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plz don't i just had all of the carpets steam cleaned for this event; I even used a coupon ;~;


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Ok, I'll hold my vomit for you :)

But after we finish I'll vomit in the Guess the Results thread.


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'Shroom Awards VII

Hello, all! This is the seventh edition of 'Shroom Awards! The following ten awards are hand-picked by the 'Shroom Core Staff to celebrate what makes the 'Shroom such a great community effort. There's actually more to the 'Shroom than initially meets the eye. The project started as a way to give Wiki editors an idea of what things needed to get accomplished. After a while, the project evolved to featuring reviews of various pieces of media, quizzes and puzzles, interviews, statistics, art made by different users, fun imaginary news, and strategies on how to play video games the best way. There have been many reorganisations as new editions were released. Most recently, an entirely new team was created because there was demand for it. All in all, the 'Shroom has definitely grown in the ten years it has been around. Can you believe it? Ten years! This project has survived for ten years, despite an attempt at its cancellation (MarioWiki:Proposals/Archive_12#The_.27Shroom). I do not envy those that live in the timeline where the 'Shroom actually got cancelled, because they're missing out. The kind of effort that has been poured into this project is almost unbelievable. To present this edition of 'Shroom Awards that celebrates a decade of the 'Shroom feels extremely important. What is also important are the presentations that are about to follow. So without further ado, let's get this one started!

RandomYoshi is up first with S1 - Favorite Director!

Lord Bowser

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the proposal link is broken, accidentally put in a second slash
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but nice script anyway!


