The 'Shroom Killing Game: Goodbye Poochy (Tokens posted!)


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Re: The 'Shroom Killing Game: Goodbye Poochy (Roles sent!)

Great job GBA, great job Meta Knight

The final post did not fail to deliver

I'm very happy my goal to leave my imprint on the game got to work out, even after I died

and also

who you chose to make the final culprit just proves great minds think alike :diddy:

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I'm glad I was killed by the winner
GG everybody but it should have been nabber


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Re: The 'Shroom Killing Game: Goodbye Poochy (Roles sent!)

Thank you to GBA and Meta, what an absolutely incredible game!

Congratulations to Edo, you played incredibly. Also congrats to FWD, who managed to pull off multiple murders, which is amazing.

Shout-out to the Lit Club players, and apologies to Raregold for the unfortunate incident. Hopefully you can still play DDLC without the scars.

And finally, thank you to everybody who played! Honestly, this game made me feel more connected to the community than I ever was before, and you all made that possible. All of the jokes, stress, and memes made all of it worth it. So thank you.

I'll get you next time LB


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Re: The 'Shroom Killing Game: Goodbye Poochy (Roles sent!)

Final kill rendition:

But serious talk because my in-character posts focussed mostly on turb.

I'd like to thank everyone who actively played this game with me and everyone else, especially those who created interesting cases, helped with the investigations, or just created opportunities for others to roleplay off of.

I'd also like to thank GBAToad who must have been suffering in silence for the last months, having to host such a monumentally huge game without going insane. There are some things I would like to say, some praise, some critique, but I will save that for a time when you're open for it.

In the words of Luigi's departed brother: "Thank you so much-a for to playing [the] game"

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Re: The 'Shroom Killing Game: Goodbye Poochy (Roles sent!)

Thank you so much to GBA and MK for all the work you've put into this game. It was just great to play and spectate, and I loved the effort and detail put into the map, .exe and role cards.

Anyway, congrats to Edo and to the final four! I believe it's either your critical thinking in the day or creativity in the night that kept you alive all this time.

Also, thank you FWD for coming up with this game format in the first place.

And uh, I wasn't there for this, but whoever made the breakthrough about the onion and the window...

Good job. But also godammit i was so close

I suppose we're allowed to post our actions and results now? I don't have many but I figured it'd be interesting to see what everyone did anyway.

As soon as it starts, I go to the art studio from the west exit of the bedrooms, and grab some tape and anything that could be used as rope. I then go directly to the kitchen, passing though the cafeteria. If I see anybody, I'll keep my distance. In the kitchen, I then grab a chef's knife and some onions and tomatoes, and then exit to the hallway. If I pass anybody on my way, then I threaten them with the knife, but don't attack them and still keep my distance. I then go directly to the 1F stairs and go down to 1F.

I go through the conservatory and to Peddler's Place, where I empty a cardboard box and put the onions and tomatoes in. Using the tape and rope from earlier, I tape the rope to the box and fashion a makeshift backpack from it, then put it on. I go through the courtyard to the west area of the hallway, where I then go to the garage.

If nobody is there, I use the computer and 3D printer to create an orange model of the Amber Key, which I then pocket. If there are people in the room, then I try and force them out by cutting onions in their face to make them cry until they leave. If they somehow resist the onions, I back off and pretend to use the metalworking kit until they leave. Once they're gone, I 3D print the key.

If possible, I spend the rest of the night in the garage and sleep if I'm alone. If anybody enters from this point and comes near me, I take a tomato and cut it, and squirt any tomato juice at their clothes, then threaten them with the knife.

Night 1

- You leave the Guest Bedrooms and head for the Art Studio along with Ninelevendo, Turboo, and Mariofan. You enter the Art Studio and grab some tape and some rope before swiftly departing. You notice Mariofan grabbing a paintbrush as he leaves the room. You exit the Art Studio, noting that Ninelevendo and Turboo are still fumbling around the paint section.
- Heading straight to the kitchen, you notice Yoshi876 has sat himself down at one of the tables near the large window. He’s staring out into the Courtyard. Lord Bowser emerges from the Kitchen and heads out the Cafeteria door, so you enter the kitchen.
- While there, you grab your chef’s knife, as well as some onions and some tomatoes from one of the fridges. You hear a few loud screams coming from outside, but head down to Peddler’s Place via the conservatory.
- You take some time to fashion your bag, and depart for the Garage. As you walk by the conservatory, you notice someone in a white sheet searching the room inside. Moving onwards, you enter the hallway via the west door, and make your way to the Garage, but Ninelevendo greets you at the door. You ask him what he’s going to the Garage for, but he seemingly can’t hear you, so you shout loudly, and then both of you begin an argument over who is going to use the 3D printer first.
- You continue your argument as you enter the room, and notice Raregold has just finished using the printer and he departs the room.
- You decide to end the argument by resorting to your onions, and Ninelevendo is disoriented briefly, and gives up the fight. You then begin working on - your key while Ninelevendo fumbles around the room looking for something else. Just as you’re about to print, you notice Ninelevendo is still there, so you squirt tomato juice at him, threaten him with a knife, and push him out the door.
- You then print your replica of the Amber Key, and then fall asleep in the Garage undisturbed for the rest of the night.

this was basically 'ninelevendo gets rekt 1', but also! night 1 was also me getting ready for night 2, including onion memeing, my knife shenanigans, a fake amber key (which i would have used as bait or put in my victim's possession to confuse everyone about their timeline), and making sure i would have started night 2 alone, with the 3D printer.

it may have seemed like a vaguely unhelpful investigation at the time, but bloodying my knife was an intentional action so i would have an excuse to use the bathrooms later that night (to wash off my knife).

