M9 Favorite DLC rework


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There is interest in expanding the definition of M9 Favorite DLC into including various updates and expansions, which would mean renaming the award as well. This has been a topic for the last few years as Nintendo has been playing with the idea of DLC and bonus content, but it seems they are providing more updates and port expansions than they are formal DLC.

Please use this topic to further discuss a new name for the award as well as new options for nominees. It currently stands at:
Favorite DLC (The Legend of Zelda × Mario Kart 8, Animal Crossing × Mario Kart 8, Mercedes-Benz × Mario Kart 8, New Super Luigi U, Peach's Castle stage (SSB4), Super Mario Maker stage (SSB4), Super Mario Mash-Up Pack (Minecraft))

[2018-03-09 18:30:20] <GBAToad> favourite DLC has been on my mind too
[2018-03-09 18:30:42] <GBAToad> have we had any new dlc for mario games other than the luigi balloon thing
[2018-03-09 18:30:47] <Anton{Politoed}> 4no
[2018-03-09 18:30:53] <smasher> not that i know of
[2018-03-09 18:30:59] <Anton{Politoed}> 4only game updates that aren't technically dlc
[2018-03-09 18:31:02] <Lakituthequick> luigi's baloons was an update
[2018-03-09 18:31:06] <smasher> and even then isnt that an update
[2018-03-09 18:31:07] <GBAToad> yeah its not even a dlc
[2018-03-09 18:31:09] <Shoey> we could kill that award if we wanted
[2018-03-09 18:31:09] <smasher> it doesnt count
[2018-03-09 18:31:22] <Baby_Luigi> Mario + Rabbids...?
[2018-03-09 18:31:23] <Baby_Luigi> When is that DLC coming out?
[2018-03-09 18:31:25] <GBAToad> I'd be in favour of repurposing it to include updates such as that
[2018-03-09 18:31:30] <GBAToad> but that was already
[2018-03-09 18:31:31] <GBAToad> like
[2018-03-09 18:31:36] <GBAToad> the biggest discussion we had last year
[2018-03-09 18:31:37] <Lakituthequick> which reminds us that DLC is one of those awards where a good definition was needed
[2018-03-09 18:31:40] <GBAToad> the definition of DLC
[2018-03-09 18:31:41] <GBAToad> yeah
[2018-03-09 18:31:45] <Stargazing> i think that award is fine for now but i might be biased bc i presented it last year lol
[2018-03-09 18:31:51] <Shoey> what would you rename it gba
[2018-03-09 18:31:58] <Anton{Politoed}> 4yeah, I'm up for repurposing it
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[2018-03-09 18:32:04] <Shoey> would you keep the same name
[2018-03-09 18:32:08] <GBAToad> favourite uhhhhhhhhhh
[2018-03-09 18:32:09] <__2257> 7we could call it expansion content
[2018-03-09 18:32:11] <Baby_Luigi> Post-release content?
[2018-03-09 18:32:11] <Lord_Bowser> favorite extra content?
