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Mario Awards XII
/ 6:10PM EDT - Mario Awards XII Opening Script - Anton
/ 6:15PM EDT - M1 - Best Sound Design - Meta Knight
/ 6:20PM EDT - M3 - Favorite Mario Platformer - NEXandGBX
/ 6:25PM EDT - M24 - Favorite Costume - Anton
/ 6:30PM EDT - M12 - Favorite Supporting Character - Gabumon
/ 6:35PM EDT - M2 - Favorite Mario Kart Game - BBQ Turtle
/ 6:40PM EDT - M25 - Favorite 2D Mario Level - Meta Knight
/ 6:45PM EDT - M13 - Favorite Level Theme - Meta Knight
/ 6:50PM EDT - M15 - Hardest Boss - Turboo
/ 6:55PM EDT - M21 - Favorite Puzzle Game - Chibiki Daisy
/ 7:00PM EDT - M18 - Favorite Mario Party Game - Gabumon
/ 7:05PM EDT - M8 - Favorite Art Style - Chibiki Daisy
/ 7:10PM EDT - M20 - Favorite Sports Game - Meta Knight & MsRetroGeek
/ 7:15PM EDT - M4 - Favorite Mario Kart Course - Yoshiwaker
/ 7:20PM EDT - M6 - Favorite Wario Level - DragonFreak
/ 7:25PM EDT - M29 - Favorite Classic Game (GCN/GBA and older) - DragonFreak
/ 7:35PM EDT - M5 - Favorite DK Level - Epic Nitwit
/ 7:40PM EDT - M9 - Favorite Add-on Content - Gabumon
/ 7:45PM EDT - M16 - Favorite Item - Chibiki Daisy
/ 7:50PM EDT - M17 - Favorite Mario RPG - Fawfulthegreat64
/ 7:55PM EDT - M19 - Favorite Actor - MrConcreteDonkey
/ 8:00PM EDT - M27 - Favorite Boss Battle - GBAToad & Lord Bowser
/ 8:05PM EDT - M22 - Favorite Battle Course - rollerC
/ 8:10PM EDT - M7 - Favorite Yoshi Level - Snack
/ 8:15PM EDT - M10 - Favorite Song - GBAToad
/ 8:20PM EDT - M26 - Favorite 3D Mario Level - The Pyro Guy
/ 8:25PM EDT - M23 - Favorite Capture - Hooded Pitohui
/ 8:30PM EDT - M28 - Favorite Game Setting - Hooded Pitohui & ManKoops
/ 8:35PM EDT - M14 - Favorite Species - Gamefreak75
/ 8:40PM EDT - M11 - Favorite Major Character - Superchao
/ 8:45PM EDT - M30 - Favorite Modern Game (Wii/DS and newer) - The Pyro Guy
/ 8:50PM EDT - Mario Awards XII Closing Script - Anton


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Welcome to the Official Mario Awards XII Ceremony!

Tonight is the night we celebrate our community, now officially a teenager! 13 years (plus a few days) ago the Super Mario Wiki was made, and a year later the Mario Awards followed suit. All of this hard work put into presentations revealed tonight is all in honor of the wiki itself, the community that keeps it clean, vibrant, and fun, and the Mario games that brought us all here in the first place.

Along with each presenter, I would like to especially thank our back-up presenters Edo, The Pyro Guy, Meta Knight, and DragonFreak, who between them all ended up doing a solid 20 presentations--a third of the total! Without them and their tireless work none of this would’ve been possible, along with everyone else who chipped in. What keeps me going with this is seeing each year so many people come up with new and unique ways to share the poll results and express their creativity.

I would also like to thank 2257 for providing technical expertise and advice, especially with helping tally. Additionally, Lakituthequick, who is the latest addition to our core Awards crew, was a significant help with all kinds of spell-checking, fact-checking, math-checking, syntax-checking. The work both of these fellas put in is indispensable and helps make everything run as smooth as it does, which in turn makes it significantly less stressful!

And finally on my ‘thank you’ list are, well, everyone else! The Awards Committee, tournament hosts, tournament players, viewers slamming the Like button, and anyone else who has volunteered their time, advice, efforts, words, literally anything that has gone into these events. Each year this speech remains pretty much the same, and I can’t be more thankful for that, as it means everything is running great!

Keep an eye out for next year, because I’ve already got some changes planned to help keep this swell tradition of ours funky fresh as we hurdle through time and space. It makes me proud how close-knit everyone in this community is, providing a welcoming environment for all kinds of newer and younger users, helping them feel at home, into our oddball internet loose family to pop into chat to say hi, write some sections in The ‘Shroom, share art and stories on the forum, watch movies together, play games well into the night, and just spend time together with people who share your interests and find comfortable.

Now, we’re halfway through the sum total of presentations, which start back up in just a few minutes, so hurry up and refill your drink, grab some more snacks, run to the bathroom, fluff your pillows, and settle in for some neato comics, stories, drawings, and more!

Meta Knight is up next with M1 - Best Sound Design!


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How many cards are you hiding beneath that funky image?

How do I uncover them?


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M1 - Best Sound Design
Hey all! It's no surprise that the Mario series, as well as plenty of spin-offs, have had a slew of amazing soundtracks over the years. So many iconic themes, charming atmospheres, melodic tunes, and each game manages to carry its own style. From the big band jazz of Super Mario 3D World, to the relaxed harmonies of Yoshi's Island, there's no doubt that a lot of care goes into the sound design.

Taking inspiration from DragonFreak's presentation last year with this award, I have prepared a quiz on Sporcle for you, with an accompanying medley video that you can listen to without playing the game if you want. Even if some of the nominees are the same as last year, each song is unique in my quiz from the ones showcased last year.

There are two different quiz types here for you, each with a slightly different medley. Type A features the top 10 nominees in this award, with 3 songs from each, and the game for which is not revealed in the video. You'll have to guess which game the tunes are found in the quiz! Type B features 5 songs from the top 5 nominees, and you'll have to guess the song title featured. The nominees are revealed in Type B.