I've made a few small changes to the plan, so please use this version in the results.

A few notes before I start: 3D printers commonly use a filament named ABS plastic, which is also found in Lego and other common hard plastics. While harmless when solid and at a cool temperature, it releases hydrogen cyanide when excessively heated, which is an extremely poisonous substance that boils at about 25 degrees Celsius or 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Even at a small concentration, this substance can kill a man in 10-60 minutes.

At any point in the night, if I see Ninelevendo I throw an onion at him.

As the night starts I immediately 3D print a small red cube using an ABS plastic filament, and take four large nails, a slightly larger nail and a hammer from the garage. I place it in my box-bag (along with any of my possessions that I may have taken out EXCEPT the Amber Key replica; I keep that in my pocket if I'm allowed to have pockets) then speedwalk directly to the 1F-2F stairs through the hallway, slowing down to a casual pace and intimidating anyone with my chef's knife (which may still be bloody from cutting a wound in Yoshi876 during the previous day) if I see them.

From this point on, when entering rooms I open the door fully, wait a second to assess for any dangers inside, then enter. I go straight to the kitchen and gather tomatoes, lentils, carrots, onions, some paprika spice, eggs and some leaves, putting everything in my box. Then, if the large empty pot is still there, I prepare a Spicy Tomato Soup with my ingredients (specifically using a frying pan to fry tomatoes before putting them in the soup), making sure nobody is able to see the contents of my box. If there is no large empty pot, I just get the largest pot I can find.

Once the soup is finished, I check to see if anyone is around in the kitchen. If people are there, I pretend to prepare the soup until I'm alone. If nobody is around, I turn the stove up to boiling and wait around for a few minutes so the soup is suitably hot. I then take a portable stove and tape it to the inside of the pot, place a small frying pan on the stove and, with the portable stove turned on to the highest heat, I place my ABS plastic cube on the frying pan and immediately place a lid on the whole pot.

I then grab four rock-hard cheese wheels, drive the largest nail through each one with my hammer to make a hole, then drive the four other nails through them and tape the nails to the pot, effectively creating a wheelable pot. Here's a diagram if I'm not being clear.

I wheel the pot out of the kitchen and to the 2F elevator, and travel straight down to B1F. I then meander my way through the B1F north hallway, exploring a bit of the Arcade and the Projection Room, and finally the B1F Bathrooms. In there I wash the blood off of my Chef's knife. I then go back to the B1F south hallway and go to the Meeting Room.

At any point along that journey, the first person I see will be my kill target. Once I approach them, I hold my breath and open the pot lid in their face. Hopefully the fumes of hydrogen cyanide, kept as a gas by the high temperatures of the soup, will be wafted into their face to be inhaled. They would die from poisoning within the hour.

I continue to hold my breath and then try and turn off the portable stove, leaving the pot lid open for as long as I can hold my breath to let most of the cyanide fumes leave the pot. I continue to wheel the pot along as I do this. I go straight to the B1F bathroom, wash all the blood off my chef's knife, and flush the melted remains of the cube down any toilet. I also wash the frying pan.

Then, I go to the Meeting Room and join the dinner. I apologise if I am late, but then sit down, take the portable stove out of the pot, then pour myself some soup. After subtly demonstrating to the group that the soup is not dangerous by eating from it myself, I offer it around to the group. After that, I bring out some eggs and start frying them with the frying pan and portable stove. I then chill and converse with the rest of the group, and eat any of the other food brought along... but only in really tiny portions.

If I don't encounter or gas anybody during my journey, I arrive at the dinner, announce that the pot is incredibly toxic and tell everyone to not open it, before placing it into a corner and eating tiny portions of food in shame.

I stay at the dinner until the end of the night, or until I get forced out, where I sleep outside the Meeting Room door.