[2018-03-09 18:32:14] <__2257> 7and include the e reader LOL
[2018-03-09 18:32:16] <Lord_Bowser> or those
[2018-03-09 18:32:16] <GBAToad> Expansion Pak
[2018-03-09 18:32:22] <Stargazing> yea, post release content
[2018-03-09 18:32:23] <GBAToad> :dong:
[2018-03-09 18:32:32] <Anton{Politoed}> 4how strongly do people feel about making this decision now
[2018-03-09 18:32:33] <smasher> im ok with repurposing it at this point
[2018-03-09 18:32:37] <GBAToad> expand awards categories
[2018-03-09 18:32:39] <Lakituthequick> anything with expand will give the presenter free game with dk memes
[2018-03-09 18:32:49] <__2257> 7create new dlc by extending it into the past
[2018-03-09 18:32:51] <GBAToad> its our dk award
[2018-03-09 18:32:57] <GBAToad> : ^ )
[2018-03-09 18:33:12] <smasher> ill present it and include no memes to spare us
[2018-03-09 18:33:13] <NEXandGBX> well my laptop crashed so
[2018-03-09 18:33:14] <Anton{Politoed}> 4ok so what we can do is
[2018-03-09 18:33:15] <NEXandGBX> did anything important happen while i was away
[2018-03-09 18:33:16] <NEXandGBX> lmao
[2018-03-09 18:33:16] <Lakituthequick> i wouldn't mind deciding something now
[2018-03-09 18:33:18] <GBAToad> i mean is it possible to put it on a
[2018-03-09 18:33:22] <GBAToad> "do this later" list
[2018-03-09 18:33:28] <GBAToad> as in repurpose it
[2018-03-09 18:33:29] <Shoey> I can't believe we never included that smb2 on the dlc award
[2018-03-09 18:33:30] <smasher> were banning you
[2018-03-09 18:33:30] <turb> im fine with shelving it until like
[2018-03-09 18:33:33] <Anton{Politoed}> 4I can create a forum topic to further discuss this in more detail, re: definition and new nominees
[2018-03-09 18:33:40] <smasher> were discussing what to do with dlc atm
[2018-03-09 18:33:40] <turb> yeah a forum topic would be fine
[2018-03-09 18:33:46] <Shoey> smb2 sequel*
[2018-03-09 18:33:48] <Stargazing> yeah i'm fine with saving this for a future meeting or a topic
[2018-03-09 18:33:52] <GBAToad> same
[2018-03-09 18:33:53] <Lord_Bowser> per
[2018-03-09 18:33:55] <NEXandGBX> ^
[2018-03-09 18:33:57] <smasher> sure
[2018-03-09 18:34:02] <Lakituthequick> also per that
[2018-03-09 18:34:03] <Shoey> make a thread
[2018-03-09 18:34:07] <GBAToad> but yeah thats what i wanted to talk about re: Dlc award
[2018-03-09 18:34:11] <GBAToad> since i just noticed it was there
[2018-03-09 18:34:12] <Gamefreak75> ya
[2018-03-09 18:34:17] <Anton{Politoed}> 4gr8, i've got that noted down
[2018-03-09 18:34:20] <Lakituthequick> this thread's gonna be
[2018-03-09 18:34:25] <Lakituthequick> feature length :dk:
[2018-03-09 18:34:29] <Anton{Politoed}> 4good one
[2018-03-09 18:34:30] <GBAToad> :dk2:
[2018-03-09 18:34:37] <NEXandGBX> :diddy:


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Favourite Add-On Content would be my suggestion for a name, since I think Nintendo refers to Luigi's Balloon World as such and this name encompasses both paid and non-paid DLC. Nintendo hasn't put out any DLC for Mario games in the past year since we last overhauled this award, but the inclusion of Luigi's Balloon World is something that needs to happen imho since its substantial content that was added post release, but isnt paid.

As discussed in the meeting I think it would be worth adding the e-reader levels under this category since they technically count as well nd its a "why not" type deal

I'd be hesitant about classifying this by game and then listing what each game has for DLC, since itd just be favourite game with DLC and we dont want that.


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I had suggested Favorite Post-Release Content, since all DLC content pretty much is post release but Favorite Add-On Content does have more brevity than my suggestion, AND it encompasses pre-order bonuses and season passes (though to be fair, *of course* only the Ubisoft-published game -Mario + Rabbids- has this sort of stuff)


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I am in favor of Favorite Add-On Content as well.

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Favorit Add-On Content feels like it encompasses all of it so that's my vote

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Supporting Favorite Add-On Content; pering BLOF on the thing about Post-Release Content as well


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M9 Favorite Add-On Content was agreed upon as the new name, but further discussion on SMM updates and e-Reader stuff should still go on to see if any nominees can come from them.

[2018-03-17 17:15:29] <Anton{Politoed}> 4so onto M9 Favorite DLC
[2018-03-17 17:15:59] <Anton{Politoed}> 4which in https://www.marioboards.com/index.php?topic=39718.0 and last meeting it was pretty uncontested with changing the name, so just to make that official
[2018-03-17 17:16:20] <Anton{Politoed}> 4Vote: Change the title of "M9 Favorite DLC" to "M9 Favorite Add-On Content"? (y/n/a)
[2018-03-17 17:16:22] <turb> y
[2018-03-17 17:16:23] <Gamefreak75> y
[2018-03-17 17:16:25] <Lakituthequick> y
[2018-03-17 17:16:26] <Gabumon> 3y
[2018-03-17 17:16:27] <Anton{Politoed}> 4while this vote is ongoing other ideas may be presented still
[2018-03-17 17:16:27] <Lord_Bowser> y
[2018-03-17 17:16:29] <__2257> 7y
[2018-03-17 17:16:34] <Raiko_Chaorikawa> y
[2018-03-17 17:16:37] <NEXandGBX> y
[2018-03-17 17:16:54] <smasher> y
[2018-03-17 17:17:06] <smasher> 9-0-0
[2018-03-17 17:17:47] <Anton{Politoed}> 4excellent, so that's changed
[2018-03-17 17:18:05] <Anton{Politoed}> 4and with that comes in the potential for a complete shake-up in nominees, something that wasn't really touched on
[2018-03-17 17:18:18] <Anton{Politoed}> 4current nominees are:
[2018-03-17 17:18:19] <Anton{Politoed}> 4The Legend of Zelda × Mario Kart 8, Animal Crossing × Mario Kart 8, Mercedes-Benz × Mario Kart 8, New Super Luigi U, Peach's Castle stage (SSB4), Super Mario Maker stage (SSB4), Super Mario Mash-Up Pack (Minecraft)
[2018-03-17 17:18:44] <Anton{Politoed}> 4there's https://www.mariowiki.com/Category:Downloadable_content to reference but basically we just need to brainstorm what needs to be added or anything to be removed
[2018-03-17 17:18:54] <Anton{Politoed}> 4here's https://docs.google.com/document/d/1RsocZ6s-whVG__FrTqGK_CVeDPOJiAVeYBB-7aat2oo/edit#heading=h.culgiaqu7gjr for results
[2018-03-17 17:18:58] <Lakituthequick> Current nominees seem fine still
[2018-03-17 17:19:06] <smasher> does that sonic lost world count now
[2018-03-17 17:19:09] <Lord_Bowser> im not sure if minecraft is really add on content now....?
[2018-03-17 17:19:28] <Lakituthequick> minecraft is funny because iirc
[2018-03-17 17:19:33] <smasher> weve considered it in the past
[2018-03-17 17:19:34] <Lakituthequick> it was part of an update
[2018-03-17 17:19:37] <Raiko_Chaorikawa> back in abit