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It was noon and the Director's desk looked like a literal mess. There was mail everywhere, the printer was going haywire, there was a lot of noise outside, and no work could be done. The reason behind all of this complaining was, of course, change. Change is a dangerous thing. This is why everyone wanted Super Mario Bros. back in the seat as the Director of the esteemed newsletter The 'Shroom. Because the current director is not Super Mario Bros., we have to ponder: who is that? That would be Pidgey. He had relatively recently been appointed the job but there were already controversies surrounding his appointment. Had he usurped the organisation? Was there rampant corruption in the organisation? Was he corrupt by nature? There were a lot of questions the public were asking, but none of them were really addressed so well that the public got their curiosity satisfied. Angry that this was the case, Pidgey sought ideas from his team.
He first went to MrConcreteDonkey. There was something weird about his office that he couldn't put his finger — sorry, wing — on. That's right! There was an abundance of biscuits, tea leaves and coffee beans in the room, for some strange reason. Was this what the Fake News budget went to? There was no time to discuss a possible mismanagement with the budget, because there were more pressing topics to discuss.
'How do we solve this situation?', Pidgey asked MrConcreteDonkey.
'We can fabricate tonnes of stories about how the general public is actually brainwashed by a larger entity that is controlling everything. How does that sound?', he replied.
'Okay I know you stand for the Fake News, but I think the people deserve real news for once.'
But MCD would not yield.
'No, but you don't get it. It'll be the best thing ever! People will search for some grander meaning to this all for naught and then we can find new scapegoats when they get bored! It's the perfect crime. Trust me, it will work out great.'
Pidgey paused for a moment.
'I'll definitely bear that in mind,' Pidgey made slowly. 'Thanks for the great help.'
'No problem,' MCD replied.
Pidgey actually didn't think this was a sensible idea, but he didn't say anything about that to MCD. So he went to Yoshi876's office.
When he found himself at Yoshi876's office, the first thing that he spotted was a gravestone on the other side of the room. On the gravestone was emblazoned the description, 'R.I.P Boaty McBoatface, missed by all'. The cause of death was apparently the NERC. 'Curse the NERC!', a loud voice beckoned.
'Hello, Yoshi876!', Pidgey exclaimed. 'You don't seem to be in a good mood today. How come?'
'Oh, it's just my 30th plan to reap the souls of the NERC has failed. I've started to theorise they don't have any. See, to be able to reap souls, there's this important question you need to first ask. Are there any souls present? This is the most important question one needs to ask. I am usually very effective in reaping souls,' he said as he pointed towards his massive collection of creepy jars standing on a shelf on the left side of the room, 'and there's my collection to prove I do a good job. I was certain I'd get this one done without a hitch, but there appear to not be any souls I can reap. This is most unfortunate. I thought I would get revenge at them for not using this brilliant name for a boat, see? It was to be named Boaty McBoatface but they rejected it. It was an awfully dark day, and I don't think I've experienced something that horrid before in my entire life.'
Pidgey was stunned by this long exposition. But he had no time to waste. 'Uh, that's nice and all, and I do understand your plight — Boaty McBoatface sounds like a perfect name for a boat — but that is not what I am here for. I am here to figure out why the public hate the new administration so much, and why they want Super Mario Bros. back as the Director. I've already asked MrConcreteDonkey and his idea was to fabricate news to make sure the public never got to know the truth. I don't want to go through with this idea. What do you have to say that may salvage this situation?'
'Just let me devour their souls. It's a job that is going to be super easy for me. See, I just got this new dress made out of this superblack material that absorbs 100% of all light. It's bound to depress everyone that looks at it. What is more is you have to completely crush any will they have to live. The way you accomplish this is by completely filling the 'Shroom with bad news throughout so they think everything that happens in life is bad, and then warn them at every opportunity that this might happen to them if they're not careful with how they live their lives. What you've then created is a situation where nobody bothers with accusing us of mismanagement and just live their sorry lives without a care in the world of who is running the local newsletter. It's a very cohesive plan, and with coordinated efforts made by the entire team we can surely pull this one off.'
'Wow, slow down there. This would mean cancelling Fun Stuff. Are you sure you want to cancel the entirety of Fun Stuff? This plan is too risky at the moment. If you can come up with a way to slowly restructure Fun Stuff without anyone noticing, I'll give this plan a go.'
'Okay, I'll think about that one for a long time', Yoshi876 replied.
Pidgey then traversed into the more art-centred part of the building. He was searching for Funky, the Palette Swap Director. When he eventually found her office, he rang the doorbell. She appeared shortly thereafter.
'Who is disturbing me? I'm watching some quality baseball here and I hope you have a good reason for interrupting me,' she said with a slight hint of irritation in her voice.
'It's me, Pidgey. I have an urgent question I need to ask you,' Pidgey replied.
'Oh well, let's make this brief,' Funky replied, and she opened the door.
The room was filled with different things. She had a collection of strange barrels that made no sense. Some of them had wings on them, some of them were equipped with propellers, one of them had a sail, and there were several others that seemed to be unfinished. Another part of her room was filled with various baseball memorabilia. After noticing all of this, Pidgey went to work.
'There's suspicion among the general public that there's rampant corruption in the organisation. The majority seem to be blaming this on the new administration, and especially Super Mario Bros. leaving the Director seat. Do you have any idea how this could be addressed?', Pidgey asked.
'What we're going to do is we'll insert propaganda in the art presented in the 'Shroom. As Director of Palette Swap, I can ensure this happens. We'll make sure we're showing ourselves in the best of colors, and people are eventually going to stop believing there's a conspiracy', she said and paused for a moment. 'What we're also going to do is have weekly baseball matches that everybody can attend to. The controversies caused by those games in combination with the propaganda are surely going to be enough to sway the general public. This is a flawless plan. I hope you're going to use this plan', she continued.
'This is a very unique plan. I will definitely consider it. Thanks for the help!', Pidgey replied.
'No problem! Now, I'm trying to watch some baseball here, so would you mind giving me some privacy?', she asked.
'Not at all. Enjoy!', he said, and left.
