Mushroom City Car Wash [Roleplay]

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Mr. M: Eh, sure, why the hell not?

*Mr. M walks over to a whiteboard and pulls out a laser pointer*

Mr. M: Okay, here's the master plan. One: Build an evil lair. Two: Figure out other plans to get all sorts of evil tech. Three: Take over the Mushroom Kingdom. Any questions?

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Mr. Y: "No questions. Also. Do you know that I can build an entire building in just a few hours. Just tell me the location of it and I'll get to work building it. This is because of something Yoshi the SSM and I invented. But, unfortunately, just building the building is about all I can do with them."


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*Meanwhile, in Party World, Host Toad and co. arrive at Eternal Star*

Host Toad: Welcome to Eternal Star! Everyone, activate your Star Magnets! You'll need them for our final battle!

:koopa:: Here we are on a giant Star. This Star was broken up by Bowser, and Bowser Jr. even wrote graffiti all over it! This can't be permitted!

*Everyone activates their Star Magnets. The Stars are attracted to them, and form into 1 large star*

: Ok, Star! Destroy Bowser and Bowser Jr.!

: You can do it, Star!

:wario:: Make sure that Bowser and his son have a rotten day!

:waluigi:: We will have to clean this Star up and put it back together when you're done attacking, right?

Host Toad: Yes, we will have to put it back together and clean it, Waluigi. But let's focus on the battle for now.

:koopa:: Open fire!

*The star blasts Bowser and Bowser Jr. into outer space, far away from the Mushroom Kingdom*

:bowser:: No! I thought those chumps were finished with us!

:bowjr:: Wah! How can this be?! Next time Toad hosts this cruise, he'll be the one paying for it!

*Bowser and Bowser Jr. disappear from the scene*

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Toad: "After the two Mr.s leave, Yoshi the SSM and the Blue Yoshi gets up."

Blue Yoshi: "Yoshi. Yoshi... Yoshi. Yoshi. (Ugh. Um... Yoshi. The two Mr.s are heading toward the mountain that Baby Bowser was at when he attacked our island many years ago.)"

Yoshi the SSM: "You are right. Let's go to the village and get all the Yoshis and go to the mountain."

Blue Yoshi: "Yoshi. Yoshi. Yoshi. (Oh. Meteors. How pretty.)"

Yoshi the SMM after looking closely: "Those aren't meteors. They are Bowser and Bowser Jr. I wonder where they will land. Oh. They landed somewhere on the island. We may need the Yoshis to also take care of Bowser and Bowser Jr."

Toad: "After saying this, Yoshi the SSM and Blue Yoshi goes to Yoshi village."


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*On Eternal Star*

Host Toad: Poor Star! We must put it back together and clean it!

:koopa:: Toadiko, Oxide! You must put the star back together! Wario, Waluigi! You must clean the star after Toadiko and Oxide put it back together!

: Let's put this Star back together, Oxide! I can't stand seeing it all separated from each-other!

: You're right, Toadiko! Stars are meant to be connected. They can't ever be separated!!

*Toadiko and Oxide put the giant Star back together*

:wario:: Now, it's time to clean you up, Star!

:waluigi:: I bet you like when there's no dirty spots on you, right Star?

*Wario and Waluigi clean up the giant Star using their mops*

Host Toad: Hey! The Star just started to move on its own!

:koopa:: I think it's taking us somewhere, Toad! But where is it taking us? Hey, Oxide! Pull out your data scanner and scan that Star! It might tell us where it's headed!

*Oxide takes out his data scanner. He turns it on, and then he uses it to scan the Star's data*

: According to my scanner, it says that the Star is taking us back to the Car Wash!

: Yay! I'm going to see Sister and Mom again! I miss them a lot!

:wario:: Well, Waluigi, we deserve to come home after such a long trip, right?

:waluigi:: Yes, we do, Wario!

*The Star takes Host Toad and co. back to the Car Wash*

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*Mr. L holds a noose, about to tie it to a tree*

Mr. L: No. . . I'm not meant to die this soon. , ,

*Mr. L throws the noose aside, takes his hat off, and holds it to his chest*

Mr. L: Forse ad alcuni sembrerà il mio parlare di cose eterne, remote e nascoste da occhi mortali e questa terra, ben oltre lo sguardo del genio, sostiene che non sto bene. Beh, credo, non abbiamo nessuno meditando umilmente e chiaramente, chi guarda interrogativo ai pomposi premi mondiali, i bluff dorati, le sue inutili, finte delizie. La poesia della preghiera e della fede rivela che le persone desiderano fare profondamente sacrifici altruistici e questo desiderio è scolpito in più parti nel cuore. Quindi prego per avere la forza di parlare, per la mia lingua essere sciolto per onorare questi in rima.


