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Number of votes
Percentage of votes
1Stickers/Battle Cards (PM:SS/PM:CS)47521.39%
2Vehicles (MP9 & MP10)45120.31%
3Joystick twirling (MP1)37416.84%
4Chance Minigames (Mario Party series)1918.60%
5Gyroscope/motion controls1898.51%
6Limited inventory (PM & PM:TTYD)1637.34%
7Button mashing (MP1)984.41%
8Camera (3D Games)934.19%
9Vibes (SPP)492.21%
10Extra life system401.80%
11Star Bits (SMG & SMG2)371.67%
12Dimensional Flipping (SPM)361.62%
13O. Coins in Item Boxes (MK8)30.14%
14O. Jumping20.09%
15O. Baby Mario Crying (Yoshi’s Island series)10.05%
15O. Backwards Warp Zones (SMB:TLL)10.05%
15O. Blue Shells (Mario Kart series)10.05%
15O. Crystal Brick Blocks10.05%
15O. F.L.U.D.D. (SMS)10.05%
15O. Golden Leaf (PM:TTYD)10.05%
15O. Having 2 items at once (MK:DX)10.05%
15O. Health bars10.05%
15O. Island Hopping (Mario Party series)10.05%
15O. Losing powerups when taking damage10.05%
15O. Microphone10.05%
15O. Mini Stars (MP9/MP10)10.05%
15O. Opening Door (Hotel Mario)10.05%
15O. Pull Stars (SMG/SMG2)10.05%
15O. Star Coins10.05%
15O. Super Guide10.05%
15O. Super Mario 64 DS controls10.05%
15O. Swimming Mechanics10.05%
15O. Things (PM:SS/PM:CS)10.05%
15O. Timers10.05%
Total Votes: 2221
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Number of votes
Percentage of votes
1Rainbow Road (SNES)20710.30%
2Bone-Dry Dunes1788.86%
3Banshee Boardwalk1507.47%
4Rainbow Road (Wii)1437.12%
5Yoshi Falls1417.02%
6Rosalina's Ice World1406.97%
7Maka Wuhu1276.32%
8Grumble Volcano1145.67%
8Koopa Beach 2 (SNES)1145.67%
10Rainbow Road (N64)1055.23%
11Shy Guy Beach914.53%
12Sherbet Land (N64)884.38%
13Dolphin Shoals793.93%
14Choco Mountain562.79%
15Sky Garden542.69%
16O. Baby Park251.24%
17O. Figure-8 Circuit180.90%
18O. Rainbow Road (Wii U)130.65%
19O. Ice Ice Outpost90.45%
20O. Cheese Land80.40%
20O. Moonview Highway80.40%
22O. Wario's Gold Mine70.35%
23O. Choco Island 260.30%
23O. Neo Bowser City60.30%
25O. Donut Plains 350.25%
25O. Dry Dry Desert50.25%
25O. Excitebike50.25%
25O. Maple Treeway50.25%
25O. Rainbow Road (3DS)50.25%
25O. Rainbow Road (GBA)50.25%
25O. Rainbow Road (GCN)50.25%
25O. Yoshi Valley50.25%
33O. Ghost Valley 2 (SNES)40.20%
34O. Desert Hills30.15%
34O. DK Jungle Parkway30.15%
34O. Hyrule Circuit30.15%
34O. Mushroom Gorge30.15%
34O. N64 Rainbow Road (Wii U)30.15%
34O. Wario Stadium (N64)30.15%
40O. Bowser Castle 2 (SNES)20.10%
40O. Daisy Cruiser20.10%
40O. DK Jungle20.10%
40O. Dragon Driftway20.10%
40O. Ghost Valley 220.10%
40O. Mario Circuit (GBA)20.10%
40O. Music Park20.10%
40O. Rainbow Road (DS)20.10%
40O. Shy Guy Falls20.10%
40O. Snow Land20.10%
40O. Toad's Turnpike20.10%
40O. Waluigi Pinball20.10%
40O. Wario Shipyard20.10%
40O. Water Park20.10%
54O. Airship Fortress10.05%
54O. Boo Lake10.05%
54O. Bowser Castle 1 (SNES)10.05%
54O. Bowser Castle 3 (SNES)10.05%
54O. Bowser Castle 4 (SNES)10.05%
54O. Bowser's Castle (Wii)10.05%
54O. Bowser’s Castle (DS)10.05%
54O. Cloudtop Cruise10.05%
54O. Coconut Mall10.05%
54O. Daisy Hills10.05%
54O. Delfino Square10.05%
54O. Dino Dino Jungle10.05%
54O. DK Pass DS10.05%
54O. GBA Luigi Circuit10.05%
54O. Koopa Beach (N64)10.05%
54O. Koopa Cape10.05%
54O. Luigi's Mansion (DS)10.05%
54O. Mario Circuit 1 (SNES)10.05%
54O. Mount Wario10.05%
54O. Mushroom Gorge (Wii)10.05%
54O. Peach Circuit10.05%
54O. Piranha Plant Slide (3DS)10.05%
54O. Ribbon Road10.05%
54O. Sherbet Land (GCN)10.05%
54O. Shroom Ridge10.05%
54O. SNES Mario Circuit 410.05%
54O. Super Bell Subway10.05%
54O. Toad's Turnpike10.05%
54O. Twisted Mansion10.05%
54O. Vanilla Lake 2 (SNES)10.05%
54O. Waluigi Stadium10.05%
54O. Wario Colosseum10.05%
Total Votes: 2009
results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