Pick whichever one you'd like, my intent in having two different styles is to include players with varying experience in the Mario series. I'll include the medleys separate from the quizzes as well in case anyone wants to listen to them by themselves. Please enjoy!

Number of votes
Percentage of votes
1Super Mario Odyssey35322.43%
2Super Mario Galaxy25616.26%
3Mario Kart 8/Mario Kart 8 Deluxe1308.26%
4Super Mario Galaxy 21036.54%
5Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door905.72%
6Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze744.70%
7Super Mario 64714.51%
8Super Paper Mario644.07%
9Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest613.88%
10Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story603.81%
11Mario & Luigi: Dream Team573.62%
12Super Mario World563.56%
13Super Mario 3D World472.99%
14Paper Mario: Color Splash432.73%
15Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle332.10%
16Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island291.84%
17O. Paper Mario: Sticker Star50.32%
18O. Super Mario Bros. 340.25%
18O. Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars40.25%
18O. Super Mario Sunshine40.25%
21O. Donkey Kong 6420.13%
21O. Mario Kart Wii20.13%
21O. Mario Kart: Double Dash!!20.13%
21O. Paper Mario20.13%
21O. Super Mario All Stars20.13%
21O. Super Mario Bros20.13%
21O. Wario World20.13%
28O. Donkey Kong Country Returns10.06%
28O. Luigi's Mansion10.06%
28O. Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam10.06%
28O. Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time10.06%
28O. Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga10.06%
28O. Mario Kart DS10.06%
28O. Mario Sports Mix10.06%
28O. Mario Teaches Typing10.06%
28O. New Super Mario Bros. Wii10.06%
28O. Super Mario 3D Land10.06%
28O. Super Mario Bros. 210.06%
28O. Super Mario Maker10.06%
28O. Super Princess Peach10.06%
28O. Wario Land 410.06%
28O. Wario Land: Shake It!10.06%
28O. Yoshi's Story10.06%
Total Votes: 1574
results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

NEXandGBX is up next with M3 - Favorite Mario Platformer!


One Tough Cream Puff
[Continued from F3]


Huh, somehow I managed to bounce off of the football. I should have questioned it a little more, but the point is I miraculously made it all the way to the bridge after avoiding some more projectiles...only to find out that Bowser was in another castle (according to a stray Goomba, anyway). It was pretty upsetting and I made my leave. I figured I'd grab fast food instead of the cake I was expecting...but it's still pretty disappointing.

I needed to take a load off. It's still just barely summer so I figured, why not take a vacation? Everyone else does this sort of stuff all the time, but I'm often just minding my own business. Maybe I'm missing out?

I'd booked two vacations for separate weeks. First, I decided to head off to Dinosaur Land, since I heard it was a nice picnic spot. There were plenty of friendly Yoshis to show me the ropes, including a flight experience thanks to the Cape Feather. Kinda made me dizzy though, so I'll just stick to walking. The names of the various parts of the island made me hungry, but luckily there was all kinds of berries to snack on. I had a fun time, but admittedly not the R&R I really needed.

You could at least attempt to explore the level.

#5 - Super Mario World
132 votes

The time of the SNES was really something else. All sorts of Nintendo mascots were getting games that are still considered grade A quality even today, such as The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Super Metroid, and Kirby Super Star, as well as introductions to new Nintendo franchises like F-Zero, Star Fox, Donkey Kong Country, and Yoshi. However, a part of kicking off the console's launch was this game, Super Mario World, which is 5th on this list with 132 votes. With the increase in power, World could be jam packed with all sorts of content, like a whopping 96 exits for stages, large enemy variety, snazzier graphics, everything except more power-ups oops. However, this game did introduce the Cape Feather, an extremely strong power up that lets you fly through the air, spin your cape to take care of most anything, and stomp the ground to wipe every baddie on it. And speaking of power ups, let's look at the new kid, Yoshi. You find him in eggs scattered around Dinosaur Land. He's able to stomp many foes in just one bounce, and can lick up smaller foes too. This is especially effective with Koopa Shells, since he can take a different essence based on the color. Green has no special effects, Red shoots out fireballs instead of the shell, Blue gives Yoshi wings to fly, and Yellow lets him stomp the ground, defeating enemies with sand clouds (a Koopa that crawls into a Yellow Shell also becomes a Kamikaze Koopa, who can be eaten for all three of these effects at once). You can even find colored Yoshis with these effects on all shells! The game looks and sounds great, even for a SNES launch title. With all that and more, Super Mario World has aged greatly and is my personal favorite 2D Mario game.

Immediately after, my next travel spot was Isle Delfino. The summer sun and sandy beaches aren't something I experience as much back home, so it was a new experience for me. The sporting activities there will take your breath away. No, really. You immediately die after losing one. Happened to me a few times on the trip. Not fun. The residents are super friendly and there's no way I'm getting blackmailed by the government to not talk about them negatively. Nope, not one bit. Ahahahaha.

Pictured: the definition of pain

#5 - Super Mario Sunshine
132 votes

Welcome to the tropical sun-drenched paradise of Isle Delfino! We're so pleased to welcome to you to our beautiful home! *weird noise* Anyway, this is Super Mario Sunshine, tied with World for 5th at 132 votes. While not the first Mario series title on the GameCube (that was Luigi's Mansion), it still came rather early into the system's lifespan. Mario's been charged with cleaning the entire island after he supposedly polluted the place with goop, which is actually the work of an imposter called Shadow Mario, who himself is a disguise for Bowser Jr., Bowser's son. Despite the townspeople seeing both of them at once with Mario clearly trying to stop Shadow Mario, he's still held to his charges anyway. Pricks. If we're gonna have to clean up the island, though, it's thankfully an enjoyable experience doing so. Mario's got a new tool in his arsenal this game, named F.L.U.D.D., who can shoot out water in various ways to clear all sorts of missions and recover the Shine Sprites, the a large part of the island's lifestyle that left because of the goop. Even though the inhabitants are the ones who hold a lot of them. Ugh. Anyway, Isle Delfino has all sorts of areas to travel through, each with their own Shine Sprites and other goodies like Blue Coins, which can be exchanged for even more Shine Sprites thanks to Raccoons that should seriously be arrested for not just handing them to the police. They're a pain to get all of for such little reward, but you don't have to to just beat the game. The journey for that is quite enjoyable, with a variety of things to do and see. It's still a great game in its own right, but it can be frustrating if you go for everything.