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*The Star arrives at the Car Wash. Once Host Toad, Koopa, Toadiko, Oxide, Wario, and Waluigi leave the Star, it flies away*

Host Toad: Me and Koopa have to leave you now. We got another cruise to plan!

:koopa:: A costume party of a cruise that is. See ya!

*Host Toad and Koopa leave the scene. After they leave, Toadiko, Oxide, Wario, and Waluigi enter the Car Wash*

: Sister! Mom! I'm home!

: Guess who's back? Me!

:wario:: So, this is where you all work?

:waluigi:: Nice place you guys work at. Wario, how about we stay here forever?

:toadette:: Sister! You're all right! I thought Oxide would hurt you! I missed you a lot. Welcome back! And Wario, Waluigi, you can stay here. Pick out any room you like!

Toadia: Toadiko! I'm so glad you're safe! Thanks for taking good care of her, Oxide! Let me guess, you're in love with her? She's only 6 years old! She can't marry you yet!

: And besides, Toadette, your previous girlfriend, she's only 16! You're 60! You're old enough to be their grandfather! Stop committing acts of sexual assault!

: Sexual assault?! What's that?!

Toadia: It's when you go after someone who's way younger than you are, and hurt them while doing it! That's called sexual assault! You shouldn't be doing that. Ever!

: Ok, I'll stop. But can I still be friends with her and Toadette?

Toadia: I guess you can. But don't hurt them one bit! I mean it! Toadiko and Toadette are my daughters, and they mean the most to me. So please, don't ever hurt them!

: Excuse us, but we have something very unfortunate to tell you.

: Something so unfortunate, that we must leave the Car Wash, potentially forever!

: *barks*

:toadette:: So, Velo, Zem, and Zam. What is it that you have to tell us?

: Ok, so we signed a sheet for a potential job for all 3 of us at the police department.

: We thought that we could get a better pay there than we would here. And Velo also thought that we could meet lots of new people, and protect them from criminals. We could also go after new criminals and not just Oxide who's really been our only target for the past month.

: We then got a call from them a few days later. Guess what they said!

:toadette:: What?

: They said that we got the job! Unfortunately, it does come with a cost.

: They said that we must abandon our job at the Car Wash! They also told us that we must find a real place to live so that we can drive to work everyday. They don't want us to stay here if we work there!

: That's why that today is our last day at the Car Wash. Tomorrow, we must pack our bags, resign on our monthly rent for living here, and leave the Car Wash for good! We won't forget to say our goodbyes to you before we leave though. Right, Zem?

: Right, Velo!

: *wimpers*

: I know. You don't want to leave, but we must leave. This place, as good as it is, it gets sickening to live here after a while. Crime, after crime, after crime!! It's never peaceful here!

: Zam! Stop wimpering!! You'll get used to it eventually. Calm down. It's not like someone's passed away or something! Just get over it!!

*Velo, Zem, and Zam leave the main Car Wash and go to their rooms to start packing their stuff for their departure from the Car Wash*

:toadette:: I'm going to miss them so much! We've been with them for so long!

Toadia: Well, they didn't really belong here anyways. They were meant for the police!

: Their personalities, as well as what they've been doing for the past month, is really good material for the police, but not for us.

: Just when we come back from our cruise, someone decides to leave?! This is very sad!

: I'm glad they're leaving!! I hate Velo, Zem, and Zam!! They always tell me to behave, and to be a good alien, when I just never will be what they want me to be!! I never liked them, and I never will like them!!

:wario:: We just move in and someone decides to leave. Pretty depressing, right Waluigi?

:waluigi:: Right, Wario! Even worse, we don't know who the *bleep* these guys are!
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*With his restored self-confidence, Mr. L pulls out a device*

Mr. L: Heh. I've got you now, You little son of a gun.

*Mr. L runs off and enters a warp pipe that says: Yoshi's Island*


Luigi: How much longer, Felix?

Fix-It Felix, Jr.: At this rate, uhh, around, Two days, maybe?

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Toad: "After waking up from his sleep, Mr. Y looks around the newly decorated castle for a long time. After he is done, he says..."

Mr. Y: "OK. Looking good. Still will need to know about any design choices, but I think he would like this red and black and Bowser faces replaced with a black M. Also, I wouldn't be surprised if the Yoshis of this island want to attack. Well, at least they won't immediately know what to do. But knowing Yoshi the SSM is among them and having the same intelligence as I do, we'll see how long. But, for now only me, Mr. M, and possibly Mr. L are able to get in and out of this building. I say possibly because they are brothers. I am not sure about Mario and Luigi either. Well. In either case, I will see if Mr. M likes this."

Toad: "Meanwhile in Yoshi Village..."

Yoshi the SSM: "OK. Yoshis. Mr. Y and Mr. M are at this castle right here (points to the castle) We are going to infiltrate this castle and stop whatever Mr. M's plans are. Are you with me?"