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Number of votes
Percentage of votes
1Joke's End (M&L:SS)1598.99%
2Long Fall Falls (PM:SS)1458.20%
3Twilight Trail (PM:TTYD)1397.86%
4Sammer's Kingdom (SPM)1317.41%
5Dry Dry Desert (PM)1216.84%
6Drybake Stadium (PM:SS)1186.67%
7Merlee's Mansion (SPM)1066.00%
8Sandshifter Ruins (PM:SS)1005.66%
9The Overthere (SPM)985.54%
10Dreamy Mount Pajamaja (M&L:DT)955.37%
11Shroob Castle (M&L:piT)864.86%
12Toad Town (M&L:piT)673.79%
13Bowser's Keep (SMRPG)663.73%
14Teehee Valley (M&L:SS)583.28%
15Oho Ocean (M&L:SS)553.11%
16Flower Fields (PM)543.05%
17Violet Passage (PM:CS)522.94%
18Tubba Blubba's Castle (PM)472.66%
19O. Boggly Tree (PM:TTYD)40.23%
20O. Boggly Woods (PM:TTYD)30.17%
20O. Doop Doop Dunes (M&L:pJ)30.17%
20O. Dreamy Somnom Woods (M&L:DT)30.17%
20O. World of Nothing (SPM)30.17%
24O. Indigo Underground20.11%
24O. Merlee's Basement (SPM)20.11%
24O. Peach's Castle (M&L:BIS)20.11%
24O. Pit of 100 Trials (PM:TTYD)20.11%
24O. Somnom Woods (M&L:DT)20.11%
24O. Sunken Ship (SMRPG)20.11%
24O. Underwhere (SPM)20.11%
24O. Yoob's Belly (M&L:piT)20.11%
32O. Airway (M&L:BIS)10.06%
32O. Battle Ring (M&L:pJ10.06%
32O. Black Bowser’s Castle (PM:CS)10.06%
32O. Bowser's Castle (M&L:pJ)10.06%
32O. Creepy Steeple (PM:TTYD)10.06%
32O. Decalburg (PM:SS)10.06%
32O. Dreamy Wakeport (M&L: DT)10.06%
32O. Drybake Stadium (PM:SS)10.06%
32O. Dry Dry Ruins (PM)10.06%
32O. Duel of 100 (SPM)10.06%
32O. Factory (SMRPG)10.06%
32O. Fawful Theater (M&L:BIS)10.06%
32O. Flab Zone (M&L:BIS)10.06%
32O. Flopside Pit of 100 Trials (SPM)10.06%
32O. Forever Forest (PM)10.06%
32O. Francis's Castle (SPM)10.06%
32O. Glitz Pit (PM:TTYD)10.06%
32O. Gusty Gulch (PM)10.06%
32O. Gwarhar Lagoon (M&L:SS)10.06%
32O. Hoohoo Village (M&L:SS)10.06%
32O. Keelhaul Key (PM:TTYD)10.06%
32O. Kero Sewers (SMRPG)10.06%
32O. Koopaseum (M&L:piT)10.06%
32O. Land of the Cragnons (SPM)10.06%
32O. Lands' End (SMRPG)10.06%
32O. Loop Loop River (PM:SS)10.06%
32O. Mustard Cafe (PM:CS)10.06%
32O. Nimbus Land (SMRPG)10.06%
32O. Outer Space (SPM)10.06%
32O. Plum Park (PM:CS)10.06%
32O. Redpepper Crater (PM:CS)10.06%
32O. Rogueport (PM:TTYD)10.06%
32O. Rustle Burrow (PM:CS)10.06%
32O. Sunbeam Plains (M&L:pJ)10.06%
32O. The Enigmansion (PM:SS)10.06%
32O. The Golden Colosseum (PM:CS)10.06%
32O. The Sea (SMRPG)10.06%
32O. Thwomp Volcano (M&L: PiT)10.06%
32O. Whoa Zone (SPM)10.06%
Total Votes: 1768
results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

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F13 - Worst Mario Party Minigame
by MrConcreteDonkey

A.J. Nitro, Alex95, Anonymous, Bacon, Beam Luinsir Yosho, Brawlfan1, cl.exe, Crapcom, Crazy Koopa, Croshi, dimentio44, Drshnaps, Edofenrir, Fawfulthegreat64, Frario, Geo the Fox, Greiga Master, Groden, Jdaster64, Jermungandr, Jirbytaylor, Kamikaze T. Ukiki, Kirben, Lakituthequick, Linkin800, Luigi*, Luigi and Jerry, Mageker, MajinPiccolo, MARIOANDLUIGIRPG3VID, megamario1234, Mitchcom, Mr. C, MrConcreteDonkey, Murphmario, Nemu, Neptune99, NEXandGBX, NinSegaGamer, Nintendo, Paper Jorge, Program1371, Random Talking Bush, redblueyellow, Ridge Troopa, Robbydude, Robowags, Rogultgot, SiFi, ShamanJ, Shy Guy on Wheels, The Spriters Resource, Starpower, Storm Yoshi, Sonikku, Super-Yoshi, The Pyro Guy, Toadbert101, Toadeeboy, Turboo, UltraMario3000, Uniju, Vice, VIIPER

