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All times listed are in EDT. Please check General Discussion for a complete list of presentations and times.

6:10 - Opening Script - Hypnotoad
6:15 - M1. Best Sound Design - DragonFreak
6:20 - M27. Favorite Boss Battle - DragonFreak
6:25 - M21. Favorite Puzzle Game - Yoshi2
6:30 - M28. Favorite Game Setting - Superchao
6:35 - M15. Hardest Boss -Lord Bowser
6:40 - M20. Favorite Sports Game - Alex95
6:45 - M11. Favorite Major Character - BBQ Turtle
6:50 - M14. Favorite Species - Nabber & Lord Bowser
6:55 - M17. Favorite Mario RPG - The Pyro Guy
7:00 - M13. Favorite Level Theme - Gamefreak75
7:05 - M26. Favorite 3D Level - Cirdec
7:10 - M2. Favorite Mario Kart Game - Magikrazy
7:15 - M5. Favorite DK Game - 4td0
7:20 - M6. Favorite Wario Game - Nabber
7:25 - M29. Favorite Classic Game (N64/GBC and older) - Snack
7:35 - Bloopers
7:45 - M18. Favorite Mario Party Game - Turboo (Part 1) (Part 2)
7:50 - M8. Favorite Art Style - Lakituthequick
7:55 - M3. Favorite Mario Platformer - Gabumon
8:00 - M19. Favorite Actor - Cirdec
8:05 - M9. Favorite DLC - Stargazing
8:10 - M10. Favorite Partner Developer - Smasher
8:15 - M22. Favorite Battle Course - Lakituthequick
8:20 - M24. Favorite Wario Character - GBAToad
8:25 - M4. Favorite Mario Kart Course - Smg2daisy
8:30 - M12. Favorite Supporting Character - Marshal Dan Troop & Hypnotoad
8:35 - M7. Favorite Yoshi Game - Meta Knight
8:40 - M25. Favorite 2D Level - NEXandGBX
8:45 - M23. Favorite DK Character - The Pyro Guy
8:50 - M16. Favorite Item - Lakituthequick
8:55 - M30. Favorite Modern Game (GCN/GBA and newer) - Toadbert101 & Super-Yoshi (Part 1) (Part 2)
9:00 - Closing Script - Hypnotoad


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javs where's your presentation


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stu what are you doing
waiting for the awards ceremonies
its 4am in the morning, why on earth are you waiting for the awards ceremonies
because i've lost control of my life


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Welcome to the Official Mario Awards XI Ceremony!

We are here tonight to celebrate our community, on (around) the 12th Anniversary of the Mario Wiki, making this the 11th Mario Awards ceremony! These events not only honor and commemorate this physical website that Porple created, but the community that populates it and helps keep it interesting, giving many of us long-lasting friendships and relationships bonded by the goofy nonsense we share here :birdo:

I certainly don’t have as many snacks as I had stockpiled last year because I’ve been too busy to spend my time shopping, but you can be certain that I’m really looking forward to getting through this day and splurging next week on a day off to go to the mall and drown myself in Auntie Anne’s pretzels and food court chinese.

I would like to thank our back-up presenters Edo, DragonFreak, and The Pyro Guy, as well as Meta Knight and GBAToad who picked up together just about a dozen presentations in what was certainly quite a time crunch that didn’t feel as particularly hectic as previous years, barring the “what do you mean there’s only 2 weeks??? Not 3??????” thanks to 2017 being just full of magic. Having them to turn to to help fill in spots really helps take the edge off of what could be a tense and stressful time getting everything coordinated.. THANKS !!! In particular I would like to congratulate Meta Knight on his hard work and persistence in the last few months, coming up on a year now, having gone from a writer, to team leader, to ‘Shroom Director, and managing it all with a level head and dedication. I’m so proud :blooper:

I would also like to thank 2257 for once again providing his expertise to make tallying a lot less painful than it could’ve been. I try not to get too used to having some kind of automated vote sorter because manual tallying may still happen if there are any malfunctions, but golly gosh is it a relative breeze. Additionally, I’d like to thank this year’s Awards Committee, the rest of the presenters, tournament hosts, and anyone else who has volunteered their time, advice, efforts, words, literally anything that has gone into these events. This is pretty similar to my speech from last year but there is one thing in particular that I’ve been worried about, being the state of this community and continued interest in this Anniversary project. It’s no secret that things were a lot more wild in 2010 or so and our numbers have dwindled since, and as this season began slow I felt hope draining that this project could continue, but quickly enough participation bubbled up, tournaments populated the board, presentation spots filled quickly, and the community showed that it’s still booming and has just matured--probably for the better! Time might not be real, but they pretend it is in this realm, and the effects show that we can adapt with an aging user base that has less personal time and changing interests, while still providing a fun and welcoming environment for our younger users. There’s plenty of new faces I’ve seen hanging around the tournaments, popping by in chat, signing up for ‘Shroom sections, gabbing on the forum, and will look forward to seeing them next year!

