Mushroom City Car Wash

Ray Trace

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Aqua Marine:'ve done something she does not approve of in the base....

Ray Trace

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Aqua Marine: ...yes. All the Protectors in the base are sleeping. Redshift, Kontrast, Bluminescence, and Ray Trace are snoozing. If Dark Light comes back and sees this, she'll know I'm behind this. Or she'll start asking questions, and not gonna lie...she's pretty scary when she does that.

Ray Trace

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Aqua Marine: Yeah but she'll put me in trouble, I bet. She's going to yell at me. She already hates me because of my parents, and this would put a dent into my mending of my relationship with her.

Ray Trace

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Aqua Marine: Hmm....I don't know if slapping them will work. My powers are pretty strong...

Glitz Yoshi

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
Narrator Toad: "Meanwhile, Yoshi the SSM has given a call to Kolorado..."

Kolorado (3D): "Ah! Yoshi the SSM. You found out more, right?"
Yoshi the SSM artwork.png: "Yes, I have. I have even meet the ruler of the desert during the time where this Season Changer came from."

Dry Bones: "Hello. I am so worried about it. It makes me go crazy if it has been used."
Yoshi the SSM artwork.png: "Yeah. He and the writing here have given me the info. It was for torturing the citizens on this planet. There is also something about the 4 old elements."

Dry Bones: "Yeah. When I took the device from him in battle, I noticed that each of the seasons wanted to go somewhere. I concluded that it could be the elements."

Kolorado (3D): "Who's he?"
Yoshi the SSM artwork.png: "Apparently, he is called Kahser. That is the letter K and the last half of Bowser. And the battle was very tough, it seemed. Which means that... this is Koopalon."

Kolorado (3D): "Koopalon?"
Yoshi the SSM artwork.png: "They are basically the Koopas, but they have Klingon traits to them. Their current leader is Kowser. Wait. Could he be a descendant of Kahser? Well, make sure you have security on the Season Changer. Anyways. I am forwarding what I got so far. I need to keep reading this. You can open the exhibit soon, though."


The name's Matz Lunne!
*Blitz starts choking once again*

Viri: *sigh* One is not enough?

Blitz: N-No, it’s n-not-t a-a fur-rball...

*Viri does the Heimlich maneuver on him and he spits a black goop*

Viri: Why do you still have the black goop?! We got rid of it...

Ray Trace

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*To Aqua Marine's alleviating concerns, Officer Dark Light was nowhere near done with her shift, and she was patrolling nowhere near Aqua Marine. It was rather uneventful for her. She was behind the wheel, patiently and silently driving through the city, doing what she could to to enforce traffic laws. This is one of the days where she preferred the job to be dull and boring. She was a bit tired and jaded of being in adrenaline-pumping scenarios and this was a break for her. Even if it meant she had to put up with drivers who always, for some reason, drove 10 mph slower when they notice her SUV.*

*Officer Kenda then stepped out of the Crown Vic*

Officer Kenda: What's the issue?

Officer Key: Hey, Joe, how do you wake up someone who's sleeping?

Officer Kenda: ...gently shake them?
Aqua Marine: It's not any old regular sleeping. I put them to sleep with my powers.

King Hippo

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(Zzazz leads the Holo-Union members over to the front of the motel, where the wrecked star cruiser is lying.)

Zzazz: Here it is, folks. I don’t know how to repair it, so I was hoping you did.

Marine: Hmm… I’ll see what I can do, though it might take some time. Why don’t you go somewhere else to pass the time?

(Zzazz, Hanayo, Hanamaru, and Ruby head out into the city. On their way, they pass the department store from earlier in Glitchman’s plot arc.)

Ruby: Oh, wait! Can I stop in there to buy Hanayo a present? I’ve been wanting to give her one for quite some time!

Zzazz: Of course! Here’s a few coins.

(Ruby takes the coins from the alien, putting them into her Paaru-chan purse. She enters the store, taking extreme care not to bump her nose on the revolving doors, and, after a few minutes, comes out of it carrying three nesoberis—one of Hanayo, another of Hanamaru, and the third of herself. All three are in their school uniform versions.)

Ruby: Ta-da! Look what I bought!

Hanayo: Wow! They look so cute!

Hanamaru: And you even bought one for me, zura!

Ruby: Thanks!

Zzazz: While we’re outside, we should probably search out anybody who can help piece the details together.

(Meowth and Wobbuffet happen to be passing by as he says this line.)

Zzazz: Oh, it’s the reporters from the newscast! Hey, over here!

(The two Pokémon hurry over to the alien.)

Meowth: What did ya need us for?

Zzazz: I have some more information that you might find useful.

