The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Photo Hunt (sign-ups!)


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In the latest and by far greatest entry in the Zelda series, Breath of the Wild, our hapless but amnesiac hero Link restores the photographic capabilities of a mystical device known as the Sheikah Slate, and in doing so reveals 12 old photographs of locations that will hopefully jog his memories. Using only the 12 images left behind, one of each location, players can pinpoint their whereabouts and discover these, well, links to the past and piece together the tragic story of Link and Zelda.

But say, on one particularly annoying rainy day, Link happens to boot up the Sheikah Slate to take yet another photograph of a mushroom species that developed convenient elemental resistances, and he notices that those 12 pictures have been replaced by entirely new ones! With his newfound experience traversing the Hyrule he woke up in, he sets out to find these new locations, bag stuffed full of meat kebabs and nutcakes.

In this probably one-off MarioWiki Awards event, participants will be given 12 images of locations in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, taken by yours truly. The aim is to 1). name them, and 2). take photographs at those locations using the in-game camera (either with or without your link in the picture). Two points will be awarded for each correctly named and photographed location (one point for each condition), and bonus points will be rewarded for finding and naming a depicted location first, as well as having the most creative photo of a location. This contest is open to both Wii U version and Switch version owners!

How to participate:
  • Sign up in this thread, and specify which version you will be using (Wii U or Switch).
  • When we reach contest day (probably late-June, will post a specific date closer to then), I will send out a mass PM to everyone involved containing the 12 photographs and a formatted checklist (a quoteblock with the numbers 1-12, basically)
  • Once you receive the photos, you may begin location hunting in-game! You will be given one week to find and name all of the locations you can.
  • Once you find a location, take a photo of the location in-game, record its name in the checklist (the name of the location you take a photo in can be viewed by expanding the image in-game). Before the end of the contest period, send me your checklist of location names via PM.
  • Upload the photographs of all the locations you've visited and send them to me via PM. (I've provided a how-to for both the Switch and Wii U versions below).
  • You can also choose to send me individual location names and photos as you find them (in the hopes of getting a first bonus for everything).
  • So that means photographs are optional, so this means you can still participate if you don't have the means to send me photographs. This will limit your performance, so do try to submit photographs!
  • In all cases, DO TRY TO KEEP YOUR MESSAGES CONFINED TO ONE PM CHAIN!! This ensures I don't have to dig through piles of disorganised PMs to find one photo for one person.
  • Tokens will be awarded based on performance in the contest (first naming, first photo, creative photo, all location names given, all photographs given, etc.), but you must submit the names of at least 6 to receive (minor) participation tokens.
  • This is a minor event so token amounts will vary slightly from normal huge events, but still be modest enough to reward players who do well.

How to upload photographs:

These are just guidelines for procedures I've found work well. If you have another easier method to upload photos then please use it!

  • While viewing the image you've decided to upload in-game, press the [Home Menu] button and select [Miiverse].
  • When Miiverse loads, select [Save Image as Screenshot]. If you log in with Miiverse on a computer, you can then hyperlink the image by opening it from your screenshot album. I would recommend reuploading it somewhere in case you accidentally delete the image from Miiverse, which will break the image on my side.
  • Alternatively, use the Nintendo Image Share to post to social media and obtain the image that way. Unless you have an account you don't mind sharing this stuff to I would advise against it.

  • Once you've taken an image of a location in-game, open it in the album, and press the [Capture] button on the left joycon.
  • Open the home menu and select [Album].
  • Share the image to a linked social media account (again, if you're ok with posting it to the account you've linked), and obtain the image.
  • Alternatively, if you have a Micro-SD card, you can select the [Copy] option to create a copy of it on the Micro-SD card, then obtain the image by uploading the copy after inserting the SD card into a computer.

This is a low-maintenance contest designed for as many people who own Zelda to participate as they can, so if your exploration skills are up to snuff, sign-up!

1. Crackin
2. LTQ
3. Nabber
4. Turb
5. Freakworld
6. Luigi 64DD
7. Alex95
8. Fanta
9. Tfp
10. 4td0
11. Uniju


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This is actually a really great idea. Kudos.

I don't know if I'll still have access to a switch in June though, so I'm unsure if I should sign up.


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Sure, why not

Guess I'll have to buy a microSD card or get a social media account


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So what's stopping people from using photos they already have? Trust system?
that, plus unless you managed to take a photo of every possible location and be able to recognise each one at a glance i dont think relying on photos youve already taken is particularly going to help


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can i still sign up for this