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Fail Awards X
/ 4:35PM EDT - Fail Awards X Opening Script - Turboo
/ 4:40PM EDT - F1 - Worst Character - Gabumon
/ 4:45PM EDT - F8 - Worst Mario Kart Course - Chibiki Daisy
/ 4:50PM EDT - F11 - Biggest Missed Opportunity - Magikrazy
/ 4:55PM EDT - F4 - Worst RPG Area - Turboo
/ 5:00PM EDT - F2 - Worst 2D Level - NEXandGBX
/ 5:05PM EDT - F14 - Worst Setting - GBAToad
/ 5:10PM EDT - F13 - Worst Mario Party Minigame - Baby Luigi & LeftyGreenMario
/ 5:15PM EDT - F6 - Worst Spin-off - Epic Nitwit
/ 5:20PM EDT - F10 - Worst Game Mechanic - Roserade
/ 5:25PM EDT - F3 - Worst 3D Level - The Pyro Guy
/ 5:30PM EDT - F12 - Worst Game Objective - MrConcreteDonkey
/ 5:35PM EDT - F5 - Worst Level - DragonFreak
/ 5:40PM EDT - F9 - Worst Direction of Series - Yoshiwaker
/ 5:45PM EDT - F7 - Worst Enemy - Uniju :D
/ 5:50PM EDT - F15 - Most Disappointing Game - Snack
/ 5:55PM EDT - Fail Awards X Closing Script - Turboo

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Oh boy, let's see how many awards Sticker Star wins here!

Ray Trace

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With stiff competition from Baby Rosalina and Pink Gold Peach, I doubt it :waluigi:


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This is a pro-Waluigi forum. Any libel against Waluigi will not be tolerated.

Ray Trace

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This site is pro Waluigi, which explains why he always scores fairly high on Worst Character.

People just want to see him win something I guess.

Ray Trace

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Expecting Waluigi to win Worst Character?

Too bad, Waluigi Time



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Pictured: Me after awards work is over

Hello and welcome to the 2018 Fail Awards: once again celebrating the absolute worst of Mario and his friends and levels and like everything else that's existent in his universe. You may be wondering "well what's the gimmick for the opening this year?", and that's what I'm wondering too, because I can't top last year's. I've decided to instead take this opportunity to talk about something else: something that's bigger than me, than you, and the rest of the awards.

It's the

Super Mario Odyssey Scavenger Hunt hosted by Anton & Edo
Credit to snack
Credit to tfp
and again
None of these are actually from the scavenger hunt

thanks tfp

Before we properly start, I'd like to thank everyone who has contributed to the awards this year - either by playing the aforementioned spoilers, the Mario Kart tournaments, etc., helping out on the technical side of things, or putting a ton of care and effort into their presentations and making sure they're top-quality. We have some excellent ones this year, and they aren't just coming up in Mario and Fail; some of the greats were already in the preceding Community Awards, and I hope everyone can enjoy them to the fullest as soon as we aren't on a 5-minute time crunch schedule.

Special shoutouts especially to all of our backup presenters! Edo, TPG, MK, and DF all stepped up massively to the plate this year between each of them, and I cannot thank them enough for putting in the time to cover for otherwise-missing awards in their own unique ways. Between videos, charming comics, and even entire games, they have gone above and beyond - Edo especially, considering he’s the one behind the aforementioned Legacy Labyrinth.

With all that said, settle in and enjoy the rest of the show; the title of this ceremony doesn't dictate the quality of the presentations, after all! And speaking of Edo one last time...

Gabumon is up next with F1 - Worst Character!


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what an excellent and also amazing moral, everyone should abide by it

pictured here: paris hilton playing the super mario odyssey scavenger hunt


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F1 - Worst Character
By Mr. Edo

Toad: Welcome, all of you! Thank you for coming together for this momentous event!
Yes, all of us have gathered here to celebrate the Princess' 33rd--

Toad: --21st birthday!

Toadsworth: To commemorate this milestone in our fair ruler's life, we have prepared something special!

Toadsworth: An enormous statue of our beloved Princess, made from solid rose gold!

Toad: Wait, isn't gold like, really dens--

Toadsworth: Well drat!

