Mushroom City Car Wash

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--Triple Strike--
(Elijah and R.O.B. knocked on a door with a sign saying, "GO AWAY" on it.)
Oscar: Can you not read?
Elijah: Oscar, we need-
Oscar: (He flings the door open) I ESPECIALLY do NOT want to talk to- (He sees Mr. H) What is he doing here?
Mr. H: Looking for a way home.
(Oscar stares at them for a moment, then sighs.)
Oscar: All right, come on in.
*Eni is watching fro a distance*
Eni: Huh.

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I am sensing something!
*Eni is watching from a distance*
Eni: Huh.
(Elijah and Mr. H head inside, but just before Oscar closes the door, he sees Eni. He stares at her for a second.)
Oscar: Well? What do you want?

My Random Themes theme

I am sensing something!
*Eni just goes away*
(Oscar closes the door)
Oscar: All right, spit it out. What's up?
Mr. H: I simply desire to return to Mushroom City.
Oscar: And you're telling me this, why?
Elijah: Dude. You're an electronics WHIZ.
Oscar: I don't dabble in this interdimensional time-line paradox alternate-universe junk.
Mr. H: Great. Now what shall I do?
Oscar: Well... you could ask...
Elijah: (Slaps his hands together) RIGHT! Why didn't I think of it before? The Magic Master! He's sure to know how to get you home!
Mr. H: Is he here?
Elijah: You bet your bottom he is!
Oscar: Be careful, he's a dangerous man.
Elijah: Technically, we don't know that he's a man, but whatever. Hey, since when did you care about my well-being?
Oscar: Are you kidding? As the last one who saw you before you go to see him, if you get killed, think of the paper work I'll have to fill out.
Elijah: (Thumps him on the back) You're so compassionate. (Grins) Come on, H! (They walk out)

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*The Signs Enter The Car wash*

Hey! Anybody Here?
guess I'll bite
(Zzazz, Maru, and Ruby all look towards Dia, expecting her to answer. She believes that the signs are her friends playing a joke on her.)

Dia: Kanan? Mari? Come out from behind those signs, I know it's you!
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