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Community Awards X

Greetings everyone, and welcome to the Awards Ceremony! The Super Mario Wiki has been around for a long time, and many people have helped to make it what it is today. Whether you're a regular user, just dropping in to visit, or someone new, each and every one of you are a part of the community here. As a refresher for those that are unaware, in the past there were separate ceremonies for both the User and 'Shroom categories. This year, the Awards Committee has merged the two into one! This would have been the tenth User Awards Ceremony, but now it is my honor to host the first ever (but really tenth) Community Awards ceremony! These fifteen awards are here to recognize the users that have helped out with the wiki. You all help keep this community alive, and this is one of our ways of saying thank you. Sit back, kick up your feet and relax, and enjoy the show!

First up is The Pyro Guy with C1 - Favorite ‘Shroom Directing Staff!

Jake Marshall

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The time has come!


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Let's-a go!


What could pawssibly go wrong?

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Posting on behalf of The Pyro Guy.

In the dangerous world of... Wiki...topia, no, Wikiitopia, one would need their best team of Directors and Sub-Directors to face the threat of monsters and such. Luckily for you, I have prepared the best team of four this world has to offer.

Coming in with support are the Bronze Brothers, Tucayo and Mr. Edo. These two are incredible with both healing and defending, but don't be afraid to put them on the front line; I hear their combos are devastating.

The silver-masked warrior, Meta Knight, is your go-to offence master. Prepare to say good knight (sorry) to your enemies when using this one, as with both high attack, great defence and the best sword in the game, he is not messing around.

And your best asset in the team is the golden guy, Super Mario Bros. He is the key link (sorry) to making your team the A-Team (not sorry for that one, that was good), with a great all-round moveset and a stunning level of experience in the battlefield.

And that's your recommended team! These four are the best at what they do, and I would expect you to use their talents wisely when traversing Wikiitopia. Enjoy your travels!

Number of votes
Percentage of votes
1Super Mario Bros.2127.27%
2Meta Knight1722.08%
3Mr. Edo911.69%
Total Votes: 77
results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

The Pyro Guy is up next with C3 - Favorite Artist!

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Posting on behalf of The Pyro Guy.

Favourite Artist

Welcome to the Art Gallery, where the top works of our community are presented on these walls. We have gathered some delectable works of art today to bestow upon the eyes of many. I hope you enjoy your stay, and have a nice time looking at the walls.

Today I will be giving you access to our most valued art in the entire gallery. This is a once-in-an-anniversary chance, so don't waste it!

And in our bronze category we have none other than Anton, whose amazing works have been featured all over this community.

Following up from that is yours truly. It's really an honour to be up here, and I can't thank you enough if you voted for me, it means a great deal. Ahem.

And featured in the exclusive gold catalog is Mr. Edo! His stunning works never fail to impress, and I speak for the gallery when I say it wouldn't be the same without his contributions. Congratulations.

Number of votes
Percentage of votes
1Mr. Edo2530.49%
2The Pyro Guy1315.85%
4Lord Bowser67.32%
9Meta Knight22.44%
9O. Turb22.44%
13O. Koohitsu11.22%
Total Votes: 82
results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

Mr. Edo is up next with C9 - Favorite Veteran ‘Shroom Writer!


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where can i buy that statue of me, it's so cute


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C9: Favorite Veteran 'Shroom Writer
by Mr. Edo

Well, it was only a matter of time, but it finally happened: 7 people have died in an incident involving the 'Shroom Obituaries. The column in question, penned by resident comedian, body-artist and retired underwear model Yoshi876, has been informing us about the passing of various Mario characters for a long time now. Only recently, however, has it been discovered that this publication may not be as innocuous as we thought.

"Yeah, I killed 'em", Yoshi876 informed us as we approached him, "Do you have any idea how hard it is to write monthly obituaries in a universe where 1-Up Mushrooms exist and death doesn't mean anything?" The author emphatically claimed to be unaware of any wrongdoing. "Most people are okay with what I do. They know it's all for the sake of entertainment, and it's really a win-win situation. I get material for my column, and they get to be a cool ghost after it's done."

Evidently though, not every one participates in this arrangement voluntarily. The seven aforementioned people in fact were so outraged by their sudden demise that they temporarily came back from the dead to vote for this section in the 11th MarioWiki Awards. Their action shone a spotlight on the situation, and made the public finally aware of what was going on behind the charismatic author with the award-winning beard.

