The first person shooter thread

Lucinavidad said:
im playing cod: world at war rn
computer/npcs are stupid as shit but slaughtering nazis for the motherland is a good feeling

One of the best COD. One of the few times where a video game series going all dark 'n' edgy really worked.

If anyone has time to kill, this is a pretty good video about why it works

I've seen my sister play some Serious Sam and I'm getting very strong DOOM vibes from it.

Serious Sam is "old school" in plenty of respects (secrets, no reloading except for a few weapons in 3, minimal story and lack of scripted events...) but ultimately I tihnk it's a very different feeling from "old school" FPS in its moment to moment gameplay. More like Robotron in 3D

Heard of/played Painkiller btw?
No. Tell me more.
oh hey, its a genre i play a lot

time for


Sorted into singleplayer/multiplayer for your convenience.


Bioshock - You're stuck in an underwater retro-futuristic capitalist city and have to get out. Gunplay is meh, story and atmosphere are superb. You also get magic powers like lightning bolts and fireballs that you can throw at enemies. Make sure to mod it to remove mouse acceleration, otherwise aiming is terrible (designed for consoles).

Bioshock Infinite - You're stuck in a flying old timey racist city and have to get out. Gunplay is pretty strong, story and atmosphere are a bit confusing and divisive. Overall, I prefer this one to Bioshock because of more satisfying weapons, more interesting enemies, and more enjoyable characters, but they're both worth playing.

DOOM (2016) - Have you ever wondered what FPS games would be like if there was no reloading, you moved really fast, and could carry a million guns, like the originals? Doom does this and it's fun. Demons are invading and you get to murder every single one - with your own hands, if you'd like. Story is almost nonexistent (unless you spend time reading the logs, nerd) but the weapons are really fun and enemy variety is impressive. Gets a bit repetitive by the end, in my opinion, but still an enjoyable ride if you just want senseless violence.

Portal and Portal 2 - Imagine an FPS game, but you don't shoot anyone and just solve puzzles with a gun that shoots portals. Also there's a homicidal AI who constantly snarks at you in the background. Pretty fun games with a surprisingly entertaining story, and they're fairly cheap (and short).

Star Wars: Republic Commando - Command a squad of clone troopers and fight battle droids. Often regarded as one of the best Star Wars games, it's still pretty enjoyable today. One of the only games where your AI teammates aren't complete garbage and can actually do things.

Wolfenstein: The New Order - The Nazis won WWII. Time to fight back and murder them. This is quite possibly my favorite single player FPS of all time - great guns (with dual wielding), optional stealth, fun levels, a surprisingly good story, and of course there are plenty of Nazis to murder. The sequel wasn't quite as good though.


Team Fortress 2 - Class based gameplay at its finest. TF2 is a classic, it's been around for what feels like forever and is still enjoyable and humorous. Best of all, it's FREE and should run on almost any current computer due to its age. If you like multiplayer and you like FPS, you should definitely try it out.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Modern tactical team-based FPS. Frustratingly hard, but still enjoyable. I played enough to know it's not for me, but if you're hypercompetitive you might enjoy it.

Red Orchestra 2 - WWII (Eastern Front) FPS, where big 30 v 30 teams compete on Attack/Defense. The devs put every effort into making it feel as realistic as possible, so there's no UI, no ammo counter (if you reload with a half-empty clip, that half-empty clip remains in your inventory if you try to reload later), you die in only a few hits (generally to a machinegun across the map you only saw a muzzle flash of). It's brutal, and you'll die over and over and over and over and it starts to earn a reputation as "PTSD Simulator". Definitely not for everyone, but once you get the hang of things it can be rather enjoyable - you can kill just as easily as be killed, after all.

Overwatch - Also known as Team Fortress 3. More classes, and lots of different ways to play - I appreciate that they made an FPS game you don't have to actually be able to aim to play. Has a few minor issues people complain about (class balance, not being able to pick a particular game mode) but is overall a well made game worth playing.


Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, Fallout 4 - FPS/RPG hybrids. Think Skyrim with guns in a post apocalyptic wasteland. Pretty enjoyable, New Vegas has the best RPG elements while 4 has the best FPS elements.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - FPS/Stealth hybrids. Sneak around in a cyberpunk future as a cyborg secret agent. Human Revolution's combat isn't all that great, forcing you to run stealth, but Mankind Divided can be played as an FPS, if you'd like (though you'd definitely be missing out on a lot of content).
Half-Life's 20th anniversary wasn't that long ago, but now it's already time for another milestone! Today we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the game that took what made Wolf3D great up to eleven and changed everything. More weapons! More monsters! More gore! A handy map to help you navigate the levels! And they even added floor and ceiling textures.



happy birthday blake

i wonder if there are any other big anniversaries coming up
Mario's Drunken Holiday Special said:
No. Tell me more.

Oh basically, Painkiller is a 2004 cult hit that's basically Serious Sam but all dark and edgy. The premise is that you're a guy who died in a car accident. You end in purgatory and are recruitedb y the angels to fight the armies of Lucifer.

The storyline is terrible and makes no sense, but it gives you an excuse to run around and kill demons so who cares. Like Serious Sam, you have lot of enemies running at you at all times and little of the concessions to realism modern shooters have. Killing enemies give you souls which replenish your health, but if you collect a lot of them, you also enter a freaky and quite fun "demon mode" where you one shot enemies. You have 6 weapons (8 in the expansion pack), which may not seem a lot, but all of them have a completely different alternate firing method, and their properties can often be combined creatively. By accomplishing a challenge described in the level's description, you can earn and equip Tarot cards that grant you a passive bonus or an one-time boost you can activate during the levels. Worthy of note is that the game's varied but macrabre decors looked fantastic in 2004, and it still all holds up very well today.

Now I don't think the game is as good as Serious Sam; while the enemies are very varied aesthetically, most of them fit the "run up to you and try to punch/slash you" mold so you're never on your feet as much as you are in SS. Also while a neat idea, many of the tarot cards suffer from tedious/frustrating unlock conditions for an underwhelming reward (stuff like having to break all of the 500 crates in a big level to unlock a card that replenish your health by 15 HP - I'm exagerating a bit but that's how many of them feel). It also has this odd mechanic where part of the games are not playable on the lower difficulties but in turn the entire last chapter is locked out on the hardest difficulty, so there's no mode where you can paly through all levels.

Unfortunately, it's all downhill from here. Most of Painkiller's sequels were fan mods that wouldn't have been particularly good even if you hadn't have to pay for them sold as professional games and the last installment is a mediocre remake that sells levels that were in the base game as DLC. But the original still holds up.
Everyone who likes immersive survival horror single player Russian FPS should play Metro 2033 and its sequel, Metro Last Light.
I get Jon St. John is a fairly prolific VA but hearing what's Literally Just the Duke Nukem voice without any of Duke's usual mannerisms is surreal.


But in all seriousness, I get completely absorbed into every Overwatch event. However, as awesome as Overwatch is(aside from the fact that balance patches take forever and there's sometimes not enough good arcade modes available during events)...
Garry's Mod is also technically an FPS and I love it. There's all these awesome workshop addons that give this game and content made about it not only includes gameplay videos but also so many funny animations/parodies made in Garry's mod that I have enjoyed. Examples of such videos, series and channels include Gmod Idiot Box, Legendaries from Construct, Gravity Fails and SMG4.
I have also enjoyed CS:GO, it's a fun basic shooter that is fairly cheap.
I was considering getting Black Ops 4, but the modes I've heard about can already be fulfilled by either games that I already have or games that are cheaper. If PUBG is less buggy then I might buy that if I ever feel like playing a Battle Royale game(because nobody cares about Realm Royale anymore and the subculture around Fortnite has made me not want to play it), I could just get Left 4 Dead(which seems like a lot of fun, I wish I would have gotten it a while ago) if I wanted to play the Zombie mode, the objective mode's satisfaction could just be fulfilled by TF2 and OW, and I could just play CS or OW if I wanted to play Death Match.
I wouldn't really classify Gmod as an FPS, even though you do play in a first person perspective with a Gravity Gun and you can use many guns. It's basically like a sandbox-like software with robust fan modding community that makes it look like an FPS game.