What would you do if?

I would take care of the Pikmin.
What would you do if a Red Bulborb was in your backyard?
It's probably the size of a potato, so just leave it there.

Wait I don't even have an individual backyard for my place!

What would you do ifyou were a villager in the world of Fire Emblem, side with the invading nation (which sometimes happens to be the good guys of the game) or protect everything or simply not give anything about it?
Google Translate

What would you do if Godzilla comes out of nowhere and destroys the city?
Befriend one?

What would you do if you found a hidden warp pipe that leads to the Marioverse IRL?
Spam jump.

What would you do if your favorite character beat the living daylights out of you IRL?
I'd probably try to fight back but then live out the rest of my life in an egg.

What would you do if you saw Yoshi commit tax fraud before your very eyes?
*FBI breaks in and pays me money for finally arresting that bastard.*

What would you do if you became a spaceship?

What would you do if Godzilla stole your copy of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? (That's, if you have one)
Probably attempt to scale the beast in order to retrieve it but fall to my inevitable demise due to poor athleticism.

What would you do for a Klondike bar?
Watch it and laugh at it. Or maybe do my best to enjoy it.

What would you do if you turned out to be Link and got the Master Sword?
I'd be a even worst Link than CD-i Link.

What would you do if you could travel to any fictional universe?
Get in Smash. If I have to wait till Christmas to get the game, I'll be in it instead.

What would you do if Mario turned out to be a serial killer and that basically destroys his franchise forever?
Realize that it's just a poorly written fanfiction.

What would you do if Wario stole your copy of Smash?
I would no longer rank Wario as one of my favorite characters.

What would you do if I went back to making stupid edgy rants about music and celebrities on the media forum(and btw, Mods, PLEASE. PLEASE! If there are any rants that I posted in Summer 2014 still on here in the Entertainment & Media, just delete them in the name of all that's good.)?
I don't even think it's gonna be bad, nor good.

People are just complaining about something we know literally nothing about besides Sonic's look, and that triggers me. Remember when we thought that the Detective Pikachu movie would look awful and suck?

What would you do if Christmas decided to happen tomorrow?
I'd wake up and be happy at first, opening all my presents, but then realize that all my crazy relatives would be coming over and I wouldn't live through the night.

What would you do if you didn't get Smash for Christmas?
I would get it with my Christmas money.
What would you do if you found a copy of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate under your Christmas tree?
Take it ASAP. If it's like "Do not open until Christmas", I'll wait (A.K.A suffer).

What would you do if you could get Smash Ultimate (with the DLC) by sacrificing a Mario Amiibo by smashing it with a giant hammer so that it rests in pieces?
Turn instead of letting him fall into it like Mario does.

What would you do if Nintendo hired you?