Never judge a Yoshi by its cute smile.​

When asked for a final statement, Yoshi876 had this to say: "I love my job! I get to decide who lives and who dies, and as the director of the Pipe Plaza with easy access to Warp Pipes, disposing of the evidence is really easy. I encourage everyone to reach for their dreams. With dedication and a little luck, you too can find your true calling in life!"

At this point we would like to honor the seven souls who had to pass on under these tragic circumstances. However, since voting in the awards polls is anonymous, we have no idea who they are.

3rd place: Yoshi876


A few weeks prior to publication of this article, local 'Shroom writer and hobbyist gang leader Lord Bowser (no apparent relation to King Bowser) has been arrested on a boat at sea near Rogueport. The accused is currently incarcerated at the Neo Bowser City Police Department, and facing charges of breaking-and-entering, assault, kidnapping, personality-theft, public nudity, and speaking with his mouth full.

Bowser, Lord - D35-6A17​

We asked around for eye-witness accounts, and found ten people who could recount what had transpired with varying accuracy. According to the reports, the accused, along with an accomplice, arrived in Rogueport while disguised as famous folk hero and idol Super Mario and his Goomba fangirl. "He didn't fool me!", some old person told us, "He was dressed like Mario, but he was really tall and had spikes coming out of his back. Now, my eyesight's not so good anymore, but that sure don't look like goshdarngnabet Mario at all!"

The miscreant then went on to intimidate the innocent store clerk of Westside Goods into allowing him passage through the employees-only exit, and then violently assaulted the acclaimed businessman Don Pianta in his own abode.

"Dis kid was yelling at me, said dat he was goin' to make an arrest.", the victim told us in an exclusive interview, "He didn't have no warrant doe, as he's no cop, just a reporter. I told him to get lost, but den he just started punchin'." Pianta then described how he and his employees were forced to board the accused's boat under threat of more violence.

Pianta and his employees were rescued by the heroic police force of Neo Bowser City, who intercepted the boat before it could get away. When confronted with the full weight of his illegal deeds, Lord Bowser immediately tore his costume off and ate it. He then went on record saying "I didn't do it, it was all Mario." Authorities on scene were reportedly "not impressed by the claim".

Courts are not yet sure what sentence Lord Bowser is to expect. However, legal experts speculate that the king might pardon him on grounds of "It would be more amusing to throw Mario in jail instead".

2nd place: Lord Bowser


1st place: Anton

Number of votes
Percentage of votes
2Lord Bowser1014.93%
5Meta Knight45.97%
5The Pyro Guy45.97%
Total Votes: 67
results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

GBAToad is up next with C4 - Favorite 2016 Awards Presentation!


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this is all a true story


do you ever yearn for the soft touch of a pancake
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Every Awards Ceremony, we have users from all parts of the wiki share the presentations they've spent any amount of time between the past month and the past 5 minutes making, practicing, and rehearsing. Each year comes and goes, and the level of creativity on display seems to get higher and higher. Some presentations rise above the rest, and become shining beacons of quality for all to remember. Though, when the festivities are finally over, the whole thing is packed up and archived, and planning the next ceremony is not thought about for approximately another week's time. Mandatory exit polls determine who had the best presentations, and then the awards are forgotten about by the general public.

But what you don't know about the Awards Ceremonies, and what I didn't know when I signed up for the Awards Committee of 2017, was that one person is forcibly persuaded into physically checking that the best presentations of the previous year are still holding up their quality a year later. This is known as the Neatness Inspection Concerning Excellent Awards Standards and Superiority: the NICE ASS program.

This year, the designated NICE ASS inspector was, through a battle royale in which we fought each other with comically sized spoons, chosen to be none other than yours truly.

And so, after putting off my duties for NICE ASS inspection for ages, I decided to grab a clipboard at the behest of my good leader Anton and not because he threatened to remove my batteries, and set off to work. Having had the results from last year's exit polls thrust into my chest and directions to where everyone's presentations ended up stuffed in my mouth, I was ready to judge the NICE ASS nominees.

My first stop was a small cabin that had been constructed by one of the presenters, Edo, last year for the Favourite Supporting Character award. What was special about this cabin was that it was made entirely out of the most supportive structure known to man: Waluigi.

