Input delay in Project 64 with a Switch Pro Controller


Koopa Troopa
I use my Switch Pro Controller connected to my PC via Bluetooth as the controller for Project 64. Because Project 64 doesn't support DirectInput controllers, only Xinput ones, I have to use X360ce to convert the Switch Pro's inputs to Xinput. Usually this works fine, but sometimes I have huge input delay and some inputs aren't registering at all - that's very annoying, especially because it happened right before the last Bowser fight in a Mario 64 speedrun, so that I lost a potential PB - I was more than a minute faster than in my previous PB...

I really don't have an idea what causes that problem, as without changing the distance between the controller and the Bluetooth dongle, sometimes I don't have any delay and then suddenly it starts lagging. My PC should really have enough power for emulators (Nvidia GTX 980, Intel Xeon CPU and 32 GB of RAM) and when I use a GameCube controller in Dolphin or Rivals of Aether - again I need X360ce - I have no input delay at all.
Okay here’s the thing:

Project64 is not exactly the best N64 Emulator. I’ve personally had pretty bad experiences with it, including lagging, graphical glitches and downright making a game unbeatable because of a rendering bug at one point.

Apparently some of those bugs have been fixed since then, but I’ve had overall better results with 1964 or even bizhawk than with project64.

So maybe you want to consider switching the emulator entirely, as that might already solve your problem.
I don't think that Project 64 is that bad - at least it is the only allowed emulator on - and it works pretty fine aside from the input lag.
it might be your system's bluetooth power saving fault.

Try to go to Device Manager, navigate to your adapter (not your connected device), go to Properties, go to Power Management and turn off "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power."