Night 2

- As soon as the night begins, Ninelevendo attempts to force his way into the Garage and threatens to spray-paint you in the face, but you throw an onion at his head and it knocks him out. He still manages to spray you with a bit of blue paint.
- With your expertise in modelling, you quickly print out a small cube, and pocket it. Right as you do so, DragonFreak walks in and heads for the printer, so you grab your other items and head for the kitchen.
- As you go, you’re cautious to avoid opening any doors without scoping them out first. You enter the 1F Hallway, climb the 2F Stairs, and head straight for the Cafeteria to enter the Kitchen.
- You’re not the first one to arrive in the kitchen, as you witness NEXandGBX covering the Galaxia in a pile of whipped cream, but you begin making your soup anyway. As you do, Freakworld enters, shouts “Nabber and Shoey are having sex in the hallway”, and stands near the fridge for a while with the door open. You hear some bottles clinking. NEXandGBX departs.
- After a while, Geeky enters and heads to the pantry, and Raregold arrives for some last minute party preparations.
- After finishing in the fridge, Freakworld spits in your soup and runs away. Fun With Despair then enters just as Freakworld is leaving. He begins to make soup with some mushrooms he’s picked from the Conservatory.
- Raregold enters and grabs a bottle that says liquor before leaving.
- Geeky eventually emerges from the Pantry, and departs. Turb enters in a short while later, and your soup is beginning to overcook at this point, but you stick around and wait for an empty kitchen.
- Fun With Despair finishes his soup, and departs. Turb finalises his hotdogs, and leaves.
- With no one else in the kitchen, you begin to enact your plan, modifying your pot to hold a propane stove, and placing your cube right in the center of it.
- You begin to assemble your cheese cart, and start pushing it out to the hallway, but as you do, Ninelevendo enters the Cafeteria and sees you pushing your cart. For some reason, he can’t see properly and keeps walking towards you.
- The moment arises, and you open your pot right in his face. He wafts the smell of overcooked soup and burning plastic, and recoils immediately, landing near the central one of the three Cafeteria windows.
- Because your plan was enacted prematurely, you feel as though the fumes (and size) of the melted ABS plastic didn’t have the proper concentration of hydrogen cyanide to kill someone, but you know that Ninelevendo will certainly not be feeling well in a while. He seems to be dizzily leaning against the window.
- You throw another onion at him for interrupting your plan, and wheel the soup pot to the elevator. You hear a loud crash coming from behind you as you do, and turn around to see that your onion has broken the window, and because of the toxic fumes affecting his concentration, Ninelevendo has fallen out the cafeteria window and plummeted to his death.
- You quickly shut the door and hastily rush to the elevator with your soup cart. You see a rather large cloaked figure approach from the hallway, so you mash the button on the elevator frantically, and rush inside.
- Calming down slightly, you taste your soup and decide it’s still very good, so you push the pot into the B1F North Hallway from the elevator, where you duck into the bathrooms to clean your knife and dispose of the cube. You notice Stargazing and Perch have been waiting for the elevator, so you wave to them.
- You’re very late to the party at this point, but you eventually arrive and begin offering soup to everyone. Raregold greets you and gives you an invitation to another event for an Art Show on Night 4.
- NEX looks like he’s about to vomit from the sight of soup, so you decide not to share soup anymore. You then begin to cook eggs and hang out at the party with the others, until the party ends much later than expected. You collapse in a chair, two cooked eggs over your eyes, and fall asleep, trying not to think about the consequences of tomorrow.

My biggest mistake here was misinterpreting the functionality of Pipe Plaza; when I read "anything thrown down a drain will turn up here eventually", I thought they meant that it would transport items over the course of a day to use the next night, but what it really meant was that 'flushed evidence will turn up here on the same night'.

Second biggest mistake? Not specifying that my onion shenanigans with 911do were without intent to kill. TBH he was the person I wanted to kill the least, because the longer he was alive the longer I could've done shenanigans with him. So Ninelevendo, if you're still here and reading this, I'm sorry.

Other than that I'm pretty proud of my plan, and happy that I had so very nearly convinced you! Seriously, if the day phase ended like an hour earlier I would've survived. But the stress got to me and once you'd ruled out Yoshi876, I was out of ideas and... gave up the ghost (heh).

Finally, in case anybody wants it, I'm leaving all of my reaction images here. I never managed to use some of them but they're all here now.

-when u die

-when ur a sprite that gets used once

-when ur exclaiming

-when u think hard

-when u lowkey hiding a key

-when ur sorry but not really

-when u just want to have fun

-when u play ddlc

-when ur small and wobbly

-when ur wobbly but with different settings

-when ur not even the right guy

-when u want to offer some soup in this trying time

I think that's it. Again, thank you GBA for all you've done. And in the modified words of winstein, Thanks for playing.


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Re: The 'Shroom Killing Game: Goodbye Poochy (Roles sent!)

The Pyro Guy said:
So Ninelevendo, if you're still here and reading this, I'm sorry.
Hey it's alright man, no hard feelings at all.

Also thanks to the hosts for their work, even if I was hardly here haha.

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Re: The 'Shroom Killing Game: Goodbye Poochy (Roles sent!)

I'll be back.

But for real, the scale of this game was massive for someone hosting for the first ever time, so I have to give props to GBA for not being on the floor convulsing by Night 2. Fun crew to play with too, really.

Shoutout to Superchao for being a legendary accomplice, and shoutout to Pea for being afk and basically letting me be the best. This game was a lot of fun, and I came away from it having learned a lot actually. You people play waaay differently than the usual crew I play with, and it was really neat to see how hard you guys focused on investigation vs. just timelining it out.

I'm excited to one day play again with you clowns, and I promise not be so goddamn murdery if we met again.