Pidgey, still unsure of what to do, made his way to Meta Knight's office. Meta Knight had made sure his office was placed at a rather high location because he wanted to practise his flying on the off-hours. This was such a good idea that Pidgey had tried convincing everyone in the office to rebuild his office, but the Director's office was a sacred place apparently. There was nothing to do about it. There was one downside about this remodelling of the place, however: it was rather difficult to reach, and all mail had to be sent through a special flying express. Fortunately there were plenty of Paratroopas around to help, but it took weeks of pay negotiation to make them work efficiently.
Pidgey rang the doorbell, and a tune played he couldn't recognise. It was probably something from the Kirby series. After a short while, he heard a voice he could recognise. It was Meta Knight's voice.
'Who is there?', he asked.
'It's me, Pidgey! I wanted to ask you a question or two, do you have the time?', he asked.
'No problem. Just come in,' he replied.
The far side of the room had an impressive collection of ship parts of various sorts, and the near side of the room housed a diverse collection of swords and capes. Meta Knight owning several swords and capes made sense to Pidgey, but he didn't think too much of it. After all, he had a tough task ahead of him. Better get to work immediately, he thought.
'What did you want to discuss?,' Meta Knight asked.
'There's allegations thrown at the 'Shroom for being corrupt and that the new administration sucks, and I was hoping you'd have a solution for this dilemma. I would need something that could calm down the public and ensure them that everything is okay and nothing is going to change for the worse. Do you have a suggestion?', he asked.
'Okay so here's the deal. See my ship piece collection in the back? I can make a gigantic ship if I can obtain more ship pieces. What this ship will do is it will make sure nobody can even protest to what we're doing, or else we will simply shoot them or abduct them. We're going to need a lot of cash to do this, though. Here is where my excellent ability to strategize comes in hand. If we manipulate the stock market in just the right way, we'll earn millions of coins in no time. We can then build the most impressive airship anyone has ever seen. It will be greater than the Halberd and as a result it will be more versatile than the Halberd. How does this sound?'
'It's a very interesting proposal. I'll definitely consider it! Where would you get the ship parts, though?'
'Oh, I have my ways, you can leave this one to me.'
'Okay! If I decide this is the way to go, I'll let you know.'
There were only two team Directors left to ask. Pidgey returned to his office and flipped a coin. Heads meant asking Anton, tails meant asking Andymii. He got heads, so it was time to pay Anton a visit. When he reached Anton's office, he heard loud noises that were leaking out of the room. The source was unknown, but after requesting access to the room the source of the noise became apparent: it came from a TV. Anton was in the middle of rewatching Legally Blonde and his favorite moment of the movie was playing in the background.
'You better have a valid reason for disturbing my sacred ritual of watching Legally Blonde every week. It is the pinnacle of modern society and civilization would be completely helpless without this masterpiece of a movie. It criticizes how awful society was prior to its release and now it has completely revitalized society to something unrecognizable but at the same time realizing revolutionary concepts for everyone participating in life. What is more is it single-handedly created feminism and women's right to vote. The movie is also not shy with being extremely colorful and if you're not appreciating this fine piece of art you're a homophobe, a racist and misogynist and need to be send to the opinion correction camp immediately. So, state your business or immediately leave,' Anton said without interruptions.
'Okay, I'll be brief. There's accusations of the 'Shroom being corrupt and I need an idea on how to stop these dangerous rumors from spreading any further. Do you have one?'
'Just have everyone watch Legally Blonde twice per week. I don't care how you do it, just make sure everyone does it and there will eventually be no problems left. It's such a magical movie,' he said confidently.
'Okay, I'll keep this idea in mind! I don't think I should interrupt you any more, though. Have fun!' Pidgey left the room, but before he could leave the room he heard something about the chemistry of ammonium thioglycolate, and Anton immediately shifted his attention toward the TV without paying notice to Pidgey even being in the room.
'What stunning fashion sense Elle has. She must have an impressive wardrobe at home', Anton remarked.
Pidgey was on his last leg of his journey. There was one team Director left to ask, and that one was Andymii. He ventured down the building and into the largest room of them all. The reason the room was so large was because it used to accommodate Packy's large figure when he was the Director of Fun Stuff. The room was now too large for Andymii, who had previously requested to be moved. An empty room had finally opened up, and he was excited to move into a more manageable office. Nonetheless, Pidgey requested access to the room, and Andymii eventually let him in.
'What brings you to my office?', Andymii asked.
'There are rumours going around that there's corruption in this organisation, that I usurped the Director, and that the current administration sucks. How do I get rid of these allegations?', Pidgey asked
Andymii, known for his controversial opinions, said the following, 'What you can do here is have this solved by democracy. What you do is you host a survey where readers can say which Director they liked the most. What you can then do is adjust your leadership depending on the results you get. This is very cost-efficient and will help you in the long run. How does this sound?'
'This sounds like a splendid idea! I'll definitely keep this in mind. Would you mind if I left now? There are a lot of things I need to think about.'
'No problem! I'm happy to help!'
Pidgey was finally back in his office. When he returned, he noticed another person. No, not a person. A ghost. It was Blocky.
'Hey, what's up?', Blocky asked.
'The sky', Pidgey replied.
'I know, dumbass.'
'Then why ask the question?'
'Because I wanted to.'
'That sounds like a fair reason.'
'Anyway, I'm here with the recent complaints from our readers. I'm not sure for how long I can keep providing explanations that will curb the rumors. Have you made any progress on this front?'
'I've asked all of the team Directors. MrConcreteDonkey said we should fabricate news, Yoshi876 said we should reap the souls of everyone so they had no energy to complain, Funky said the best plan was to spread propaganda and host weekly baseball events, Meta Knight suggested we build a gigantic ship like the Halberd from the Kirby series and gun down or capture whistleblowers, Anton proposed having everyone watch Legally Blonde twice per week, and Andymii said we should host a survey where people get to say which Director they liked the most. Which one do you like the most?'
'Andymii's suggestion.'
'Less work that way.'
'That's a really good point.'
'It's the best point.'
'Thanks for being a pal.'
'No problem.'
Later that month, the survey was held. The results eventually came in, and they were the following.