Not everyone is like me and spends a solid time block of 2am to 4am each night contemplating the state of existence in various capacities, so before this goes on for too long I’ll just say: get all of your drinks and snacks ready, fluff your pillows, and get comfy while you enjoy more presentations and that hard work put into them!

DragonFreak is up next with M1 - Best Sound Design!


Everything that drowns me makes me wanna fly!
Hello everyone! Thank you for reading another Best Sound Design presentation from me. I say another because I accidentally signed up for this, forgetting that I did the exact same one last year! And spoiler alert, 9 out of the top 10 games are all the same from last year to this year. There's only so many things I can say again about this music before it just becomes a copycat of last year.

So that's why I made a game out of them! This is a music guessing quiz that's very similar to how music guessing trivia games work on , which is a website I believe many of you like.

To play this game I have uploaded an unlisted youtube video which contains all the songs that you can guess. They are 7 second clips each, which I hope will give you enough time to recognize the song if you do know it. Then I have an Excel document you can download that contains the worksheet and answer sheet for your guesses. Note: This document most likely works better on Google Spreadsheets than Excel. When typing in a cell, if you have the answer right, the cell background color will change to green. The answers do not have endings like "battle" or "theme", so for example, Super Mario World's "Athletic Theme" would have the answer "Athletic". You have unlimited time so see how good your knowledge is! I hope you have fun with it, and the rest of the awards!


Number of votes
Percentage of votes
1Super Mario Galaxy43319.45%
2Mario Kart 8/Mario Kart 8 Deluxe30913.88%
3Super Mario Galaxy 22179.75%
4Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door1617.23%
5Super Mario 3D World1466.56%
6Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story1285.75%
7Super Mario 641255.62%
8Mario & Luigi: Dream Team1054.72%
9Super Paper Mario934.18%
10Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze914.09%
11Paper Mario: Color Splash833.73%
12Super Mario World813.64%
13Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest743.32%
14Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island592.65%
15Paper Mario401.80%
16Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam291.30%
17O. Super Mario Sunshine60.27%
18O. Super Mario RPG40.18%
19O. Donkey Kong 6430.13%
19O. Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time30.13%
19O. Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga30.13%
22O. Donkey Kong Country20.09%
22O. Mario Kart: Double Dash!!20.09%
22O. Mario Kart Wii20.09%
22O. Mario Party20.09%
22O. Mario Sports Mix20.09%
22O. Paper Mario Sticker Star20.09%
22O. Super Mario Bros.20.09%
22O. Super Mario Bros. 320.09%
22O. Super Mario Land20.09%
22O. Yoshi's Woolly World20.09%
32O. Donkey Kong 3: Dai Gyakushuu10.04%
32O. Donkey Kong Country 3 (GBA)10.04%
32O. Luigi's Mansion10.04%
32O. Mario Kart 6410.04%
32O. Mario Kart 710.04%
32O. Mario Kart DS10.04%
32O. Mario vs. Donkey Kong10.04%
32O. New Super Mario Bros. Wii10.04%
32O. New Super Mario Bros. U10.04%
32O. Super Mario Maker10.04%
32O. Super Mario Odyssey10.04%
32O. Wario World10.04%
32O. WarioWare: D.I.Y.10.04%
Total Votes: 2226
results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

DragonFreak is up next with M27 - Favorite Boss Battle!


Everything that drowns me makes me wanna fly!
Hello everyone! I'm here to present the Favorite Boss Battles! I know that it's longer than my allotted time of 5 minutes but I hope that you will watch it later, probably after the Awards are over ^^

