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In theme with this award being dedicated to "designs", the following image features a specific design in how the text is supposed to be read. It’s not really important or anything, but hopefully you can figure it out! If you can’t, the answer is here in small text… take the first word of each song!

Now, without further ado… may I present to you Packy’s Awful Horrible Misadventures in Revealing the Top 3!

Congratulations to Lord Bowser, Meta Knight, Lakituthequick, and Anton!! <3

Number of votes
Percentage of votes
1Dear Anton (Hypnotoad)1423.33%
2Anniversary Announcements (Lakituthequick)1118.33%
3Galactic Expedition (Meta Knight)610.00%
3Lord Bowser's Inside Story (Lord Bowser)610.00%
5Community Report (LudwigVon)35.00%
5DragonFreak's Review Quest (DragonFreak)35.00%
5Monthly Report (Paper Yoshi)35.00%
5New Articles (Alex95)35.00%
9New Articles (LudwigVon)23.33%
9Ongoing Fan Projects (Yoshi876)23.33%
9Poll Committee Discussion (7th Poll Committee)23.33%
12Forum Update (MrConcreteDonkey)11.67%
12Mystery Images (LudwigVon)11.67%
12Pokédex Power (Yoshi876)11.67%
12Projects Seeking Contributors (Shokora)11.67%
12The 'Shroom Report (Tucayo)11.67%
Total Votes: 60
results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

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thanks again guys! I don't have much time to comment on these just yet but I do appreciate the votes :birdo: it makes everything feel worth it


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Packy your clock is ahead of itself throw it out of a window

Congrats for another win Anton!

And thanks to voting for me!

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C7 - Favorite Core 'Shroom Staff

Behind the scenes of The 'Shroom, you might wonder what kind of discussions the Core Staff go through. While most of it is planning various issues, communicating errors, and other things to help get it published, and we all love giving each other a good old pat on the back when we complete a days work. However, because we're all such more supportive of the staff, we actually just group up and spend time in photo shoots helping Anton fulfill his love for photography. He'll make us do cool poses. Sometimes we'll even go as far as to reenact a stereotypical cheerleading team. We usually keep such private photos to ourselves, but as Director of The 'Shroom, under my authority I decided that it's it's time to give the audience some fanservice and leak such photography. Fortunately, this particular photo has the winner of this year's Favorite Core Staff Award on top of everyone. It's my honor to give this award to....

Mr. Edo!

You have no idea how long it took to balance everyone. Congratulations Edo!

Number of votes
Percentage of votes
1Mr. Edo914.75%
4Meta Knight69.84%
15Super Mario Bros.00.00%
Total Votes: 61
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what you can't see is everyone else holding up the ground

(congrats edo!)


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Retired Wiki Staff
C5: Wiki Contributor Award 2017
by Mr. Edo









:yoshi: Shokora :dk:
Winner of the Wiki Contributor Award 2017

Number of votes
Percentage of votes
2Mister Wu913.43%
4Baby Luigi57.46%
7Toadette the Achiever34.48%
8Mario jc22.99%
8Time Turner22.99%
13A gossip-loving Toad11.49%
13O. Embyr 7511.49%
13Toa 9511.49%
Total Votes: 67
results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

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C8 - Favorite Retired 'Shroom Writer

The 'Shroom has been running for over 10 years now, which is quite an accomplishment. There have been many writers that have made contributions to the paper in both the past and present. Some people that retired from The 'Shroom are still active in other areas of the community, while others went off their separate ways. No matter the case, the work these people have done for the project is much appreciated. The Favorite Retired 'Shroom Writer this year is...

