its been a while


how about a rousing game of pool
here's another comic, we put off sign ups because we don't actually plan on having many guest appearances at all this time

please provide sprites if you haven't done so before

links to the old comics, which are just here to try and garner interest now:

2012 - F62013 - A252014 - U4
2015 - U12016 - M292017 - M30


The bird bard himself!
Sure, but I don't care that much about being in it, so don't worry if you can't fit me in. I believe I gave you sprites last year, but here they are anyway.

The Mandalorian

Mushroom Attendant
hey tibby and teefp i lov ur comix man, u can use me anytim <333

i think you got my sprites from last time, if not just ask


do you ever yearn for the soft touch of a pancake
Core 'Shroom Staff
put me in coach, i'll make sprites this year


Shy Guy
Core 'Shroom Staff
Happy Birthday Nico!

I’m always up for trying anything new!

Oh and if it’s no trouble I don’t mind being in it. I just gotta find some sprites to work with first. My OC is Amy Rose, so I’ll try and see if I can find some for you to use. By the way your comic example looks pretty cool