Number of votes
Percentage of votes
1Tug o' War21512.76%
2Flip the Chimp17110.15%
3Cheep Cheep Chance1569.26%
4BOWSER's Big Blast1418.37%
5Right Oar Left?1317.77%
6The Beat Goes On1166.88%
7Crane Game975.76%
8Day at the Races965.70%
9Game Guy Room764.51%
11Pipe Maze603.56%
12Cheep Cheep Check472.79%
13Bob-omb Combo402.37%
13Hot Rope Jump402.37%
15Bash 'n' Cash362.14%
16Cast Aways301.78%
17Piranha's Pursuit291.72%
18Skateboard Scamper271.60%
19O. Bumper Balls120.71%
20O. Cut From The Team80.47%
21O. Pedal Power50.30%
21O. Vicious Vending50.30%
23O. Mecha Marathon40.24%
23O. Trace Cadets40.24%
25O. Mecha Marathon30.18%
25O. Sneak 'n' Snore30.18%
27O. Button Mashers20.12%
27O. Chain Event20.12%
27O. Cointagious20.12%
27O. Feed and Seed20.12%
27O. Fruit Cahoots20.12%
27O. Mario Speedwagons20.12%
27O. Pachinko Game20.12%
27O. Paddle Battle20.12%
27O. Pizza Me, Mario20.12%
27O. Random Ride20.12%
27O. Roll Call20.12%
27O. Row to Victory20.12%
27O. Slot Machine20.12%
27O. Track Star20.12%
41O. Acornucopia10.06%
41O. Battery Ram10.06%
41O. Blooming Nuisance10.06%
41O. Booksquirm10.06%
41O. Bouncy Brawl10.06%
41O. Bowser's Bigger Blast10.06%
41O. Bowser's Bogus Bingo10.06%
41O. Bridgesaw Puzzle10.06%
41O. Buzz a Fuzzy10.06%
41O. Chips and Dips10.06%
41O. Darts of Doom10.06%
41O. Face Lift10.06%
41O. Flash Forward10.06%
41O. Flinger Painting10.06%
41O. Foo Me Once10.06%
41O. Fruit Of Doom10.06%
41O. Get a Rope10.06%
41O. Ghost Guess10.06%
41O. King Boo's Puzzle Attack10.06%
41O. Launch Break10.06%
41O. Mad Props10.06%
41O. Mega Cheep Chomp's Shell Shock10.06%
41O. Merry-go-Chomp10.06%
41O. One-Stop Toad Shop10.06%
41O. Paint Misbehavin'10.06%
41O. Pier Pressure10.06%
41O. Pit or Platter10.06%
41O. Pitifall10.06%
41O. Popstar Piranhas 10.06%
41O. Rotation Station10.06%
41O. Rowed to Victory10.06%
41O. Seer Terror10.06%
41O. Shy Guy Says10.06%
41O. Slip Not10.06%
41O. Soil Toil10.06%
41O. Spin the Bubble10.06%
41O. Sprinkler Scalers10.06%
41O. Storm Chasers10.06%
41O. Twist and Route10.06%
41O. Vine Country10.06%
Total Votes: 1685
results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

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From the files of Private Eye Superchao

It was one of those days when trouble walked through my door, the kinda day you feel in your gut is gonna be a bad one. I could tell the man was gonna be a dangerous type from the moment I clapped my eyes on him. I'd hearda him before - Turboo. A buncha rumors, nobody knew how true they were, but people said he was a hardened killer, an escapee from a mansion where he was locked in a murder game of some kind. Of course, that didn't matter to me. What mattered was what he wanted, and what he was paying... and of course, the fact that he worked for Mayor Anton, face to face.

"I need you to handle these cases for me."

Looking at the size of the caseload, I looked back up at him. "You've gotta be kiddin' me. The toughest cases in the city? The ones no detective touches?"

"That's why I'm hiring you. I've heard you don't quit until the case is done."

"Tch... playin' to the ego. ...And it works every time, that's the tough part. Alright, mister. You got yourself a deal, but I wanna see some green when I'm done for this kinda job."

"Trust me, I'll make it worth your while."

With that, the man left. Knowin' I couldn't complete this batch of jobs on my own, I rang up my trusted sidekick, PI GBAToad. Bit of a wiseass, that one, but I couldn't do without him.

"What's the deal, Perch?"

"Got a buncha jobs to do. Wanna split the first few?"

"Only if we do the usual."

"Yeah, yeah, you'll get your pay."

"The whole pay this time?"

"You're never lettin' that one go, are you?"

"Nope! What do I need to do?"

With that, I gave him the second job on the list, while I went out to the golf courses for the first. Some smarmy jerk had set up a whole buncha contests, yellin' at people to try them out in order to earn some special coins. Well, I'd always fancied myself a bit of a golfer, but trying those challenges made me realize... I might be a good golfer, but these were nonsense! Trust me when I say that the Star/Moon Coin Challenges weren't worth the trouble. If I didn't have such a big payment lined up, I woulda turned around and gone home. Instead, I hadta waste all this time on trying to get those coins. Once I was done, I knew I was sick of golf for the day, so I quit and carried what I had back to my office.

When I was there, I met with GBAtoad, who was stumblin' in and lookin' tired as hell. "These Letters, Perch. I had to gather them from all parts of the globe... and deliver them by hand! The postman refused to take them for me - turns out most of them were setting up sting operations anyway. It was exhausting. You sure this is worth it?"

"Yeah, it's worth it" I told him. "Just lookit the size of the check. Now c'mon. We gotta take this next one together. Involves a criminal."

Sure enough, we had to deal with a famous criminal who had stolen a rare and valuable cache of treasure. The hard part was findin' either of them. The cache of treasure had been spread out among a wide variety of places, forcin' us to go through everythin' from desert to ice to sky if we wanted to collect it and return it to the bank. The criminal, though, needed us to jump through a helluva lotta hoops. I had to talk to people across the entire world - actually several of them - just to get them to trade me various objects I could use to make the next guy cough it up. In the end, though, we busted into the house. We managed to catch Piccolo the Pixl, and recover the Yoshi Eggs at the same time. Job well done, even if it was way too tedious.