Number of votes
Percentage of votes
1Super Mario Bros.2038.46%
2Mr. Edo1019.23%
Total Votes: 52

A plan to follow up on the results was made up, and the allegations were dropped thereafter. All was well.

MrConcreteDonkey is up next with S8 - Favorite Written Section of the Past Year!


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S8 - Favourite Written Section of the Past Year
By MrConcreteDonkey

In 14th place...

Tip of the Month!

In 13th place...

Pocket Handbook!

In joint 9th place...

Anniversary Announcements, DragonFreak's Review Quest, Guess Who! and Location, Location!

In joint 6th place...

Fightin' Footwear, Obituaries and The 'Shroom Report!

In 5th place...

Crocodile Style Reviews!

In joint second place...

8-Bit Ampitheater, Mario's Boombox and The Stoob Tube!

In first place...

Dear Anton!

redblueyellow, Neptune99, NO Body, SiFi, The Pyro Guy, Anton, Paper Jorge, SpritesComic, Toadgui, Uniju, Peardian, Toadbert101, A.J. Nitro, NEXandGBX, MajinPiccolo, Lakituthequick, Edofenrir, Starpower, megamario1234, Crashi, Drshnaps, TheFreshPrince, Puddin, Bacon, Boo Mansion, NinSegaGamer, BrawlFan1, Luigi-1, Dimentio44​

Number of votes
Percentage of votes
1Dear Anton (Anton)714.89%
28-bit Amphitheater (Stooben)612.77%
2Mario's Boombox (Walkazo)612.77%
2The Stoob Tube (Stooben)612.77%
5Crocodile Style Reviews (Crocodile Dippy)48.51%
6Fightin' Footwear (Anton & Shoey)36.38%
6Obituaries (Yoshi876)36.38%
6The 'Shroom Report (Tucayo)36.38%
9Anniversary Announcements (Lakituthequick)24.26%
9DragonFreak's Review Quest (DragonFreak)24.26%
9Guess Who! (Andymii)24.26%
9Location, Location (Time Turner)24.26%
13Pocket Handbook (Crocodile Dippy)12.13%
14Tip of the Month (FunkyK38)00.00%
Total Votes: 47

Tucayo is up next with S2 - Favorite Team!