My Delfino vacation was short-lived, however. I eventually fell down into a Pachinko machine and couldn't escape my fate. But I found the result a little odd; I wasn't dead, but I was instead falling through the skies at breakneck speed! This time it wasn't for hours, but it really should have been. I noticed myself plummeting towards an object's gravity and braced for impact...


I had to recollect myself for a second to make sure I was okay, but I seem to have landed on an entirely different planet! There was a pretty small pond around some platforms, which looked rather soothing. Didn't take long to find my way through and found a star. If I'm not mistaken, these are called Power Stars. I got a brilliant idea: collect all sorts of Power Stars, and have them take me to the ultimate vacation destination! But first, I wondered how I'd get something to power with them in the first place. Upon touching them, however, I found out. I landed on a ship shaped exactly like my head! My head doesn't look the most interesting...but it'll do. I set off on a Power Star adventure filled to the brim with a variety of locales like a snowy wonderland, a cookie maze in space, a relaxing underwater cove, basically everywhere!

#4 - Super Mario Galaxy 2
142 votes

Super Mario Galaxy 2 picks up the spot in 4th with 142 votes! It's a direct sequel to its predecessor, Super Mario Galaxy, released three years prior. Though this initially started out as a mere expansion, so much new content was added they felt the right to give it the sequel treatment. Does it deserve it? That depends from person to person, but personally I believe it does. Mechanically, the game's no different than it's predecessor, and the graphic quality and music are equally great too. This game's got a faster pace to it than the first game, streamlining various things like the hub world. I've really gotta play this again so I can go more in-detail if I ever end up needing to cover this game for an award again, but point is I think it holds up really well.

On my quest, I found a Galaxy I found oddly familiar. It took me a second, but it hit me that this is Whomp's Fortress! I went here the last time I collected Power Stars. My reasoning? The cannon in the castle courtyard was clogged and it doesn't open up without 120 of them. That was some experience, but I had a pretty fun time. From the plains of Bob-omb Battlefield, the eerie setpieces of Big Boo's Haunt, and a host of other locales, I got to experience the secret worlds within the castle.

Never talk to me or my son again.

#3 - Super Mario 64
152 votes

We've hit the top 3, and what better way to kick things off than with Mario's first 3D adventure, Super Mario 64! It ended up just 10 votes above 4th, at 152, which itself was 10 above 5th (132). Bowser's kidnapped Princess Peach and hidden all of the Power Stars in the world of the castle paintings, are you a bad enough dude to rescue her? While the game certainly has aged, it's still a great game and revolutionized the 3D Platforming industry for a reason. Your goal is to recover all the Power Stars to unlock the doors to more paintings and Bowser's lair. You only need 70 to beat the game, but there's 120 in total, so there's a ton to do in this game. While the game lacks traditional power ups, it brings some caps into the mix. The Wing Cap lets you take to the skies, the Metal Cap makes you invincible and lets you sink into the water, and the Invisible Cap lets you pass right through objects like they're nothing. You've also got way more maneuverability than Mario's ever had before (many of which originated from DK 94'). The Triple Jump, Side Somersault, Long Jump, Backflip, Ground Pound, punches and kicks, and a totally useless breakdance kick. It's really easy to have a fun time in 64!

I should probably also bring attention to the game's 2004 DS remake, Super Mario 64 DS. Though I think it was ahead of its time (would have been better on the 3DS because of the proper control stick), it features the addition of three more playable characters. Yoshi can lick up enemies and throw them out as eggs, Luigi has absurd acrobatics, and Wario can uh, break black bricks. The game also adds 30 new stars, bringing the total up to 150! The original still tends to be the preferred of the two because of its control method, but this remake is certainly worth checking out too.

i still need to do the run

But of course, I couldn't stay there forever. There's Power Stars to collect! I nabbed my Power Stars from that galaxy and continued my quest. With the rate I was collecting Power Stars, I was sure I'd reach a high number in no time. However, I bumped into another starship along the way! All of my Stars went flying, but thanks to the ship's captain, Rosalina, I retrieved them all from the void of space before they spread too far. She offered to help me find some more Stars as an apology, and so my space odyssey continued.

Galaxy would really be a different game if we were dealing with a more realistic twist on space.

#2 - Super Mario Galaxy
214 votes

After a 5 year wait, 3D Mario comes back with a vengeance with Super Mario Galaxy, generating 214 votes for the 2nd place slot. What do you do when your island vacation goes bust? You take yourself to space, that's what! Mario's getting ready to celebrate the Star Festival, but Bowser shows up to attack, kidnapping the castle (he's learned from 64, I see) and knocking Mario into the atmosphere. He's not completely hopeless, thanks to the help of a Baby Luma and the captain of the Starship Observatory, Rosalina. Like SM64 and Sunshine (though those were Shines), your goal is collecting Power Stars to reach Bowser in the center of the universe. Mario's just as mobile as ever, and thanks to the Baby Luma he even gets a Spin Jump, a great move whether you're fighting baddies or doing platforming. You'd think motion controls would be an issue, but it's only when the game has you do something completely off the walls like riding a rolling ball where it can get intrusive. All sorts of power ups and contraptions are along the way to help you nab the glittering golds too. The game looks fantastic for a Wii game, and need I even mention the soundtrack? It's incredibly well known for being one of the best soundtracks in gaming history, backing up its space setting with an equally grand orchestra. Space may be a wonder, but it's no wonder why this game's a fan favorite. There's a preference for the first Galaxy game over the sequel, but personally I could go either way.

I noticed that the ship was starting to overflow, so I figured it was time to let loose and use the Power Star energy to send me to where I needed to go. The amount of Power Stars I'd collected caused me to go at an insane speed, but this was how many I needed to get there from where I was according to Lubba. I held on as tight as I could, but I don't have fingers so I slipped off the ship and started falling!