As me and GBAToad were headin' back, we started lookin' over the next job. Well, next two. Neither of them looked very appealin', so I sent GBAToad to one and went off for the other myself. Wasn't lookin' forward to it... mostly cause I needed to visit a man who lived at the far end of a big star-shaped platform. Thought it was gonna be easy, but that? That wasn't easy at all. I was tryin' to find him when I realized I was in the middle of a buncha wild challenges, like a target range, a volcano, and someone's really nasty plant garden. I managed to meet to reach the informant's house, but... he had already left World 9. Disappointed, I trudged back to see how my partner was doing.

My detective sidekick was off to the races! Course, he wasn't in the races, but he was there to watch and make sure there wasn't any kinda rigging. He was placin' some good bets on the competition, considerin' they were the favorites... but every damn time it was the boss who won. GBAToad went over it with a fine-toothed comb, and he eventually found that it was rigged. Luckily, he took down the ringleader, and the Boshi Race scandal got broken up before it could rip anyone else off.

Before we could rest, though, the two of us had to team up for another assignment. Seemed an infamous gang had gotten their hands on some contraband, and Mayor Anton didn't want anyone like them spreadin' it around town. We got wind of their location, which was the easy part... the hard part was actually handlin' the damn gang. For some reason, nobody else wanted to deal with 'em, so we had to tackle 'em ourselves. Guess how tough it is when you're 2 vs. 100? Our best plan was "barge into the warehouse and shoot everyone", so that's how we decided to handle it. It... wasn't our best plan ever, considerin' that even though we were able to cut some of the gang down in the initial hail of gunfire, they immediately started fighting back. Their abilities to do everythin' from flip to spit energy to send shockwaves kept us on our toes, but we were able to keep up the pressure and ultimately cut them down. In one night, we'd wiped out the infamous Duel of 100 gang and recovered the Green Stars that'd been taken.

"So, you think we'll get a bonus?" asked GBAToad.

"I think we will... and it'll be more cases."

Turns out, I was right. We still needed to find that informant, who had retreated to a bunker in the depths of Flopside. Both of us ready for action, we started marchin' in there... and oh boy, it wasn't hard, but it was long. Havin' to find a key on 90 different floors (at least we had some breaks) and then at the bottom... no one was around. So we had to climb out and go back in one more time just to do it all over again, until at the bottom, we got to meetin' the informant. He gave us a couple tips on upcomin' criminal activities, and began to realizse that all of these cases tied together, but on the way out I couldn't help but complain about his choice of the Flopside Pit of 100 Trials to hide out in.

Unfortunately, if we wanted to meet up with the next set of criminals, we had to make it through a whole defensive series of deathtraps. Unlike the Duel of 100 gang, this gang was all set to take us down, leaving these insane devices to kill us instead. Me and GBAToad had to work together in order to avoid gettin' shredded, incinerated, crushed, or otherwise killed, but by the time we reached the end of Super Expert Mode, we just looked exhausted. At least we'd made it into the gang's base... not that it'd work out well.

See, the gang in question didn't try to fight back, they just ran. In every direction they could think of, leaving the two of us to skedaddle after them. We were chasin' them down then, runnin' as fast as we could in order to catch each member of the gang and keep them from gettin' away. Considerin' there were 28 of the self-proclaimed Rabbits, it wasn't easy in the slightest, but we managed to slowly round them all up... no thanks to the police, who were happy to let me and my sidekick do the dirty work. Still, once we had all the Rabbits arrested, we were finally able to get a name. The second-in-command of the operation, someone we'd have to track down...

...Although when we arrived at his northern home, he wasn't there. Askin' a local told us he had headed to a southern island, which led us to a blimp in the sky, followed by a giant tree, a town in darkness, and a rather peaceful little village. Once we'd found our way around all of these, we ended up going back to the winter home and finding the second-in-command there. Our attempt to round him and capture him, unfortunately, led to him panicking and declaring "YOU'LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE!" before blowin' himself up. Our Search for General White resulted in the death of our main lead... so Mayor Anton just put us on the small crime again.

We had to deal with a money launderin' scandal next; bit of a step down from the mastermind search, but we still needed to find out who was responsible for this. There was a lot of shady currency goin' on at Isle Delfino, but our searchin' around led us to find out what was goin' on; a big money racket set up by the Tanookis. It took a lot of cooperation with the Pianta Police - some of whom we had to take out ourselves, they were corrupt enough to be on the side of crime - but we were able to shut down the Tanookis and stop the Blue Coin money racket.

No sooner did we get back from the island than Mayor Anton told us that we'd missed a bank heist. We needed to recover it and fast, considering the size of the haul. Headin' out as a team once again, we quickly interviewed the bank employees and figured out a good route to the hideout. It wasn't a pleasant one, but we knew where we had to go. For some reason, though, when we got there... it was empty. Whoever it was had been tipped off, and we'd just missed 'em. Worst part was, they still had the One Million Coins we'd been trying to get... but when I was there, GBAToad told me he'd found a clue. We just had to follow one last task, and we'd find the mastermind we'd been seeking.

Wasn't gonna be easy, though. We needed to revisit every area we'd been to - and for that matter, for some reason we had to drag Mayor Anton and Turboo into it as well. Tryin' to convince him nearly got me a shotgun to the face the first time, but we managed to strike a deal in time. It was tedious as hell, me clearin' an area, waitin' for GBAToad, then Anton, then Turboo, but as we slowly went back and forth, we finished our job of Completing Every Level with Every Character. That was enough to finally win us two PIs an entrance to the mastermind's lair.

