Workin' at the Car Wash [Roleplay]

Main Toad

The playable Toad
:daisy:: Thank you very much, Luigi! If it weren't for you, this castle would be falling apart.

*Meanwhile, at the Mushroom City police department, the Baby Luigis, Ray Trace, and Officer Dark Light are in the elite police lounge. They are unaware that the 2 heads of the police department, Copper and Booker, are looking for new rookie police. Copper and Booker leave the police department and enter the city streets to find their new employees*

: Copper! Why are we looking for new police?! The Baby Luigis, Ray Trace, and Dark Light are all we ever need. We don't need new rookie police now, do we?

: Yes we do, Booker! You're such a coward! That's why you think we don't need any more police officers.

: I'm not a coward, Copper!

: Yes, you are, Booker! Look, across the street! Those people walking here who look like trolls, they are our new employees!

: Those are aliens, Copper! We can't hire aliens! Aliens invade planets! Aliens are bad! Except for E.T., he was the one good one of the aliens I've seen.

: These aliens are good too, Booker! They have been protecting people from crimes happening at the Car Wash! Their names are Velo, Zem, and Zam!

: Quick, Copper! Get inside! They've just entered the building!

*Copper and Booker return to the police department to find Velo, Zem and Zam at their desk*

: Hello! You must be the new employees! The name's Copper! I'm the head of the police department alongside my best friend and coward supreme, Booker!

: Copper! I'm not a coward! Anyways, my name's Booker. Don't think that Copper is bullying me, he's just teasing, even though I do tell him to stop calling me a coward! Welcome to the police department. Enjoy your stay!

: Hey, Booker! It's time to introduce these new police to the rest of our crew!

*Copper and Booker bring Velo, Zem and Zam into the meeting room. They then alert Officer Dark Light, Ray Trace, and the Baby Luigis to the room*

*in the meeting room*

: If you're wondering why B.T.J. and Blue Koop aren't here, we fired both of them! B.T.J. wasn't up to our standards, and he also swore a lot. Blue Koop already has a better job working at Bowserpedia Industries. He isn't needed here. Anyways, Officer Dark Light, Ray Trace, Baby Luigis! We just got 3 new employees!

: Feel free to introduce yourselves! Umm. Copper! Look, one of our new employees is an alien puppy! We can't have him working here! Get Zam out of the room!

: Roger that, Booker!

*Copper picks up Zam and carries him out of the police department. Once he is outside, Copper returns to the meeting room*

: Sorry for the interruption! Remaining new employees, introduce yourselves!

: I'm Velo, the former ruler of Gasmoxia. It is a pleasure to meet you guys. I'm looking forward to helping you out with your cases!

: I'm Zem! Hey Velo! I just realized that Zam isn't here anymore! I can't be separated from him, he’s my friend!

: Copper! What did you do with Zam?! The two can't ever be separated!

: Sorry, but little coward Booker over here doesn't like having police dogs to help us out! That's why I removed him from the building!

: I'm not a coward, Copper! Anyways, Dark Light, Ray Trace, Baby Luigis! Please introduce yourselves to our new employees.

*Outside the police department*

: Ruff. Ruff. Ruff. (I must return to the Car Wash and get some help! I must show Copper and Booker that I can work at the police department!)

*Zam returns to the Car Wash to get some help so that he can show Copper and Booker that he is capable of working at the police department*
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Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Main Yoshi: "Yoshi. Yoshi. (So Mr. L was able to enter the barrier no problem. This is making my brain hurt.)"

Yoshi the SSM: "Hmm... I think I can find a way in if I people keep entering and exiting. But, there may not be enough time for that. Better keep working on it."

Toad: "Meanwhile in..."

Yoshi the SSM: "HEY! Maybe you can let us in, narrator."

Toad: "Sorry, but that goes against narrator rules. These rules haven't been spoken to you non-narrators. Well, as I was saying."

Main Yoshi: "Yoshi! Yoshi! (Wait! Don't leave us here!)"

Toad: "Meanwhile in the formal Baby Bowser's Castle..."

Mr. Y: "Hello, Mr. L. I see you have come to our humble estate. I am sure your brother, Mr. M, will be glad to see you. Mr. M! Your brother, Mr. L, is here!"

Toad: "Oh. I need to go someone. OK. OK. Meanwhile somewhere else on the island."

