Super Mario Odyssey: Hint Hunt (Thanks for playing!)

Would you like to have the hints be easier or harder?

  • Easier and shorter.

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  • Easier, but about the same length.

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  • Easier, but with more layered challenges.

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  • The same difficulty, but shorter.

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  • Harder, but with shorter challenges.

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  • Harder, but about the same length.

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  • Harder AND with even more layered challenges!

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Re: Super Mario Odyssey: Hint Hunt (Round 2)

It looks like I was the only one to get every answer at least partially correct (I'm guessing the one I only partially got right was Hint 7 of Round 1). Nice! Though FTG still beat me overall since he found 4 hints first while I found zero first. I should have known that always waiting till the last minute was a bad idea! :P

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Re: Super Mario Odyssey: Hint Hunt (Round 2)

Lakituthequick said:
Will you be posting the answers to the second round and which ones people had (partially) correct?
Yes to the first question, no to the second one. When I have the time I'll edit in the second answers, but attempting to format all the lists of answers and results and all has been unsuccessful and would probably take up more time than I'd like to give. Apologies!

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wow i didnt expect to be so highly ranked! i guess doing a whole bunch of hints early on in round 1 really helped with that
now im really curious to see what the answers are for the second round. going by the numbers of what i got right in the first round and overall, i guess didnt get any fully correct during the second round, so i'll be interested to see what i did wrong there haha (no hurry though, take as much time as you need tpg)

anyway this was a really fun game. the puzzles were indeed quite puzzling, and there was a good range of difficulty so that everyone would be able to at least figure something out, and it was also quite creative in the variety of ways that hints were presented.

one last thing piece of feedback though, is that i feel like the amount of points for finding something first should be lower. i understand that it is good to give a bonus for those who get it first, but when that bonus is worth more than a correct answer by itself i feel like thats a little too much, and it puts people who aren't online at the time the hints arrive at a disadvantage. like its nice to get third but knowing that it only happened because i was online when you sent the hints and basically everyone else was offline makes it feel a little bit unfair to me

but yeah, overall very fun, would definitely play again if it appears next year