As I walked in, I saw that it was empty, and realized in a flash what happened. Spinnin' around and drawin' my gun, I had the mastermind in my sights.

"Of course. Who else would have known everything? Who else would have convinced General White to take himself out? Who else would have been able to clear the Million Coins?"

GBAToad shrugged, gun pointed at me. "It was a good run. I wasn't expecting to fool you as long as I did."

"Well, my old partner finally turns his back on me. What, was the pay not good enough?"

"Nothing like that. I just felt crime was more fun. ...Okay, and it paid better too. A million coins, and more. Between the blue coin laundering, the green star sales, the Yoshi Eggs... I was going to be so rich. Pity, too. You were a good pal, Perch. I'm gonna miss you when you're dead, but... can't leave any witnesses."

"Same to you, GBAToad."

With a loud bang, a gun went off. I watched and lowered my gun as GBAToad collapsed to the ground.

"You always were... one hell of a shot... how annoying."

A couple days later, the case was booked as closed. GBAToad had been confirmed as the mastermind, and with him six feet under and all his underlings in jail, his crime ring was smashed for good. I got a huge paycheck and a bonus from Anton and Turboo, and hey, I didn't have to split it this time.

The best part, though... seein' my name in the 'Shroom. Gotta say, the recognition meant more than the paycheck... but hey. The money's nice too.

That's why I kept one of those Green Stars for myself. A PI's gotta have a backup plan, after all. But with any luck, I ain't gonna need it... not if the cases in this town stay as crazy as the ones I just solved.


Number of votes
Percentage of votes
1Completing Every Level with Every Character (SM3DW)52825.45%
2One Million Coins (NSMB2)36717.69%
3Blue Coins (SMS)1788.58%
4Chasing General White (PM:TTYD)1758.43%
5Rabbits (SM64DS)1416.80%
6Super Expert Mode (SMM)1396.70%
7Flopside Pit of 100 Trials (SPM)954.58%
8Duel of 100 (SPM)813.90%
8Green Stars (SMG2)813.90%
10Boshi Race (SMRPG)733.52%
11World 9 (NSMBW)643.08%
12Piccolo (SPM)401.93%
12Yoshi Eggs (SMA)401.93%
14Letters (PM)331.59%
15Star/Moon Coin Challenges (MG:WT)150.72%
16O. Star Coins (All New Super Mario Bros Games)30.14%
17O. Luigi (SMG)20.10%
17O. Paper Toad Missions (M&L: PJ)20.10%
17O. Purple Coin (SMG)20.10%
20O. 100 Coins10.05%
20O. 100%ing the Game10.05%
20O. Crystal Stars (PM:TTYD)10.05%
20O. Defeating Swiggler (M&L:pIT)10.05%
20O. Escort Missions10.05%
20O. Getting All 120 Stars (SM64)10.05%
20O. Gold Ranks (Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon)10.05%
20O. MIPS (SM64)10.05%
20O. Outrunning the Fuzzies (SM3DW)10.05%
20O. Rabbits (SMG)10.05%
20O. Red Coin Challenges (SM64DS) 10.05%
20O. RoShamBo Temples (PM:CS)10.05%
20O. Stars (SM64)10.05%
20O. Super Mario Challenge10.05%
20O. The Flipside Pit of 100 Trials (SPM)10.05%
20O. Unlocking and Beating World S8-Crown (SM3DL)10.05%
Total Votes: 2075
results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

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how about a rousing game of pool
I want to believe that you memeing tfp and I with the fish counting minigame was a coincidence, because that is seriously something thats happened before



Number of votes
Percentage of votes
1Paper Mario: Sticker Star61927.97%
2Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash29113.15%
3Mario Party Advance2099.44%
4Super Mario Run1978.90%
5Mario Party 101727.77%
6Mario Pinball Land1667.50%
7Mario Party 91406.33%
8Game & Wario1325.96%
9Mario Kart Arcade GP Games673.03%
10Dr. Mario 64572.58%
11Mario Kart: Super Circuit532.39%
12Mario Super Sluggers311.40%
13O. Hotel Mario261.17%
14O. Mario Party 870.32%
15O. Super Paper Mario50.23%
16O. Mario Kart 840.18%
16O. Mario Party: Island Tour40.18%
16O. Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door40.18%
16O. Paper Mario: Color Splash40.18%
20O. Mario is Missing30.14%
21O. Mario Kart 720.09%
21O. Mario Kart DS20.09%
21O. Mario Party Star Rush20.09%
21O. Yoshi Touch and Go20.09%
25O. Donkey Kong: Barrel Blast10.05%
25O. Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga10.05%
25O. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games10.05%
25O. Mario Early Years: Fun with Numbers10.05%
25O. Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour10.05%
25O. Mario Party 410.05%
25O. Mario Party Island Tour10.05%
25O. Mario Sports Superstars10.05%
25O. Mario Tennis: Power Tour10.05%
25O. Mario's Time Machine10.05%
25O. Paper Mario (N64)10.05%
25O. Super Mario RPG10.05%
25O. Super Mario Strikers10.05%
25O. Yoshi Topsy-Turvy10.05%
Total Votes: 2213
results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

Uniju is up next with F2 - Worst 2D Level!