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i might as well share what i did too:

Stargazing said:
i head up-on-over to the wardrobe room. i grab a dark mask, a black cape with a hood, and a fake knife prop. i then walk around the first floor hallway until i find a person. i will take that person hostage into the kitchen, block all the doors with whatever kitchen equipment i can find, attempt to hide all the real knives by crudely placing cling-wrap over them, and admit i was just fucking with them (please not in weeb speak i'm already suffering enough). if they fall asleep while i'm in there, i get up and leave. otherwise, we both remain the entire night.
Stargazing said:
wait actually, slight change

i don’t say anything at all to the person i kidnap. i realize it’s a dumb move to speak and i can build off a few scenarios if i am dead silent the entire time
Kaede Akamatsu said:
- Dashing out the Guest Bedrooms, you head to the Wardrobe, and assemble your costume. Once you leave, you see Freakworld heading for the Wardrobe, and another mysterious black figure departing the Newsroom. You notice Koops looking around Fake News Central for something as well.
- Once there, you skulk around in the hallway for your first target, hearing some loud screams from the floor above. The first person to come down the stairs is Shoey, covered in purple paint.
- Grabbing him while his guard is lowered, you attempt to hold him hostage, but he pulls out a megaphone and screams “WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” right in your face, causing you to stumble backwards and fall as he runs in the opposite direction. Your ears ring, and you suddenly can’t hear anything properly. You stay stunned for a little while and try to recover, but can’t, and your hearing is rendered unusuable for the rest of the night.
- Despite your attempt to hold someone hostage, you make your way to the Kitchen, and attempt to block the doors with cupboard full of plastic plates. You notice an apple corer, a cup, and a mortar and pestle are already missing from the kitchen. You get to work on covering the knives in the drawer with cling wrap by taking them out of the drawer and facing away from the door and one of the stoves.
- After all of the knives in your vacinity have been sufficiently cling-wrapped, you begin to smell something unusual wafting from the stove behind you, and turn around to find a shocking sight.
- Your light barricade from before has been pushed over, with plastic plates and cups scattered across the floor. There is a ghost standing on a small stepping stool, boiling something in a pot over the stove, which is releasing copious amounts of steam into the kitchen. As you attempt to investigate, you suddenly feel very weird, and notice the kitchen beginning to melt before your very eyes. The ghost turns around and you notice two large eye holes filled with darkness. Freaking out, you pass out in the middle of the kitchen floor for the remainder of the night.

Stargazing said:
if this is too long please tell me. i can change or shorten things if needed. don’t wanna be a burden

Night 2 starts, was invited to the party. I get up as fast as I can, grab a frying pan, leave my costume behind, and haul ass out of the kitchen and to the wardrobe. If anyone tries to attack me, I non-lethaly hit them over the head with them and run away.

Once I’m in the wardrobe, I assemble my costume. I put some armour (plastic or metal, doesn’t matter) along my torso and back, wear a Peach outfit over the armour, complete with dress and wig, and keep the frying pan on my person. Still continue hitting people if they try to attack me. I then take Peach’s crown and some fake blood. I nestle the crown into the chest area of the fabric, and put fake blood around it. If anyone asks why, tell them “I’m referencing my crowning achievement” and laugh like there isn’t anything fucking wrong with me.

I head off to the party on B1F (which to my knowledge was clarified to you guys). Hang out for a few hours, repeat all the things I want to do (“my crowning achievement” and hitting attackers) realize I hate social interaction, and leave early to head to my sleeping bag.
Kaede Akamatsu said:
- You get up along with the other passed out writers in the kitchen: Nabber, Geeky, and Raregold, and depart for the Wardrobe together after Raregold grabs something from the fridge.
- You notice a now-awake NEXandGBX enter the Cafeteria as Nabber and Geeky break away from the group quite early and head into the Guest Bedrooms. You and Raregold head for the wardrobe to get changed.
- You don your peach armor costume as Raregold swaps out his brown coat for a lighter one. Raregold questions your choices, and you tell him “I’m referencing my crowning achievement” while laughing a little too hard. He is unnerved.
- You depart from the Wardrobe and enter the 1F Hallway. You notice a few others moving around the hallway, but Yoshi876 standing anxiously still as if he’s waiting for something. You pass by him as you head to the Casino to take the stairs.
- As you’re in the Casino, you take one of the quiz sheets that’s sitting in the center of the room, to fill out later. You notice Shadowshy sitting near a pool table, looking murderous.
- You head through the B1F North Hallway, and find yourself at the elevator. Because you don’t want to trigger your forbidden action, you patiently wait for someone to enter from the north side of the hallway so you can pass through the door. It seems like a few hours, but finally, Superchao enters via the Casino and opens the elevator doors for you.
- As he does, The Pyro Guy emerges and walks into the B1F Bathroom. You pass through the elevator, making sure it isn’t called while you’re doing so. You notice a large soup pot is sitting here, with cheese wheels attached to the bottom of it like a cart. You take no time and hurry to the Party with Perch.
- When you arrive, Raregold greets you and gives you an invitation to another event for an Art Show on Night 4. You also notice Fun With Despair is jumping up and down on the tables.
- Eventually, the party ends and most people return to the Guest Bedrooms, via the elevator, but you have someone open the other door for you to return via the Stairs. You arrive and notice a bed blocking access to the Guest Bedrooms from one side of the elevator. You fall asleep.