Number of votes
Percentage of votes
1Dark Bowser (M&L: BIS)27713.16%
2Bowser/Meowser (SM3DW)24811.78%
3Bowser (SMG)23811.31%
4Bowser in the Sky (SM64)1858.79%
5Rawk Hawk (PM:TTYD)1195.65%
6Megaleg (SMG)1175.56%
6Super Dimentio (SPM)1175.56%
8Popple and Rookie (M&L:SS)803.80%
9Phantamanta (SMS)733.47%
10General Guy (PM)713.37%
11Brobot (SPM)622.95%
12Kaptain K. Rool 1 and 2 (DKC2)612.90%
13Elder Princess Shroob (M&L:PiT)592.80%
14Shiny RoboBowser (M&L:PJ)572.71%
15Kingfin (SMG)522.47%
16Motley Bossblob (SM3DW)422.00%
17Tubba Blubba (PM)391.85%
18Tiki Tong (DKCR)200.95%
19O. Bouldergeist (SMG)90.43%
20O. Baby Bowser (YI)80.38%
21O. Bowser (Super Mario Galaxy 2)70.33%
21O. Hisstocrat (SM3DW)70.33%
23O. Doopliss (PM:TTYD)60.29%
23O. Shadow Queen (PM:TTYD)60.29%
25O. Bowser (SMW)50.24%
26O. King Kaliente (SMG)40.19%
27O. Blizzard Midbus (M&L:BiS)30.14%
27O. Boomsday Machine (SMG2)30.14%
27O. Bowser (NSMBW)30.14%
27O. Dark Fawful (M&L:BIS)30.14%
27O. Dreamy Bowser (M&L:DT)30.14%
27O. Elite Trio (M&L:DT)30.14%
27O. Macho Grubba (PM:TTYD)30.14%
27O. Mecha-Bowser (SMS)30.14%
27O. Mr. L (SPM)30.14%
27O. Shadow Queen (PM:TTYD)30.14%
37O. Antasma (M&L:DT)20.10%
37O. Ba-Boom (DKC:TF)20.10%
37O. Boom Boom (SM3DL)20.10%
37O. Bowser & Kammy (PM:TTYD)20.10%
37O. Bowser (PM)20.10%
37O. Bowser (SM3DL)20.10%
37O. Bowser (SMS)20.10%
37O. Bowser (NSMBW)20.10%
37O. Bowser Jr. (NSMBW)20.10%
37O. Dry Bones (MPDS)20.10%
37O. Eely-Mouth (SMS)20.10%
37O. Giant Bowser (M&L:DT)20.10%
37O. Gobblegut (SMG2)20.10%
37O. King K. Rool (DK64)20.10%
37O. Koopa Bros (PM)20.10%
37O. Megahammer (SMG2)20.10%
37O. Mimi (SPM)20.10%
37O. Pompy (DKC:TF)20.10%
37O. Tatanga (SML)20.10%
37O. The Underchomp (SPM)20.10%
37O. Wingo (CT:TT)20.10%
58O. Aqualea (WW)10.05%
58O. Big Bully (MKDS)10.05%
58O. Black Bowser (PM:CS)10.05%
58O. Bleak (DKC3)10.05%
58O. Bonetail (PM:TTYD)10.05%
58O. Boss Brolder (SM3DW)10.05%
58O. Bowser & Bowser Jr. (NSMB)10.05%
58O. Bowser (NSMBU)10.05%
58O. Bowser (PM:SS)10.05%
58O. Bowser (PM:TTYD)10.05%
58O. Bowser (SMB3)10.05%
58O. Bowser (SMB)10.05%
58O. Bowser Memory ML (M&L:BIS)10.05%
58O. Bowser & Baby Bowser (M&L:PIT)10.05%
58O. Cackletta (M&L:SS)10.05%
58O. Cackletta Soul (M&L:SS)10.05%
58O. Cortez (PM:TTYD)10.05%
58O. Count Bleck (SPM)10.05%
58O. Crystal King (PM)10.05%
58O. Culex (SMRPG)10.05%
58O. Dogadon 2 (DK64)10.05%
58O. Dry Bowser (M&L:PJ)10.05%
58O. Dry Bowser (NSMB2)10.05%
58O. Fawful (2nd battle) (M&L:SS)10.05%
58O. Fiery Dino Piranha (SMG)10.05%
58O. Final Antasma (M&L:DT)10.05%
58O. Fracktail (SPM)10.05%
58O. Francis (SPM)10.05%
58O. Gooper Blooper (PM:SS)10.05%
58O. Gooper Blooper (SMS)10.05%
58O. Harsh Possessor (LM:DM)10.05%
58O. Huff N. Puff (PM)10.05%
58O. Iggy (PM:CS)10.05%
58O. Iggy, Lemmy and Morton (M&L:PJ)10.05%
58O. Kent C. Koopa (PM)10.05%
58O. King Boo (LM: DM)10.05%
58O. King Croacus (SPM)10.05%
58O. King K. Rool (DKC)10.05%
58O. Large Fry (WL:SI)10.05%
58O. Lord Fredrik (DKC:TF)10.05%
58O. Ludwig (PM:CS)10.05%
58O. Ludwig Von Koopa (NSMBU)10.05%
58O. Mega Baby Bowser (YNI)10.05%
58O. Millennium Star (MP3)10.05%
58O. Monstar (PM)10.05%
58O. Monty Mole (MP10)10.05%
58O. Motley Bossblob (SM3DW)10.05%
58O. Mouser (SMB2)10.05%
58O. Paper Bowser (M&L:PJ)10.05%
58O. Pi'ilodium (M&L:DT)10.05%
58O. Pinchin' Pirates (DKCR)10.05%
58O. Roy (PM:CS)10.05%
58O. Roy and Wendy (M&L:PJ)10.05%
58O. Skowl the Startling (DKC:TF)10.05%
58O. Smithy (SMRPG)10.05%
58O. Smorg (PM:TTYD)10.05%
58O. Steak (PM:CS)10.05%
58O. Tad Rock (WW)10.05%
58O. Tap-Tap the Red Nose (YI)10.05%
58O. Donkey Kong Final Battle (MvDK)10.05%
58O. The Mole Train (DKCR)10.05%
58O. The Shadow Sirens and Doopliss (PM:TTYD)10.05%
58O. Tower of Yikk (M&L:BIS)10.05%
58O. Tutankoopa (PM)10.05%
Total Votes: 2105
results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