That fall hurt really bad, so I was laying on the floor for a while. When I looked up, I saw one of the locals of the area talking to me. I'd assume he was asking if I was okay (based on the text bubble, I mean, how else would I know?), though to me it sounded like "I just want to die". I was curious where I was and if this was the right place at all. My answer was right on the road I landed on: "New Donk City", according to the text on it. From what I'd read about my destination, it wasn't anything like this, so I guess I was completely on route I just slipped off. I bet Lubba's enjoying it without me. Ass.

However, as I spend time there wondering how to get out, I started to grow more attatched to the place. There was all sorts of fun things to do like watching movies, running from dinosaurs, jumping on a crowd, and other shenanigans. However, I'd truly had my mind set once I saw the New Donk City Festival. Everything about the atmosphere was just right, and from that point I'd decided that this is perfectly fine.

Despite that, though, I still needed to get home. I tend to get hired as a handy man for when the others are busy, after all, so I'm pretty essential to the castle's staff. Hey, is that...Mario? Hello! I guess this is where he's been spending his time, huh? Wait, wh-

It's-a-me, Mario!

#1 - Super Mario Odyssey
601 votes

Breaking free to the #1 slot is Mario's most recent 3D outing, Super Mario Odyssey almost outright tripling the last entry with 601 votes! Bowser's at his dastardly tricks again, knocking Mario to areas unknown with the intent to marry Princess Peach. He's fallen into the Cap Kingdom, where he receives help from a Bonneton named Cappy, also after Bowser because he kidnapped his sister, Tiara. Even as soon as the initial reveal, this game was generating hype big time. While the two 3D series games were fine in their own rights, this was a return to form to Mario's collectathon 3D roots, with an insane amount of open-endedness alongside it. So open ended that, in fact, there's literally hundreds of Power Moons (fuel for a ship, the Odyssey) to collect, and just about every corner you turn you can find one. Cappy serves as all sorts of utility, from throws up and down and all around, to being able to serve as an extra jump. But of course, he's also host to the game's biggest feature. Throwing him at enemies will often allow you to cap-ture them and take control. This leads to all sorts of interesting ways to get Moons! The game's locales, while mostly familiar in theme, are absolutely oozing with charm. The game looks and sounds great, with a sweet 60fps frame rate to top it off. I've already replayed it many times since getting it, and I can safely say this is a gem that'll last a long time. Let's do the Odyssey!

Number of votes
Percentage of votes
1Super Mario Odyssey60135.00%
2Super Mario Galaxy21412.46%
3Super Mario 64/Super Mario 64 DS1528.85%
4Super Mario Galaxy 21428.27%
5Super Mario Sunshine1327.69%
5Super Mario World1327.69%
7Super Mario 3D World955.53%
8New Super Mario Bros. Wii623.61%
9Super Mario Bros. 3603.49%
10New Super Mario Bros.392.27%
11Super Mario Bros.221.28%
12Super Mario 3D Land211.22%
13New Super Mario Bros. U/New Super Luigi U160.93%
14Super Mario Run120.70%
15O. Super Mario Bros. 2 (USA)50.29%
16O. New Super Mario Bros. 230.17%
16O. Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins30.17%
18O. Super Princess Peach20.12%
19O. Mario Teaches Typing 210.06%
19O. Super Mario Land10.06%
19O. Super Mario Maker10.06%
19O. Super Paper Mario10.06%
Total Votes: 1717
results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

Anton is up next with M24 - Favorite Costume!


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M24 - Favorite Super Mario Odyssey Costume

Resort - 13 votes

Caveman - 12 votes

Pirate - 13 votes

Waluigi - 111 votes

Boxer Shorts - 136 votes

Mario 64 - 415 votes

Number of votes
Percentage of votes
1Mario 6441529.64%
2Boxer Shorts1369.71%
4Mario Wedding Suit1047.43%
6Bowser's Wedding Suit725.14%
11Tostarena Set271.93%
19O. Classic110.79%
20O. Luigi80.57%
21O. Metal Mario70.50%
21O. Satellaview70.50%
23O. Builder60.43%
23O. Diddy Kong60.43%
23O. Explorer60.43%
23O. Gold Mario60.43%
23O. Wario60.43%
28O. Fashionable40.29%
28O. King40.29%
28O. Zombie 40.29%
31O. Aviator30.21%
31O. Baseball30.21%
31O. Black Tuxedo30.21%
31O. Topper30.21%
35O. Black Suit20.14%
35O. Clown20.14%
35O. Invisible20.14%
35O. Mechanic20.14%
35O. Racing20.14%
41O. 8-bit10.07%
41O. Chef10.07%
41O. Crazy Cap10.07%
41O. Doctor10.07%
41O. Happi10.07%
41O. Spewart10.07%
Total Votes: 1400
results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

Gabumon is up next with M12 - Favorite Supporting Character!


I have something to ask of you...
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Retired Wiki Staff
M12 - Favorite Supporting Character
By Mr. Edo

Chapter 1: High Road

Luigi: He-... uhm. Hello? Princess? Princess Peach? A word with you, your highne--

Daisy: What?

Luigi: Oh, my apologies milady. I had you confused with… Nevermind, I’ll be on my way.

Daisy: Nonononono, hold on a second there, buster! Did you just think I was Peach?

Luigi: It was an honest mistake, milady.

Daisy: I beg to differ! Putting your gloves on backwards is an honest mistake! Confusing two entirely different people borders on senility!

Luigi: I uh… I wasn’t aware this would offend you so. Is there anything I can do to make it up to you?

Daisy: I just want to know how!

Luigi: How?

Daisy: How did you confuse me with Princess Peach? We’re like, completely different!

Luigi: At the risk of offending you again, milady… You don’t seem that different to me.

Daisy: What!?!

Luigi: You are both dressed alike, you both choose to accessorize in the same manner, you sport similar hairstyles, you even seem to be around each other most of the time.

Daisy: There are some key distinctive features that separate us, I have you know! For example, this brooch I’m wearing has a flower petal design!

