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Awards Mafia 6

- Innocent
- Mafia
- ???
- ???
- ???
- Modkilled

#Player (Display Name)StatusAlignmentRole (Abilities)
0GBAToad (Rohan Kishibe)AliveUnknownHost
2Lord BowserAliveUnknownUnknown
3Shoey (Bubsy)AliveUnknownUnknown
4Freakworld (Kumiko Oumae)ModkilledSee: Mariofan169 V2.0See: Mariofan169 V2.0
5The Pyro GuyAliveUnknownUnknown
6Fantanoice (Sidon)AliveUnknownUnknown
7Tucayo (Hobbes)Dead (Lynched Day 5, Deadkilled Night 5)MafiaMafia Core, Unspeakable Evil
8MCD (Noisemaster)AliveUnknownUnknown
9GSYoshi (J-Fred)Dead (Killed Night 3)InnocentSuperman, Bulletproof/Watcher
11Yoshi876 (Mirror Kirby)Dead (Died of Injury Night 4)InnocentMoe Szyslak, Jinx/Poisoner
12Palkia47 (Lauren Mayberry)AliveUnknownUnknown
13Roserade (Gatorade)AliveUnknownUnknown
14Mariofan169 V1.0 (Sucy Manbavaran)Dead (Killed Night 1, Mod-deadkilled Night 7)InnocentThe Bride, Vigilante/Granny
15CirdecDead (Lynched Day 10)InnocentPeter Parker, Pizza Boy/Photographer

[td]16[/td][td]Starkuss[/td][td]Modkilled[/td][td]See: DragonFreak[/td][td]See: DragonFreak[/td]
[td]17[/td][td]Stargazing (Marina)[/td][td]Dead (Killed Night 5)[/td][td]Unknown[/td][td]Unknown[/td]
[td]18[/td][td]LN1 (Two)[/td][td]Alive[/td][td]Unknown[/td][td]Unknown[/td]
[td]19[/td][td]Banjo (anjo)[/td][td]Alive[/td][td]Unknown[/td][td]Unknown[/td]
[td]20[/td][td]Alex95[/td][td]Modkilled[/td][td]See: Smg2Daisy[/td][td]See: Smg2Daisy[/td]
[td]21[/td][td]GabbyHayes (Sammy Lawrence)[/td][td]Dead (Lynched Day 4)[/td][td]Innocent[/td][td]No Face, Inspired[/td]
[td]23[/td][td]NSY[/td][td]Modkilled[/td][td]See: Shy Guy On Wheels[/td][td]See: Shy Guy On Wheels[/td]
[td]25[/td][td]Toad85[/td][td]Modkilled[/td][td]See: Koops[/td][td]See: Koops[/td]
[td]26[/td][td]Luigi64DD[/td][td]Dead (Killed Night 8)[/td][td]Innocent[/td][td]Link, Adventurer/Chef[/td]
[td]27[/td][td]Ninelevendo (Lee Chaolan)[/td][td]Dead (Killed Night 8)[/td][td]Innocent[/td][td]Apollo Justice, Perceiver/Attorney[/td]
[td]28[/td][td]Meta Knight[/td][td]Dead (Killed Night 7)[/td][td]Innocent[/td][td]Cookie Monster, Cookie Cop[/td]
[td]29[/td][td]4td0[/td][td]Dead (Lynched Day 7, Deadkilled Night 8)[/td][td]Innocent[/td][td]Buffaloman, Roleblocker/Sturdy[/td]
[td]31[/td][td]DragonFreak[/td][td]Dead (Killed Night 3)[/td][td]Unknown[/td][td]Unknown[/td]
[td]32[/td][td]Smg2Daisy[/td][td]Dead (Lynched Day 9)[/td][td]Mafia[/td][td]Widowmaker, Assassin/Tracker/Poisoner[/td]
[td]33[/td][td]Koops (Tadaomi Karasuma)[/td][td]Dead (Lynched Day 8)[/td][td]Mafia[/td][td]President Koopa, Roleblocker/Silencer[/td]
[td]34[/td][td]Mariofan169 V2.0 (Sucy Manbavaran)[/td][td]Alive (Lynched Day 6, Revived Day 8)[/td][td]Unknown[/td][td]Unknown[/td]
[td]35[/td][td]Shy Guy On Wheels[/td][td]Alive[/td][td]Unknown[/td][td]Unknown[/td]