Thank you for everything, keep up the beat wherever you rest.​

Number of votes
Percentage of votes
3Mr. Edo812.90%
4Crocodile Dippy711.29%
5Baby Luigi58.06%
10Super Mario Bros.11.61%
10Time Turner11.61%
Total Votes: 62
results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

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C6 - Favorite ‘Shroom Team

Hey guys, I'm here to present C6, Favorite 'Shroom Team! I did this award back in 2014 as a way to introduce new banners for the teams. It's 2017 now and my art style has changed, and conveniently the banners I wasn't happy with are the top 3, so I figured I'd update them in a magical two-birds-one-stone extravaganza!!!!! :bowser: :pgp: :blooper: :boo:

And for the grand finale, here's a new banner for the main page for The 'Shroom!!

Number of votes
Percentage of votes
1Fake News2536.23%
2Critic Corner2130.43%
3Fun Stuff913.04%
4Strategy Wing68.70%
5Palette Swap45.80%
5Pipe Plaza45.80%
Total Votes: 69
results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

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I already told Anton this but all these new banners are fantastic and we will definitely be using them for The 'Shroom starting 125!

Meta Knight

Victory is my destiny
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Posting on behalf of Tucayo.

The 'Shroom HQ: Tucayo's Office. July 13th, 2017.
Tucayo is checking his emails
Attention Please!!! ATM VISA CARD OWNER
We have verified your inheritance file
Important message to all Poll Committee Members
Single Koopas want to meet you in Mariowikivillacityopolis
*phone rings*
: HI?
: HI TUCKY! It's Perch. Would you be down for doing a presentation or two this year?
: Oh boy, I don't know if I can come up with a quality presentation, I'm up to my neck in work.
: Well, keep this in mind; it doesn't have to be some AWE-INSPIRING WORK OF ART. Maybe just pick one and focus entirely on it to avoid any split attention?
: Hmmm… Alright, I'll take Favorite 'Shroom Special Issue.
: Thanks dude! I'm sure it'll be great!

The 'Shroom HQ: Tucayo's Office. July 27th, 2017.
Tucayo is playing solitaire on his computer
: Haaappy biiirthdaaay to meee, happy biir-
*phone rings*
: HI?
: Heya Tucayo, it's Anton. I'm calling to check on the progress of your presentation.
: Uuuh… Ermm… Yeah, the presentation. The presentation which is due next week, I have totally been working on it non-stop.
: …
: …
: ………
: So, you need an extension?
: Yes please, I promise I'll have it ready in time.
: Okey-dokey.

The 'Shroom HQ: Tucayo's Office. August 2nd, 2017.
Tucayo is falling asleep on his chair, exhausted from doing… uhh… whatever the Stats Manager does
: Oh Poochy, this gets harder each year. If I were good at drawing I could draw something, if I were funny I could write a funny story. Ughhh… What can I do?

Tucayo violently wakes up
: I'm sitting right across you, you were talking in your sleep.
: Oh.
: My strengths, yes. And what are those?
: Definitely not staying awake at work.
: Please don't fire me ;_;
: Anyway, you should get started on your presentation
: Will do!

: Hmm, my strengths…

: Nope, I have nothing.

Community Awards X. Yoshi Theatre. August 11th, 2017.
: Anton will kill me if I go out there and just read the results.
: Tucayo is up next with C13 - Favorite 'Shroom Special Issue!
*walks onstage*
: HI, I'm your always-prepared Statistics Manag--- WAIT, THAT'S RIGHT
For Issue 30 (The_%27Shroom:Issue_XXX), our first special issue, we had practically no idea what to do? Seriously, we had no reference at all, so we figured we would invite some people as guest writers and have a special background. Both things are still done to this date, so I guess they were good ideas. Or obvious ideas, maybe future Directors would have still done that even if we hadn't lol. For this issue we even had the most elusive former admin of the SMW supposedly on board, AgentSeethroo. In the end, we only got two special writers but this issue is the Adam and Eve of special issues. Except it doesn't walk around naked. Even if it's XXX. I'm getting derailed.
Issue 50 (The 'Shroom:Issue L) was the first special issue intended to be a yearly event? And the only to have been released in May?
The 'Shroom:Issue 64 is the biggest page in The 'Shroom namespace? Even crashing my browser twice before I could open it??
Issue LXXV (The_%27Shroom:Issue_LXXV)'s theme drew complaints because it was NOT MARIO and we are the MARIO WIKI? Could it be The 'Shroom was trying to turn the SMW into the Kirby Wiki? Something to think about.
If you take the number of staff sections in Issue 88 (The 'Shroom:Issue LXXXVIII), add the day in which it was released, divide it by the number of sides its Director has, and add 4 because Mario4Ever was in that issue, you get 8? A number which is mysteriously seen throughout the entire issue. Sign of a conspiracy? Maybe.
Issue XC (The 'Shroom:Issue 90) in regular numbers is 90, which is the atomic number for Thorium, which is used to catalyze Ammonia which in turn has been found OUTSIDE OF OUR GALAXY? Is The 'Shroom hiding proof of extraterrestrial life?
Issue 100 (The 'Shroom:Issue 100) has 36,126 letters "A" in it? And that would be enough to give one and a half "A"s to every user in the wiki? Coincidence, or an elaborated scheme by A-aficionado SMB to take over the MarioWiki? We may never know.