:bowser:: "Ugh. Where are we? This place looks so familiar. Wait. This is Yoshi's Island. Say. Junior. Do you want to see where I lived when I was your age?"

:bowjr:: "You lived on this island when you were my age? Sure. I would love to see where you lived when you were my age."

:bowser:: "Great. We can go there to think of our next plan."

Toad: "And so Bowser and Bowser Jr. go to the tallest mountain."

Speedrunner Mario

The Ultimate Speedrunner
Mr. M: My Brother? Oh, coo- wait. MY BROTHER?!

*Mr. M runs to Mr. L*

Mr. M: Ha! You fell right into my trap!

*Mr. M pushes a button, causing a trapdoor to open right next to Mr. L*

Mr. L: Some trap you got there.

Mr. M: Augh, fine. I'll do it myself.

*Mr. M pushes Mr. L down the hole*

Mr. M: There! Now I'll Be the greatest villain ever! Ha Ha HAAA!

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Toad: "Meanwhile outside."

Yoshi the SSM: "Hmm... Mr. L again. I guessing whatever happened in there didn't go so well. But, I do wonder what happened inside."

Toad: "Back inside."

Mr. Y: "You decided to push down Mr. L down a trap. O-k... So. What do we have planned? It's going to be a matter of time until Yoshi the SSM gets in and Bowser and Bowser Jr. are coming and they're not going to be happy we're here. Even though we have the barrier, with Yoshi the SSM and Bowser working together on the barrier, it will fall quicker. Whether they are working together or against each other. So, what are we going to do?"

Speedrunner Mario

The Ultimate Speedrunner
Mr. M: I'll show you.

*Mr. M pushes another button, and the Castle goes on Hard Lockdown*

Mr. M: We keep working on the master plan. There's no way anyone's getting in.


Mr. L: Yeesh. I know he hates me, but he should at least cut me a little slack.

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Yoshi the SSM after returning with some fruit: "Woah! What's this? What's just happened here. Hmm... Oh. This barrier is now not letting anyone, no matter who it is, be able to enter or escape. Pretty dynamic move. This barrier is a last resort to keep anyone out. But the major and only downside of this is the fact that food, water, and air can't get in or out. If it is attempted, you better have a way to recycle those necessary things. Well, better get eating Yoshis, because we are going to be here for a while. I will try a few more things that Mr. Y may have overlooked, but I highly doubt it."

Toad: "Yoshi the SSM then gives fruit to the Yoshis, who start eating."

Speedrunner Mario

The Ultimate Speedrunner
Mr. M: Hmm. I thought I had food for 5 years. Ah well, 4 years will do. Anyway, Here's a blueprint of Mushroom Castle.

*Mr. M produces a Blueprint*

Mr. M: So, the flank points are here, here, and here. If our army goes through those points, the castle will be ours in no time at all.


Mr. L: Augh. He's been like this ever since we had that Prank War. I won, so he devoted himself to being the worst bad guy he could be. After I became good, he must've seen an opportunity.

*Luigi and Co. walk up*

Luigi: What's going on?

Mr. L: The coward locked himself in.

Dr. Mario: Well, It can't hold forever.

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.

Mr. Y: "Yeah. That is very good plan. There is just one big problem. Where are we going to get an army? It is just the two of us. Yes, I have technology. But it can't be used for destruction due to Yoshi the SSM. And when I say due to Yoshi the SSM, I mean that the code in the technology won't go away unless we both agree to do it. Hmm... I don't know. Have any ideas on building an army."

Toad: "Meanwhile somewhere else on the island..."

:bowser:: "I forgotten how much food is around here that the Yoshis like and I don't really like. Look at this fruit. I am a meat eater. Although, that carrot was pretty good."

:bowjr:: "It is better than starving. I am going to eat some fruit now."

Toad: "Bowser Jr. starts eating some fruit."

:bowjr:: "Mmm mmm. Delicious. Very different from the meat we usually eat."

:bowser:: "Um... Ok. Fine."

Toad: "Bowser starts eating some fruit."

:bowser:: "Hmm... Quite good. Maybe once we get some meat, we can combine it with this fruit. Anyways. Once we are done eating, we will continue our journey."

Main Toad

The playable Toad
*Meanwhile, at the Mushroom City police department*

: Baby Luigis! Ray Trace! Dark Light! You still haven't introduced yourselves to our new employees?!