Yoshi2 is up next with M21 - Favorite Puzzle Game!


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Posting on behalf of Yoshi2

Number of votes
Percentage of votes
1Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker79138.60%
2Dr. Mario (series)37718.40%
3Donkey Kong (Game Boy)/Mario vs. Donkey Kong (GBA)1668.10%
4Mario vs. Donkey Kong (2 and onwards)1577.66%
4Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition1577.66%
6Tetris Attack1346.54%
7Wario's Woods673.27%
9Mario's Picross512.49%
10Yoshi's Cookie472.29%
11DK: King of Swing/DK: Jungle Climber391.90%
12O. Mario's Super Picross10.05%
12O. Wrecking Crew10.05%
Total Votes: 2049
results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

Superchao is up next with M28 - Favorite Game Setting!

Tressa Colzione

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Hello once again, Awards audience! Now, I know that last year I was dragged away because I took up all my time with a long rambling story... and two years before that, too. But this time, THIS time will be different! I'm going to tell you the story of how I got to the Awards just barely on time once again, for a very good reason!

See, when I was assigned to get here on time, with little time to waste... I was on vacation. I had been visiting the far-flung land of Sarasaland, and the Awards Ceremony was taking place in one of the farthest places you could possibly go from there! Of course, this meant I had to immediately get up and leave... which I didn't really regret. See, Sarasaland is kind of unenjoyable to visit. Too bizarre, too strange, and really too reminiscent of a nuclear wasteland. Different strokes, I feel.

On my way out, I had to make a pitstop at Prism Island, since the ship needed to refuel, and for some unknown reason ran on paint. Seriously, paint. Still, it gave me the opportunity to explore the island, which... Honestly, was a waste of time. It wasn't a bad place, mind you, but it wasn't very interesting at all. Of course, I might be biased because halfway through exploring, I got a bucket of red paint dropped on me. This ended up being very important in a way I didn't enjoy...

But before we get to that, we've gotta talk about where else I was at! See, the problem was that when I tried to get back on the ship I boarded, they rejected me for not looking very fancy right now, thanks to the paint. So instead, I had to stow away aboard a ship that turned out to be heading to the Sprixie Kingdom. This was a major problem, even if I did get approximately eight cat suits for free in my first five minutes there. After all, this wasn't where I wanted to go at all. So I simply refused a cat suit - turns out, refusing one is a crime punishable by exile. Before I knew it, I'd been handcuffed and taken away.

In this case, they chose to dump me on Dinosaur Land, leaving me to find my own way through the wide variety of food-themed locations. The main problem the whole time was the lack of food - surprisingly enough, all it had to eat was fruit, most of which wasn't even ripe! Every time I came across a new area, I took an exploratory nibble, only to be disappointed when it turned out there wasn't any positive result. I did get one negative result, though - for some reason, the natives took offense to my trying to eat their land, so I ended up tied up, tossed in a boat, and pushed out to sea. So that sucked.

Drifting for a while, I eventually bobbed up on the shores of Donkey Kong Island, where I was immediately picked up by Donkey Kong himself! He explained that DK Island was currently locked in combat with Pi'illo Island and Super Mario RPG World, and he needed to find a way to resolve the stalemate, and fast! To that end, I was press-ganged into the DK Island troops and given my first mission: take these Superbombombs and drop them on the other two areas, while DK distracted them by charging up the Blast-O-Matic (without actually firing it). Given a speedboat, I was ready to set sale... but first I had to check and see if these worked. They were time-sensitive, so I pulled the pin on the first one, ready to set the timer, only to find it didn't display any time at all. Clearly, it was broken. I tried it with the second, the third, and the other seven after that, but none of them went off, so I just hurled them all onto the beach as duds. Not really looking forward to explaining it to DK, I instead drove off for a trip on my own, only to hear a massive explosion behind me. Turning around, I realized that in fact, all ten of the Superbombombs had gone off, and DK Island was currently sinking - and since nobody was left to turn off the Blast-O-Matic, it promptly fired and blew Pi'illo Island and Super Mario RPG World right off the map.