Luigi: I would call that a minute difference.

Daisy: Well, you can also distinguish me by my decidedly tomboyish angle!

Luigi: Tomboyish angle?

Daisy: You know, how I’m wearing fancy dresses, lots of makeup, associating myself with pretty flowers, all that tomboy stuff....

.... … …

...oh my god, it’s true, isn’t it?? I’m not really my own person…

Luigi: My apologies, I did not mean to depress you. I’m sure you have a lot of unique traits hidden beneath. T-they just didn’t have a chance to surface yet.

Daisy: Yeah… YEAH! I AM DAISY! I will figure out my own path eventually! And you will be my witness!

Luigi: Huh, uhm… I am actually somewhat busy, so--

Daisy: Nowaynoway! You stay close and don’t run off! I’ve got my eye on you!

Luigi: Ulp!

Support Level Up!

Chapter 8: Tides of Waa!

Cappy: We meet again, green knight!

Luigi: Well met, Hatty.

Cappy: Cappy, but close enough I guess.

You’re not with your balloons today, I see.

Luigi: That, uhh… They paid me good money to do that. My brother is a big spender and it brings us into financial jeopardy fairly often. Not that he ever has to deal with it since he’s never home anyway…

Cappy: You know, I think you’re right about the spending part. When I was on the road with him, he could barely keep his wallet from spilling. In fact, there was one time I turned him INTO a wallet, and even then he was spitting change everywhere.

Luigi: That is quite an ability you have, taking over the minds of your enemies. Why aren’t you doing it here?

Cappy: Most of the folks we’re up against are wearing hats, or helmets, or hoods. It’s really… kind of freaking me out, actually.

Luigi: Why is that?

Cappy: Like, I’m a hat that’s alive, and everyone around me is wearing hats that aren’t. Try to look at it from my perspective.

Luigi: Yikes!

Cappy: Yikes indeed.

Luigi: I would take off my hat now as an act of courtesy, but whenever I do, I take double damage, so I’m afraid I can’t.

Cappy: It’s cool. I’ve seen so many horrific things on my journey with Mario, I’m pretty jaded by now. I guess in retrospect it makes sense not many of my people venture out of our home.

It’s ok though! Now I have this inanimate cloth! I’m sure there’s a species of anthropomorphic textile articles somewhere out there that are mighty upset by that!

Luigi: Doesn’t that just perpetuate the issue?

Cappy: Eh, lashing out is therapeutic.

Support Level Up!

Chapter 15: Fearsome Koopa King!

Luigi: Is everything all right over here?

Waluigi: Wheehehehe!

Luigi: Oh god it’s you again. I’m just going to leave.

Waluigi: Waaaait, Greenie, don’t go so quickly! Aren’t we friends?

Luigi: If we are, then you have a warped definition of “friends”.

Waluigi: I don’t know what you’re talking about! Haven’t we had a lot of good fun together?

Luigi: The first time we spoke, you glued my pants to my saddle!

Waluigi: Hehehe, yeah! Laughters all over camp!

Luigi: And then two days later you put squirrel hair into my toothpaste!

Waluigi: Healthy! Helps clean the space between your teeth!

Luigi: And then the VERY SAME NIGHT you put a beehive under my blanket!

Waluigi: A classic!

Luigi: And then just when I ran out of my tent, screaming because of all the bees, I tripped over an anthill you put in front of the door!

Waluigi: Comedic escalation!

Luigi: ...right into a ditch you dug and filled with leeches!

Waluigi: And a stunning conclusion! The complete ensemble of entertainment!

Luigi: And that is really just the tip of the iceberg! I really have to be constantly on guard when I’m around you!

Waluigi: See? It toughens you up! I’m being very helpful!

Luigi: Yes, indeed! Your strange and annoying presence has been so taxing on my mind… I have finally reached the peak! Absolute mental fortitude!

Waluigi: Oh?

Luigi: Yes! I will never fall for one of your pranks again!

Waluigi: Hooray! To celebrate, why don’t you pull my finger?

Luigi: Ha! It’s a fake hand and if I pull it, it will shoot snakes at me! I am wise to your tricks now! Pull your own finger, cad!

Waluigi: It took so long to set this up…

Luigi: No more!

Waluigi: But Luigi… but... this was our thing…

Luigi: Huh?

Waluigi: This was what we did together… It… It can’t be over, can it? I don’t… what will I do now…?

Luigi: Wow... This is really affecting you, huh? I didn’t foresee this.

Waluigi: I don’t… I just don’t know how to connect with people...

Luigi: If you really want us to connect, maybe we could just… be friends?

Waluigi: ...yeah, I would like that. Man, you’re so profound, Luigi!

Luigi: You think so?

Waluigi: You’re so smart and wise! I believe that’s why I was so strongly drawn to you from the beginning!

Luigi: Uh… what?

Waluigi: There is a special bond between you and I, Luigi! I was too distracted by childish antics before, but now I see it clearly!

Luigi: Uhm…

Waluigi: I… I love you, Luigi! It is the will of fate that we be together forever and ever and ever!

Waluigi: Let’s marry and then make out~

Luigi: M… Mhhh…. MmmmmMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!


Thought you can elude Waluigi? Think again, you green loser!

Support Level Up…?

Number of votes
Percentage of votes
3Princess Daisy17710.20%
4Captain Toad1729.91%
5Professor E. Gadd1267.26%
8Diddy Kong895.13%
13O. Fawful50.29%
14O. Ashley30.17%
14O. Koopa Troopas30.17%
14O. Petey Piranha30.17%
14O. Pink Gold Peach30.17%
18O. Chatty Mr. Spell Book20.12%
18O. F.L.U.D.D.20.12%
18O. Goombella20.12%
18O. King Boo20.12%
18O. Ludwig von Koopa20.12%
18O. Starlow20.12%
18O. Tippi20.12%
18O. Vivian20.12%
26O. Beep-010.06%
26O. Boo10.06%
26O. Chunky Kong10.06%
26O. Cranky Kong10.06%
26O. Dixie Kong10.06%
26O. Dry Bones10.06%
26O. Geno10.06%
26O. Goombas10.06%
26O. Kammy Koopa10.06%
26O. Lady Bow (Paper Mario 64)10.06%
26O. Lemmy Koopa10.06%
26O. Lumas10.06%
26O. Mary O.10.06%
26O. Merlon10.06%
26O. Oogtar10.06%
26O. Piantas10.06%
26O. Polari10.06%
26O. Prince Peasley10.06%
26O. Star Spirits10.06%
26O. White Shy Guys10.06%
Total Votes: 1735
results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

BBQ Turtle is up next with M2 - Favorite Mario Kart Game!