  • Phases will end at the same time every day, and cannot be extended unless a really significant problem arises. Both Night and Day phases will last 48 hours.
  • If you die in any way, do not participate in the game (i.e. giving out information or suspicions you held when you were alive). You can post in the thread, but don't attempt to help any of the current living players.
  • Unless your role is one-use only (for example, a vigilante), you can use your role at night by sending a PM to both hosts. One-use roles can be used anytime, unless specified.
  • Non-Innocents will receive a QuickTopic automatically for them to discuss and strategise in. They must not share this with anybody outside their team. Innocents can create a QuickTopic of their own and share it with as many people as they like.
  • No lynches are allowed, but will lose in a tie.
  • Roleclaiming is allowed. Do not bait people into giving their role, and mass roleclaiming is forbidden.
  • Quoting/posting your rolecard will result in an instant modkill. The same goes for cheating. You will also be modkilled if you are inactive for more than six phases, and then be replaced should a replacement be available. Dead players may not be replacements.
  • Consequences for breaking the rules include, potentially, voiding any tokens received from the game to being barred from participation in other awards events and prizes.
  • Remember that this is just a game; people will lie and be manipulative, but that is part of the game. If you try to cause trouble in the thread, we will not hesitate to remove you.
  • Most importantly, have fun, and don't die!
  • These rules of the ancient ones were stolen from the Temple of Stoob and MCD.

Important terms:
Injury - an injured player will die in two phases if not healed. Obtaining multiple injuries in one night results in death. Injuries will be publicly announced.
Poison - a poisoned player will die in four phases if not healed. Poison will not be publicly announced.
Factional Power - a power granted to a certain faction, which can be used once per night by one of its members.
Roleblock - prevent someone from using their role for one phase.
Itemblock - prevent someone from using items for one phase.
Locationblock - prevent someone from visiting locations for one phase.
Moneyblock - prevent someone from using money for one phase.
Check - learn something about a player's role or actions.
Itemcheck - learn what items a person currently holds.


Coins are the currency in Awards Mafia 6. They are obtained by doing various things in the game, and can be used to purchase items from Location B: The Item Shop, and are sometimes relevant to role abilities. Coins can be gambled at Location D: The Casino.

- Having a vote in the Final Vote Tally: 15 coins
- Killing/Lynching a player on an opposing faction: 50-200 coins (depending on alignment)
- Killing/Lynching a player on your own faction: 10 coins
- Visiting a location successfully: 15 coins
- Using any night action (including items) successfully: 20 coins
- Using any day action (including items) successfully: 5 coins
- Surviving a night: 10 coins

Items function as mostly one-shot roles that can be used during any phase. Items can be bought and sold at Location B: The Item Shop during Day Phases, and randomly obtained from visiting locations. An item list will be provided as items are revealed.

During the day, players can PM both hosts to visit a location. There are 32 numbered locations in the game, one for each player plus two more. There is a chance that visiting a location may yield items or coins. Finding your unique location unlocks an upgrade for your role, so it is important to visit them frequently! It is assumed that players who do not visit Locations will remain in Location A: The Town Square. If a Location is destroyed, players can visit Location C: The Town Hall and pay 500 coins to rebuild it. A map will be provided each day to show the status of locations.

Players can visit as many special locations as they like during the day, provided they do not visit a numbered location.
If a player wants to visit a special location and a numbered location during the same day, they can only visit one of each.

Special Locations:
Location A: The Town Square - This is where the day's lynch occurs. It is a completely neutral location.
Location B: The Item Shop - This is where you can come to purchase items and sell items in your possession.
Location C: The Town Hall - Visit here to overhear conversations between Mayor Perch and his secretary Ms. GBAToad as they gossip about the town, and also pay for Locations to be rebuilt if they are ever destroyed for 500 coins.
Location D: The Casino - A casino where you can gamble your life's savings away!
Location E: The Church - A holy place where you can confess your Awards Mafia 6 sins in exchange for items and coins. You can also leave offerings for dead players at the graveyard here.

And with that, it's time for the show to begin!

It is now Night 0! Please confirm your role in this thread when we unlock it!


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Re: Awards Mafia 6 - Game Thread - Night 0: It's Happening

A: The Town Square
B: The Item Shop
C: The Town Hall
D: The Casino

1. ???
2. ???
3. ???
4. ???
5. ???
6. ???
7. ???
8. ???
9. ???
10. ???
11. ???
12. ???
13. ???
14. ???
15. ???
16. ???
17. ???
18. ???
19. ???
20. ???
21. ???
22. ???
23. ???
24. ???
25. ???
26. ???
27. ???
28. ???
29. ???
30. ???
31. ???
32. ???


Typically, all of these items sell for less than half of their purchase price, but there are some exceptions. Items can be bought and used in the same night. Items are sold at the item shop, but there is the chance of finding them at locations.

Super Mushroom50
An iconic mushroom that cures injury when used.
Life Shroom225
A staple of awards mafias. When kept in inventory, prevents death by killing powers (not lynches), leaving the player with an injury instead. Can be used to revive a player (so long as they are not deadkilled). Players revived with a Life Shroom will have an injury upon revival.
Golden Mushroom50
A speed-boosting mushroom that allows you to visit two locations in one day when used. Not actually made of gold.
Mini Mushroom150
Shrinks user, allowing their actions to be unwatchable/untrackable for a single phase, but weakens killing powers to only cause injuries.
Poison Mushroom75
A deadly fungus that can be used to poison a single player once.
Megaphone Hacking Gun100
A loud megaphone that triples the vote of one player, or silences another. Must be used one phase before the effects take place.
Plunder Chest75
A magical treasure chest that allows you to steal an item from another player.
Building Permit50
A stack of complicated town hall papers that allows you to effectively quadruple your donation to a Town Hall location rebuilding project.
When kept in your inventory, this shy spirit will allow you to remain alive as a ghost for one phase after death, and vote/use actions. It can also be used to temporarily revive a player for one phase.
A deadly bomb that causes a single injury.
Warp Pipe100
A special pipe that can be placed at a location, teleporting the next person to visit that location to another location.
Warp Whistle200
A magical recorder that can be played at night to switch your position with someone elses. All actions that happen to you will happen to them and vice-versa.
Poltergust 5000100
A powerful vaccum that can be used to suck up any harmful things at a location, allowing it to be visited safely for one phase. Cleans and removes ink and other debris as well.
A missile that can be fired at a location, covering it in colourful ink and rendering it inaccessible for two day phases.
An item that really makes you think, letting you learn a single fact about a player's role. This applies to dead players, and players who have their roles hidden.
Korok Seed20
A funny-smelling seed that expands your inventory slot when 5 are collected. Can be purchased multiple times, and multiple seeds can stack in the inventory.
An incredibly rare item that grants you 4 random items when opened, but none of them are legendary skins. If you do not have the space for all 4 items, you can choose a number of items to discard.
? Box???
A yellow box of mystery that contains a single mushroom, or a handful of coins.
Gentle Spirit???
When kept in your inventory, this lovely ball of soot will carry away your gold, and deliver it to a player of your choice upon death.
Truth Bullet???
Can be used to scan a single sentence that has been posted in the game thread for lies. If no lie is detected, player becomes injured.
A rare crystal that can kill the most indestructable being on the planet, but also void any protection on a single player for one night.
Beautiful Hand???
A severed hand that makes its holder appear not innocent on cop checks.
Silver Coupon???
A silver card that glistens with exclusivity. It allows you to purchase a single item from Location B: The Item Shop for half-price.
Gold Coupon???
A golden card that glistens with happiness and good value. It allows you to purchase a single item from Location B: The Item Shop for 100% off.
Ace of Spades???
A dubious card that appears to be a fake, however, it will let you cheat at Location D: The Casino one time.
A delicious burger loaded with salad and secret sauce, that can be eaten to cure poisoning.
Hot Ramen75
This hot bowl of noodles can be eaten to prevent a single roleblock from occurring at night.
Good Cookie100
A special cookie that allows you to appear innocent on cop checks for one phase when used.
Raw Meat200
A rare (or is it medium-rare?) chunk of meat which can be used to clobber someone over the head, making their actions have a 50% chance of working.
A delicious slice of hot pepperoni pizza that makes your taste buds sing with delight when eaten, allowing your vote to still be counted even if you are silenced.
A discarded banana peel that makes drivers spin out on the track in Mario Kart, but can be placed at a location to cause the next person to visit that location to slip and fall over, losing a single item in their possession.
Duff Beer75
A weak alcoholic beverage that some residents of Springfield are obsessed with, but if you find two of this item and use them on the same night, you can mess up someone's night actions for one phase.
Maxim Tomato75
An energizing tomato full of maximum power that allows you to cure an injury or a poisoning, but not both at the same time.
Chocolate Chip Cookie100
A chocolaty biscuit that can be eaten to enhance one investigative power at night.
Spaghetti Alla Puttanesca???
An extremely good plate of spaghetti that can be eaten to cure all status three times. It only works on its holder.
Picked fresh from the fields of nowhere! Its only purpose is to have butter rubbed on it, or sold at the shop for a fair amount of coins.
Can be placed at two locations, allowing anyone who visits either location to also visit the other location in the same phase. Lasts 1 phase.
Curse Purge Plus???
Can ensure a players item usages work for one night.
IQ Enhancing Helmet???
Can be used to enhance the effects of a players role for one night.
Rick Potion #9???
Makes one player very attracted to another, causing them to use their role on that person for the night.
Interdimensional Goggles???
Can be used to view a different outcome of a single lynch.
Meep Morp???
An unusual piece of artwork that does absolutely nothing and is worthless, but has sentimental value. It wastes an inventory slot, and can only be sold at the shop to get rid of it.
Flask Robonoid???
Can be deployed on a player or a location. If used on a player, it will scan their role and return a result in two phases. If used on a location, it will fix a location in eight phases.
Mega Drill???
Can be used to find an item at a location you visit.
Defense Drones???
Can be deployed at a location, and used to injure a player who visits that location.
Giant Mech???
A powerful, but short, fighting robot that can be hidden in, protecting its user from a single harmful attack while it is in their inventory.
Money Money200
An incredibly rare badge that when kept in inventory, grants the holder the Affluent ability. An Affluent receives double the money they normally would, but also loses double the money they normally would.
Zap Tap150
An incredibly rare badge that when kept in inventory, grants the holder the Static ability. A Static is like a Granny, but people who visit you will not be able to use items for one phase.
Feeling Fine200
An incredibly rare badge that when kept in inventory, grants the holder the Durable ability. A Durable is passively immune to injuries and poisoning.
Item Hog200
An incredibly rare badge that when kept in inventory, grants the holder the Adventurer ability. An Adventurer passively has a higher chance of finding items when visiting locations.
A mystical 8-windowed furnace emblazoned with a yin-yang, but is used for anything but peace. Allows the holder to destroy a single location with a colourful rainbow beam of death at any time. KA-BOOM!


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Re: Awards Mafia 6 - Game Thread - Night 0: It's Happening

You may now confirm your roles! The game will start in 48 hours!

We're deliberately skipping the 4th of July because it's a holiday, so you still have plenty of time to confirm and get ready before we begin!


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Attention, residents of Luigi's Mansion!
A body has been discovered!

oh wait wrong game


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