Main Yoshi (green): "Yoshi. Yoshi? (Wait. Who made you in charge of the mission?)"

Yoshi the SSM: "Um... I was hoping you guys. I know every detail about Mr. Y. For he is me. He may not have the same personality as me, but he has my knowledge and my creativity. He is going to be hard for even me to overcome. So, do you want me to be the leader, or someone else. If so, I will obey their orders."

Main Yoshi: "Yoshi. Yoshi. Yoshi, Yoshi. Yoshi. Yoshi. Yoshi. Yoshi, Yoshi. (Ok. You convince me. But, I like to be second-in-command in this mission. You haven't been around our people. And I am the leader of the Yoshis here on this island. And I help Mario many times throughout his life. Even when Mario was a baby, I was the leader.)"

Yoshi the SSM: "Ok. Sure. You can be second-in-command. And I will listen to your opinions. And I know you will do well because I know every instance except Super Mario Galaxy 2 that it was you that was the sole Yoshi helping Mario. Not sure about the group Yoshis, though. As for Super Mario Galaxy 2, that Yoshi was Yoshi the Space Dragon. Anyways. What are we waiting for? Are we ready to go?!"

Yoshis: "YOSHI! (YEAH!)"

Yoshi the SSM: "Then let's go to the tallest mountain!"

Toad: "And the Yoshis start their journey towards the tallest mountain."


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*Velo, Zem and Zam finish packing their bags and resign on their monthly rent for living at the Car Wash. Before they leave the Car Wash for good, they say goodbye to Toadette, Toadia, Toadiko, Cream, Oxide, Wario, and Waluigi*

: We'll never forget all the good times we spent with you. We'll miss you a whole lot.

: If you ever need help from us in battle, you know who to call. Go give them your last alien puppy kisses before we have to go, ok?

: * Zam runs up to Toadette, Toadia, Toadiko, Cream, Wario, and Waluigi and licks them in affection. The same can't be said for Oxide, as he got bitten by Zam*

: Zam!! Stop biting me!! I'm not a chew toy!!

: Let go of Oxide's head!

: *lets go of Oxide's head*

: Zam! You were supposed to kiss everyone goodbye before we leave. You just left some very large bite marks on Oxide's head. I know you don't like him, just like we don't like him, and he doesn't like us, but you should at least give him a little affection before we leave. Go back and give him a kiss like you were told by Zem! Or else!

: *reluctantly kisses Oxide*

:toadette:: Goodbye! I hope that new job goes well!

Toadia: Sayonara! Hopefully you last a long time. Working at the police department is a very hard job.

: Goodbye! We'll miss you too!

: Hopefully you will still protect people just like you protected us! Goodbye!

:wario:: Goodbye! Hey, Waluigi? Isn't it kind of funny that we're saying goodbye to people we don't even know?

:waluigi:: Goodbye! And yes, Wario, we don't know these guys, yet we're still saying goodbye to them.

: Goodbye! Do I still have to behave and act like you want me to though?! Just wondering.

: No, Oxide. Since Zem, Zam and I will no longer be here, you can act however you want! But please, don't cause too much trouble.

: Great! Now I can finally act like I usually do! This is awesome! I'm finally free from Velo, Zem, and Zam's control!

: Farewell, my friends.

: Goodbye!

: *barks*

*Velo, Zem and Zam leave the Car Wash, heading for the Mushroom City police department, where their new jobs await*
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Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Toad: "At the top of the highest mountain on Yoshi's Island."

Yoshi the SSM: "I can't quite figure out how to open this up. But, I am getting close."

Main Yoshi: "Yoshi. Yoshi? Yoshi. (Getting close. Really? I can't make heads or tails of it.)"

Yoshi the SSM: "Hmm... Oh. I think I can see Mr. L in the distance. I wonder how much of his DNA matches that of Mr. M. He seems like a good candidate due to him being a brother. Well, in either case, I am going to watch him. And remember, we aren't here to do anything to Mr. M but take him to the law enforcement, maybe. As for Mr. Y, that's going to be a more personal matter, but I am not going to harm him."

Main Yoshi "Yoshi, Yoshi, Yoshi? Yoshi? (Are you, like, going to remove the mask and keep it with you? Or what?)"

Yoshi the SSM: "He wanted a different body because he knew that controlling me can only be temporary. And now that he is away from me, he's not willing to return to me. And I am not willing to do it either due to our conflict of interests. Instead, he is now going to be having that other Red Yoshi as his main host. Well, better keep working on trying to find a way in. Or is there a Yoshi that is hungry?"

several Yoshis: "Yoshi! (Me!)"

Yoshi the SSM: "Ok. I will get some fruit first."

Toad: "And he departs to get some fruit for the Yoshis."