Stargazing said:
It's the holiday season! I've decided to make drawings for all of the Killing Game community! First things first, I strip off all parts of the Peach costume except the chest armour, then put on my regular clothes on top of said armour and get to work in the Art Studio. I draw cute little holiday-themed artwork on assorted red and green paper, and fold them into envelopes! For each piece of paper I make into a cute drawing, I take one white sheet and write this letter on it:

I don't know how else to bring this up. But there's been something I've been worried about. Meta Knight has been acting kind of strange lately. You've only been here a few days, so you may not know what I mean. But he's not normally like this. He's always been quiet and polite and attentive...things like that.

Okay... This is really embarrassing, but I'm forcing myself to suck it up. The truth is, I'm REALLY worried about him. But if I try talking to him, he'll just get mad at me again. I don't know what to do. I think you're the only person that he'll listen to. I don't know why. But please try to do something. Maybe you can convince him to talk to a therapist.

I've always wanted to try being better friends with Meta Knight, and it really hurts me to see this happening. I know I'm going to hate myself later for admitting that, but right now I don't care. I just feel so helpless. So please see if you can do something to help. I don't want anything bad to happen to him. I'll make you cupcakes if I have to. Just please try to do something.

As for GBAToad... I don't know why, but he's been really dismissive about this. It's like he just wants us to ignore it. So I'm mad at him right now, and that's why I'm coming to you about this. DON'T LET HIM KNOW I WROTE THIS!!!! Just pretend like I gave you a really good poem, okay? I'm counting on you. Thanks for reading.

I fold these papers, hide them in my pocket, and take a strip of tape. I then go into the following rooms, put the envelopes inside the rooms, and tape the letter to a random wall (while trying to conceal the fact I'm doing this if people are inside):

Hall of Fame
Dev Room
Yoshi876's Office
Music Room
Anton's Office
MCD's Office
LB's Office (If Lord Bowser tries to fight me for entering his office, throw the envelope at him and tape the note on the door. I know he's very likely to fucking do so.)
Piano Room (get 20 extra copies of the letter for this room. tape them on all the walls, then tape all extras on random locations, including the piano)
Staff Lounge
Meeting Room
Break Room
Pipe Plaza
Projection Room
Arcade (also tape an image to the front door of chiaki, with "pure bean, protect her" scribbled next to it)

If I have listed too many rooms, go into all the offices for sure, and then about 5 other rooms. If not, then whatever!

Keep repeating this for the entire night until I run out of rooms to visit, and then I go back to the Guest Bedrooms to sleep.
Kaede Akamatsu said:
Well this is awkward, You have been Killed. Please do not post in the game thread, or otherwise hint at the culprit.

You can still do the quiz for fun if you'd like, but you will not receive an Emerald Key.


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Re: The 'Shroom Killing Game: Goodbye Poochy (Roles sent!)

Day 1 said:
After that, I made way to the honorable Hall of Fame and painted an X over the portrait of the devilspawn known as Wayoshi and revealed him for what he really, a FALSE PROPHET! Heed my words, mortals, for he shall not do any more heinous deeds!
Endgame said:
Having cleaned out the building entirely, evidence shows that there was an external designer of the destroyed robot found on the roof of the building; his name plastered over the robotic blueprints they uncovered. Even after extensive investigation of the Kitchen, police have no idea of his whereabouts.

Edo whispers one word to himself as he walks away from the building and into the sunrise.

welp, called it

So first of all, I'd like to say congratulations to Edo, not just for winning the game, but for going above and beyond for the entire thing. Whether it was for making countless pieces of roleplay artwork or making a murder that had literally everyone stumped, you really went the extra mile, and for that I say well done. That's not to say the rest of the Final Four didn't do a great job, either.

I'd also like to give a shout-out to my fellow players for the roleplay shenanigans, the memes, the headaches, but most of all the fun. This game was honestly a great way for me to connect with the whole community for three months. (btw thanks again for that spotting cup of tea shadowshy :yoshi:)

And finally kudos to GBA and MK for handling a killing game of this stature for the first time and not having a stress-induced heart attack. Besides a few minor nitpicks I had here and there, this was an incredibly well-organized and creative setup, and I had a blast playing this for the entire time I was alive (...which wasn't relatively that long, but still).

Basically, I had a lot of fun and I can't wait for next game

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Re: The 'Shroom Killing Game: Goodbye Poochy (Roles sent!)

Man I can't believe Koops won killing game.


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Re: The 'Shroom Killing Game: Goodbye Poochy (Roles sent!)

Shout-out to Nabber who roleplayed my persona basically perfectly from start to end in pretty much every action, reaction, and detail; it was very enjoyable to watch!

The Golden Pretzel

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Re: The 'Shroom Killing Game: Goodbye Poochy (Roles sent!)

Anton said:
Shout-out to Nabber who roleplayed my persona basically perfectly from start to end in pretty much every action, reaction, and detail; it was very enjoyable to watch!
I can't believe Anton also wants to open a strip club staffed by entirely Turbs.


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Re: The 'Shroom Killing Game: Goodbye Poochy (Roles sent!)

every detail :pgp:

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Re: The 'Shroom Killing Game: Goodbye Poochy (Roles sent!)

You all didn't seriously think this game would end without me getting one final wall of text in, did you?

