Mario Awards Killing Game 2: Despair Moon (7/15 start, check back for updates!)


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Mario Awards Killing Game 2: Despair Moon

Hosted by GBAToad, Superchao, Smasher, and Lord Bowser

One year ago, a shocking, despair-inducing event changed MarioWiki Awards forever. The first ever Killing Game, a forum game inspired by the visual novel series Danganronpa, saw 20 victims locked in a haunted mansion with the only way out being to kill or be killed. After many weeks of murder, investigation, and sand counting, the mansion was burned down. Only one person lived to tell the tale, but everyone and their ghosts received tokens for their efforts! It was a memorable event, and this year we're hosting another one because ghosts.... don't.... DIE!

Using the awards grant given to us by the almighty hypnotoad, we decided to make down payments on not only one mansion, but four mansions in scenic Evershade Valley. Some old fart scientist in a white van was complaining about needing the neighbourhood for paranormal research, but we have better plans in mind...


The Killing Game is a forum game inspired by the visual novel series Danganronpa. It is similar in many ways to Mafia, but the freedom given for night actions and opportunities for role-playing are far more extensive.

Each player is assigned a role, which has its own unique character, 'Stats (returning from Shroom KG in a modified way), Forbidden Action, and Ultimate Talent. Ultimate Talents have a variety of powers and perks that are exclusive to a single player, 'Stats help the hosts determine their ability to logically perform certain night actions and kill attempts, and Forbidden Actions are things that player cannot do or else be killed.

The Killing Game uses a day/night system. During night phases, players send PMs to their host (which will vary by mansion) detailing what they plan to do for that night. This can include attempting to kill someone and eliminate them from the game, using your Ultimate Power, or quite literally anything you please; this last option is what sets this apart from Mafia games, as there's no real limit as to what you can do as long as it doesn't break the rules of both this game and the forums, of course! Roleplaying is strongly encouraged in Killing Game.

After everyone has sent in what their night plans are, they will receive a PM from the host summarizing what they did, along with anything they might have seen or heard.

During day phases, if someone's attempt to kill someone else succeeds, the victim is found dead at the beginning of the day phase, and the killer receives a token prize. The goal of the killer is to cover up the fact that they did it, while the goal of everyone else is to correctly determine the killer. Players do this by providing paraphrased accounts of what they saw during the night, along with any sort of evidence they might have on them or witnessed. After a while of investigation, the Class Trial begins. In the Class Trial, players may vote on who they think the killer is; the player with the most votes will be executed (lynched). Players may switch votes as many times as they please, though ties will end in a random lynch between those tied.

If the killer is correctly identified and lynched, all players who participated in the event will receive a token prize. If an innocent player is lynched, however, the killer gains additional tokens for successfully covering up their murder. In both cases, the game continues with day and night phases.

The Killing Game is a free-for-all game; there are no teams, factions, or alliances to start off with, but you are free to create some amongst yourselves of course. Information is a powerful tool in this game, so be wary of backstabbing, lying, and colluding from anyone you might trust.

Evershade Valley

Welcome to Evershade Valley, a haunted cul-de-sac basking in the darkness of the moon! Abandoned many years ago due to a collapsing house market in the mushroom kingdom, it became a haven for ghosts to live together in peace. That is until we chased all of them out with a vacuum cleaner and broke the Dark DESPAIR Moon into pieces.

Addressing one of the issues 'Shroom KG suffered from with a large player count in a single game, we've decided to accommodate a large group of players by splitting them up across two games which will be run by separate hosts, with a merging game and a bonus dead players game happening as well! Each killing game will be separately contained, having different threads, different maps, and different gimmicks, but mechanically, they will function the same.

Your hosts this game are Superchao, Smasher, Lord Bowser, and myself! Smasher will be running the Gloomy Manor Killing Game, and Superchao will be running the Old Clockworks Killing Game simultaneously. If you sign up, you will be assigned to play in one of these two mansions as we balance the new and experienced players evenly.

After a period of time, the Haunted Towers Killing(?) Game will open up, and players who were eliminated in the first two games (before a certain point) will be able to play a new killing game as ghosts for the chance to return to life and participate in the final stage of Awards Killing Game II: Treacherous Mansion Killing Game. The final game will feature all of the living players from the first two mansions, as well as the winner(s) of Haunted Towers Killing Game.

What happened to the Secret Mine, you ask? Well, that's a mystery even we don't know about...