[2018-03-17 17:19:39] <turb> minecraft technically is add-on content still though isn't it
[2018-03-17 17:19:42] <Lord_Bowser> oh wait im remembering the discussion last year
[2018-03-17 17:19:44] <turb> if considered "added on to the base game"
[2018-03-17 17:19:55] <Anton{Politoed}> 4balloon world would have to be voted in to add since that's kinda what this expansion was for
[2018-03-17 17:20:02] <smasher> also add balloon world now
[2018-03-17 17:20:05] <smasher> yeah
[2018-03-17 17:20:19] <Lakituthequick> minecraft stuff really is add-on because it was added later yeah
[2018-03-17 17:20:20] <Lord_Bowser> balloon world add on yeah
[2018-03-17 17:20:32] <Lakituthequick> + balloon world
[2018-03-17 17:21:04] <Anton{Politoed}> 4Vote: Add "Balloon World (SMO)" to M9 Favorite Add-On Content? (y/n/a)
[2018-03-17 17:21:07] <turb> y
[2018-03-17 17:21:08] <Gamefreak75> y
[2018-03-17 17:21:08] <Gabumon> 3y
[2018-03-17 17:21:08] <Lakituthequick> y
[2018-03-17 17:21:10] <__2257> 7y
[2018-03-17 17:21:11] <Lord_Bowser> y
[2018-03-17 17:21:12] <smasher> everything there already can stay btw
[2018-03-17 17:21:12] <Anton{Politoed}> 4fun fact i kept typoing balloon as balloween
[2018-03-17 17:21:13] <NEXandGBX> y
[2018-03-17 17:21:16] <smasher> y
[2018-03-17 17:21:18] <turb> is the full title Luigi's Balloon World?
[2018-03-17 17:21:25] <smasher> 8-0-0
[2018-03-17 17:21:27] <Lakituthequick> that's one heck of a type
[2018-03-17 17:21:27] <NEXandGBX> i think so
[2018-03-17 17:21:31] <Lakituthequick> *typo
[2018-03-17 17:21:33] <Anton{Politoed}> 4wiki only says Balloon World but _
[2018-03-17 17:21:40] <Anton{Politoed}> 4https://www.mariowiki.com/Balloon_World
[2018-03-17 17:22:15] <Lakituthequick> I think it should be Luigi's Balloon World actually yeah
[2018-03-17 17:22:17] <turb> "called Luigi's Balloon World in the Nintendo Mini Direct trailer"
[2018-03-17 17:22:20] <Gabumon> 3its ok, nobody likes luigi anyway
[2018-03-17 17:22:22] <Lord_Bowser> i believe nintendo officially referr- yeas
[2018-03-17 17:22:25] <turb> not from the wiki but from the other wikia LOL
[2018-03-17 17:22:36] <Anton{Politoed}> 4someone tell the wiki
[2018-03-17 17:22:37] <turb> it's just balloon world in-game though
[2018-03-17 17:22:41] <smasher> h
[2018-03-17 17:22:41] <Anton{Politoed}> 4but I'll retcon that change in
[2018-03-17 17:23:00] <Gamefreak75> our wiki confirmed trash
[2018-03-17 17:23:32] <Anton{Politoed}> 4any other possible considerations for this?
[2018-03-17 17:23:33] <Lakituthequick> whats fun is
[2018-03-17 17:23:36] <Lakituthequick> Balloon World[1] is a minigame ...
[2018-03-17 17:23:37] <Anton{Politoed}> 4re: nominees
[2018-03-17 17:23:47] <Lakituthequick> [1] literally says Luigi's Balloon World
[2018-03-17 17:24:15] <NEXandGBX> the only other possibility i can think of is smm's updates
[2018-03-17 17:24:37] <smasher> that sonic level?
[2018-03-17 17:24:50] <Anton{Politoed}> 4that was something we explicitly left off in previous years because it didn't fit "DLC" so yeah the SMM things can come back into discussion
[2018-03-17 17:25:02] <Anton{Politoed}> 4what's the sonic level
[2018-03-17 17:25:07] <NEXandGBX> yoshi's island zone
[2018-03-17 17:25:14] <Anton{Politoed}> 4that sounds neat
[2018-03-17 17:25:21] <smasher> yeah that
[2018-03-17 17:25:35] <smasher> its in sonic lost world
[2018-03-17 17:25:46] <smasher> weve discussed it before
[2018-03-17 17:25:51] <Anton{Politoed}> 4it fits into a similar context as the minecraft and ssb things
[2018-03-17 17:26:11] <Gabumon> 3yeah I guess thats true
[2018-03-17 17:26:14] <Lakituthequick> it does really
[2018-03-17 17:26:46] <turb> oh yeah the smm things
[2018-03-17 17:26:47] <Lakituthequick> wouldn't oppose adding it
[2018-03-17 17:26:49] <turb> i forgot about those entirely
[2018-03-17 17:27:02] <turb> i legit could've sworn the sonic level was already on there once
[2018-03-17 17:27:06] <turb> did we remove it
[2018-03-17 17:27:12] <Lakituthequick> it was written in at least
[2018-03-17 17:27:16] <NEXandGBX> yeah i remember it being on there too
[2018-03-17 17:27:21] <NEXandGBX> not sure
[2018-03-17 17:27:22] <Gabumon> 3lets add it