First, like most everyone else here, I want to congratulate Edo for a well-deserved win. He went above and beyond as a player in his night actions, his roleplay, and his contributions to the investigation.

That said, Edo wasn't the only person here, so I must thank all of you who put your full participation into this game. I came into this game intending to use it to (in addition to having a fun experience, of course) begin the process of introducing myself into the community and begin getting to know all of you. With respect to that goal, this has been a very successful endeavor. You all have been an absolute pleasure to play against and your actions are what made this game wonderful. To all of my competitors, I thank you.

Of course, I’d be remiss to not extend my gratitude to the hosts. GBA and MK, you both did an absolutely wonderful job managing this game, and that was no small feat. This was a large game, and, when unexpected events did come up, you both handled them very well. I hope you both can breathe a sigh of relief now that this is over.

I truly am glad I joined in this game. It was an entirely new experience for me and it pushed me into a quite a few novel situations. In that sense, it helped me to grow as a person. Of course, in a more limited view, it also helped me prepare as a KG player; I now know quite a few mistakes to avoid repeating in the future.

I had promised a write-up at the end of all this, but, having written three drafts of it and finding myself displeased with all of them (I must also credit Raregold here, as he helped me to proofread each draft), I’ve decided against a full write-up. That said, I want to take a page out of TPG’s book. I’ll include my night actions and results in a Pastebin link, with a very brief commentary on each part in the post. This is far from the reflection I had intended to create, but it shall suffice for now.

Pastebin Link Actions and Results

All I’ll say about night one is that I clearly had no idea what I was doing. The only thing I had come into the game with was a plan to make some alliances early on. I was planning to target, in order of preference, Koops, Camwoodstock, AE, Raregold, and Pea. The first three… didn’t work out,

Yeah, night two is when Raregold and I began to ally… though we didn’t get very far. At least I was able to somewhat contribute to the day two investigation. That was a high point in the game for me, actually.

Day Three ended up being a bit rough for me, but, ah, lesson learned. As a wise man and a Shoey once said, “Live and Learn.” Nevertheless, after he fell asleep prematurely on Night II, we took every precaution to keep Raregold awake this night.

Night Four was basically me repaying Raregold by aiding him with a prank he had planned since the start of the game.

Night Five was when I finally realized that maybe I needed to become a bit better at playing the game. That said, I finally contributed a real account on Day Five, and I planned a murder for Night Six.

Night Six was really fun to plan out. It didn’t go through, but, ah, I think it was still good practice for planning how to carry this type of plot out in the next KG.

Anyhow, that’s almost it. I’m sure I could provide some more detailed feedback and criticism if requested, but the last thing to leave off with is the song. Those of you on Discord have already heard it, but for those of you who haven’t, I made a little song based off of Tom Lehrer’s “Who’s Next?” I can’t sing at all, but the goal was only to write lyrics to make people laugh. So, whether you laugh or cringe, I present “Who’s Dead?” It’s by no means any good, but it was enjoyable to make.

8-7-6 was the first to die, but he was a given a second try. Camwood didn't know quite what to do, so he committed seppuku.
Who’s dead?
Nine, he was ashed and gassed, slapped and painted the night he passed. Well, TPG he was undone, by a misplaced on-i-yun.
Who’s dead?
Stargazing was the next body, so we elected to kill Pea. Shadowcide I guess was fine, but Shoey burned in turpentine.
Who’s dead?
The ghost just faded out of sight, and MF died in the dark of night. Dragonfreak lived her final hour, all thanks to syrup and flour.
Who’s dead?
Pitohui died but that’s okay, he was kinda useless, anyway. MCD ran out of time, caught up in LB’s orange slime.
Who’s dead?
Junko was thrown down the hole, ‘cause Toadbert had no self-control. Raregold, well he got impaled, and SMG2’s knee failed.
Who’s dead?
Rose left this world with a final pun, and Perch learned nothing from KG One. Toadbert died because of memes, and Geeky’s more dangerous than she seems.
Who’s dead?
Smasher was the next to fall, ‘cause Nex scurried up a wall. The parrot died at some point too, so we all made him Talkatoo.
Who’s dead?
And then we heard GBA: “Results are coming, end of day.” We all stayed up to dawn, that’s right - to await PM’s from Meta Knight.
Who’s dead?
Well who will be the next to go? It could be Turb or Edo. We’ll try to just wait and see, if Nabber murders poor LB.
Who’s dead? (x4)

Anyhow, thank you all for this experience, and I hope to continue seeing you all around here.


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Re: The 'Shroom Killing Game: Goodbye Poochy (Roles sent!)

Surprise! I'm here for the end-game lounge thread. GG no re guys, this was pretty awesome to keep up with.

Also, a bit of a late apology--sorry I was being annoying with posting as a spooky undead ghost. Thing is, my (idiot) brain interpreted that as a sort of joking "DEMONS BEGONE", so I kinda needed that to be made clear before I kinda went hushy. In the future, probably be a bit more clear/use less meme .gifs if you want me to get the point? I'm a doofus, I know, but it happens.

