sonic: "Must be. Well. I guess if you are in Captain Toad's hands. I don't need to worry about you."

Captain Toad: "You can count on me to keep this genie safe."


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*Luigi comes out of his office*

Luigi: Hey, what'd I miss? Why's there a genie here?


Mr. M: Can't use my powers. They just seem to have been ripped from me.

*Mr. M sighs*

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Mr. Y: "It also seems as if this Yoshi's powers are gone too. But it seems as if I have some powers still. I mean. I am still controlling this Yoshi. I think I got an idea."

Toad: "The mask comes off of the Red Yoshi and the mask looks at the chains and tries some stuff."

Mr. Y: "Nope. I can't do anything with the chain. Absolutely no physical strength. Better go back onto the Yoshi so if anyone comes in, I can control them and do it with them unawares."

Toad: "And he does so.
Meanwhile at the car wash..."

Captain Toad: "Oh. Hi, Luigi. Look. I found a genie to the north. His name is Erazor Djinn."

Erazor Djinn: "Luigi. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet anyone in over 10 years. Not sure how I feel about meeting Sonic again, but he can't do anything to me since he already wished three wishes."

Toad: "Meanwhile at Bowser's Castle..."

:bowser:: "I'M HOME!"

:bowjr:: "Hi, daddy."

:bowser:: "Ok. Now that the greets are over, I am going to think of a plan to kidnap Peach."

Toad: "And Bowser goes to the thrown room without realizing that Mr. M and Mr. Y are in the cold storage below."


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*Mario BLJs into Bowser's Throne Room*

Mario: Hey, Bowser? Uh, I just gotta check your storage, I, uh, think I left my phone down there, so, I'm-a just gonna get it and I'm gonna get outta your hair, alright?

*Mario goes down into the Storage*

Mario: Hey, anyone down here?

-Meanwhile, at the car wash-

Luigi: Wait, You know Sonic? Anyway, I would ask for wishes, but they would've already came true!

*Luigi Chuckles*

Luigi: Yea, my life's good.

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
:bowser:: "Wait. Why in the world is Mario going down to the cold storage. That is top-secret. How in the world does Mario know about the cold storage. Also. He seems to have learned the BLJ technique. I wish I had that. Anyways. Better see what's Mario doing."

Toad: "And Bowser follows Mario down there.
Meanwhile at the Car Wash."

Captain Toad: "Hee. Yeah. I don't need any wishes right now either. Why don't you go back into the lamp for now."

Erazor: "As you... desire. If you need me, just rub that lamp so I can grant wishes."

Toad: "And Erazor Djinn goes back into the lamp."

Captain Toad: "Yeah. The only reason I can see the need to make a wish is to help me fight villains."

Yoshi the SSM: "Um... Yeah. Villains can make wishes on it too. You know. Keep it far from them, Captain Toad."


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Mr. M: Mario? Is that you?

Mario: Mr. M?

*Mario runs to the cell where Mr. M & Mr. Y are being kept*

Mario: Don't worry, I'll get you out!

*They hear Bowser's footsteps*

Mr. M: Quick! Hide!

Mario: Woah!

*Mario hides in an old wooden crate*

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Toad: "Bowser walks into the cold storage and sees Mr. M and Mr. Y, but not Mario."

:bowser:: "Wait. What are you two doing in here? And why are you chained? And where's Mario? He shouldn't be hiding from me since I already know that he is in here. Anyways. Mr. M. Do you know who brought you here? Because this cold storage is suppose to be top secret."


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Mr. M: Yea. Sure. You didn't put us here. That's a load of bullsh!t. Who else would want to lock us up?

*Mario comes out of the crate and Super Jump Punches Bowser*


Luigi: So, Captain Toad, how'd you find Eraser or whatever his name is?

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Captain Toad: "I found it amongst this treasure I found in the north. Trust me, this is authentic. I am a treasure expert."

Erazor from inside the lamp: "And it's Erazor. Though, I guess Eraser would work too. But try to remember Erazor. Now I know how Sonic feels about being called a blue rat instead of hedgehog."

Toad: "Captain Toad shows Luigi all the treasure he found in the north.
Meanwhile at Bowser's Castle, Bowser dodges Mario attack."

:bowser:: "I knew Mario was in here. Anyways. When Mario threw me from the mountain, I ended up in the desert. I wasn't in this castle until today about 23 hours after I started my journey. As for who else would lock you up..."

Toad: "All of a sudden, the door behind them closes."


Mr. Y: "Is it just me, or am I smelling... sleepy... gas..."

:bowser:: "Yeah... I am... getting... really... tired..."

Toad: "And everyone in the room falls asleep. After the gases expire, the door opens. Mr. Y, though asleep, hears what's going on."

Voice 1: "Oh. Didn't expect him to be in here. Come on. Let's remove Mario's powers."

Voice 2: "Yeah. Bowser will forgive us once he realizes that we removed Mario powers."

