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Here's where to suggest any ideas for awards, nominees, tournaments, etc. Basically if you have an idea and it has anything to do with the awards ceremony or related processes, feel free to post it and we'll have a look at it and consider it and all that good stuff :bowser:

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[quote author=Schedule]Collapse User-Shroom into Community Awards??[/quote]

If it's a 15-award section? Yeah, I completely support this. Firstly, I know last year we struggled to fill all the presentation spots (thank God MK and Edo were there to back it up), and it's not like we've gained any new users since then (well, more users are retiring than new ones are joining), so if we have the same number of presentations this year then there's going to be the exact same problem. Even reducing the total presentation number by five would help the spots fill up.

Secondly, merging two awards into one dossier might even create a bit more interest. I don't know how many people that aren't regular users read the 'Shroom (where the user/shroom dossiers were featured last year), but personally I think 'Community Awards' is a but more attractive than 'User Awards' and ''Shroom Awards'. Also, this time perhaps you could link to the dossiers from the polls? Like this:
That might attract more voters than the 'Shroom Readers and Awards page checkers.