*crowd stares blankly*
: Uhhh… Ummm… I… got a bit carried away, but I am finished now, thank you for your time.
: The results!!!
: Oh, yes yes, the results!
: Coming in third place, with 11 votes, our most recent Special Issue, it's the Wario special, Issue 123!
: In second place, with 15 votes, our biggest issue to date, Issue 100!!
: And, as voted by you, with 27 votes, this year's Favorite 'Shroom Special Issue is our most heartfelt issue to date, it's Issue 111, best known as the Walkazo Tribute Issue. A homage from the heart of many of our members to the memory of the most dedicated user this wiki has had, and a great friend to so many. Walkazo, this award is for you.

Number of votes
Percentage of votes
1Issue 111 (Walkazo Tribute)2743.55%
2Issue 1001524.19%
3Issue 123 (Wario)1117.74%
4Holiday Issue 10546.45%
5Issue L (50)23.23%
6Awards Issue XC (90)11.61%
6Issue 107 (Zeldámon theme)11.61%
6Issue LXXV (Gamefreak75 theme)11.61%
9Issue 64 (Nintendo 64 theme)00.00%
9Issue LXXXVIII (Mario Kart 8 theme)00.00%
Total Votes: 62

GBAToad: Perch and Anton emojis

Fun fact, I started this off by actually trying to find interesting trivia from each special issue but then these conspiracy theories just popped in my head and I couldn't stop them. Maybe this is how it starts.

The Pyro Guy is up next with C10 - Favorite New ‘Shroom Writer!


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Meta Knight said:
well it worked, lots of people voted :blooper:

Meta Knight

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Awards Committee
Posting on behalf of The Pyro Guy.

Number of votes
Percentage of votes
5Luigi 64DD69.52%
5Mr Squid69.52%
Total Votes: 63

Palkia47 & Stargazing are up next with C2 - Best ‘Shroom Artwork!

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Awards Committee
Posting on behalf of Packy and Stargazing.

The red mushroom-coloured curtains draped over the stage, twinkling when caught in the spotlight’s rays. The stage of the theatre blossomed with new life, as it did once a year, and fresh decorations leaned against its open floor. Singles, duos, and trios finished planning, while preparing scripts, elaborate acts, and presentations to help make the ceremony top the previous year’s. The hosts swept through the many groups, checking up on them and giving them anything they needed, so they could make everything to the best of their abilities.

There was one pair, however, to the back and a little off to the side. The two of them were working very well together, cracking jokes and humming to music as they finished up their props and decorations for their presentation together. It was the big day after all, finishing everything up in a nice, clean, and efficient way is key to help keep everything orderly. As one of them finished making the fake trophies, the other finished the templates representing each nominee.

“Alright, these should represent the nominees nicely!” The Pokemon-like figure spoke. “Hey, Star, is now a good time to start ordering these up? I can’t wait to show everyone what we’ve done.”

