Pink Cat

Not always Pink, not always a Cat
It's a simple game, a user say something is going to happen, the next user does something to change ye fate, and then it goes on.

The next user will not eat a banana with :dk:
But then I land on a DK space! Whoops! I guess I'm eating the banana now!

Nobody will get a pepperoni pizza today.
But then I use mah money to buy it.

The next user will not steal my DLC for A Hat in Time by the time I get it.
But through the power of Gabe Newell, it was already returned to Funtime Foxy.

Next user will not land on the Bowser space.
Until the engineer elongated his neck and said "Nope".

Next person must go back in time and fight the Shroobs.
Funny. I restarted Partners in Time not that long ago. I guess that counts.

Although, it is called Partners in Time, so the next person will accompany me on this trip
Okidokey. *Shakes wallet and a moth flies out* Ruh-roh, I'm broke.

The next user will fight King Hippo.
I can't, I can't do boxing.
The next user cannot sing any songs by George Jones.
Ah too bad that's impossible for me!

Next user accidentally drops their Switch from a window.