At any rate, though, I'll likely sit out of a few future KGs before trying again--clearly I'm bad at these. But they're fun to watch, so I don't really mind. Sorta-see-you-but-not-really-since-I'll-likely-be-lurking-but-I'll-still-technically-be-there next KG! :P


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Core 'Shroom Staff


After many, many months, and just a little late from when prizes began, we've tallied everything in the game, and awarded people Tokens. Of course, there will be a summary 'Shroom article in due time, but for now, please enjoy your spoils from the game that was Shroom Killing Game!

To clarify, we set ourselves the typical awards payout of 10 Awards Tokens per person, which exchanges to 20 Shroom Tokens per person. For convenience, we've listed them as Awards Tokens so you can see what you'll be using for prizes. This means we had 340 Awards Tokens to distribute (30 players + 4 replacements)

We quickly realised that 340 was a paltry number to divide properly in order to give each player's actions the recognition they deserved, so we developed a simple points system with special awards to highlight fantastic parts of the game and tally how well people murdered, solved murders, and survived. Since The 'Shroom KG was announced in Issue 126, long, long, ago, your token totals are obtained by dividing your point totals by 12.6, and rounding! And, without further ado, here's the results!


Now, let's look at the point prizes!

We tallied each person's ability to survive entire cases (one day/one night), commit murders intentionally or not and be the culprit of a case, solve murders (i.e. vote for a correct killer of a case and have them lynched). We promised an additional bonus for getting away with murder as well, which only two people did once, and one person did twice! Due to a complication on Night 3 involving a double murder that didn't happen, one player also received a special accomplice bonus that ensured we had a proper case if the person got away with it. We figure it's more difficult to commit a murder and get away with it than it is to not commit murders, solve others and survive, and the point bonuses reflect that. Additionally, the final four received 25 points for making it to endgame, while the winner received a hefty 100 point bonus for... winning!

Case Closed - 10 Points - Survive a case.
In Cold Blood - 50 Points - Commit a murder.
Call the Press! - 30 Points - Correctly vote for and lynch a murderer.
On the Loose - 50 Points - Get away with murder.
Lukewarm Partnership - 30 Points - Let us not speak of Night 3.
Final Four - 25 Points - Awarded to participants who reached endgame.
The 'Shroom Survivor - 100 Points - Awarded to the winner of Shroom KG.

Furthermore, while some people were replaced for not doing anything (and thus their token totals may appear slightly penalised in the Cases Survived area to reflect the lack of participation), others still managed to do things before their time in the headquarters was continued by someone else late into the game, so to compensate those who joined late and missed cases, we created a few point bonuses for replacements. As well as that, the Why Did We Hire You award went to the person who received zero points, so that everyone can have points, but not tokens! :yoshi:

Application Accepted - 10 Points - Awarded to replacements who replaced before Day 3. (Edo and MCD)
Late Entry - 10 Points + (x*5) Points - Awarded to replacements who joined the game after Day 3 where x=number of cases past Day 3 before player joined. (Roserade and Smg2Daisy)
Why Did We Hire You - 5 Points - Awarded to players who did absolutely nothing before being replaced. (ArchagentEverlasting)

So, with all of these statistics based awards, your numbers become quite bulked out and easier to convert into tokens after viewing the progress made by each person. We could spend our time listing each person's stats, but you'll find those in the doc by your username!

Moving on to the 'Shroom KG Awards, these are illustrious, brilliant, fabulous, coveted point bonuses that highlight special actions and events in the game! These will probably get fancy PNGs if I work out badge designs for each one in the eventual 'Shroom Article, but for now, let's run through the list!


15 Points

In every Killing Game, there must always be one person who says the wrong thing in their account, is in someone elses testimony at the wrong place or wrong time, and is subsequently bandwagoned on and lynched. We feel it's always important to acknowledge those whose heads provide great stepping stones for others, and that would mean this reward goes to...


Lynched on the very first day, Camwood was incorrectly pinned as the murderer of Y876 by a combination of faulty testimony, and general disbelief for some of his posts, succumbing to a bandwagon launched by the true killer of Case 1, Fun With Despair. Despite being keen to play, he was the first to be truly eliminated from the game, as Y876 was turned into the Ultimate Ghost, and allowed to live another day. Congrats to Camwood for taking the first fall and giving someone else tokens!


15 Points

There were only two ways to be removed from the headquarters: kill... or be killed. We felt as though everyone deserved the chance to participate in at one full case before possibly being removed from the game, so while Y876 was technically the first murder victim, the first person eliminated from the game entirely through being murdered was...


Ninelevendo had a hard life. In one night, he was onion'd, painted, punched, ashed, and gassed, and all of that caused him to lean against a window in exhaustion, through which his longlasting rival TPG pelted a single onion, thus sealing his fate on a bed of pointed swords. Despite having access to all of the paint in the world, he could not have painted a better victim for Case 2 than himself, and for that, we award him 15 points.


10 Points

As the 'Shroom loves to acknowledge new writers, with The New Guy award, we're acknowledging new players to Killing Game. Like my motives, Killing Game is often very complex. First-time players can be intimidated and/or overwhelmed by the mass roleplaying, shitposting, murdering and other degenerate behaviours that occur within these very posts, and for some, it is too much. For others, they take it in stride, and become engrossed in the game despite not giving it much thought at first, and the person who did this the best was...