[2018-03-17 17:27:28] <smasher> i dont think we ever added it
[2018-03-17 17:27:39] <smasher> we just considered it
[2018-03-17 17:27:53] <Anton{Politoed}> 4Vote: Add "Yoshi's Island Zone (Sonic Lost World)" to M9? (y/n/a)
[2018-03-17 17:27:56] <Lakituthequick> y
[2018-03-17 17:27:57] <smasher> i think we werent sure if it counted
[2018-03-17 17:27:57] <Gabumon> 3y
[2018-03-17 17:27:59] <Lord_Bowser> a
[2018-03-17 17:28:05] <smasher> now it does
[2018-03-17 17:28:06] <smasher> Y
[2018-03-17 17:28:09] <smasher> y
[2018-03-17 17:28:17] <__2257> 7y
[2018-03-17 17:28:25] <turb> y
[2018-03-17 17:28:47] <smasher> 5-0-1
[2018-03-17 17:28:48] <Gamefreak75> y
[2018-03-17 17:28:53] <smasher> 6-0-1
[2018-03-17 17:28:58] <Anton{Politoed}> 4y
[2018-03-17 17:29:07] <smasher> 7-0-1
[2018-03-17 17:29:15] <Lord_Bowser> y then
[2018-03-17 17:29:29] <smasher> almost typed 7-£-1
[2018-03-17 17:29:34] <smasher> 8-0-0
[2018-03-17 17:29:45] <Anton{Politoed}> 4it's added
[2018-03-17 17:29:46] <Anton{Politoed}> 4https://www.mariowiki.com/Super_Mario_Maker#Updates
[2018-03-17 17:29:55] <Gabumon> 3I have a question
[2018-03-17 17:29:58] <Anton{Politoed}> 4are there any of these that stand out as anything we should include
[2018-03-17 17:30:05] <smasher> now i can rest in peace
[2018-03-17 17:30:34] <Gabumon> 3regarding that remake of smb3, does the e-reader stuff fit under this definition?
[2018-03-17 17:30:44] <smasher> imo yes
[2018-03-17 17:31:12] <turb> i guess it does yeah
[2018-03-17 17:31:21] <smasher> it kind of is addon content
[2018-03-17 17:31:24] <Lord_Bowser> was smb3 the only game that extensively used e-readers
[2018-03-17 17:31:43] <__2257> 7mvdk
[2018-03-17 17:31:45] <turb> hm
[2018-03-17 17:31:54] <Lord_Bowser> whatd mvdk do
[2018-03-17 17:31:58] <turb> i guess i'd say, if any of these updates were to be added, i'd pick 1.40
[2018-03-17 17:32:16] <turb> I don't really know if it has like more meaningful content than the others
[2018-03-17 17:32:33] <turb> but it had super expert and some fairly substantial cours eelements
[2018-03-17 17:33:07] <smasher> that makes sense to add
[2018-03-17 17:33:10] <__2257> 7i dont really know, i never owned it
[2018-03-17 17:33:13] <Lord_Bowser> what about 1.2.0
[2018-03-17 17:33:17] <__2257> 7extra levels i think
[2018-03-17 17:33:32] <Lord_Bowser> that added checkpoints and event courses
[2018-03-17 17:33:35] <__2257> 7there was also mario party e which was only an ereader game
[2018-03-17 17:33:37] <smasher> i have mvdk but idk what the ereader does
[2018-03-17 17:33:40] <Anton{Politoed}> 4if we list SMM stuff would it just be called "Version 1.40" or something
[2018-03-17 17:33:51] <Anton{Politoed}> 4also idk anything about e-readers so i can't contribute beyond initiating a vote
[2018-03-17 17:34:07] <Lakituthequick> just a version number is fairly non-describing
[2018-03-17 17:34:24] <NEXandGBX> i don't know how many people are familiar with the e-reader levels so _
[2018-03-17 17:34:27] <smasher> idk if enough would know what version numbers would cover
[2018-03-17 17:35:02] <Gabumon> 3I think I may have suggested this last year and it wasnt very popular, but if we have too many small updates, we could just do this award on a by-game-basis
[2018-03-17 17:35:04] <smasher> maybe add Super Expert or something at least
[2018-03-17 17:35:07] <turb> Version 1.40 (Super Expert, Keys/Locked Doors, Pink Coins, Skewers) ? ? ? ?
[2018-03-17 17:35:09] <Anton{Politoed}> 4i mean it'd also have the (SMM) on the end of it but _
[2018-03-17 17:35:10] <turb> idk
[2018-03-17 17:35:13] <Gabumon> 3and ask "which of these games had the best add on content?"
[2018-03-17 17:35:14] <turb> and then there's also the smm on the end
[2018-03-17 17:35:35] <turb> if nintendo keeps pushing out dlc I'm not like
[2018-03-17 17:35:37] <Anton{Politoed}> 4out of commission for a minute, kitty really wants the keyboard
[2018-03-17 17:35:38] <Raiko_Chaorikawa> hi
[2018-03-17 17:35:40] <Raiko_Chaorikawa> i'm back
[2018-03-17 17:35:48] <turb> opposed to that being a change maybe next year or so
[2018-03-17 17:35:56] <turb> idk if we should do it this year
