Awards Mafia 6 - The Return of the Mafia (sign-ups/lounge)


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Awards Mafia 6

~ Co-hosted by Blocky and GBA ~

Come one, come all, to the seventh (but actually sixth) annual MarioWiki Awards Mafia! A longstanding tradition in the MarioWiki community, this will be the biggest Mafia game of the year (not to mention the only one, probably)!

I'm new here!/I've subconsciously shut off that part of my memory! What is Awards Mafia?

Mafia is a party game which has, until recently, held a pretty strong presence among certain members of the community. The basics of the game have been summarised nicely in this thread, though if you have any other questions feel free to ask them in here or in the long-standing Mafia Q&A thread!

Awards Mafia is an annually hosted Mafia game that celebrates the anniversary of the MarioWiki. What sets it apart from other Mafia games is the promise of tokens, which can be exchanged for prizes once the festivities have ended.

It's been a while since anyone has hosted/played a Mafia game on these forums, so if you're new and looking for something fun and exciting to do, or if you're a veteran whose scumhunting skills are a little rusty, then don't worry! We expect this to be enjoyable for everyone!

You had me at "tokens"/"mafia"/"Awards"/"party", etc. How does this game work?

  • This game will feature two main factions: the Innocents, and the Mafia, though there may be a few Independents running around town as well. Third Parties are not out of the question entirely, but their inclusion is largely dependent on how big this game becomes.
  • Like with all awards mafias, there is no real theme to the game. Roles can be drawn from community relevant characters or completely irrelevant nobodies. Expect anything!
  • Unless your role is one-use only (for example, a vigilante), you can use your role at night by sending a PM to both hosts. One-use roles can be used anytime, unless specified.
  • Phases will end at the same time every day, and cannot be extended unless a really significant problem arises.
  • This game will feature a few gimmicks to keep things interesting for all players involved:
    • Locations can be visited by sending a PM to both hosts during the day. Discovering locations can lead to uncovering new abilities or info about the game!
    • Injuries can occur through special means, as well as Poisoning. Both effects can be treated, but if left alone may result in the death of the person they afflict.
    • Items and Coins are staples of Awards Mafia and are obviously returning again. There will be much fewer items than in past games such as Shroom Mafia, but each item will have a necessary purpose. Coins can be used to purchase items, and are earned through various means such as participating in lynches, using night actions, and visiting locations.
  • If you die in any way, do not participate in the game (i.e. giving out information or suspicions you held when you were alive). You can post in the thread, but don't attempt to help any of the current living players.
  • Non-Innocents will receive a QuickTopic automatically for them to discuss and strategise in. They must not share this with anybody outside their team. Innocents can create a QuickTopic of their own and share it with as many people as they like.
  • No lynches are allowed, but will lose in a tie.
  • Roleclaiming is allowed.
  • Quoting/posting your rolecard will result in an instant modkill. The same goes for cheating. You will also be modkilled if you are inactive for more than six phases, and then be replaced should a replacement be available. Dead players may not be replacements.
  • Consequences for breaking the rules include, potentially, voiding any tokens received from the game to being barred from participation in other awards events and prizes.
  • Remember that this is just a game; people will lie and be manipulative, but that is part of the game. If you try to cause trouble in the thread, we will not hesitate to remove you.
  • Most importantly, have fun, and don't die!
  • These rules of the ancient ones were stolen from the Temple of Stoob and MCD.


We're looking for around 20-25 players to guarantee we have a game this year, but the more the merrier!

1. Turboo
2. Lord Bowser (Gundham Tanaka)
3. Shoey (Sumpthing)
4. Freakworld (Eren Jäger)
5. The Pyro Guy
6. fantanoice (Sidon)
7. Tucayo (Hobbes)
8. MCD (Noisemaster)
9. Roy Koopa (SpaceHamster)
10. Lakituthequick
11. Yoshi876 (Thermidor 2)
12. Palkia47 (Godot)
13. Roserade (Lilligant)
14. Mariofan169
15. Cirdec
16. Starkuss
17. Stargazing
18. LN1 (Two)
19. Banjo
20. Alex95 (PeanutButterGamer)
21. Gabby (Racecar)
22. NEXandGBX (Sucy Manbavaran)
23. NSY
24. Smasher
25. Toad85 (Billy Ocean 85)
26. Luigi64 DD
27. Ninelevendo
28. Meta Knight
29. 4td0
30. stlast

1. DragonFreak (Landia)


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im ready to be sad so sign me up

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Yes please!

Tressa Colzione

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We've got 20 signups, which I'm pleased to announce is our bare minimum. We can confirm this game as officially going to happen!

Of course, if you still want to sign up, go right ahead! We'd love to have more people!