: I know what they need, Copper! They haven't had any food in weeks! Hey Velo, and Zem? Can you go get the other officers some doughnuts? This is a perfect first mission for you.

: Yes, sir!

: Yes. I just have to get used to not being with Zam anymore. The two of us have never been separated since the day we were born! I hope he comes back! I miss him already.

*Velo and Zem leave the police department and go to the Mushroom City bake shop to get some doughnuts for the Baby Luigis, Ray Trace, and Officer Dark Light*

*Meanwhile, Zam enters the Car Wash, looking for Toadette, Toadia, Toadiko, Cream, Wario, Waluigi, and Oxide*

:toadette:: Zam! You're back already?! What happened?

Toadia: Maybe they didn't accept you. Dogs usually don't get accepted as police officers unless one of the officers needs a dog for assistance, usually if one of the officers is blind or has low vision.

: That's probably why you didn't get the job. But didn't Zem tell Copper and Booker that you can't be separated from him?

: Ruff. Ruff. (Yes, he did tell them that he can't be separated from me, but they still didn't want me there.)

: Poor thing! You probably want to prove them wrong, right Zam?

: Ruff. (Right, Toadiko!)

:wario:: He probably wants to bring all of us along to help him. In that case, I accept your offer!

:waluigi:: I'll accept your offer too! If I was ever separated from you, Wario, I would look for you too!

:toadette:: I'll help you, Zam! You really miss Zem, right?

Toadia: The thing is, Dogs can't be police officers unless they can assist the officers who are blind or have low vision. So when we bring you back, we have to tell Copper and Booker that you're there because you want to assist the officers who are blind or have low vision.

: We'll help you, Zam! I would never want to be separated from Cheese, I adopted him at a very young age, so he's very close to me.

: The thing is, I think Velo and Zem have left to get the officers some doughnuts. They will probably be back by the time we get there. I'll help you too, Zam!

: Why should I help you?! I've always hated you, Zam. You always bite me on the head! Wait a second, you're separated from Zem? You two were together since birth!! I wouldn't usually help you, but this time, I will!

: Ruff. Ruff. Ruff. Ruff. (Ok, now I got everyone on my side. Time to go back to the police department and prove Copper and Booker wrong!)

*Zam, Toadette, Toadia, Toadiko, Cream, Wario, Waluigi, and Oxide leave the Car Wash and go to the Mushroom City police department*
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Speedrunner Mario

The Ultimate Speedrunner

Mr. M: Who said anything about effort?

*Mr. M pushes a button, which activates a device that starts brainwashing Yoshis*

Mr. M: The Yoshi species will make good soldiers.


Luigi: Leaping Lasagna! What's that?

Mr. L: I wish I knew.

Dr. Mario: Look! The Yoshis!

*The Yoshis, one by one, start turning black and red, indicating that they've been brainwashed*

Fix-It Felix, Jr.: Jimneny Jamineny!

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Toad: "Yoshi the SSM also sees his nearby Yoshis are becoming black and red."

Yoshi the SSM: "Wait. What's going on? Why are the Yoshis becoming black and red."

A Hypothesized Yoshi: "ALL HAIL MISTER M."

Yoshi the SSM: "I didn't think that this was possible. Oh no. This spells Trouble. Include the capital T."


Mr. Y: "Oh. Genius. All the Yoshis on this island are becoming part of this army. All except Yoshi the SSM. Surprising right? No. Yoshi the SSM is immune to it due to me. But it seems like we even got Main Yoshi."

Toad: "Meanwhile..."

:bowjr:: "Mmmmmmmmm… Yep. I am full. I wonder where all the Yoshis are."

:bowser:: "They usually are near Yoshi Village, where the houses of the island are. We don't have to worry about any Yoshis."

A Green Yoshi: "Yoshi! Yoshi! Yoshi?! (Hey! You two! Are you eating our fruit?!"

:bowjr:: "Not sorry. We were hungry. And you are friends with that villainous Mario and Luigi."

A Green Yoshi: "Yoshi?! Yosh- (Villainous Mario and Luigi?! What are you-)"

Toad: "The Green Yoshi then becomes Black and Red."

Hypothesized Yoshi: "ALL HAIL MISTER M!"