Impressive fireworks, though.

Deciding to clear out before anyone could blame me for this complete and total accident, I promptly jumped in a floating barrel cannon. That could have gone a little better, since this one was supercharged and blasted me fast enough that I broke through the walls of space and time, landing me with a thump in Flipside and Flopside.. When I landed, an old guy walked up and told me I was a legendary hero, sent here in the prophecy to save all worlds from an all-consuming void! I got all fired up and asked him what I had to do, to which he flipped through the prophecy and told me that no, he was mistaken, and was talking about the guy behind me. I was just a bystander and could go home. Dejected, I slinked off and departed, dropping through a dimensional portal by accident on my way home.

The portal dropped me right into the middle of the Beanbean Kingdom... and by middle, I mean I crashed through the roof and landed right on top of Prince Peasley, knocking him out. With the prince unconscious, the day before an important diplomatic meeting, Queen Bean promptly informed me there was only one solution; I'd have to become the prince for the day! A whirlwind tour of makeup including a wig, clothing, and lesson in creating a blinding glare followed, leaving me serving as substitute Peasley for the diplomatic meeting. I resolved that I'd make a quick, gracious exit... by which I mean, I waited until everyone was looking at me, and performed my best blinding glare. With nobody able to see, I ran right out of the room and skedaddled onto a boat, taking off quickly before they could catch up!

A bit too quickly, as it turned out. I sailed so fast that I crashed right onto Yoshi's Island, smashing my boat to wreckage as soon as I hit. With the boat now underwater, I decided I might as well explore this calm tropical island... even if my attempts at exploring it led me through a plain, rocky mountains, the jungle, an arid wasteland, snowy mountains, and up to the sky itself. I found then that I was standing on top of the mountain, with nowhere left to go. Just as I thought I was marooned there and would never make it to the ceremony in time... my ride arrived!

By which I mean Bowser's Castle crashed down hard enough to shake the entire island. Seeing it as my chance to get out of here in time, I quickly snuck aboard as it finished refueling and took off... only to be very confused. As far as I could tell, what I thought was one castle was actually approximately twenty different castles, all riding one big castle. Deciding I had to take what I could get at this point, I started looking around the castle, finding that it was actually pretty plush and comfortable. Honestly, I felt I could get used to living here... although fate had other plans in store, as Bowser stormed into the room where I was currently lying on the bed. Angrily, he grabbed me up and hurled me right out of the window, sending me crashing down to the land below.

The land in question this time was the Mushroom Kingdom, Paper Mario version, and I crashed down really hard, landing in Goomba Village. A kind Goomba took me in and patched me up, giving me the time to recover and head over to Toad Town to find my way to where I needed to go. For once, it seemed like I was getting somewhere, considering that all the Toads I met there were helpful after the first five seconds of constant screaming every time I got their attention. However, just before I could get the right directions, Bowser's Castle happened to pass overhead. It didn't land, attack, or do anything, but every Toad in the town immediately screamed, ran around in circles, and then fainted. Left with only my own best guess, I hopped into a pipe and decided to see where it took me!

It took me to a bizarrely eight-bit land, where I was trapped in a limited form that could only jump, and could only move backwards and forwards - and even backwards, I could barely move more than an inch. I soon realized I had accidentally gone to the Super Mario Bros version of the Mushroom Kingdom. Stuck going forward, I kept jumping over pits, jumping on enemies, and quickly realizing that if I had to go through all the levels, I'd get sick of it. It didn't help when Toad told me that my princess was in another castle... but hey, not my princess. Instead, I just swam out through a random pipe, hoping I'd get lucky enough to leave this eight-bit hell.

I actually did! I surfaced in the harbor of Rogueport (and surrounding areas), where I promptly climbed ashore, and was even more promptly mugged and left in a back alley. Waking up, I discovered that while I had lost my cash and method of contact, I still had the results, and isn't that what's really important? At the very least, I still had a chance of getting there on time... if I could just get to the one place I really wanted to be. So I jumped on board a ship and hijacked it at nothingpoint! Since the ship was crewed entirely by Toads, my weaponless takeover went without a hitch, and they promptly started sailing towards my next and almost-final destination.