Hazukashii serifu kinshi

Number of votes
Percentage of votes
1Tubular (SMW)30817.64%
2The Very Loooooong Cave (YI)26615.23%
3World 9-7 (NSMBW)23313.34%
4Pendulum Castle (NSMBU)1297.39%
5Mine Cart Madness (DKC)1025.84%
6World 8-3 (SMB)1005.73%
7World 8-1 (SMB)794.52%
8Endless World of Yoshis (YI)704.01%
9Lakitu's Wall (YI)553.15%
10World 8-Castle (SMB3)512.92%
11Stampede Sprint (DKC3)462.63%
12World 7-4 (SMB)382.18%
13Doodle Woods (WL4)372.12%
14World 7-8 (SMB3)352.00%
15The Big Board (WL4)291.66%
16World 6-4 (SMB3)271.55%
17World 4-2 (SMB2)251.43%
18World 3-5 (SMB3)221.26%
19O. Poochy Ain't Stupid (YI)50.29%
20O. World 8-4 (SMB)40.23%
21O. Awesome (SMW)30.17%
21O. Fire Bar Sprint (NSLU)30.17%
21O. World 3-8 (SMB3)30.17%
21O. World 6-5 (SMB3)30.17%
25O. Horn Top Hop20.11%
25O. Red-Hot Elevator Ride (NSMBU)20.11%
25O. World 1-1 (SMB)20.11%
25O. World 4-1 (SMB)20.11%
25O. World 8-2 (SMB)20.11%
25O. World 8-3 (SMB:TLL)20.11%
25O. World 8-Airship (SMB3)20.11%
25O. World C-3 (SMB:TLL)20.11%
33O. Animal Antics (DKC2)10.06%
33O. Bramble Blast (DKC2)10.06%
33O. Cheese Bridge Area (SMW)10.06%
33O. Coinless Castle Crawl (NSMBU)10.06%
33O. Crowded Cave (DKCR)10.06%
33O. Don't Touch Anything (NSMBU)10.06%
33O. Even Trampolines Dream of Flying (SMM)10.06%
33O. Fire Bar Cliffs (NSMBU)10.06%
33O. Fire Snake Cavern (NSMBU)10.06%
33O. Flight of the Parabettles (NSMBU)10.06%
33O. Funky (SMW)10.06%
33O. Hippo Zone (SML2)10.06%
33O. Klobber Karnage (DKC2)10.06%
33O. Merlee's Basement (SPM)10.06%
33O. More Monkey Madness (YI)10.06%
33O. Moving Statues, Standing Statues (YIDS)10.06%
33O. Muncher Marathon (DKCR)10.06%
33O. My First Course (SMM)10.06%
33O. No Time to Dawdle (SMA4-E)10.06%
33O. Outrageous (SMW)10.06%
33O. Run For It (NSMBU)10.06%
33O. Smokey Peak (DKCR)10.06%
33O. Spooky Scraps! Don't Get Spooked! (YWW)10.06%
33O. Tall Tower (YS)10.06%
33O. The Cave That Never Ends (YIDS)10.06%
33O. The Final Battle(NSMBU)10.06%
33O. Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy (YI)10.06%
33O. Toxic Tower (DKC2)10.06%
33O. Up Shuttlethread Pass (YWW)10.06%
33O. Vanilla Ghost house (SMW)10.06%
33O. Wario's Castle (SML2T6GC)10.06%
33O. World 2-Fortress (SMB3)10.06%
33O. World 3-1 (SMB)10.06%
33O. World 3-Castle (NSMBW)10.06%
33O. World 4-1 (SMB)10.06%
33O. World 4-1 (SMR)10.06%
33O. World 4-4 (NSMBW)10.06%
33O. World 5-3 (NSMBW)10.06%
33O. World 5-9 (SMB3)10.06%
33O. World 5-Castle (NSMBW)10.06%
33O. World 6-1 (NSM2)10.06%
33O. World 6-3 (NSMB)10.06%
33O. World 7-1 (SMB3)10.06%
33O. World 7-4 (NSMBW)10.06%
33O. World 7-4 (SPM)10.06%
33O. World 7-6 (NSMBW)10.06%
33O. World 7-7 (SMB3)10.06%
33O. World 7-Castle (NSMB)10.06%
33O. World 7-Tower (NSMBWII)10.06%
33O. World 8-2 (World 3, Super Mario Challenge) (SMM)10.06%
33O. World 8-3 (NSMBW)10.06%
33O. World 8-3 (SMB3)10.06%
33O. World 8-4 (SMB:TLL)10.06%
33O. World 8-Castle (NSMBW)10.06%
33O. World 8-Castle (SMBU)10.06%
33O. World 9-3 (SMB)10.06%
33O. World D-4 (SMB:LL)10.06%
Total Votes: 1746
results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

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Bowler Hat Guy


Number of votes
Percentage of votes
1amiibo-centric/focused games80236.24%
2Paper Mario37116.76%
3Mario Party25311.43%
4Mario vs. Donkey Kong1958.81%
6Mario Tennis1567.05%
6New Super Mario Bros.1567.05%
9Mario 3D games261.17%
10O. Educational games90.41%
11O. Hotel Mario80.36%
12O. Mario Golf40.18%
12O. Mario Strikers40.18%
14O. Mario & Sonic30.14%
15O. Mario Kart20.09%
16O. Crossovers10.05%
16O. Donkey Kong10.05%
16O. Mario and Luigi series10.05%
16O. Mario x Rabbids10.05%
16O. Microtransaction-based games10.05%
16O. Super Mario Baseball10.05%
16O. Super Mario Maker10.05%
Total Votes: 2213
results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

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Everything that drowns me makes me wanna fly!
Hello everyone! I'm here to present the Worst Enemies! I know that it's longer than my allotted time of 5 minutes but I hope that you will watch it later, probably after the Awards are over ^^