A star-covered flannel draped over the humanoid’s arms. “Yeah, yeah, sure! It’s better to get things out of the way.” He looked up and smiled, before looking down confused. “Which one of these boxes contained the results, Packy? I’m trying to remember now...”

Packy frowned. “Uhh, all of these boxes seem to be empty. Did we take them out before arriving here and just forget?”

“That can’t be right. We got all the boxes here, and brought most of the supplies without boxes.”

“Maybe you used the paper slip while creating the trophies.” Packy begun to narrow his eyes slightly at Star.

Star shot him a look. “Isn’t it more likely that you cut them up to use in your nominee representations?”

“WELL STAR, you’ve already fucked up by eventually killing us all, this surely isn’t out of the question!!”

“Are we REALLY doing this right now?” Star sighed. “There are a thousand ways you’ve taken down innocent Bidoof, yet you’re blaming me for something I didn’t even do!”

As the peacefulness faded and the unlikely pair continued to fight, it soon became their turn to be inspected for quality. The more they continued, the harder it became to get their attention. However, as quick as it began, the arguing ceased to a halt as they both suggested they should look one last time. As the noise settled down and the boxes were rummaged through for another time, the hosts took the chance to approach them.

“Hey, I wanted to ask you about something,” a voice behind the two of them spoke. Fear rushed through their veins, freezing them in place as both Star and Packy stared motionless at each other. They couldn’t face them with no results in hand. Not even turning around to face the one that asked them, they both let out a huge scream and a scrambled mess of “omgwedonthavetheresults” at once. They both instantly got up and took off towards the doors, knocking over and breaking their decorations in the process, desperate to search for the missing results. Meanwhile, the hosts were left confused in the dust.

“We didn’t even get to tell either of them what happened,” one of them sighed, holding a paper envelope in their hand.

Another one held their hand to their chin in a thinking post, looked upwards, and asked, “Should we run after them to tell them what happened?”

“Nah,” the last one shrugged, and stated rather nonchalantly, “We can just give their results to another group if they don’t make it in time. If they come back during or after the ceremony, don’t let them in.”

Rushing out the door as fast as possible, the two turned down many twists and turns, before splitting up in two different directions. One of them bolted away towards their houses, while the other frantically paced the halls.

“Aaaagh, what am I going to do?” they both groaned.

Packy rushed onto the steps right outside his house, trying to fidget in his pockets in order to find his keys, before he realized he is a Palkia, and does not have pockets. Eventually giving up, Packy charged down the door and broke into his own home, and let out a ferocious roar. Star’s frantic pacing was almost rhythmic, following a beat as he paced through the seemingly empty hallways. The pastel green and pink tiles were very soothing to most souls, but the desperate energy radiating off of him was enough to warp the calming nature into something entirely different. Packy quickly dashed over to his desk, rummaging through the drawers and around all the clutter… and food… on top of the desk. Cheeseburgers, pizza, popcorn, a random human toe, all of these food items were on the desk, but just no results. The thought of maybe I dropped it somewhere circled Star’s mind, even as he headed towards an area that he had never seen before in his life. The thought of not having the results after years of being so good about it killed him inside. He knew he had to find it. Somehow. In a place he had never visited. Attempting to retrace his steps from the morning, Packy made his way upstairs to his bedroom. Nearly evading the holes in his floor from crashing through them several times, Packy finally found his way to his lair and began his hunt. He peeked under the bed, believing of the possibility that it may have fallen under there, but alas… all that happened was he got his head stuck. Searching around every hallway, all Star found were walls, floors, and shiny polish to keep everything looking fresh. Where were all the rooms he could look in? This thought, too, circled his mind like every other thought, until he found a door 10 seconds later. ”Maybe I can find something,” he thought as he creaked it open.