We pulled up at Isle Delfino, and I jumped off and landed ashore, eliciting another round of screams from the Toads. I ignored that, though, and set off to where I really wanted to go, that being the active volcano easily accessible from the main port city. I mean sure, I stopped to help deliver fruit to some people I didn't really know, and ended up having to escape from a pachinko machine, but you don't want me to ramble too long, right? So either way, I made it up to Corona Mountain, and made it inside. I was ready for action, which only resulted in me getting scorched approximately 200 times as I made my way to the center of the volcano. Throwing one last Superbombomb in the lava, secretly taken from DK's stash for later (not that I expected to use the rest like I did), the volcano quickly erupted, blasting the entire platform on which I stood high, high into the sky, hurling me into outer space.

Just like I had planned! I was on a straight trajectory for where I wanted to go, hurling through the cosmos at a speed that really wasn't all that fast, but was somehow enough to get where I needed to. I crashed down right here on the Comet Observatory... and I mean, I did break the top off the observatory, but who needs that, right? The important thing is that I got here with plenty of time to deliver my results.

What's that, you say? I'm out of time already?

Well the joke's on you, because I HAVE delivered my results this time around! It took me three tries but I pulled it off! That's right, I ended up visiting all the places the results had, and we're standing on the winner of M28!

...Now, I should really leave and change my name and move away. I think people might still be unhappy about those islands I sank. Thanks for listening, and don't expect to see me back onstage unless the arrest warrants expire!

Number of votes
Percentage of votes
1Comet Observatory & Galaxies38817.59%
2Isle Delfino31714.37%
3Rogueport & surrounding areas23810.79%
4Mushroom Kingdom (Super Mario Bros.)1978.93%
5Mushroom Kingdom (Paper Mario)1356.12%
6Bowser's Castle1215.49%
7Yoshi's Island1145.17%
8Beanbean Kingdom914.13%
9Flipside & Flopside863.90%
10Donkey Kong Island833.76%
10Pi'illo Island833.76%
10Super Mario RPG World833.76%
13Dinosaur Land713.22%
14Sprixie Kingdom652.95%
15Prism Island482.18%
17O. Peach's Castle90.41%
18O. Diamond City70.32%
19O. Mushroom Kingdom (M&L:BIS))60.27%
20O. New Donk City40.18%
20O. Starship Mario40.18%
22O. Luigi's Mansion30.14%
22O. Mushroom Kingdom (M&L:PJ)30.14%
24O. Evershade Valley20.09%
24O. Space (SMG)20.09%
24O. Subcon20.09%
27O. Craft Island10.05%
27O. Crocodile Isle10.05%
27O. DK Isles (DK64)10.05%
27O. Hotels (Hotel Mario)10.05%
27O. Mario Land (Mario Party)10.05%
27O. Music Box World (WL3)10.05%
27O. Treasure Square (Wario World)10.05%
Total Votes: 2206
results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

Lord Bowser is up next with M15 - Hardest Boss!


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Today, I will bring you the three most impactful magazine stories to have hit the shelves of the Mushroom Kingdom everywhere. There truly were a lot of significant stories to cover, but there could only be three takers for the top spots.

In the educational category, we will bring Science magazine's edition from May 1996.

Science had reported on a breakthrough in a sector of science that greatly fascinates many; genetic engineering. Researchers at Gadd Science, Incorporated had unveiled their newest development. Starting only as a mosquito egg, they were able to modify and alter the organism into something much greater. It was a time-consuming, stressful, and sometimes even dangerous process, but in the end, the result was a huge success.

The mosquito grew extremely quickly after birth, becoming the size of a full-grown adult merely hours after. It continued to swell in size over time, and within days towered over the scientists. Luckily for them, the mosquito was not only benevolent, it also benefitted from exponentially increased intelligence, even surpassing that of a human. It could think for itself, and knew English most articulately. It even assisted the scientists in researching itself!

The scientists christened the mosquito "Culex", naming him after the species of mosquito it originally came from. As time passed, Culex still grew larger and more powerful, though remained benevolent. Unfortunately, the laboratory quickly became too small to contain the ever-growing mosquito, prompting the scientists to relocate to nearby Monstro Town. Culex settled inside a mysterious room, quite comfortable with his surroundings.

Inside, Culex displayed powers never even thought possible. He was able to animate four crystals into doing his bidding, and while he never used them against his scientist friends, it was quite clear that their combined power could very easily overcome that of a human. Culex was much more than capable of living independently, and once the scientists had completed their research, they left him to stay in Monstro Town, which he cheerfully accepted.