:bowser:: "Woah. That's English. And you changed color. Mister M? Who is Mister M? (has an idea) M. That stands for Mario. OK, Yoshi. Where is this Mister M?"


Toad: "And the Yoshi goes to the tallest mountain on the island."

:bowser:: "Tallest mountain. That must be the same tallest mountain on this island that we are going to. Which means that the place is taken over by Mario. Though, I do wonder why Mario likes black and red Yoshis. Anyways. Let's follow this Yoshi, Junior!"

Toad: "And the two follow the Yoshi."

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
:bowjr:: "Ah cool. A robot. I didn't know they had robots here."

:bowser:: "Umm... That Mr. L's pathetic BroBot. What's it doing here? (realizes something) Mr. L is a evil clone of Luigi. So I guess Mister M... err... Mr. M is the same."

:bowjr:: "Dad! It's attacking!"

:bowser:: "Don't worry son! I got this!"

Toad: "Bowser and BroBot then start battling a long battle where Bowser hits BroBot on his feet while BroBot does his attacks on Bowser.

Mr. Y: "Oh. An interesting battle going on here. Better grab some popcorn. (grabs some and watches the battle.) Say. What are we going to do with Yoshi the SSM. I am thinking of capturing him so that he doesn't tell then Mushroom Kingdom of our attack. But, I am not sure how exactly. He is very resourceful on escape plans. (eats popcorn.) Hmm... Yes. Perfect for watching an epic battle."

Speedrunner Mario

The Ultimate Speedrunner
*Mr. M puts BroBot on autopilot*

Mr. M: No worries. SSM doesn't know what we're gonna do. And if he finds out, we'll kill 'em.

-Meanwhile, at the foot of the mountain-

Mr. L: BroBot! Stop this!

*Mr. L hops into BroBot, and regains control*

Mr. L: Take this, bro!

*Mr. L flies BroBot right into the castle, weakening the shield but totaling BroBot*

Mr. M: Oh, You just don't know when to quit, do you?

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Yoshi the SSM: "Woah! The barrier around the castle just broke. But in order to really do anything, I would need an army since these Yoshis are hypothesized. But before I go... (puts something inside the barrier and it is disabled) There. Simple barrier knock-out device. That should keep the barrier from closing in on me. Now to form a plan. Wait. I got an idea."

Toad: "Yoshi the SSM activates something then disappears.

Mr. Y: "Agh! The barrier! It is destroyed! Looks like this was Mr. L's doing with his BroBot back under him. Also, I am not detecting Yoshi the SSM under any of my radar detecting things. How is this possible? Anyways. I don't really want to hurt Yoshi the SSM. As I was once him."

Toad: "Meanwhile..."

:bowser:: "Hey! Mr. L! I had that robot of yours under control! Anyways. I see that there was once a barrier around my formal castle. And there is only one way to infiltrate this castle. (gets something out) Calling all minions! This is your Lord, Bowser, speaking. I want you all to come to the tallest mountain of Yoshis Island and infiltrate the castle there. All other priorities must be put aside."

Toad: "And all of a sudden, airships from all sides come to the tallest mountain of Yoshi's Island and start infiltrating the castle there."

Main Toad

The playable Toad
*Meanwhile at the Mushroom City police department, Velo and Zem return to the meeting room with some doughnuts for the Baby Luigis, Ray Trace, and Officer Dark Light. At the same time, Zam, Toadette, Toadia, Toadiko, Cream, Wario, Waluigi, and Oxide enter the police department*

: Thank you for getting your fellow officers some doughnuts, Velo and Zem. Now, they should be energized enough to introduce themselves to you.

: Hey, Copper! Remember that alien puppy, Zam? I think I saw him return to the building with some of the Car Wash people. Oh, no! They've entered the room!

*Zam, Toadette, Toadia, Toadiko, Cream, Wario, Waluigi, and Oxide enter the meeting room*

: Zam? You're back already? You didn't have to bring everyone from the Car Wash with you. You could've left them behind.

: Zam, it's you! I missed you a lot!

: We still can't have him here! Right, Booker?

: Yes, Copper, we can't have him here.

Toadia: Yes, you can! Do you have any officers who have a disability?

: I'm afraid we don't have any, Toadia. I know Zem can't be separted from Zam since they're twins, but we don't let dogs work here unless there are officers who have disabilities, which we don't have any, unless Zem really needs a support animal to help him out.