  • For a game such as this, inactivity is the greatest killer. It is expected that you will participating in all day and night phases, so please don't sign up unless you are willing to commit. There is plenty of leniency for occasional inactivity, but constant absences will get you replaced.
  • As shown in the last KG, we also do not tolerate night actions that are constantly unsubstantial memes. Some occasional shitposting is alright, but in the end, this is KILLING game, and there may be consequences for players who consistently submit solely shitposts.
  • We will be running on a Night/Intermission/Day system for this game. There will be 24 hours for each phase, with an optional extension during the night phase.
  • During night phases, you have a minimum of 24 hours to PM a list of actions you want to perform that night to your host.
  • A kill incentive will be given each night to encourage players to submit kill attempts for the evening. Other effects (such as double murder nights, rainy nights, blackout nights, and the like) will be applied at the beginning of the night phase for players to account for in their actions.
  • During intermission phases, the hosts will be determining who killed whom, and write the murder case for the next day.
  • During day phases, you have 24 hours to share details about what you have witnessed, investigate the murder by posting investigation requests in the game thread, and eliminate the culprit through a majority lynch.
  • A solve incentive may be given during the day to encourage players to ensure the correct killer is lynched, but these will not be used each phase.
  • Unless special conditions apply, only one kill attempt per night will succeed.
  • It is possible some players actions can inadvertently cause a murder to occur when there is no solid kill attempt. If it is truly impossible to determine a kill victim, a random player will be lynched, and the game will immediately go into the next night phase. Things that occurred in the previous night phase, however, will still apply.
  • A discord server to house discussion on the game from players and spectators will be made public at a later date.
  • During both day and night phases, players must be careful to avoid their Forbidden Actions, or something terrible will happen to them!
  • A more detailed RULES list will be posted later, outlining what constitutes poor player behaviour, banned mechanics, and more nuanced stuff like that.

We're looking for a minimum of 26 players (13 in each starting mansion) for this game to be a success, with a hard maximum of 30 players, and any players after that will be added as replacements. We intend to start the game in LATE JUNE (date to be finalised). The game is expected to run for 5-6 weeks, but not every player will need to commit to that length of time.

Due to the popularity of killing game, some placements have been reserved for players who missed out on participating in Shroom KG properly. If you somehow miss out on the initial 30 placements, be sure to join as a replacement, because we will definitely need them!

1. Luigi64DD
2. Fantanoice
3. Tucayo
4. Shadowshy
5. Toadbert101
6. Raregold
7. Hooded Pitohui
8. Meta Knight
9. Alex95
10. Fun With Despair
11. Turb
12. Roserade
13. rollerC
14. Vruet
15. Ninelevendo
16. GabbyHayes
17. Mariofan169
18. MsRetroGeek
19. MrConcreteDonkey
20. Chibiki Daisy
21. Shoey
22. Nabber
23. Smg2Daisy
24. Dupe Face
25. Yoshiwaker
26. YoshiFlutterJump
27. The Pyro Guy
28. Shy Guy on Wheels
29. Yoshi876
30. Epic Nitwit

Happy despairing!


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Re: Mario Awards Killing Game 2: Despair Moon

I had doubts going into a killing game last year, and I ultimately signed out because I've never played one before (still haven't), but I'm ready to learn this time around!
Please don't kill me too quickly ;D

Junko Enoshima

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Re: Mario Awards Killing Game 2: Despair Moon

Time to turn over a new leaf and try not murdering everyone for once.


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Re: Mario Awards Killing Game 2: Despair Moon

I'll sign up


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Re: Mario Awards Killing Game 2: Despair Moon

I've never quite understood how night actions work. Do you send in a long list of what you want to do, or do you send in one action, get a response, and send in another action? The latter makes more sense to me since you wouldn't be able to account for unexpected circumstances with the former (such as doors you didn't expect top be blocked.


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Re: Mario Awards Killing Game 2: Despair Moon

Plague Knight said:
I've never quite understood how night actions work. Do you send in a long list of what you want to do, or do you send in one action, get a response, and send in another action? The latter makes more sense to me since you wouldn't be able to account for unexpected circumstances with the former (such as doors you didn't expect top be blocked.
We've considered trying the latter a la DnD, but it works the former way. Night actions are sent in lists/paragraphs of what you want to do, and its up to us to work out how everyone's actions mesh together. You can use conditionals and stuff if needed, and preemptive planning is always a benefit.

The issue with having a mid-way point to have people send in additional actions is that its simply easier for the hosts to balance one night of actions then balance two nights of reactions, and the game flows much better for it.


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Re: Mario Awards Killing Game 2: Despair Moon

Mama mia...


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Re: Mario Awards Killing Game 2: Despair Moon

i guess if shoey plays i have to play


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Re: Mario Awards Killing Game 2: Despair Moon

This "multiple games running at once and then merging into one final game" thing is a dream come true and I couldn't be more excited :eekdance:

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Re: Mario Awards Killing Game 2: Despair Moon

I hear this is where fun is supposed to happen