Overwatch Mafia - gauging interest (11/12)

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Awards Mafia 6 aside, this is an idea I've had for a while and I might as well strike while the iron is scumhunting, maybe.

I would like to know how many people would possibly like to play an Overwatch mafia, likely during the holiday period this year (think late November). With the size of Overwatch's roster, developing a game with roles based on Blackwatch/Talon vs. Overwatch agents would be pretty simple.

Already, there will be two gimmicks: HP, and Ultimates. HP is pretty self explanatory, though I plan to make Ultimates powerful abilities that can be charged by voting, as well as lynching/killing members of the other team. Other than that it would be pretty standard role madness with each character having abilities based on their abilities in Overwatch.

Realisically a larger game would be better but considering how the largest mafia game of the year cant hit more than 25 atm, I can plan around 12 at minimum

So I guess sign ups are open and if there's enough interest I'll start planning this after Awards Mafia. Apologies for the lack of banner/flavour/random html colours, that will come once I know if this is worth putting time into :ashley:

1. Mariofan169
2. Freakworld
3. Stargazing
4. Yoshi876
5. Fantanoice
6. Meta Knight
7. Lord Bowser
8. Roserade
9. Magikrazy
10. Blue Bowser
11. 4td0


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Re: Overwatch Mafia - gauging interest

I know nothing about Overwatch, and barely anything about Mafia. Sign me up!


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Re: Overwatch Mafia - gauging interest (8/12)

sure why not


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Sure! I know the basic gist of over watch and I wouldn't mind joining ^^. If you're taking any more people