(Zzazz tells Meowth about everything that happened up to that point: the two strange men who kidnapped Ruby, the Holo-Union fighting back, Victor murdering the girls of Glitter*Green, and Ran’s escape, among other things.)

Meowth: Hmm… That all seems pretty tragic. I wonder where Ran could be now?

(Elsewhere, near a bus stop.)

Yukina: Is it me, or do I feel tired?

Ran: Me too. We should definitely take a break.

(The two go to sit on a nearby bench. Before long, both fall asleep.)


A bad vehicle choice for people who can't balance
*Meanwhile, at Velo's Citadel*

Velo: When will we ever kill Toadette and her pals like I wanted to?! I have to think up the most wicked, the most cruel, and the most dangerous plan yet if we want to succeed. What have you got in mind, Vivica?

Vivica: How about hosting a circus, Velo? Behind all the thrills and fun, will be our trap. We just have to get all of the supplies for it, make the costumes, apply the makeup, tame the animals, and get all of our participants trained, and we'll be ready to go!

Velo Advisors: But who is going to want to participate in our circus? We'll have to make signs for it and disguise ourselves so that the viewers and participants don't know we're behind this until it's too late! You understand?

Velo: Yes, advisors. Now let's make these signs.

*Velo, Vivica, and the advisors start making signs for their circus. When they're finished making the signs, they hang them all over the Mushroom Kingdom. They also put up one sign in Dreamland and another sign in Pufftop, than return to the Citadel to begin their preparations for the circus*


pink galoomba with arms and headphones
They also put up one sign in Dreamland and another sign in Pufftop, than return to the Citadel to begin their preparations for the circus*
Kirby sees the sign Velo put up in Dreamland.
Kirby: Poyo poyo? Poyo poyo? Poyo! Poyo poyo! Poyo poyo poyo poyo! Poyo poyo poyo poyo, poyo poyo! (What's this? A circus? Wow! I think I'll go! I may even be able to join in! I do have a circus copy ability, after all!)
*Kirby takes a warpstar to the location where the circus will be held*


A bad vehicle choice for people who can't balance
*Meanwhile, at the Car Wash, it's just another normal day, until Toadette sees a sign for Velo's circus while washing a customer's car*

Toadette: All done! Don't forget to pay the tip before you leave.

*The customer pays the tip and drives off. After this, Toadette takes the sign off the post it was taped to and brings it into the Car Wash*

*Inside the Car Wash*

Toadette: Hey, everyone. I saw this sign for a circus while I was washing a customer's car. It says: "Come one, come all to the annual Mushroom City Circus in Mushroom Park on May 15th. There will be lots of snacks, amazing acts, funny clowns, and majestic animals. If you want to participate in this event, just head over to the circus tent and the ringmaster will help you. Don't miss out on this amazing show, as it could be the last show you ever see in your life." I'm not really sure if I should trust this. It could be a trap.

Toadia: This could be a trap. The last show you could ever see...someone evil must be behind this.

Toadiko: I hate circuses! Sure, the cotton candy and the popcorn are good. But why should they be forcing animals out of their natural habitats just so they can jump through rings of fire and do other tricks? It's just very unethical.

Cream: I hate circuses too, Toadiko. The clowns are super creepy, and the animals shouldn't be forced to listen to those heartless circus performers. I'd rather have cotton candy at an amusement park than at a circus!

Vanilla: I'm not a big fan of them either. The acts are a little extreme for me to watch. And the clowns are complete nightmare fuel. They should never tame those animals. That's why Dumbo went back to the wild with his mama after his final show.

Tails: That was only in the live-action version, Vanilla. In the original, Dumbo was never released into the wild at all. It just hurts to see animals suffer so much cruelty. I think this is a trap.

Zem: Velo must be behind this. The last show you could ever see in your life is the kicker. He does want to eliminate all of us after all.

Zam: Ruff.

N. Trance: You're right, Zem. I would never trust this sign at all.

Jason: I bet Velo's just doing this so that he can kill us. None of us want to die just by watching a circus. That's just cruel.

Oxide: A circus?! Sounds like lots of fun to me. This could be the opportunity to finally get that unicycle I wanted for a very long time. I don't care if it's a trap. I want that unicycle and I want it now!

Toadette: Ok, Oxide. You can participate in the circus if you like. But if things get too dangerous, tell us. We don't want you getting hurt.

Oxide: Of course, Toadette and friends. Now, can we go to the bike shop so I can pick out my unicycle?

Toadette: Sure.

*Zem, Zam, N. Trance, Jason, and Oxide head to the bike shop to pick out a unicycle, while Toadette and co. stay at the Car Wash*
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