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There was discussion on including a nominee to represent 2d art. Please be sure to read the logs as there's a good amount of discussion already had:

[2018-03-09 19:41:31] <Baby_Luigi> Are we going to add main series 2D art style too?
[2018-03-09 19:41:32] <Stargazing> y
[2018-03-09 19:41:33] <smasher> im so happy
[2018-03-09 19:41:52] <mcd> add snes manual style y-y-y
[2018-03-09 19:41:54] <smasher> my dream of warioware being on this is finally coming true
[2018-03-09 19:41:55] <__2257> 7no ltq, not for me
[2018-03-09 19:41:58] <Anton{Politoed}> 4what would be the 2d stuff
[2018-03-09 19:41:59] <smasher> 11-0-0
[2018-03-09 19:42:07] <NEXandGBX> well aside from 2d artwork i think every other 2d style is pretty much accounted for
[2018-03-09 19:42:08] <Anton{Politoed}> 4btw warioware is added
[2018-03-09 19:42:19] <Baby_Luigi> Yeah that's what I mean by 2D artwork
[2018-03-09 19:42:19] <NEXandGBX> assuming nsmb is like 3d style
[2018-03-09 19:42:19] <smasher> what does snes manual style MEAN
[2018-03-09 19:42:25] <Baby_Luigi> Nothing
[2018-03-09 19:42:32] <Lakituthequick> it looked like 7 people voted at 03:41:06 at mine but /shrug
[2018-03-09 19:42:56] <smasher> theyre ready to embrace warioware into their lives
[2018-03-09 19:42:57] <Lord_Bowser> i want to add vector art
[2018-03-09 19:42:58] <Anton{Politoed}> 4i can see why this would be included but is there a way to make it more specific
[2018-03-09 19:43:03] <Lakituthequick> 2D stuff would be the art that is used in 3DWorld and in the Line stickers
[2018-03-09 19:43:05] <Lord_Bowser> i.e. the line stickers
[2018-03-09 19:43:06] <Lord_Bowser> yeah
[2018-03-09 19:43:07] <Anton{Politoed}> 4even as an internal definition for us
[2018-03-09 19:43:10] <Baby_Luigi> And Mario Party: Star Rush
[2018-03-09 19:43:25] <Baby_Luigi> The art style has a name assosciated with it but I forgot who he was
[2018-03-09 19:43:29] <turb> I assumed it was main series 2d platformers
[2018-03-09 19:43:34] <turb> i gues s the stickers make sense
[2018-03-09 19:43:57] <Anton{Politoed}> 4not all of the line sets are the same style though
[2018-03-09 19:43:58] <Baby_Luigi> It's also heavily used in promotional material
[2018-03-09 19:44:15] <Baby_Luigi> Well I was thinking of Mario Kart ones
[2018-03-09 19:44:15] <Lord_Bowser> the 2d super mario ones and the mario kart ones
[2018-03-09 19:44:18] <NEXandGBX> the wiki mainly lists it as vector art i think but i'll check
[2018-03-09 19:44:33] <Baby_Luigi> And there's Nintendo Badge Arcade too which has character icons in that style
[2018-03-09 19:44:55] <Anton{Politoed}> 4there's 12 nominees in this so there's room to split 2d into two separate nominees if needed
[2018-03-09 19:45:04] <Lakituthequick> here's an entire gallery (just uncoloured): https://www.mariowiki.com/File:SM3DW-AllStamps.jpg
[2018-03-09 19:45:21] <GBAToad> warioware style https://www.mariowiki.com/images/0/09/Mona%27s_Pig_3D_WWMM.png
[2018-03-09 19:45:23] <Anton{Politoed}> 4kamek is so cute
[2018-03-09 19:45:31] <NEXandGBX> https://www.mariowiki.com/Gallery:Mario_artwork_and_scans#2D_vector_artwork
[2018-03-09 19:45:49] <Baby_Luigi> We could split into classic and modern
[2018-03-09 19:46:11] <Shoey> i'd support vector
[2018-03-09 19:46:19] <Stargazing> ah thats it, 2d vector
[2018-03-09 19:46:28] <Raiko_Chaorikawa> i'm not sure "2d vector" would be a good name for it
[2018-03-09 19:46:37] <Raiko_Chaorikawa> i like the idea i just think it needs a better name as a nominee
[2018-03-09 19:46:38] <Baby_Luigi> Just vector is good enough
[2018-03-09 19:46:46] <GBAToad> Just Vector
[2018-03-09 19:46:50] <Lord_Bowser> Just Hector
[2018-03-09 19:46:55] <GBAToad>
[2018-03-09 19:46:57] <Raiko_Chaorikawa> but i mean
[2018-03-09 19:47:04] <Anton{Politoed}> 4I agree with just Vector but we also need to remember that not every voter uses full thinking
[2018-03-09 19:47:08] <Lakituthequick> I could imagine "vector" being too jargon-y? for the
[2018-03-09 19:47:09] <Raiko_Chaorikawa> idk that "vector" is gonna get people thinking of the 2d - yeah
[2018-03-09 19:47:13] <Raiko_Chaorikawa> yeah what ltq said
[2018-03-09 19:47:16] <Anton{Politoed}> 4is "2D Vector" too much of a redundancy
[2018-03-09 19:47:20] <Baby_Luigi> Yes it is
[2018-03-09 19:47:23] <GBAToad> yeah id use line stickers or 3d world sticker style
[2018-03-09 19:47:26] <Anton{Politoed}> 4or is there more value in the clarity
[2018-03-09 19:47:37] <Raiko_Chaorikawa> i like "3D World Sticker Style"
[2018-03-09 19:47:39] <GBAToad> 3D World Stamp-style
[2018-03-09 19:47:40] <Baby_Luigi> Vector is too jargony
[2018-03-09 19:47:40] <Raiko_Chaorikawa> it's clunky
[2018-03-09 19:47:45] <Raiko_Chaorikawa> but it gets the job done
[2018-03-09 19:48:00] <smasher> im still here btw i just dont have any opinion on this one
[2018-03-09 19:48:02] <Lakituthequick> but it's used outside 3d world too so
[2018-03-09 19:48:04] <Lakituthequick> ..
[2018-03-09 19:48:10] <Stargazing> line sticker style
[2018-03-09 19:48:15] <Anton{Politoed}> 4we can set this for further discussion on the forum
[2018-03-09 19:48:18] <Stargazing> i prefer that one
[2018-03-09 19:48:19] <Stargazing> yeah
[2018-03-09 19:48:32] <Baby_Luigi> Can we ever link Awards title to articles on the wiki?
[2018-03-09 19:48:34] <Snack> raise your hand if you actually know what vector art is
[2018-03-09 19:48:34] <Anton{Politoed}> 4but I agree that we should pursue at least one nominee in this field
[2018-03-09 19:48:49] <Anton{Politoed}> 4me :)
[2018-03-09 19:48:51] <Baby_Luigi> I do
[2018-03-09 19:48:54] <Anton{Politoed}> 4and what do you mean Baby_Luigi
[2018-03-09 19:49:08] <Snack> because it seems strange to me that someone would use “vector” to describe a style
[2018-03-09 19:49:13] <Lakituthequick> adding links to the poll nominees i guess
[2018-03-09 19:49:21] <__2257> 7yeah i know what vector is but
[2018-03-09 19:49:24] <__2257> 7its not really an art style
[2018-03-09 19:49:29] <Anton{Politoed}> 4I'm not sure if it's possible
[2018-03-09 19:49:32] <Anton{Politoed}> 4and yeah 22 has a point
[2018-03-09 19:49:50] <Anton{Politoed}> 4vector itself isn't a style but the way nintendo uses it is very consistent
[2018-03-09 19:49:57] <Baby_Luigi> It's basically line arts that relies on points to draw shapes and so images don't lose information when you zoom in on them. They aren't pixel based like regular graphics are.
[2018-03-09 19:50:00] <Lakituthequick> technically it isn't an art style, no, thus a different name would be needed
[2018-03-09 19:50:33] <Lakituthequick> heck, floor plans are vector drawings
[2018-03-09 19:50:38] <Lakituthequick> barely art
[2018-03-09 19:50:39] <Baby_Luigi> But when we say "vector art" I can recognize what they mean.
[2018-03-09 19:50:39] <Anton{Politoed}> 4I'll make a topic for this on the forum, so any other considerations for M8?
[2018-03-09 19:50:39] <Toadbert> vector art makes me think of the vectrix computer
[2018-03-09 19:50:42] <Toadbert> or whatever it is


