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Miu Iruma said:
i love doing this every year

i'm glad we do it, it really brings the community together

thanks guys, i love ya dorks
I hope next year I can be more involved. I'd love to do more stuff with the community.

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Odyssey won both "best Mario platformer" and "best modern game"? Wow. Talk about recency bias.

But it's been fun, and I'm glad I got to participate in my first Mario Awards.


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Great presentations, everybody! It was very enjoyable despite me continuing my unfortunate tradition of getting way behind everyone else! Hopefully I'll actually write a presentation myself next year...


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Great job everyone! I really enjoyed getting to participate in my first Shroom’ Awards with all of you. Everyone brought something great to table. I loved the diversity that I saw with what everyone created. I was honestly really nervous to show off my presentations. I’m glad I did though. This has been really fun! Well done to everyone who participated! Thanks for an awesome year. I’m definitely looking forward to next year.

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This has been my first Live experience with the Awards... before the Mario awards, because it was already past midnight.

A great experience at that. I enjoyed what I lived this year. This has been very pleasant, and I look forward for next year.


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mario awards afterparty in new princeton featuring fireworks, dusty shoe beer and deep dish pizza

forgot to mention lb and i built that whole castle in survival, and it was nice having people enjoy it for a special occasion :peach: :peach: :peach:


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Finally caught up on everything, and I must say that these are some of the most creative and passionate projects I've seen come out of this community. I'm mega proud of everybody who created a presentation this year. Thank you for making this the wonderful community it is. You all rule :birdo:


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All the presentations are very well-thought out, and I appreciate the creativity that's been shown throughout. There's a lot of variety from different members, which is what makes this the greatest.

Some of the winners are kind of unexpected. For example, I am surprised that Mario got 2nd place in the Major Character award, when Yoshi normally took that place. The Mario 64 costume took 1st place in the Costume award, when I thought it would go to the Wedding outfits. There are some surprises that are very welcomed, particularly the fact that Mario Party 3 is recognised as a great Mario Party after all the years of Mario Party 2 taking that spot.

Thank you for reading.

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Mario Kart DS Fan said:
did it beginyet?
also i'm the only one here without a party hat...
Yeah, it happened yesterday. But feel free to look back through the presentations!

Also, you can post here to get a party hat.


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Miu Iruma said:
>you went from C to B to S


(i love this)
I originally planned to have Captain Toad in there as well to complete the C, B, A, S chain. But then time happened, and I thought "This is loosely based on the GBA games and those only went up to A, mayyyyybe I can get away with it". Silly me though, of course someone would notice.