Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Mafia Game Thread

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Dry Bowser

Welcome to Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Mafia! The game will start on September 29th, 4:00am GMT.

Need a reminder on what you do in this mafia game? Have a look:
  • Day actions: During the day, you can discuss who to lynch, vote and visit a location by sending a personal message to me. If you don't send a message, it is assumed that you stay in the same location.
  • Night actions: During the night, you can use your role powers and Location powers. These can have a large effect on the game, so be sure to send them regularly!
  • Locations: What is a location? A locations most important feature is interacting with different players, allowing you to use your secondary location ability. Visiting them may also give different effects. I wonder what they could be? You might also find some of Bowser's lost troops wondering around... To visit a location, send me a pm during the day stating what location you would like to go, for example: Visit: Beanbean Castle
  • Lynching: when participating in a lynch during the day, format your vote like Vote: Ninelevendo to avoid confusion and make it easier to tell that you are voting. You can also choose to vote for nobody, which is called a no-lynch. No-lynches will lose in a tie, meaning that if a player has the same amount of votes as a no-lynch, then the player will be lynched. Additionally, a tie between two players will mean that no-one will be lynched.


  • All basic mafia rules apply.
  • Roleclaiming is allowed, you can give your role if you want, but nobody should forced to give roles.
  • Day phases will last for 48 hours and Night phases will last for 24 hours.
  • Quoting your role PM is not allowed and will result in an instant modkill.
  • Any players that are inactive for two (two day, two night) phases will be modkilled and replaced.
  • All PMs made regarding the game to other players should also be sent to me.
  • Have fun!

Player list:
  • The Pyro Guy, won, Prince Peasley, innocnet cop.
  • Mister Apple, won, Toad, innocent tracker.
  • freakworld, won, Princes Peach, innocent doctor.
  • Koops, won, Birdo, innocent actor.
  • Shy Guy on Wheels, lost, Captain Boo, Bowser's Minions charactercop/phantom.
  • DragonFreak, won, Queen Bean, innocent bulletproof.
    [*]Stargazing, lynched Day 2. Popple, mafia roleblocker.
    [*]Luigi64DD, lost, Bowser, Independant serial killer.
    [*]MrConcreteDonkey, killed Night 3. Professor E. Gadd, Innocent Watcher.
    [*]J-Luigi, lynched Day 3. Captain Goomba, Bowser's Minions.
    [*]MsRetroGeek, won, Doctor Toadley, innocent enforcer.
    [*]Yoshi the SSM, won, Mario, innocent vigilante/twin.
    [*]Roserade, won, Luigi, innocent roleblocker/twin.
    [*]Shadowshy, won, Beanbean Kinght, innocent bodyguard.
    [*]MarioFan169, lost, lynched Day 5. Cackletta, mafia godfather.
    [*]LED42, lynched Day 4. Fawful, mafia rolecop.
    [*]4td0, killed Night 4. Captain Shy Guy, Bowser's Minions Doctor/Roleblocker


Dry Bowser
J-Luigi said:
Also, what time EST is September 29 at 4:00 AM GMT?
From some quick google searching, I believe it's 7:00am. It's 2pm AEST time (which is my time) if you'd like another reference.


If you find any good Marie fanart, send it here!
I wonder how many :thinking:s this game will have hidden in it


Dry Bowser
Well isn't that SUPER, STARgazing. I hate myself


Current Vote Tally:

The Pyro Guy (1) - Lord Bowser
Ninelevendo (1) - Ninelevendo

Who's gonna get lynced day 0?
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