Daisy: It's done! It's finally done! I have purged every bit of Mushroom Kingdom iconography from my kingdom! Her rose-tinted shadow shall haunt me no more!

Daisy: Never will I be called a dumb recolor again! From this day... I AM DAISY!
Listen, Pio! Listen to their beautiful symphony!


Daisy: I... I have never been so happy in my entire lif--


Daisy: Wait, what was that?


Daisy: NOOOOO!!!!

Daisy: PEACH! You ROSY-ROTTEN QUEEN OF TOADS AND STOOL! Keep YOUR garbage out of MY kingdom!

Peach: Daisy wait! Let's talk about this like two like-minded--

Daisy: No! Do NOT call us like-minded!

Toad: Oh hello Princess Peach. What a lovely yellow dress!


Toadsworth: Your highness, I am truly inconsolable regarding the irreparable and permanent damage to your friendship with Princess Sarasaland. But it is too lovely a day to feel dreary and glum, don't you agree?

Peach: ...I think I'm going to bed early today.

Peach: zzzzz

*shatter clang clang*

Peach: What on Earth???

Wario: Easy now, easy... Put your knees into it.

Waluigi: AUGH!

Wario: Waluigi!

Waluigi: My... my back!!!

Wario: Buddy! Are you OK??

Waluigi: I... I can't feel my legs!

Wario: Hang in there! I'll get this fat bitch offa you!!

Waluigi: Everything is going dark! Wario, are you still there?

Wario: I'm here, bro! Everything's gonna be alright!

Waluigi: I'm... I'm scared...

Peach: Are you two OK...?

Wario: You!! This is all your fault! Who leaves a dangerous treasure like this in a location where thieves would try to steal it??? How goddamn irresponsible is that???

Peach: I'm sorry!

Judge: And thus this court rules that Princess Peach Toadstool, on charges of gross negligence, indirect assault, attempted manslaughter, and unacceptable tackiness, will have to pay 710 million coins in damages to the Wario Bros.. Court adjourned!

Peach: So, on behalf of the Mushroom Kingdom, I would like to grant you this gift, in hopes it will strengthen the bond between our people for generations to come!

Peach: Please enjoy this solid-gold toilet as our way of saying: "Thanks for being good neighbors!"

And with that, Pink Gold Peach wins the WC award!

Number of votes
Percentage of votes
1Pink Gold Peach71042.11%
3Baby Rosalina1518.96%
7Princess Daisy543.20%
14Petey Piranha251.48%
15Bowser Jr.241.42%
18O. Princess Peach60.36%
19O. Baby Daisy50.30%
20O. Bowser30.18%
20O. Huey30.18%
20O. Luigi30.18%
20O. Wendy O. Koopa30.18%
20O. Yoshi30.18%
25O. Ashley20.12%
25O. Baby Peach20.12%
25O. Cackletta20.12%
25O. Cappy20.12%
25O. Dimentio20.12%
25O. Honey Queen20.12%
25O. Kamek20.12%
25O. Larry20.12%
25O. Metal Mario20.12%
25O. Rabbid Peach20.12%
25O. Star Gate20.12%
36O. Baby Luigi10.06%
36O. Baby Mario10.06%
36O. Beep-010.06%
36O. Count Bleck10.06%
36O. Doopliss10.06%
36O. Game Guy10.06%
36O. Geno10.06%
36O. Glydon10.06%
36O. Gooper Blooper10.06%
36O. Hariet10.06%
36O. Jasperoid10.06%
36O. Jojora10.06%
36O. Jr. Troopa10.06%
36O. King K. Rool10.06%
36O. Ludwig von Koopa10.06%
36O. MC Ballyhoo10.06%
36O. Metal Mario10.06%
36O. Midbus10.06%
36O. Mollusque-Lanceur10.06%
36O. Mr. L10.06%
36O. Pauline10.06%
36O. Prince Haru10.06%
36O. Rango10.06%
36O. Shadoo10.06%
36O. Toadbert10.06%
36O. Toadette10.06%
36O. Toadsworth10.06%
36O. Yellow Toad10.06%
Total Votes: 1686
results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

Chibiki Daisy is up next with F8 - Worst Mario Kart Course!