Today, it is a tradition every year for the strongest warriors of Monstro Town to come together and face Culex one-on-one. While Culex takes on the challengers with enthusiasm, he has only been bested a handful of times, due to the many warriors who underestimate his power. Indeed, facing Culex has become well-known as one of the most difficult challenges in all of the Mushroom Kingdom. None of this would have been possible were it not for the breathtaking developments of science.

In the entertainment category, we will bring an issue of Vanity Fair, coming from October 2004.

In the midst of a widely-publicized scandal involving the Royal Family of the Departed, the notorious Shadow Queen spoke out about her ambitions, and how to obtain them. Many were intimidated, some even downright terrified, by her, though this game-changing interview turned the vast majority of public opinions on their heads.

The Shadow Queen commented, "Many people are only so afraid of me because they misunderstand me. I don't wish to plunge the world into darkness -- that's simply ludicrous! No, I wanted to debut a brand-new, never-before-seen fashion line. It was a massive risk on my part, as it would've been the absolute polar opposite of the bright colors and patterns that was the status quo at the time." She then added that being trapped behind the Thousand-Year Door for so long helped her get creative.

"Beauty comes in infinite forms, shapes, and colors. I had noticed that the fashion culture of the Mushroom Kingdom, while stylish, was severely lacking in the darker regions of the color palette," she remarked. "I wanted to do my best to alleviate the dilemma, and to my pleasure, it has worked wonderfully!" Indeed, the Shadow Queen's line of dark clothing, seen on the front cover modeled by Princess Peach herself, was an instant smash hit. Department stores ran out of stock within days, and the demand would not subside for a very long time.

Darkened clothes became mainstream, and would forever become a major part of the Mushroom Kingdom fashion culture. However, the explosive popularity came at a price; many designers outright copied the Shadow Queen's work. "It was so terrible to see," she said solemnly. "I had made all of my materials by hand, yet others heartlessly and coldly copied my designs for profit... Needless to say, I was hurt and furious." She became fiercely protective of her brand name from then on, and was later widely reported that she had performed grisly attacks on those who had copied her designs without her consent.

While the defense of her work was admirable, the incredibly negative publicity garnered by the attacks destroyed her sales, and the dark clothes quickly became taboo. No one would wear or stock them anymore, and the Shadow Queen was so widely known as a deadly attacker that her original contributions were, most unfortunately, forgotten. The taboo would prove to hold until her candid interview with Vanity Fair, in which she explained she only attacked due to a broken heart. Many readers expressed sympathy and regret, and while the Shadow Queen has said she will no longer continue her clothing line, she greatly appreciated the outpouring of sympathy she received from her former fans.

And finally, in the news category, we have an issue from Sports Illustrated, printed September 2009.

Sports Illustrated had been covering the events of the biannual Battle Ring Tournament, where the strongest around the Mushroom World gathered to fight the toughest, meanest, and most aggressive fighters known. While previous years were all in good fun, 2009's tournament had been wracked with rumors that the top champions -- Junker X, Dark Star X, and Bowser X -- were using performance-enhancing drugs to beat their competitors. When images surfaced of Dark Star X sharing needles with the fighters, the scandal took the world by storm.

The Battle Ring Tournament is the biggest sports event in the entire Mushroom Kingdom, and seeing such a scandal erupt caused chaos among the public. Many news outlets reported vastly different things, most without a shred of credibility, which served to only add confusion amongst the panic. Finally, the editors of Sports Illustrated decided to report on the absolute true facts, rather than fabricating gossip and lies for the sake of publicity. Evidence was screened tens, even hundreds, of times over by the staff, and finally, a fully-credible report of the scandal had surfaced.

Dark Star X was proved, beyond a doubt, to have used performance-enhancing drugs. However, his true intentions were much more sinister than that. He had set up cameras to capture Bowser X and Junker X taking the "drugs" as well, them not knowing it was simply a placebo; the syringes were filled with water. Dark Star X had intended to take down their careers out of envy; tired of being pushed aside, he shot up drugs, but decided it wasn't enough, so he decided to end his career... taking down the two fighters who caused him grief with him.

Bowser X himself commented on the matter. "I admit, I wasn't squeaky-clean myself. I had accepted it knowing that this was at the very least immoral, and at worst, career suicide. However, I was still dumbstruck at the fact that it was all a set-up. I always thought Dark Star X was a bit funny, but I would have never imagined he'd go this far just to get revenge." Fans of Bowser X gave the fighter an outpouring of sympathy, and cheered him on at the tournament as he defended his undefeated record.

Police later arrested Dark Star X, and the fighter was charged with defamation, substance abuse, and obstruction of justice. The disgraced fighter was stripped of all of his titles, had his assets seized, and sentenced to 20 years in prison. Bowser X and Junker X were cleared of all charges and suspicions, and Bowser X continues to dominate the Battle Ring Tournament.

