Shadow2hy Mafia Lounge - REPLACEMENTS WANTED

do you think people will be active?

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Shadow2hy Mafia

This is a gimmickless mafia with roles based on my interests, nothing special. Pretend there's something interesting here.​

1. Read the rules
2. Each day phase players may vote for other players or themselves by typing vote: Bowser45, players may also unvote players they have already voted by typing unvote. The player with the most votes on them at the end of the day will be lynched. Unless there is a tie in which case nobody will be lynched. Voting no lynch is not allowed.
3. Each night the mafia are allowed to kill a player. Powers are only to be used at this time as well unless otherwise stated in-role.
4. Each phase will be 48 hours long, with 24 hour extentions being granted upon request or in the event a player is unable to get online in time to defend themself from a lynch.
5. Night actions are to be sent to me via pm, unless you have a host-made quicktopic in which case they must be done in said quicktopic.
6. Any quicktopics that you receive from me may not be given to any other players for any reason whatsoever.
7. You may roleclaim and give flavor text. You are not allowed to directly quote your role.
8. No mass role fishing or mass role claiming.
9. All PM's related to the game must be sent to me along with any player-made quicktopics.
10. Players can post after they die but they must keep dead posting to a minimum and they are not allowed to act like they're still alive. Dead players may not give any game related information or try to influence the game in any way.
12. Jokingly taunting others or w/e is fine but don't be an actual asshole to anybody (just obey this forum's rules and you'll be fine).
13. Violation of the rules will result in either a modkill or warning depending on the rule that was broken and the severity of the breakage.
14. I am allowed to add new rules and edit existing ones at any time if neccessary. If I do so I shall proclaim it.
15. For the love of Sithis at least try be active. It's pretty unfair to your teammates, the host, and it decreases the quality of the game if you're not active. Don't sign up if you won't be active.
16. Flirting with the host is forbidden.

1. freakworld
2. MrConcreteDonkey
3. Mariofan169
4. Mr. Apple
5. MsRetroGeek
6. Stargazing
7. Roserade
8. Luigi 64DD
9. Ninlevendo
10. Raven Effect
11. 4td0
12. Shy Guy on Wheels

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y is loogi sadd?? plese halp himn
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Re: Theme TBD Mafia Lounge - 7/12

Sure wynaut


That's what I call hamburgers
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Re: Theme TBD Mafia Lounge - 9/12

I hate themes

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Re: Theme TBD Mafia Lounge - Sign Ups Close in a Week!

Minimum signs ups met, still accepting them for one more week. Remember to vote if you haven't already!!!¡¡¡11111111111111

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Sign ups closed (still need replacements). Thanks to everyone who signed on. Game will start a week or two after shroom killing game and Star's mafia have concluded due to activity concerns so expect this game to happen somewhere near the beginning of January.

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Update: This game will be happening in March. However sometime during mid January i'll be sending out a notice to everyone to check who's still playing so
i can replace them ahead of time.