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Alex95 said:
Anton, how is Paris playing Mario Odyssey on an old DS?
oh my bad, is this the switch?


Ray Trace

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I hope we get another Mario Kart game so we get new results for this awards ceremony.

Nahyuta Sadmadhi

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Hello everyone, Chibiki here! For this presentation, I've decided to use a format that most everyone who watches YouTube has seen by this point: The Top 10. (except it's a Top 5 because I was not recording myself playing and commentating on ten tracks)

A few small disclaimer-y things before we start:
- Do mind the weird audio cut-ins from the game footage, I don't own capture cards so I had to record everything on my phone and it's not the best.
- Disregard the fact that there is clearly a watermark present, I'm very broke and this was the best free video editor.
- Also disregard my choice of a still image at the beginning and near the end, I forgot to download anything relevant.

Number of votes
Percentage of votes
1Figure-8 Circuit14910.36%
2Baby Park14810.29%
3Rainbow Road (SNES)1188.21%
4Rainbow Road (Wii)996.88%
5Rosalina's Ice World986.82%
6Bone-Dry Dunes835.77%
7Banshee Boardwalk775.35%
8Rainbow Road (N64)745.15%
9Maka Wuhu704.87%
10Grumble Volcano634.38%
10Yoshi Falls634.38%
12Dolphin Shoals573.96%
13Choco Mountain543.76%
14Sherbet Land (N64)523.62%
15Koopa Beach 2453.13%
16Shy Guy Beach422.92%
17Sky Garden231.60%
18O. Rainbow Road (Wii U)110.76%
19O. Cheese Land70.49%
19O. Excitebike Arena70.49%
21O. Moo Moo Meadows50.35%
21O. Moonview Highway50.35%
21O. Wario's Gold Mine50.35%
24O. Choco Island 240.28%
24O. Neo Bowser City40.28%
24O. Rainbow Road (GBA)40.28%
27O. Donut Plains 330.21%
27O. GCN Dino Dino Jungle (3DS)30.21%
27O. Rainbow Road (GCN)30.21%
27O. Snow Land30.21%
27O. Toad's Turnpike30.21%
32O. Bowser's Castle (Wii U)20.14%
32O. Dry Dry Desert20.14%
32O. Electrodrome20.14%
32O. Hyrule Circuit20.14%
32O. Lakeside Park20.14%
32O. Mario Kart Stadium20.14%
32O. Mount Wario20.14%
32O. Mushroom Gorge20.14%
32O. Music Park20.14%
32O. Rainbow Road (DS)20.14%
32O. Vanilla Lake 120.14%
32O. Yoshi Circuit20.14%
32O. Yoshi Valley20.14%
45O. Boo Lake10.07%
45O. Bowser Castle 310.07%
45O. Bowser's Castle (N64)10.07%
45O. Bowser's Castle (GCN)10.07%
45O. Bowser's Castle 2 (SNES)10.07%
45O. Bowser Castle 410.07%
45O. Cheep Cheep Lagoon10.07%
45O. Cloudtop Cruise10.07%
45O. Desert Hills10.07%
45O. Donut Plains 110.07%
45O. Dragon Driftway10.07%
45O. Ghost Valley 110.07%
45O. Ghost Valley 210.07%
45O. Ghost Valley 310.07%
45O. Ice Ice Outpost10.07%
45O. Luigi Raceway (N64/3DS)10.07%
45O. Mario Circuit 110.07%
45O. Mario Circuit 310.07%
45O. Mario Circuit (Wii U)10.07%
45O. Mute City10.07%
45O. Piranha Plant Slide10.07%
45O. Rainbow Road (3DS)10.07%
45O. Sherbet Land (GCN)10.07%
45O. Shroom Ridge (DS)10.07%
45O. Snow Land (GBA)10.07%
45O. Sunshine Airport10.07%
45O. Tick Tock Clock (DS)10.07%
45O. Toad Circuit10.07%
45O. Vanilla Lake 210.07%
45O. Waluigi Pinball10.07%
Total Votes: 1438
results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

Magikrazy is up next with F11 - Biggest Missed Opportunity!