Number of votes
Percentage of votes
1Hammer Bros.39319.26%
4Big Berthas21410.49%
9Grinders (YI)/Ukikis904.41%
10Rocky Wrenches693.38%
14O. Bowser40.20%
15O. Boos30.15%
15O. Chain Chomps30.15%
15O. Cheep Chomps30.15%
18O. Angry Sun20.10%
18O. Amazy Dayzees20.10%
18O. Back Cursyas20.10%
18O. Cataquacks20.10%
18O. Cheep Cheeps20.10%
18O. Choppahs20.10%
18O. Dry Bones20.10%
18O. Goombas20.10%
18O. Kamek20.10%
18O. Kuromame20.10%
18O. Monty Moles20.10%
18O. Porcupuffers20.10%
18O. Shy Guys20.10%
18O. Thwomps20.10%
18O. Wario20.10%
33O. Birdos10.05%
33O. Blargs10.05%
33O. Blind Boos10.05%
33O. Bob-ombs10.05%
33O. Boom Boom10.05%
33O. Boom Bros.10.05%
33O. Boss Basses10.05%
33O. Cactus Jacks10.05%
33O. Chargin’ Chucks10.05%
33O. Chuckyas10.05%
33O. Dark Muths10.05%
33O. Elite Wizzerds (PM:TTYD)10.05%
33O. Fire Bros.10.05%
33O. Fire Chomps10.05%
33O. Fishin' Boos10.05%
33O. Flame Chomps10.05%
33O. Fuzzies10.05%
33O. Fuzzlers10.05%
33O. Ghost Lakitus (SMW)10.05%
33O. Goombos10.05%
33O. Gotchawrenches10.05%
33O. Grinders (SMW)10.05%
33O. Gringills10.05%
33O. Ice Bros.10.05%
33O. Ice Swoops10.05%
33O. King Bob-omb10.05%
33O. Koopa Paratroopas10.05%
33O. Koopa Troopas10.05%
33O. Lunge Fishes10.05%
33O. Megabites10.05%
33O. Mice (Luigi's Mansion)10.05%
33O. Muths10.05%
33O. Naplock10.05%
33O. Ninjoes10.05%
33O. Octoombas10.05%
33O. Para-Beetles10.05%
33O. Pokeys10.05%
33O. Ptooies10.05%
33O. Purple Cheep Cheeps10.05%
33O. Skellobits10.05%
33O. Small Goomba Gangs10.05%
33O. Sniper Bill10.05%
33O. Spiny Cheep Cheep10.05%
33O. Stingbys10.05%
33O. Stretch Boos10.05%
33O. Swoopers10.05%
33O. Tox Boxes10.05%
33O. Tyfoos10.05%
33O. Whomps10.05%
Total Votes: 2040
results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

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Heavy knocking is heard on Mario's door.​
Mario: Ugh, it's 3 in the morning. What could anyone possibly want with me.
Mario opens the door and sees three peculiar Toads.​
Toad 1: Mr. Mario, we are here to tell you that your loan has reached a staggeringly high amount after not getting paid for 20 years. You will have to pay 100 billion coins or we will start taking measures.
Mario: Uh…I save your princess all the time. Can't I use that to repay you?

Toad 2: Oh, we had taken that into consideration. That is why you only have to pay 11 zeroes and not 17 zeroes. Don't worry though, we can help you repay easily.

Two of the Toads leave.​

Toad 3: Right Mario, so all you have to do is relive your worst memories as televised entertainment. The public will eat it up and your share of money will be enough to repay the debt.

Mario: Does TV earn a disproportionate amount of money or is this kingdom filled with sadists?

Toad 3: Anyway, the first order of business is to revisit that level, Wing Mario over the Rainbow.

Mario: Sure, we might as well start.

Cut to Mario entering said course.​

Mario: A-a-achoo! I-i-it's freezing up here. I already am starting to remember why I hated this place.

Toad 3: I don't see the problem here.

Mario: What is wrong with you?

Toad 3: Nothing in particular. Remember Mario, we Toads know far worse pain.

Mario: I'm just gonna get this started before I drown on my own muc-AAAAAH!

Mario screamed as he slipped off a cloud and fell back into Peach's Castle's front yard.​

Mario: I have to climb again every time I fall you can't be serious!

And so, Mario fell and fell for a good hour. There was not much ground to speak of, only some scattered clouds. He had no choice but to use the Wing Cap, an item which granted him the power of gliding, but which he had not yet mastered to control. He fell short of getting coins, fell short of landing on the clouds, and close to the end just couldn't find the last Red Coin in the vast skies. After much annoyance, he finally obtained the Star.​

Mario: Here we go! To our next destination already, I hate this place.

Toad booked a flight with Mario to Isle Delfino. After nicely arriving on the island and not getting accused by people who can't distinguish Mario from a watery copy, Toad pointed Mario to his next destination.​

Toad 3: You see that island with the weird pipe and the castaway? Yeah, that's where you have to go.

Mario: Oh, cool. So when's the boat ride?

Toad 3: It's not nearly that simple, I'm afraid.

Mario: What, you mean I have to swim there?

Toad 3: No, no. Only a Yoshi can clean that pipe, and Yoshis can't swim here. Delfino's waters aren't good for Yoshis, but I'll spare the long biology lesson.

Mario: …So when's the boat ride?

Toad 3: Your only choice is to be a stowaway in one of the cargo boats by the Shine Gate. Good luck.

Unfortunately for Mario, being a stowaway meant he would have to jump to the boat's roof. Not just any boat either. Due to the boats' cycles, he would have to jump from roof to roof to reach the island. Any mistake meant starting from the beginning again, and mistakes were certainly made. Finally Mario reached the island with Yoshi and entered the pipe.​

Mario: That was stupid. Let's do this dumb level already.