After escaping from the bed, which required a chunk of the bed to become attached to Packy’s neck, Packy made his way towards his closet, and opened it up. Welcomed by the sight of hundreds of dress suits, Packy began searching through each suit, before realization finally dawned on him. ”Why in the world do I have so many dress suits, I’m literally naked every day,” he said to himself, eventually giving up on his hunt in the bedroom and made his way back into the hallway outside his room. The door opened and Star put his foot down on the new surface. His foot glided forward on the extremely slippery surface, leaving his body behind until the motion dragged it forward, flipping him up in the air and causing him to land face down. He used his arms as leverage to push him off of the floor. Looking up, he could see various anime cutouts surrounding another anime cutout covered with bright pink lemonade. One of the cutouts was sitting on the ground, hands to his head, and shouting various letters at random. This was not a room Star wanted to stay in. Quickly, they brushed themselves off and exited the room.

Trekking through the dangerous hallway, Packy heard a faint sound coming from the floorboards below. Bending over, Packy took a look into one of the holes in the floor, and was greeted by four hamsters. ”Aww, aren’t you little hamsters cute--,” Packy said to himself, before he was interrupted by a voice behind him, “Those are not hamsters, they are my Four Dark Devas of Destruction!” Packy, frightened to death by the sudden voice, went flying for the nearest exit… and threw himself out a window. Disoriented, Star continued down the hall, now swaying from side to side at times. “Ugh, what was that…? That didn’t even make any sense…” he quietly groaned to himself as he followed the continuous maze of hallways. After a while, Star yet again found another door. Hesitant to enter, he opened it and peeked inside. The lights were off and it seemed innocent enough, so he stepped it and flicked the lights on. Picking himself off the ground, Packy turned back around to his house and swept the dirt off his shoulders. He re-entered his house and noticed flashing over on his computer, ”Oh… that’s right… I played Danganronpa 2 for seven hours last night… and never turned it off… that’s what it was. Oops.” He navigated over and turned his monitor off, and then made his way for his next destination: the kitchen. Turning on the lights revealed nothing. The walls were painted an illusion-like space pattern, with twinkling stars being captured in the stillness. Many space themed items were here. Star made his way over to one of the windows, and peered outside, revealing… walking and talking animals outside? Oh no. He was in the wrong spot, again. Star found the exit and left before he could scare the house’s owner.

Entering the glistening and shiny kitchen, Packy began looking through all that he could: the cabinets, the dishwasher, the microwave he forgot he put lunch in five days ago, the refrigerator, the freezer that was stocked full with every possible variety of ice cream, along with some random corpse with a missing toe. Packy shrugged it off and shut the freezer, before returning to the living room. With options dwindling, he sat down on the couch to reflect upon the remaining possibilities. There weren’t many options left for Star. There were only so many hallways for him to explore, right? He couldn’t spent all his time checking the same spot, thinking an envelope will appear. After a bit more time of navigating all the hallways, he came to yet another door. Fearing the worst, he swung the door open, turned on the lights, and shut his eyes. But, nothing happened. Star opened his eyes. Packy closed his eyes and tried to remember all the places he had been, thinking to himself, ”If it wasn’t upstairs, or in the kitchen, or on the desk… where could the results be?” He shot his eyes open and gave the hunt another go, getting up from the couch and flipping the cushions up, only to find about a dozen remotes and potato chips. Packy picked up a pile of the dust-covered potato chips and devoured them, determined to discover the true location of the results. Curiously, there was nothing in the room Star had found, except a desk and chair in the corner. Approaching the desk, he tiled his head sideways to see what weird scenario he’d get himself into. Examining the desk, chair, surroundings... all gave off nothing. No results were here, either. Sighing, Star turned to leave, when a ghostly figure resembling himself appeared and punched him in the jaw. Left disoriented once again, Star exited the room… and found an envelope on the floor! He rushed towards it as best as he could in this state.

