The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth Tournament (Signups!)


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Coming soon to a basement near you...

Hello, everyone! My name is Stargazing. I'm here to bring a tournament for The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth!

How To Play
This tournament will rely on the Daily system in Afterbirth. If you have Afterbirth, there's nothing else you have to do, just hit tab on the main menu. If you have Afterbirth+, you must disable it. On Steam, go to your Games, then find Rebirth, then disable the checkmark for Afterbirth+. You can re-enable it when you're done the daily.

  • Please don't cheat or make the competition unfair for any of the other participants.
  • Please communicate with me and the other players with respect. Nothing meant to harm or insult.
  • Please don't attempt to send multiple results.
  • Please don't send me any copy of your Afterbirth+ daily results. This is a tournament for Afterbirth.
  • Have a good time! If you're feeling uncomfortable in any way during the tournament, please let me know.

To be calculated...

Please ask away in this thread! If something I've said is unclear, please let me know.

The easiest form of contact for sending in your results is Discord (Stargazing#6875). I'll also be here on the Boards themselves.

The tournament will be held August 5th-11th.

  • Mariofan169


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Roller said:
Turns out I have Afterbirth+, but only on the Switch. Is that alright?
uh, i'm not sure how the switch release works, actually. are dailies implemented at all in it? if so i might actually tweak a few things to make it more accessible, then


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Unfortunately, that is true, and they are different based on console. While I’d be really happy to accomodate based on PC AB+, since a lot of people have it, it being console variant is impossible to work with.

I also should probably have a hard sign-up limit in case I need to prematurely cancel to avoid people waiting for nothing. I’m looking for 5 people by the end of June. If it doesn’t happen, then I unfortunately have to assume lack of interest and cancel the tournament (while still doing something unofficial with those who signed up, probably).