"You would know if I was shooting up," he said comically. "I would try to challenge myself then, since no one could even touch me, let alone beat me! Bwahaha!"

And with that, we have the three most impactful stories to have ever hit Mushroom Kingdom shelves. From an unprecedented genetic experiment, to the redemption of one's unfairly tarnished reputation, to narrowly preventing two innocent fighters' lives from being destroyed, there is truly a lot to cover among the kingdom. I hope you enjoyed the stories, and until next time, keep on reading.

Number of votes
Percentage of votes
1Bowser X (M&L:BIS)32916.28%
2Cackletta's Soul23211.48%
3Shadow Queen23111.43%
5Elder Princess Shroob1648.11%
6Dreamy Bowser1386.83%
10Bowser (PM)874.30%
11The Master (Final Form)773.81%
12Kamek and Paper Kamek613.02%
14O. Bowser in the Fire Sea70.35%
15O. Black Bowser60.30%
16O. Dark Bowser50.25%
17O. Bouldergeist40.20%
17O. Shiny RoboBowser40.20%
17O. Swiggler40.20%
20O. Bowser (NSMBW)30.15%
20O. Bowser Memory ML30.15%
20O. Cat Bowser30.15%
20O. Dark Bowser30.15%
20O. Giant Bowser30.15%
20O. Huff N. Puff30.15%
20O. Major Burrows30.15%
20O. Zeekeeper X30.15%
28O. Bowser (SMG)20.10%
28O. Chargin' Chuck Corps20.10%
28O. Cloud N Candy20.10%
28O. Dogadon Rematch20.10%
28O. Fiery Dino Piranha20.10%
28O. Ghost Ship Daredevil Run (SMG)20.10%
28O. Katsini20.10%
28O. Lord Fredrik20.10%
28O. Ludwig and Larry (M&L:PJ)20.10%
28O. Mr. L20.10%
28O. Piranha Plant (MPDS)20.10%
28O. Shrewd Possessor20.10%
28O. Squizzard20.10%
28O. Tatanga20.10%
28O. Wracktail20.10%
43O. Antasma X10.05%
43O. Aqualea10.05%
43O. Axem Rangers10.05%
43O. Bashmaster10.05%
43O. Beef Cloud10.05%
43O. Birdo (SMRPG)10.05%
43O. Blizzard Midbus10.05%
43O. Bogmire (LM)10.05%
43O. Bower (NSMB)10.05%
43O. Bowser (NSLU)10.05%
43O. Bowser (NSMB2)10.05%
43O. Bowser (NSMBWii)10.05%
43O. Bowser (PM:SS)10.05%
43O. Bowser (SM3DW)10.05%
43O. Bowser (SMW)10.05%
43O. Bowser (World 8-4) (SMB)10.05%
43O. Bowser (World Bowser) (SM3DW)10.05%
43O. Bowser And Bowser Jr (NSMB)10.05%
43O. Bowser and Paper Bowser10.05%
43O. Bowser Jr's Boomsday Machine10.05%
43O. Brobot L-Type10.05%
43O. Bugaboom10.05%
43O. Chakron10.05%
43O. Chuckolator10.05%
43O. Crystal King10.05%
43O. Dimentio10.05%
43O. Dreamy Bowser10.05%
43O. Dreamy Kamek 310.05%
43O. Dry Bowser (NSMB2)10.05%
43O. Elder Princess Shroob10.05%
43O. Geno10.05%
43O. Gobblegut10.05%
43O. Hermie III10.05%
43O. Hisstocrat10.05%
43O. King Boo (LM)10.05%
43O. Kingfin10.05%
43O. Kreepy Krow10.05%
43O. Lemmy Koopa (NSMBW)10.05%
43O. Midbus10.05%
43O. Megahammer10.05%
43O. Megaleg (SMG2)10.05%
43O. Millennium Star (Hard-MP3)10.05%
43O. Mimi (3rd Battle)10.05%
43O. Motley Bossblob10.05%
43O. Naval Piranha10.05%
43O. Shrowser10.05%
43O. Skowl10.05%
43O. Steak10.05%
43O. Super Dimentio10.05%
43O. Teddy Bear (WL4)10.05%
43O. The Axem Rangers10.05%
43O. Bowser Jr (FInal Battle) (NSMBW)10.05%
43O. Tiki Tong (DKCR)10.05%
43O. Waluigi (DDRMM)10.05%
43O. Wendy (NSMBU)10.05%
43O. Wiggler (M&L:BIS)10.05%
Total Votes: 2021
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