Frantically rushing over to his computer, Packy logged onto the forums errantly. He searched through his inbox, before finally stumbling upon a list of messages where one read “Results”. Excited and optimistic, Packy clicked on the message to discover what it was… and was instead met with Awards Mafia results. ”Godda--,” Packy began to mutter, before his computer suddenly shut off and the lights in the house blew out: the fuse-box blew a circuit. Star tore the envelope open, desperate to save their presentation. Reading the results to attempt to… huh? There were no results…? On the paper was a message reading, “lmao get punk’d ”. Disappointed, Star continued on, hoping for a saving grace to turn this day around. Stumbling around in the dark, Packy tried to make his way for the door, using the light from outside as his guide. Feeling the sudden appearance and rush of hamsters across his feet, all of Packy’s optimism quickly began to fade away, and was replaced with disappointment, defeat, and worst of all, despair. Believing he discovered the exit, Packy twisted a doorknob and walked out into the pitch black… only to fall down a set of stairs. Frustrated, Star decided to check the backyard of the place. There’d probably be nothing there, but whatever worked. Determined, he threw the doors open and went outside into the cool evening breeze. Wait… evening? Star pulled out his phone and frantically checked the awards database. The schedule was removed, so Star didn’t know if they were late or not. A scream exited his body as he frantically made his way back inside for one last shot.

Once again picking himself up from the ground and wiping the dirt from his arms, Packy looked around the yard gloomily, feeling dissatisfied and worrying about the failures he would tell Star and the hosts. He began trudging his way through the dirt and the grass, feeling a heavy weight towering over his shoulders… before he realized he was still carrying the piece of the bed he tore off earlier. Oops. Ripping the wood off of his neck, Packy began his adventure back to the awards ceremony with sorrow and the ultimate despair deep in his heart. ”One last shot, one last shot,” Star kept mumbling as he continued down the final hallway. With a heavy heart, he moved slowly along it, trying desperately to find anything in any of the remaining doors. But, all that greeted him was the failure that came before. Sighing, he turned around and walked away.

Sighing heavily as he walked closer and closer to his destination, Packy could begin to see the lights of the awards ceremony. The cars parked out front, the flashing signs, the celebrations going on inside and outside in the city… Packy couldn’t help but feel defeated and dislodged from the situation, knowing that he failed and was dreading confronting the hosts over the truth. As he neared the building, he turned around hopelessly, looking around for where his friend Star could be… the only person he could turn to and live with after this fiasco. Star wasn’t able to walk too well after this. He was saddened, disoriented, and just so tired. How would he be able to face all these people and say that he wasn’t able to find the results? He just couldn’t do it. He wondered if Packy would understand, and as he neared the exit, he decided to go and visit him in his home. Star didn’t know if Packy were in his home, but it was worth a shot. Shaking, Star opened the doors to the exit.

The wind hummed through the night outside of the building where the Awards Ceremony was being held. With most of the commotion occurring inside the ceremony hall, both Star and Packy had their minds locked away in other areas: Star, the hall, and Packy, his home; but to no avail, the duo failed to retrieve what they had set out to find. Both doors to the lobby opened slowly and gently, with each push filled with the utmost defeat; one person began to walk out of the building, while the other stepped inside… before stopping in their tracks to look at one another.


The pair looked at each other and immediately recognized what was wrong. Star drooped his head slightly as he quietly turned towards the doors to the ceremony hall.

“So I guess we have to go in there and tell them, huh? I’m all for offering you as the sacrificial lamb SO I CAN CONTINUE MY MURDEROUS SPREE.” Packy looked down at Star and began to picture all the helpless Bidoofs, then imagined turning Star into a Bidoof and murdering him. Deservedly so.

“Well… we don’t really have any other choice. Let’s go.” Packy muttered, as the two began walking across the lobby; it wasn’t long, however, for their plan to take an unexpected twist.

“TRIFECTAAA!” A group of five users walked out of the ceremony hall, annoyingly screaming about their Guess the Results achievements. “If only written fiction were still around, we’d be joining Toadbert on his riveting tale to both the grocery and the bank to cash our TRIFECTAAAA tokens in!”

“GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE, YOU GODDAMNED WHIPPERSNAPPERS!” A peculiar block-shaped ghost screamed from behind the ceremony doors. “We don’t need your annoying kind here!”

Star and Packy’s heads shot up in curiosity, but also excitement, realizing that the ceremony was still going on and they could have a shot of redeeming themselves by talking to the hosts. But yet… the five kids who exited weren’t the only ones; user after user followed, before an eventual flood of users, both old and new, came out into the lobby, joking and carrying on with one another. Star and Packy’s excitement began to subside, but their curiosity was still on a high, as they navigated the sea of users, and made their way into the ceremony hall. What was awaiting them… was not a pleasant sight.

Standing directly in the center of the stage was the hosts. The same triad Star and Packy ran away from just hours earlier. Outside of the hosts and the duo, the hall was pretty much empty. Confetti had already fallen onto the floor, the janitor was cleaning up one of the aisles, and it was almost completely quiet in the hall. Star and Packy looked at each other, looked at the hosts, then looked around, realizing that the ceremony was over. They missed the entire event. They could do nothing else but scream, “WHAT THE FUCK?!”

The hosts turned towards the two standing below them, and squinted angrily. It was the ultimate showdown: Packy and Star, versus Anton, Turb, and Meta Knight.

Packy leaned over to Star and whispered into his ear, “Anton looks like he wants to bitchslap me… this is only about the 592th time I’ve betrayed him, after all… heh… heh… shit.”

“Packy, that’s not the worst p---,” Star started to explain, before being cut-off.


“Why would you do this?” Turb and Meta asked in unison.

“I’m so sorry. I tried so hard. I wrote the intro and everything and we thought it’d be neat to have it be suspenseful and we were worried about revealing the identity of Our Holy Triad!” Star explained.

Packy looked on in absolute utter confusion. He turned to Star, “Umm… is this… is this important right now? Like---.”

[me=Anton]poses aggressively.[/me]

“---Okay. Okay. OKAY, I GET IT.”

“Where have you two been?” The masked blueberry questioned the duo, who began to sweat profusely.

“Um… okay, listen, we kind of… lost our results. But…,” Star began to drone off as he looked around the ceremony hall. “Everybody’s gone… did you guys present without us?!”

“We did. We found two very capable replacements in Ztar and Dialga,” Turb replied, annoyed with Star and Packy’s shenanigans, before grinning. “Also… you guys didn’t lose your results. We forgot to tell you them. That’s what we approached you about this morning, but… you didn’t give us a chance.”


“CALM YOUR YOUNG ASSES IN THERE OR I’LL COME IN THERE AND WHOOP YOU YOUNGSTERS AROUND WITH MY BROOM!” The strangely shaped spooky ghost poked his eyes through the door menacingly.


“WHAT DID I JUST SAY?!” The ghost popped through the door and rushed over to the pair of hooligans losing their minds. With his also strangely-shaped ghostly broom, the spirit whacked both Star and Packy on the side of their heads with the broom repeatedly, before knocking them out cold. It wasn’t long before the two found themselves being thrown out of the ceremony hall and into the dark and cold night.

Still with no results.

Number of votes
Percentage of votes
1Dear Anton (Hypnotoad)1821.69%
2Cooking Guide (The Pyro Guy)1012.05%
3Peddler's Place (Toadbert101)910.84%
4Anton's Half-Baked Reviews (Hypnotoad)89.64%
5It's aMAZEing (Meta Knight)78.43%
6Game Corner (YKMR3000)67.23%
6Lord Bowser's Inside Story (Lord Bowser)67.23%
6Police Blotter (Lord Bowser)67.23%
9Game Mods (Baby Luigi)44.82%
10Isaac Synergies (DragonFreak)33.61%
11Monthly Inquisition (Lord Bowser)22.41%
11Picross (The Pyro Guy)22.41%
13Hot Records (Banjonator1)11.20%
13Sport Report (Alex95)11.20%
Total Votes: 83
results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

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