[2018-03-17 17:36:17] -->| Stargazing (uid268124@comet.observatory) has joined #mwikiawards
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[2018-03-17 17:36:23] <turb> i should probably say I'm not opposed to it being a thing this year either
[2018-03-17 17:37:16] <Anton{Politoed}> 4ok kitty has been satisfied
[2018-03-17 17:37:31] <Anton{Politoed}> 4anyways if a nominee name can be squirted out I'll be up for it
[2018-03-17 17:38:18] <Lakituthequick> Version 1.4.0: level elements/expert mode (SMM)
[2018-03-17 17:38:19] <Lakituthequick> ?
[2018-03-17 17:38:44] <turb> i thought about just shitting Level Elements in but like
[2018-03-17 17:38:54] <turb> I wondered if it was too unspecific
[2018-03-17 17:38:55] <Gabumon> 3I dont SMM
[2018-03-17 17:39:01] <turb> which is why i listed them all in the hypothetical i brought up
[2018-03-17 17:39:04] <Gabumon> 3Is the term "expert mode" recognizable?
[2018-03-17 17:39:09] <turb> Super Expert likely is
[2018-03-17 17:39:16] <turb> not expert mode in and of itself, that's a different thing
[2018-03-17 17:39:34] <Lakituthequick> yeah, was more of an outline
[2018-03-17 17:39:42] <Anton{Politoed}> 4also i mean if these two things need more in-depth refinement we can just continue it on the forum
[2018-03-17 17:39:46] <turb> yeah
[2018-03-17 17:39:50] <Lakituthequick> Super Expert is it's actual name
[2018-03-17 17:39:56] <Gabumon> 3if you can put one clearly recognizable thing in the name, people might know which update is meant
[2018-03-17 17:40:09] |<-- smasher has left irc.darkmyst.org (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
[2018-03-17 17:40:21] <turb> Version 1.40 (Super Expert) (SMM)
[2018-03-17 17:40:22] -->| Meta_Knight (Meta_Knigh@meta.ridley) has joined #mwikiawards
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[2018-03-17 17:40:44] <Gabumon> 3like for example if you talked to me about a version number of minecraft, I might not remember, but if you say "the update that had polar bears", I'll probably know
[2018-03-17 17:41:01] <turb> yeah
[2018-03-17 17:41:13] <Toadbert> ive been forgetting which version added what lately
[2018-03-17 17:41:17] <Toadbert> ever since 1.0
[2018-03-17 17:41:18] <Lakituthequick> oh yeah, minecraft has polar bears now
[2018-03-17 17:41:21] <Toadbert> whic isnt lately
[2018-03-17 17:41:29] <turb> one of the updates had horses
[2018-03-17 17:41:32] <Toadbert> actually on that note
[2018-03-17 17:41:32] <turb> thats all i know
[2018-03-17 17:41:36] <Lakituthequick> i should get myself updated on that stuff
[2018-03-17 17:41:37] <Toadbert> the updates have had names
[2018-03-17 17:41:42] <Toadbert> so you could use htose
[2018-03-17 17:41:48] <turb> but yeah going with what i said i think that super expert is the most recognizable thing for that
[2018-03-17 17:41:59] <turb> i remember it being a point of discussion when it came out
[2018-03-17 17:42:02] <turb> moreso than the level elements
[2018-03-17 17:42:58] <Anton{Politoed}> 4well I think we should move this onto the forum for later in the pre-existing thread, but it feels like there's a solid end in sight for it
[2018-03-17 17:43:07] <Anton{Politoed}> 4figuring out nominees from e-reader and wording for SMM stuff
[2018-03-17 17:43:10] <turb> sounds goo
[2018-03-17 17:43:10] <turb> d
[2018-03-17 17:43:28] <Raiko_Chaorikawa> i feel like the e-reader could plausibly be considered add-on content
[2018-03-17 17:43:32] <Raiko_Chaorikawa> the levels and such i mean
[2018-03-17 17:43:57] <Anton{Politoed}> 4so with this going on the forum for later, next up would be an official stance on wat do with M10 Favorite Partner Developer

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Re: my comments in the meeting last time, I think Version 1.4.0 (Super Expert, Course Elements) (SMM) or something similar would probably be the best wording for that nominee; of course if we were to add 1.2.0 or something it'd be the same principle, listing the most notable thing first and then the other additions. I'm not opposed to listing every single addition but it'd be a long name.

I can't really comment on the e-reader stuff since I haven't played any of it