BBQ Turtle

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Number of votes
Percentage of votes
1Mario Kart 8/Mario Kart 8 Deluxe88249.80%
2Mario Kart Wii29616.71%
3Mario Kart: Double Dash!!24013.55%
4Mario Kart DS1558.75%
5Mario Kart 64864.86%
6Mario Kart 7653.67%
7Super Mario Kart221.24%
8Mario Kart: Super Circuit211.19%
9O. Mario Kart Arcade GP30.17%
10O. Mario Kart Arcade GP DX10.06%
Total Votes: 1771
results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

Meta Knight is up next with M25 - Favorite 2D Mario Level!


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[00:33] Gabumon fun fact
[00:33] SonicMario Waluigi wins Supporting Character always anyway
[00:34] Gabumon originally I planned to make gba fire emblem style sprites for this
[00:34] Hibiki_Tachaobana waluigi time
[00:34] Gabumon
[00:34] nico waw
[00:34] Gabumon but time
[00:34] mcd oh shit nice
[00:34] MayanRyan dang
[00:34] Hibiki_Tachaobana those look perfect
[00:34] nico thats sick dude
[00:34] Fawfulthegreat64 Fawful was the top write-in, I'm satisfied
[00:34] Hibiki_Tachaobana post them in the thread as DLC

Paper Ray Trace

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Hey, BBQ Turtle, my character isn't easy to draw but you did a great job with the design!

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M25 - Favorite 2D Mario Level
I'm gonna keep this introduction brief because the video is the main highlight here, but with so many Mario games, there's obviously a plethora of Mario levels within the 2D games. From being iconic, fun, aesthetically appealing, levels are important in Mario, as well as all games. What good is a platformer if the levels aren't fun to play? Some levels are so memorable, you could even picture them while having the sense of sight taken away! That's what I did for the top nominee in the video below. Please enjoy!

Number of votes
Percentage of votes
1World 1-1 (SMB)25020.13%
2Painted Swampland (NSMBU)21417.23%
3World 8-7 (NSMBW)1058.45%
4Donut Plains 1 (SMW)957.65%
5Yoshi's Island 2 (SMW)897.17%
6World 1-1 (NSMB)836.68%
7Front Door (SMW)564.51%
8Forest of Illusion 3 (SMW)544.35%
9Donut Secret House (SMW)413.30%
10World 2-3 (NSMB)372.98%
11World 4-1 (SMB3)352.82%
11World 5-3 (SMB3)352.82%
13World 8-4 (SMB)302.42%
14World 1-2 (SMB)252.01%
15World 2-Pyramid (SMB3)241.93%
16O. World 9-7 (NSMBW)50.40%
17O. World 7-5 (SMB3)40.32%
18O. World 1-1 (NSMBW)30.24%
18O. World 1-1 (SMB2)30.24%
20O. Acorn Plains Way (NSMBU)20.16%
20O. Top Secret Area (SMW)20.16%
20O. Tubular (SMW)20.16%
20O. World 4-2 (SMB)20.16%
20O. World 4-5 (NSMBW)20.16%
20O. World 8-Bowser's Castle (NSMB)20.16%
20O. World 8-Bowser’s Castle (NSMBW)20.16%
20O. World 8-Tower (NSMBW)20.16%
20O. World 9-3 (SMB:TLL)20.16%
20O. Yoshi's Island 1 (SMW)20.16%
30O. #6 Wendy's Castle (SMW)10.08%
30O. Back Door (SMW)10.08%
30O. Cheese Bridge Area (SMW)10.08%
30O. Chocolate Island 2 (SMW)10.08%
30O. Fliprus Lake (NSMBU)10.08%
30O. Gold Classics Pack Course 3 (NSMB2)10.08%
30O. Groovy (SMW)10.08%
30O. Outrageous (SMW)10.08%
30O. Impossible Pendulums (NSLU)10.08%
30O. Waddlewing Warning! (NSLU)10.08%
30O. Way Cool (SMW)10.08%
30O. World 1-1 (SMB3)10.08%
30O. World 1-1 (SPP)10.08%
30O. World 1-3 (NSMBW)10.08%
30O. World 1-A (NSMB2)10.08%
30O. World 3-1 (SMB)10.08%
30O. World 3-3 (SMB3)10.08%
30O. World 3-7 (SMB3)10.08%
30O. World 4-6 (SMB3)10.08%
30O. World 4-A (NSMB)10.08%
30O. World 5-C (NSMB)10.08%
30O. World 6-10 (SMB3)10.08%
30O. World 6-4 (NSMB)10.08%
30O. World 6-A (NSMB2)10.08%
30O. World 7-3 (SMB)10.08%
30O. World 7-A (NSMB)10.08%
30O. World 8-Bowser's Castle (NSMB)10.08%
30O. World 8-1 (SMB3)10.08%
30O. World 8-3 (SMB)10.08%
30O. World 8-4 (SMB1)10.08%
30O. World 8-Castle (NSMB)10.08%
30O. World 9-4 (SMB:TLL)10.08%
30O. World 9-4 (NSMBW)10.08%
30O. World Star-1 (NSMB2)10.08%
Total Votes: 1242
results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

Meta Knight is up next with M13 - Favorite Level Theme!

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Hey BBQ have I mentioned that I love your art because I do

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M13 - Favorite Level Theme
With Super Mario Odyssey highlighting photos as a part of its aesthetics (both in-game, and in the box-art), and level themes being a series staple, it leaves the question with what the best type of level is. There are the standard grassland, desert, water, ice, etc. levels, but I do think that there have been some other creative ones that deserve a light of shine. In order to do this justice, I have decided to try to play the role of Mario, and by that, I mean to travel around and try to see different real-life themes matching the results.

