Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Nobody said that you have to get the new spirits. But if you don't get them during the spirit board event, then you'll have to wait a good number of weeks until they're available to acquire again (either at the spirit board or the shop).
I've done about 5-6 cosplays from this game but the only ones that stuck are Zero Suit Samus and to a lesser extent Pokémon Trainer.

Something relevant to Mario, one of those cosplays was Peach and I did wear her again recently for TikTok but am not that fond of the cosplay bc the dress is cheap af

I'm also being Mythra soon. Coincidentally I was thinking of reusing my Peach wig for her but wanted something fresher and nicer and less tampered with so got a brand new one of the same make
i cant believe they added kazooie but again

fr tho the new fighter seems neat, probably gonna be more than just a command input boyo
At this point…I bet most people are giving up on BWD for Smash. They're gonna announce Crash as the final fighter after the Tekken guy releases.
I thought we were gonna get both fighters today since Sakurai stated he wanted to get the two fighters out of the way. Maybe in the Kazuya direct, he'll show it at the very end.
tekken guy is fine. im not familiar with tekken so eh but he's not a bad pick.
I assume the last character is going to be at Nintendo's usual September Direct, hey, I got Min-Min and besides Euden, Arle, Phoenix Wright/Ayumi Tachibana and Jibanyan, I don't feel my most wanted are likely, so I just hope the fans of them are happy and I find them fun, it's silly to be bitter over a video game character

Also, I am going into the music section for Tekken as soon as possible
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A cool thing about Kazuya is that characters from Street Fighter, King Of Fighters, Tekken, ARMS and Virtua Fighter in the same game
Shame that I feel Scorpion or Sol Badguy likey won't join, but there's always Mii Costumes
I apprieciate that line of text having a bunch of iconic and important fighting games, and then ARMS

anyway, if there's more fighting game characters I'd like to see one from Killer Instinct, if only just for the music.
i knew a bit more about jin but after looking more into kazuya i can definitely see why they went with him. haven't gotten around to playing tekken yet, but it's an iconic franchise that definitely deserves the content, and i like the other fighting game reps we already have, so i'm quite fine with this choice

gonna predict that the last character is another switch first party rep like a gen 8 pokemon though, while i'm fine with whatever gets picked i'm hoping it ends with a little more of a bang than the last pass
You don't like Mortal Kombat?
Beyond the pre-renders from the first few games and also some memes, there's not a lot of good things to say about it. Pretty much any fighting game from Capcom or SNK is better. And Tekken is from Namco of all things.
I still have to wonder what the final fighter pass will be...