: Zem, do you need a support animal to help you with your job here?

: Yes, I do, Copper. When I'm without Zam, I don't act the same as I do when I'm with him. The two of us have never been separated since birth. And he sometimes helps me do things I usually can't do on my own. So, yes, I do need him.

: Good news! Zam, you can stay here to help out Zem.

: I think we made everyone happy, Copper. Hopefully this dilemma doesn't happen again. The rest of you can leave if you want.

: Ruff! Ruff! Ruff! (I'm so happy to be back with you, Zem. Thank you for helping me, Car Wash people!)

: I'm so glad to have you back, Zam! You just made my day a whole lot happier. I missed you a lot!

: It felt a little weird here without you, Zam. Thanks for coming back. As for you Car Wash people, I suggest you go back to where you belong.

:toadette:: Goodbye! I hope your new job goes well.

Toadia: Sayonara! I hope you don't get separated again!

: Goodbye! Hopefully we get to see each-other again someday.

: Goodbye! And don't forget to never stop protecting people from harm!

:wario:: I'm glad this situation was dealt with, Waluigi! Goodbye!

:waluigi:: If we didn't bring Zam back here, Zem would've started crying. I'm glad we brought the two back together! Goodbye!

: Goodbye! Hopefully I don't have to see Velo, Zem and Zam's faces again!

*Toadette, Toadia, Toadiko, Cream, Wario, Waluigi, and Oxide leave the Mushroom City police department and return to the Car Wash*
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Speedrunner Mario

The Ultimate Speedrunner
Mr. M: Well, time to blast!

*Mr. M enters a pipe, and winds up at the car wash*

Mr. M: Eh. What a sh!thole. But. . . It'll have to do.

*Mr. M's Yoshi army follows*

Mr. M: Alright, everyone. We'll hide out here until we're ready to raid the castle.

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Mr. Y: "Maybe a good idea. But this is the infamous car wash of Mushroom City. Let's be careful."

Toad: "Meanwhile at the castle at the tallest mountain of Yoshi's Island..."

:bowser:: "Victory! Yeah! Anyways. What a wimp. He fled the castle as soon as me and my army started infiltrating it. Unfortunately, he also took all the Yoshis with him and now we don't have anyone to torture."

:bowjr:: "Hey, Dad! Look at this!"

:bowser:: "What is it? (comes over and sees the plans to infiltrate Peach's Castle.) WHAT?! He is planning on doing what?! Hey! I am the one that is supposed to be conquering the Mushroom Kingdom and it's castle. Though, I do wonder why he left this very important paper."

Yoshi the SSM after appearing: "He didn't. I took it from them before the could escape. And they didn't see me because I was invisible."

:bowser:: "Yoshi the SSM. I'm a little surprised to see you here. Not only do you not really visit the island. But also that it seems that all Yoshis on this island have been hypothesized. Great that your here. You may be able to help us infiltrate Peach's Castle before Mr. M or take it from him."

Yoshi the SSM: "Bowser. Do I need to remind you that I don't help you with those things. But, I want to stop Mr. M from doing that. Anyways. I came to this island because Mr. Y forced me to come. And as for the reason I am not hypothesized, I can't and Mr. Y is the proof. Also, Mr. Y is now separated from me and choose another Red Yoshi."

:bowser:: "Whatever. Time to form a plan. And we must do it quickly."

Toad: "Then the group starts planning their own plan."

Main Toad

The playable Toad
*at the Mushroom City Car Wash, Toadette and co. see Mr. M, Mr. Y, and their Yoshi army entering the building. As soon as they enter, Oxide puts a mind-controlling pill into the Yoshis' throats. Because the Yoshis are already mind-controlled, the pill cancels out the effects of the brainwash, freeing the Yoshis from Mr. M's mind control*

Yoshis: Yoshi! Yoshi! Yoshi! (Thank you for saving us!)

: No problem, Yoshis! Now, it's time to defend this place!!

*Toadette attacks Mr. M and Mr. Y with her hair*

:toadette:: Begone! You'll never take over the Mushroom Kingdom!

*Toadia and Toadiko attack Mr. M and Mr. Y with some bombs*

Toadia: If the Mushroom Kingdom was run by you, you wouldn't be a good ruler!