For someone who really didn't expect their actions to have such a flow-on effect at first, Toadbert quickly became accustomed to life in the headquarters, striking alliances with Turb (a KG veteran) and Edo (also a new guy, but we'll get to him later), arming himself with a stripper pole, tanks of acetylene, and eventually dethroning the two-time serial killer living among them with a well thought-out plan, before he himself decided it was time to bite into the sweet cake of death and leave his allies behind. To start off with simple one paragraph night actions, and escalate into multi-faceted kill attempts which apply their real-world knowledge of metallurgy, and come out having enjoyed the game format immensely, Toadbert receives 10 points for his efforts.


15 points

It would be incorrect to assume people play Killing Game just to solve murder mysteries on the fly, but stealthily killing people and seriously investigating crimes nets you very little points with the fans. Everyone knows you have to be a witty smartass or say random stuff in order to make your mark on the world, and the person who made the most batshit "try to explain this to an outsider"-style comment was...


For the record, I am completely fine with another gay orgy taking place, and could be tempted to take part.

This really says it all. Perfectly placed reaction images, FE-style confessions of love, le funny telling Camwood to stop and posts of the sort all garnered plenty of likes in their own way, but Yoshi876 admitting he can and would be okay with having a gay orgy in a serious manner, the improbable result of trying to solve a murder mystery, defines Killing Game as something that cannot be predicted or explained to anyone without you being admitted to a mental facility. Yoshi876 will receive 15 points and possibly an orgy sometime in the distant future.


25 points

However! Roleplaying is often a huge part of Killing Game as well. It is one thing to be funny once, and without a character. It is another thing entirely to completely become the character you're roleplaying and perform with such a consistent angle and characterisation that your long testimonies and simple investigation requests fill even the hosts with delight upon reading them. The commitment one person made to their character was very obvious, and resulted in plenty of memorable moments for all. The person with the best roleplay was...


We simply can't look past the immense amount of artwork and animation Edo did to bring his Turbo Hero: Luiginium to life. From the moment he took off the Koops costume to the final battle with the Porple Bot on the roof of the burning 'Shroom Headquarters, there will never be another Luigi quite like Edo's, and for all of the dedication he put into it, he receives 25 points. Honourable mentions include TPG's Ghost, Roserade's Monika, and Shoey's... Shoey.


30 points

The 'Shroom Headquarters was filled with unique and wonderful things for everyone to take advantage of and destroy each other with. Anything your heart desired, you could will into existence with a certain room location and the host's consent, and people used this deadly power to create shockswordhands, drop a spotlight through the building, interrogate a parrot, hold funerals for destroyed paintings, play Splatoon in the hallways, S U C C, and many, many more batshit insane things. But, one person in particular was so committed to wildly running around the building enacting their wildest and oftentimes annoying night actions. So, for general creativity and abuse of the 'Shroom Headquarters, the Creative Display award goes to...


When it came to reading results, I would always stare with general bewilderment at how I was going to process Smasher's actions. From running around the headquarters trying to pass herself off as Turb, to running around the headquarters dressed as Wii Fit Trainer, pretty much everything she did was the opposite of murder, but it took full advantage of the resources she had available in the headquarters, and resulted in a love-hate relationship with a shake-weight most probably won't forget. She met her end at NEX's hand after 9 solid nights of screaming, and receives 30 points for her shitposting.


30 points

And, for the final special award, this award recognises a murder attempt that was solved, but presented itself to be a doozy for the people who solved it. The cases which don't get solved are already deceptive enough to net their own points, but for the creative murder attempts that were sadly figured out and had their culprits sentenced to ironic executions, we figured we'd highlight the best one of the lot, one which kept people guessing until the very end. Thus, the final award, Thrilling Execution, goes to...


While not his planned kill attempt, which involved gassing someone with toxic plastic fumes, the grudge carried over from Awards KG 1 presented TPG with the perfect opportunity to innocently throw an onion at his rival Ninelevendo's head. Though, due to a combination of unfortunate factors, TPG's onion smashed the window Nine was tiredly leaning against, causing him to plummet to the ground and impale himself on a bed of swords. Yikes! For all the commotion, TPG took pride in his unlikely onion murder, and until the very end was able to deceive everyone and avoid suspicion entirely. A thrilling Case 2 with a positive outcome that reset the tone for the game after the monstrosity that was Case 1, TPG is awarded 30 points for his plastic-y soupy onion murder.


1 token

And finally, since all of our points rounded out our token total to 339, and since this awards ceremony is like the bonus stars at the end of the game wherein you throw your controller at the screen after the CPU decides to award the other CPUs with more stars and push you out of the lead in a frightening display of the potential power our robot overlords will one day abuse, we decided to go the trademark Mario Party route of awarding someone with a random token for just being the lucky person my handy 34-sided soul die rolled on. If your name is behind this spoiler tag, congrats! You get an extra token!


And, that's it! Once again, we'd like to thank everyone who participated, and I would thoroughly encourage you to follow the remainder of Awards KG 2 as it reaches its climax after many, many months. Please enjoy the prizes as well, Anton, Turb and the whole awards committee have put their time and coins into making this year's pool go out with a bang. :ashley: