Adobe Premiere blue screen of death.


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My Adobe Premiere program on this computer has a seemingly random chance of crashing the computer, usually when importing a file (which can easily work the next time I try it). I haven't seen this happen recently, but that's because I've rarely even used the program out of fear since it was happening when the computer was new. It's a Windows 10 system and I'm pretty sure it was the latest version of Premiere when I got it (which was iirc early-2016)

For all I know, the recent (forced) update could've fixed the problem but I'm hesitant to risk it. The blue screen would give the error Video_tdr_failure if that helps.
just a few questions to know if it is the same issue I had.

Is your Windows 10 an update you installed over existing windows 7/whatever?
Is that the only hardware-software issue you had with Windows 10?
*odd one* Does a similar screen pop when you use PJ64?

I had that issue with my upgrade, even though I didn't force it, Microsoft rolled it in overnight. The only fix I could do is roll back to windows 8.
This computer was bought Windows 10, that was the operating system when I bought it.

Pretty much, I have had other issues but not of that caliber, just minor annoyances. Like Photoshop being slow when a lot of stuff is open, etc.

I'm assuming PJ64 is Project64, the N64 emulator? I've not used that on this computer. I have used Dolphin though, and it has issues but just configuration/performance issues like slowdown or known bugs in certain games like crashes in some areas. Not a full-on computer crash, just a buzzing sound until I stop running the game.