There are so many level themes reused throughout games, but it turns out I didn't actually have to travel anywhere too exotic. I mean there's no way I'm gonna go to space, or a volcano, but there is one thing I can use to segway into the showing. New Donk City was a highly anticipated feature of Super Mario Odyssey, and I didn't have any doubts that it delivered for some of those fans. So I headed out into the city on an adventure on my own. I went out to take pictures of a real-life counterpart to shill the idea to Nintendo to reuse it in a creative fashion and push for them to use my hometown.
Please take a look at my photo gallery.

Here we see a Fire Hydrant that Mario can take control of. I didn't bother trying to possess it myself, I didn't want to get in trouble. There's also a building here that has a girder-like look to it, which one could only faintly connect to Donkey Kong, but really it's nothing like that.

A local news station. Pretty typical, and there's likely at least one in every major city, but this can be a place for Mario to show up and gain intel on local quests. I didn't have enough time to explore the inside, because I'm not actually an employee, but someone trustworthy like Mario could easily slip past the security. I could have found out where the next Power Star/Moon are.

Mario is good at jumping and climbing buildings, so I made my way up quite a way and found some gorgeous scenery. The lighting in the real world is unmatched. The water is also out in view. Speaking of water, Mario could use his abilities to swim along the docks to find even more treasures underwater. I didn't want to go in myself because I didn't bring an extra pair of clothes. Also, that water isn't my ideal swimming spot.

New Donk City has some ideal rooftop dining and luxurious facilities, and it's no surprise that people were partying up here as well. The city skyline is in the background for some more scenery. The Ferris wheel is also here, and while I didn't see any Power Moons, Mario could probably take Peach up one of these after he saves her. Or Bowser if he decides to swing that way.

Some more skyscrapers here. Also, don't watch the movie Skyscraper. But here Mario could find plenty of areas to climb up. As for myself, I don't actually have any way to get up all of these buildings. Maybe Mario can possess the crane for some more shenanigans if Cappy is a returning feature.

A closer view of the Space Needle and the skyline. A landmark of the city here, but there's potential for a boss fight here. Or maybe just more platforming, weaving along the rooftops. Once again, I didn't actually get to do much adventuring over there, but that's not gonna stop me from throwing my ideas out there for potential level designs.

Here's a local field that they can host baseball games in. Mario Sports Superstars was a minigame collection with 5 toned-down sports (compared to their standalone counterparts), but imagine exploring the city in a Mario game and being able to play a small version of a Mario Baseball game. That'd be pretty exciting.

There's another field over there as well, to make it easier to have two different kinds of sports going on simultaneously. Having lots of variety in one-world makes the world feel coherent, and have a lot more memorability as a result. Additionally, it'd be something more fun than having just jump-rope for 100 times. I've wanted a new Mario Strikers game for a while.

Finally, I found my own version of the festival that was in New Donk City. I got here early, while they were still making preparations, but they were able to put on quite the show all night. Jump Up, Superstar and Honeylune Ridge: Escape were great hits by Pauline! Surely Nintendo wouldn't be dumb enough to not have a lyrical main theme for the next game, and I mean dang it was just so catchy.

I ended my adventure by going home late at night after the music show. What I learned is that traveling around the city can be fun, and it is no different in Mario games. New Donk City was fun, and I hope they expand upon the concept of a city theme further. You guys liked it too because you voted for the city/town theme as your favorite level theme! I'm sure there have been more cities in Mario games than just New Donk City, but I'm having a hard time thinking of it. Thanks for reading!

Number of votes
Percentage of votes
6Ghost House1076.80%
19O. Japanese60.38%
20O. Rainbow Road30.19%
21O. Forest20.13%
21O. Ground20.13%
23O. Afterlife (ex. Underwhere)10.06%
23O. Beehive10.06%
23O. Casino10.06%
23O. Circuit10.06%
23O. Darkness (ex. Castle Bleck)10.06%
23O. Fire/Ice10.06%
23O. Inside Yoob10.06%
23O. Neon10.06%
23O. Starry Night10.06%
23O. Train10.06%
Total Votes: 1573
results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

Turboo is up next with M15 - Hardest Boss!


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So you're probably wondering how I got here. To understand, we need to go back. Back... to a few hours ago.

: Oh my god, F4 is terrible.

: Well, at least it's in. Plus it's the only one I signed up for this year.

: Time to kick back and sleep until PMs get sent out.


: I know it's late for most of you, but M15 Hardest Boss just got dropped.

: If anyone wants to be a champ and take it that would be gr8

: I'll take it

: should be able to pull that off

: :pgp:

: I shouldn't have impulsed this.

: I need people to help me with this but

: Who would be up at this hour on a weekday??

: 22, it's Turb; I need help with this last-minute presentation and TFP isn't picking up. You're like, my last hope.



: Oh.

: I'm almost out of ideas... but maybe... if I tried THAT again...


: Uh, hey, good morning Jav!

: Who is this and why do you have my number?

: It's me! Uh, Turb, I mean! It's me, Turb. Look, don't worry about why I'm calling you, I just need you to help me with something.

: ...

: You've been really quiet for, like, 5 seconds now. Are you angry? It's because it's 3 in the morning, isn't it?

: Okay, sure, Turb. I'll humor you. Define "something" and explain why I should feel motivated to do it.

: So let's say I was going to hunt some undead, and I needed your assistance to kill them because I know you're really great and bloodthirsty and you want all of us to die. What would you do, Javs? Would you take me up on that?

: You realize that the last time you asked me to kill undead was when you wanted me to get your cousin to stop freeloading at your house.

: Okay but that was like, one time, years ago. I don't even know how you remembered it. Anyway, it's for the awards this time, and that's important work as much as you want to say it isn't.

: If you said that from the beginning you could have wasted a lot less time all around, I would've hung up by now.