Toad: "And the two chain Mario up and start removing Mario's powers."

Mr. Y: "If only... I wasn't immune... to the sleeping gas... myself..."

Voice 2: "Did he just talked in his sleep?"

Voice 1: "Don't worry about it. He can't do anything."


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*Unknown to the two, Mario had activated Emergency SOS on his phone*


Luigi: Woah! That's so cool! W-

*Luigi's D.S. rings*

Luigi: Huh? What?

*Luigi pulls out his D.S.*

Luigi: MARIO! Don't worry, I'm-a coming, Bro!

*Luigi Pixelates himself to Bowser's Castle*

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Voice 1: "There. Mario's BLJ ability, and all of his other speedrun glitches are in here. However, his jumping and power-up consumption are not and punching and ground pounding and croaching. So those are the essentials of Mario. Probably not enough to stop Mario from defeat Bowser, but enough that I believe that Bowser has the extra advantage."

Voice 2: "Especially if we give him the powers like he said he wanted to when he talked to you, Bowser Jr."

:bowjr:: "Shhh. Mr. Y can still hear us. I am thinking that is why he said something."

Voice 2: "Sorry. Anyways. Let's take Bowser out of here and give him the powers. Maybe we can even give him the powers of Mr. M and Mr. Y we got. Also, why is there a fire in here? That will melt the ice with the Shroobs."

:bowjr:: "Are you forgetting. That is a Red Yoshi. He must have fire breathing as an ability. We should instead make it cooler in here to prevent the ice from melting."

Voice 2: "Yes, sir. And maybe we will have a Mariosicle."

:bowjr:: "Ha ha. Funny. Not. Ok. And once we lure Luigi in here, we will him captured too."

Alarm: "Alert! Alert! Luigi is in the castle!"

:bowjr:: "This is going too good. Luigi is in the castle, and we haven't sent for him yet. Come on. Let's get out of here quickly."

Toad: "And Bowser Jr. and the other minion carry Bowser out of the cold storage and shut the door."


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*Luigi enters the cold storage with Poltergust drawn*

Luigi: Brr! Who forgot to turn the heater on? Wait, what's this?

*Luigi finds a gas mask. Thinking quickly, he puts it on just before the gas turns on*

Luigi: Gas? Lucky I found this gas mask. I should probably hide!

*Luigi also hides in a wooden crate*

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Toad: "Meanwhile at Bowser's Bedroom in Bowser's Castle..."

:bowser:: "Ugh. What happened? Morning. It's morning. And I'm in my bedroom. But the last thing I remember was falling asleep in the cold storage."

:bowjr:: "Sorry about that, dad. We had Mario in there and we couldn't miss our chance."

:goomba: after coming in: "Report. Luigi has now entered the cold storage and the gas is being filled."

:koopa:: "Good. Probably should... hang on. My gas mask is gone. Must of left it in the cold storage when we were getting Mario's speedrunning powers and causing them to be fixed."

:bowjr:: "In that case, we should keep a lock on the cold storage. I don't see how they can escape. Anyways. Here, dad. Have Mario's speedrunning powers."

:bowser:: "Thank you. (receives them) Oh. Time to test out these powers."

Toad: "And he starts BLJing and goes super fast around his castle."


Kart Racin' Robot
Luigi: Hmm? Nobody's coming in?

*Luigi reaches for the door*

Luigi: What?! Locked?! No! No, no, no, no, no!

*Luigi keeps pushing on the door*

Luigi: Hang on. . .

*Luigi gets a running start and kicks the door down*

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Toad: "The group upstairs hears the rumble in the basement."

:koopa:: "What in the world was that rumbling about?"

:goomba:: "Here let me check the security cameras. (looks at a device.) Apparently Luigi knocked down the door to the cold storage from the inside. He is wearing a gas mask."

:koopa:: "Forgive me, Lord Bowser Jr."

:bowjr:: "If you want to be forgiven, go down there and repair the door at the very least. Deal with Luigi if needed."

:koopa:: "Yes, sir."

Toad: "And he goes downstairs.
In the cold storage, Mr. Y wakes up."

Mr. Y: "Brrr… Oh. Luigi. Great that you're here. Help us get out of the chains. Your brother is in chains too."


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Luigi: Don't worry.

*Luigi puts a bit of goo on each of the chains. The chains unlock, and the goo fuses together to form Gooigi*

Luigi: Remember Gooigi?

*Gooigi waves*

Luigi: He used to be able to talk, but not anymore. I don't know why.

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
:koopa: outside the cold storage: "One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Five people in the cold storage. Ok. Well. I am not going to use any sleeping gas, but I am going to make sure that you guys don't leave the cold storage. En guard."

Toad: "And Koopa Troopa goes in and goes through Gooigi. After realizing that he wouldn't be able to defeat them in battle, he goes out and picks up the door and starts fixing it, but leaving it open due to him needing to get the bolts back on."
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