The pipe lead to a mysterious filter in the sky. Very toxic water flowed through the pipes, as Mario would soon learn.​

Mario: It can't be that bad. Red Coins again, but surely I can just swi-

It was a learning experience indeed. Mario put just one foot in the water and all of the strength in his body was taken away. Once again, he had no choice in how to approach this level. He would have to take the decaying Lily Pad “upstream”, but he also had to be precise. If he missed as much as one Red Coin, the current would be too strong to return. Just one mistake in the difficult maneuvering meant it was all over. Mistakes were certainly made; so many mistakes. Sometimes it was missing a coin, sometimes it was making a jump but missing the Lily Pad but dying in the water. After finally getting the movements down to a science, Mario collected all Red Coins.​

Mario: Now I remember why I quit plumbing. It's because the pipes in this world make no sense. I'm just going to get this Shine! …and get out of here, I already am tired.

Perhaps fortunately for Mario, the next destination was also in Isle Delfino. It was even much easier to reach, as all he had to do was make a simple jump.​

Mario: Right, so what is this thing again?

Toad 3: A giant Pachinko machine is what it is. The difference here is that there is only one ball, the ball is you, and you're not getting money from watching things beyond your control. Just step on that spring for the first 3 Red Coins, and then go into the cavities to get the rest. It's that simple.

Mario: Right, seems so. But why would they save this one for last.

Soon Mario would learn why. Getting into the cavities for the Red Coins was not nearly as easy as it seemed. The physics of the machine and controlling FLUDD just wouldn't cooperate exactly how he wanted them. Failing to go into any of the cavities meant falling into the hole at the bottom. Just like in any good Pachinko machine, a ball, or Mario in this case, that falls down the hole can't do anything special anymore. Naturally this meant death. Unfortunately for Mario, he had to do everything special of getting the Red Coins in a single go. Much to his pain, he constantly fell short of getting where he wanted to go, which constantly spelled failure and another death from falling on the hole.​

Mario: Shine! …I officially hate television forever.

Number of votes
Percentage of votes
1Pachinko Game (SMS)41021.59%
2The Toxic Waterfall/Lily Pad Ride (SMS)23512.37%
3Wing Mario Over the Rainbow/Over the Rainbows (SM64)20010.53%
4Corona Mountain (SMS)1377.21%
5Rainbow Ride (SM64)1196.27%
6Rolling Gizmo Galaxy (SMG)904.74%
7Stone Cyclone Galaxy (SMG2)884.63%
8Sling Pod Galaxy (SMG)844.42%
9Bubble Breeze Galaxy (SMG)693.63%
10Fuzzy Time Mine (SM3DW)653.42%
11World 1-1 (SM3DL)603.16%
12Broken Blue Bully Belt (SM3DW)542.84%
13Boss Blitz Galaxy (SMG2)512.69%
14Special 8-3 (SM3DL)412.16%
15Rainbow Run (SM3DW)402.11%
16Twisty Trials Galaxy (SMG2)301.58%
17Gold Leaf Galaxy (SMG)271.42%
18World 8-6 (SM3DL)241.26%
19O. Champion's Road (SM3DW)160.84%
20O. Grandmaster Galaxy (SMG2)100.53%
21O. Sand Bird (SMS)50.26%
22O. Bubble Blast Galaxy (SMG)20.11%
22O. Grumblump Inferno (SM3DW)20.11%
22O. Loopdeeloop Galaxy20.11%
22O. Mario Squared Galaxy20.11%
22O. Rolling Coaster Galaxy (SMG2)20.11%
22O. Shifting Sand Land20.11%
22O. Tick Tock Clock20.11%
29O. Bob-Omb Battlefield (SM64)10.05%
29O. Boss Blitz / World Flower-12 (SM3DW)10.05%
29O. Bowser In The Sky (SM64)10.05%
29O. Bowser's Dark Matter Plant (SMG)10.05%
29O. Cloudy Court Galaxy10.05%
29O. Cosmic Cannon Cluster (SM3DW)10.05%
29O. Dire Dire Docks (SM64)10.05%
29O. Drip Drop Galaxy (SMG)10.05%
29O. Gusty Garden Galaxy (SMG)10.05%
29O. Hurry Scurry Galaxy (SMG)10.05%
29O. Jolly Roger Bay (SM64)10.05%
29O. Loopdeeswoop Galaxy (SMG)10.05%
29O. Matter Splatter Galaxy (SMG)10.05%
29O. Melty Monster Galaxy (SMG2)10.05%
29O. Mount Must Dash (SM3DW)10.05%
29O. Pianta Village (SMS)10.05%
29O. Piranha Creeper Creek After Dark (SM3DW)10.05%
29O. Red Hot Run (SM3DW)10.05%
29O. Rolling Masterpiece Galaxy (SMG2)10.05%
29O. Rolling Ride Run (SM3DW)10.05%
29O. Sea Slide Galaxy (SMG)10.05%
29O. Sirena Beach (SMS)10.05%
29O. Slimy Spring Galaxy (SMG2)10.05%
29O. Space Storm Galaxy (SMG2)10.05%
29O. Special 8-4 (SM3DL)10.05%
29O. Tiny-Huge Island (SM64)10.05%
29O. Toy Time Galaxy (SMG)10.05%
29O. Violet Passage (PMCS)10.05%
29O. Wet Dry World (SM64)10.05%
29O. World 1-5 (SM3DL)10.05%
Total Votes: 1899
results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

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