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I'm a bit on the fence regarding adding 2d art. On the one hand, it is a legitimate art style and I understand the desire for its inclusion. On the other hand, while coining these nominees we made a conscious effort to to use art styles that are actually used in the games, and there's so far no game (that I am aware of) that is mainly rendered in this style.

If we do end up including this award, we need a good name that describes what we are talking about. "Vector", or even "2D Vector" might tell you enough if you're into graphic design, but the majority of our voters are casual Mario players who might not know enough about the subject. If we're considering names, they should include a clear example of where this particular art style is used. Something like "2d Promotional Artwork style", or one of the suggestions already made.

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I do think that while there isn't one particular game that has this style completely, it is definitely recognizable, and occurs in a lot of different areas. It is extremely difficult to pinpoint exactly where it's seen as it has had small appearances in a bunch of different games. I do like 2D Promotional Artwork Style though, as that is a clear example of where it can be found in bulk, as opposed to trying to narrow it into one game or broaden it into something like Vector style.


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Yeah, I think we can bend the definition of this award to allow "2D Promotional Artwork style" because it's a lone example of a style that Nintendo is pretty consistent with over the years, and I don't see them suddenly changing it or introducing another promo style that we'd need to consider. I'm not sure if this opens the doors to, say, Super Mario-Kun style, and if that's a bad thing or not, but I feel that if voters want to have something like that they can write it in knowing that 2D Promos are a valid nominee.

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I'm fairly certain our audience would be familiar with this style of artwork, as its seen in official websites, in several games (though never as the game art style itself), and it's very common in Mario merchandising found even in lay-people stores like Wal-Mart rather than restricted to Otaku places. If we did say "2D promotional artwork" as suggested in this thread, I'm confident that our audience would know exactly what we are talking about.

I don't think we have to worry about the potential slippery slope for now, because I feel like this art style is major and defining for the Mario series.