Sitting on top of the Waluigi Cabin, I tested for durability, weather damage, soil erosion, insulation issues, electrical wiring faults, and any misplaced Wa's, and with no surprise, Edo passed with flying colours, and I pinned a 3rd Place NICE ASS ribbon on one of the Waluigis.

Moving on to the next presentation, I noticed there was a slight error in my results, and that there were two presentations listed for second place. Calling Anton while he was at work, I was told to pick a second place recipient myself or else have pepperoni shoved in places I'd rather not specify.

With the threat of cured meat violence looming over my head, I headed off to judge the contenders, but in my heart I knew what had to be done.

First up was Nabber's presentation for Favourite RPG Game, in which he advertised a new Paper Mario game entitled: Paper Mario: The Million Year Door, and specified that the whole game's NPC cast would be toads. I went to check on how well these new Toad NPCs were living together.

Pft, how much self respect would you have to lack to be a Toad and associate yourself with something completely irrelevant to toads. Amateurs.

As it turned out, Communist Toad and Sexy Toad had entered into a polygamous relationship with Mercedes Benz DLC Toad, and Black Toad had opened a restaurant where he sold Turb-brand hot dogs with Oh Shit What Up, who refused to be photographed.

I marked a red tick next to "Communal Harmony", pinned half of a silver 2nd NICE ASS on Sexy Toad's blurry bits and left this Toad community, never to return.

Making my way to the 'Shroom HQ, my next destination, I noticed that the building was now swarming with weird, black particles. Opening the door, or rather, nudging the door ever so slightly that it fell off of its hinges, I noticed the source of the black particles lying in a stack of papers.

It was Tucayo, still reeling from the aftermath of his Favourite Team award. Apparently, he had worked so hard at trying to cover all parts of the Shroom, he had achieved a 'Shroom singularity, and reality was falling apart around him.

I marked a red tick next to "Existential Dread and Reminders of the End Times", threw the other half of the 2nd place NICE ASS award into a swarm of black particles, and left the building before it collapsed in on itself.

Finally, it was time to award the coveted Best NICE ASS award, but my directions were telling me to head back to Anton's work, and I was highly confused.

Then, when I arrived at what used to be a small pizzeria, I noticed a towering news station before me. An electronic ticker flashed the latest headlines for N64 games and stock prices for individual chex mix flavours, and who else came out to greet me but Anton and N64Dude themselves, who had apparently made it big from their Miitomo News broadcast for Favourite Game. I congratulated them on their success, and asked to take a photo with them, which they declined because they were too famous for me now, so instead, I was handed a flyer on their success and took a photo of that.

I pinned the Best NICE ASS award on Anton, and left.

With nowhere else to go, I decided to go home to my home built of Waluigis, order a film crew from the local pizzeria, and play Paper Mario: The Billion Year Door while I waited for the singularity to reach my house.

Number of votes
Percentage of votes
1M30. Favorite Game - Anton & N64dude1017.24%
2M17. Favorite Mario RPG - Nabber610.34%
2S2. Favorite Team - Tucayo610.34%
4M12. Favorite Supporting Character - Gabumon46.90%
5F14. Worst Setting - GBAToad35.17%
5F15. Most Disappointing Game - Uniju35.17%
5F6. Worst Spin-off - Freakworld35.17%
5M13. Favorite Level Theme - Gabumon35.17%
5M19. Favorite SSB Character - Stooben Rooben & Super-Yoshi35.17%
5M29. Favorite Classic Game (N64/GBC and older) - Toadbert101 & TheFreshPrince35.17%
5U8. Favorite Mafia Game 2015-2016 - Gabumon35.17%
12M22. Favorite Mario Maker Design Element - GBAToad23.45%
12M5. Favorite DK Game - Shokora23.45%
12S10. 'Shroom Person of the Year 2015-2016 - Gabumon23.45%
12S8. Favorite Written Section Past Year - MrConcreteDonkey23.45%
12U6. Favorite 2015 Awards Presentation - Neptune9923.45%
17F1. Worst Character - Gabumon11.72%
18M18. Favorite Mario Party Game - Banjonator100.00%
18U7. Favorite Community LPer - Freakworld00.00%
Total Votes: 58
results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

Palkia47 is up next with C11 - Best ‘Shroom Section Design!