Mushroom City Car Wash


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*Cream reaches the 100th floor. After she gets there, the platform stops rising upwards*

: *sigh* , *sigh*...I'm all tuckered out. And my staff is out of energy. Guess you win this time, Cream. Want to go to the ground below, where your friends await?

: Yes, please.

*The platform that Cream and Velo are on starts falling downwards, taking them back to ground level*

Blitz the Hero

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*a continuos tic-tac is heard, like if a clock was nearby*
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*The platform that Cream and Velo are on reaches ground level. Once they exit the platform, they find Toadsworth and co. near the MSS Sea Star*

: Way to go, Cream. You really showed him, without attacking him! Now, let's head home. I'd better get back to the princess, and you'd better get back to the Car Wash.

*Toadsworth and co. get on the MSS Sea Star. However, after they get on it, Velo follows them onto the ship*

: I know you don't want me with you anymore, but I had a huge conversation with the aliens before you and the others came to save them. After my talk with them, I realized that I should change my ways. The thing is, I don't want to be completely good like they are. But I do want to help you guys whenever I can. Will you let me go home with you, Toadette and friends?

:toadette:: I'm not sure. You might regret being nice to us after a while.

Toadia: It's unlikely that you'll keep your word on this. We know you'll be after us again sooner or later.

: No way! Get away from us, you freak!

: No. As if you'll ever get along with us.

: I doubt you'll help us at all, Velo. Now go away.

: Not at all. You already had your chance with Toadette and the others last year. And that was a complete disaster. I doubt you'll be able to work with us again.

: We will take you home with us, but that's it. You're too evil to be at the Car Wash.

: Ruff.

: I don’t know. We'll have to see about this one.

Jason: No way. As if you'll treat us nicely.

: Hell no. Get off the ship now, Velo, or I'll shoot you with my Plasma Gun until you have no life left!

: Really?! Ok, Toadette and friends. You go on your way, and I'll wait here for when my advisors and Vivica finish building my ship. Goodbye.

*Velo gets off the MSS Sea Star. The ship than sails Toadsworth and co. back to the Car Wash*

Blitz the Hero

A grey cat with colorful eyes
Blitz: Wait, maybe the Protectors can help?

Blitz the Hero

A grey cat with colorful eyes
*Blitz teleports and comes out a few seconds later*
Blitz: They seem busy so I’m not going to bother them... Maybe we can get help from Chroma and Cthina again?
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Secretary of the Luigi Fan Club
*Toadsworth and co. arrive at the Car Wash. Once they arrive, they get off the MSS Sea Star and enter the Car Wash*

: Well, we're finally home. Now, the princess needs me! You make yourselves at home.

:toadette: and co.: We will, Toadsworth.

*Toadsworth leaves the Car Wash and returns to Peach's Castle*