: Listen, you can just sit around and pose for photos where you look helpless. There's, like, 3 girls in the top 5. You're into that sort of thing right?

: oh my GOD

: You're even more of an idiot than I thought you were.

: I'm changing my number after this. I don't know who gave it to you but I'm going to find out.

: Wait no it was a joke I looked you up in the phone bo--

: Well then I guess I'll just have to call up everyone else anyway!

Day X, Month O

I have been on this accursed boat for about a week now, trying to make it to Seaside Town. Why? I don't know, because the damned thing we're going after is in Monstro Town. Is this literally the closest port in the entire place?? Snack won't give me a straight answer, he just insists on the value of the journey and how teleportation is cheating. I swear to god I'm going to throw myself off deck soon.

I didn't even get to put my hat on before we left.

: Are we there yet??

: Turb, calm down.

: I can't work under these conditions!

: You're not director anymore, of course the angry Turb joke doesn't work!

: Wait.

: Do you hear that?

: Hear what?

: It's from right above us--



: I'm turning the boat around.


: Well, we're here. I called you out because you're the closest thing to a professional I'm getting.

: I field studied this thing to draw it. It'll be good, don't worry. Brought a sledge, too.

: And I've set up the bait.

: I don't know if this is going to work.

: It worked in the diner.

: That just means it's more likely to kill us!

: Well, I dunno. May as well--

: Do you have any idea how to fight this thing?

: No. I brought some axes though.

: Did you bring anything else?? Anything that can actually hit it?

: Yeah I guess

: You guess?????? I should have just brought Edo or TB, oh my god, we're literally going to die

: Well

: Turb update fn

: I'm gonna go get some muddy buddies and ice cream now that that's over, bye.

: See you.

: Okay, maybe this one won't be dead by the time I get there.

: This is first place. It should be a reasonably tough fight, especially if he got here without me.

: You know, the bucket-and-jar combo works on them every time.

: Never mind.

: But... why?

: Why were they all so easy?

: These were supposed to be the hardest bosses but they all went down in one hit. It doesn't make any sense. There's no way EVERYONE is this good at combat.

: I feel sort of hurt right now.

: Oh my god...

: What if... what if it was sabotage?

: But the only person who would do that is--

???: So you figured it out, huh?

: Darn. It was just starting to get funny, too.

: No, I can't believe it and I WON'T believe it!

: The real Jav would just tell me to stop bothering him and mute me! There's no way he'd go to all of this trouble!

: It's too late, Turb.

: I've already set my plan in motion...

: Clearly it's gone off without a hitch.

: No one will be able to take this presentation seriously, and the awards' credibility will decrease more and more. Everyone here will finally stop wasting their goddamn time on this when they could just be hosting yearly tournaments.

: Finally...

: I won't have to hear about them from you ever again!

: Y-you guys?! How did the rest of you get here?

: I dont know but we need to deop the guy who's abusing tp commands ertrsdfdsf=ds+fh

: I was driving to work actually

: update ow turb

: it's extra screentime :bowser:

: I've been holding this pose for about 5 minutes now.

: Well, Jav...

: Shall we dance?




: I know it's late for most of you, but M15 Hardest Boss just got dropped.

: If anyone wants to be a champ and take it that would be gr8


: Are you fucking serious??

: Hey J--

: Nah.

Number of votes
Percentage of votes
1Cackletta's Soul17412.56%
2Bowser X (M&L:BIS)16812.13%
3Shadow Queen16311.77%
4Elder Princess Shroob1198.59%
6Dreamy Bowser1037.44%
8Knucklotec (Rematch)795.70%
10Bowser (PM)594.26%
12The Master (Final Form)453.25%
13Kamek and Paper Kamek372.67%
15O. Bouldergeist60.43%
15O. Robobrood60.43%
17O. Wario Dance Company40.29%
18O. Antasma X30.22%
18O. Bowser (SMO)30.22%
18O. Fiery Gobblegut30.22%
18O. Shrewd Possessor30.22%
22O. Baby Bowser20.14%
22O. Black Bowser (PM:CS)20.14%
22O. Bouldergeist (Daredevil)20.14%
22O. Bowser (Luigi's Mansion)20.14%
22O. Bowser (NSMBW)20.14%
22O. Bowser in the Sky20.14%
22O. Cookatiel20.14%
22O. Dark Bowser (M&L:BIS)20.14%
22O. Huff N. Puff20.14%
22O. Kingfin20.14%
22O. Lord Fredrik (DKC:TF)20.14%
22O. Mecha Wiggler (Rematch)20.14%
22O. MegaDragonBowser20.14%
22O. Piranha Plant (MPDS)20.14%
22O. Super Dimentio20.14%
22O. Tiki Tong20.14%
38O. Axem Rangers (SMRPG)10.07%
38O. Boss Brolder10.07%
38O. Bowser (NSMBU)10.07%
38O. Bowser (SM3DL)10.07%
38O. Bowser (SMB)10.07%
38O. Bowser (SMG2)10.07%
38O. Giant Bowser (Battle Ring; M&L:DT)10.07%
38O. Gooper Blooper (SPP)10.07%
38O. Hermie III10.07%
38O. Kamek 3 (M&L:DT)10.07%
38O. Kaptain K. Rool (DKC2)10.07%
38O. King Bob-omb (M&L:PJ)10.07%
38O. King Boo (SMS)10.07%
38O. Larry Koopa (NSMBW)10.07%
38O. Lava Piranha10.07%
38O. Lord of Lightning (Rematch)10.07%
38O. Major Burrows10.07%
38O. Midbus10.07%
38O. Mimi10.07%
38O. Monty Tank (NSMB)10.07%
38O. Motley Bossblob10.07%
38O. Mouser10.07%
38O. Phantom (M+RKB)10.07%
38O. Pi'ilodium10.07%
38O. Princess Shroob10.07%
38O. Sir Weston10.07%
38O. Tarantox10.07%
38O. Torkdrift (Rematch)10.07%
38O. Wendy (SMB3)10.07%
38O. Wingo10.07%
38O. Zeekeeper X10.07%
Total Votes: 1385
results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

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