Alex95's Art Contest Piece Sign-Ups (closed)


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Sign-ups are closed!

I have an art piece in mind I want to draw for the Art Contest, and it concerns... well, whoever signs up to be a part of it! I have some users in mind I want include in this picture already (not going to say who), but if you'd like to be a part of it as well, give me a link to an image of your character and I'll work it in to the picture.

Sign-ups will go until I either get enough people and I don't think I can fit anymore, or until it comes time for me to actually start drawing something. Whichever comes first :P

Disclaimer: Your character could end up being very well drawn or very terribly drawn. That would mostly depend on what type of character you give me, but I will do my best.

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The Pyro Guy
Shy Guy on Wheels
Yoshi the SSM
Luigi 64DD
Baby Luigi
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(EDIT: since i noticed their name isn't in the URL, credit Corossmo on Deviantart for that art)


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Re: Alex95's Art Contest Piece Sign-Ups

Here's me. That should show every vaguely important detail, but if you have questions feel free to ask :bowser:


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Re: Alex95's Art Contest Piece Sign-Ups

Me, sir.

That link is for my Luigi recolor, but if you'd rather draw me in goose form, here's a link to that. Both of them represent me at this point, so either can be used for this sort of thing.

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Re: Alex95's Art Contest Piece Sign-Ups


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Re: Alex95's Art Contest Piece Sign-Ups

Alex95 said:
Yoshi the SSM said:
You'll probably do me anyways, but if not, then here's mine!
Do you have an image you want me to use, or is it just a red Yoshi?
Yeah. That or the Red Yoshi in my signature on the wiki.