: This is no place for war! Kneel before us!

*Cream attacks Mr. M and Mr. Y with Thunder Shoot*

: I bet the only thing you're here for is to take over the Mushroom Kingdom. I shall not allow it to fall into your control!

*The Yoshis attack Mr. M and Mr. Y by throwing several Yoshi Eggs at them*

Yoshis: Yoshi! (We won't lose our island to you!)

*Wario punches Mr. M*

:wario:: Have a rotten day!

*Waluigi kicks Mr. Y with his super long legs*

:waluigi:: Take this!

*Oxide shots Mr. M and Mr. Y with his plasma gun at full charge. The two lose their movements, voice and their ability to think*

: You're almost finished! If you think can take this planet over, you're wrong! Because, in 10 hours, your life force will completely consumed by the little mites that my full charge plasma shots release! Say goodbye to your lives! *cackles loudly*

Speedrunner Mario

The Ultimate Speedrunner
Mr. M: *Groan* I don't, *Nggh!* want to take over the world, *Grunt*, Only this kingdom!

*Mr. L bursts into the car wash*

Mr. L: What are you doing to my brother?!

*During the distraction, Mr. M and Mr. Y break free*

Mr. M: Even without an army, we'll still rule the kingdom! You just watch!

*Mr. M and Mr. Y run off*

Main Toad

The playable Toad
:toadette:: Can't you see, Mr. L? He's trying to take over the Mushroom Kingdom! We must stop him!

Toadia: The Mushroom Kingdom doesn't deserve to be ruled by him! We must get rid of him!

: You have a brother? Hopefully we can get him to turn to the good side, just like you have, Mr. L.

: We can't let him take over the kingdom!

:wario:: And if we do let him take over, he'll be a very bad ruler!

:waluigi:: We were just trying to defend the Car Wash, that's all.

: So, he's your brother? Why does he want to take over the Mushroom Kingdom?! I'm very sorry for hurting him, I assumed that he would attack us! I hope I didn't hurt him too much. What have I done?!
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Speedrunner Mario

The Ultimate Speedrunner
*Mr. L sighs*

Mr. L: I"ll go get him. Everyone else, stay behind. If he attacks, at least nobody else will get hurt.

*Mr. L runs off after his brother*

Mr. M: You again?

Mr. L: Bro, Stop this! You're hurting everyone!

Mr. M: A small price to pay.

*Mr. M throws a punch at Mr. L, but misses*

Mr. L: *Quietly* This will hurt me more than it will hurt you.

*Then, the two brothers start fighting*


Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Mr. Y: "Oh! Let me help you figh-"

Toad: "Suddenly, Yoshi the SSM has jumped on Mr. Y."

Yoshi the SSM: "Hello, Mr. Y."

Mr. Y after getting Yoshi the SSM off of him: "Yoshi the SSM. I wondered where you went after you became invisible back on that island. I am sure you followed me and saw these two fighting."

Yoshi the SSM: "Nope. Just got here. I was just with Bowser showing him your plans. He doesn't like anyone doing what he does. And after discussing a plan of sending me first and stopping you guys. from taking the castle or even just delay you guys. He said do it because I don't have a part in any of his plans and more willing to stop them. Anyways. I am not going to allow you to help Mr. M with whatever."

Mr. Y: "Bowser! Grrr. Ok. If you want to stop me from helping Mr. M, you will have to fight me. Also, am I sensing that you won't kill me and you sensing that I won't kill you?"

Yoshi the SSM: "Um... Yeah."

Mr. Y: "Good. Then let's begin."

Toad: "And the 2 Yoshis start fighting."

Speedrunner Mario

The Ultimate Speedrunner
*Mr. M slams Mr. L into a wall*

Mr. L: Wait! Stop! We're brothers!

Mr. M: You think sediment will stop me?! I'm supposed to be the greater brother. And, soon, I'll be the only brother.

Mr. L: Wait, what are yo-

*Mr. M starts strangling Mr. L*

Mr. L: *Ack* Bro- *Choke* -th- *Augh* -er. . .

*Mr. L's eyes become glazed, and his face blank.*

Mr. M: *Voice shaking* Well, that's what you get for getting in the way.

*Mr. M starts to tear up slightly, obviously fighting them back, and heads toward Mushroom Castle*