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i promise, dear anton will return



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Hello, everyone! It's Tucayo here, with S2. Favorite Team!

Please go here to see the fully-formatted presentation (it's in the Wiki).

If you don't want the fully formatted version, you can find the simplified version here: (but I very much recommend reading the fully-formatted version!!)
HI, everyone! I'm your multifaceted presenter, Tucayo, here with S2. Favorite Team. Let's be honest, the Dossier already gives you all the factual information you'd need about the teams (director, writers, debut issue…), so watch me try and give that info a different spin in this year's S2 presentation! Without any further ado, I give you our nominees:

Hello, and welcome to this Fun Stuff-themed quiz! Answer all questions correctly, and you'll win the satisfaction of acing an online quiz!

  • Who is the current Fun Stuff director?
  • Who has the most sections written for Fun Stuff?
  • Which 'Shroom Director made Fun Stuff an official Team?

  • Who was the first Fun Stuff director?
  • What was “Fun Stuff” called before becoming an official Team?
  • Which section has the most Fun Stuff SOTM wins?

  • In which issue did Fun Stuff debut as an official Team?
  • In how many issues has Fun Stuff appeared either as a team or as a section?
  • Which section (other than Director's Notes) has appeared in the most issues?

Stooben Rooben

Z3r0 Tw0
Fun Section
Guess Who?

XXIII (23)
106 (most by any Sub-Team)
Quiz (appeared 72 times)

Random Sketch of the Month
In an unprecedented twist, I draw!

Retro Feature
HI, everyone! I'm your informative presenter, Tucayo, here with Retro Feature! This month we will be taking a look at none other than the Pipe Plaza itself; how it came to be, and how it currently stands. Let's go back all the way to 2009; the MarioWiki had a project called "Pipe Plaza", which was located in MarioWiki:pipe Plaza. The purpose of that page was to give out news, mention the latest Featured Articles and Featured Images, bring attention to PipeProjects, highlight some maintenance tasks, and give general tips for editing and "working with others". It's still kept as an archive users can look at it, unlike other abandoned projects such as MarioWiki:Trouble Center.

Anyway, in October, 2009, there was a joint proposal (MarioWiki:Proposals/Archive_17#Merge_the_Pipe_Plaza_with_The_.27Shroom) by the then-Core Staff of The 'Shroom, and originally suggested by Super Mario Bros., to merge the outdated Pipe Plaza with our newsletter. However, the original idea was to basically have a page at MarioWikI:The 'Shroom/Pipe Plaza and have it so users would update their chosen section each time it was necessary. It is like this that the proposal passed 15 to 1, curiously the only oppose came from former Director, Plumber, who said the Pipe Plaza would work better by being incorporated into the Main Page and not The 'Shroom. Regardless, the proposal passed and the merge went into action on Issue XXXII (32), where PP's then-Director, SMB, introduced the project (The_%27Shroom:Issue_XXXII/Pipe_Plaza_Notes) as something that would need to be edited constantly; for example, someone who signed up for Featured was told they should edit their section each time there was a new Featured Article. In the end, between Issues XXXII and XXXIII it was decided our new Pipe Plaza would work better as a monthly project, and it has thrived like that ever since. It's that first edition of our Pipe Plaza that you can take a look at here (The_%27Shroom:Issue_XXXIII/Pipe_Plaza).

Movie Reviews
HI, readers! I'm your critic S2 presenter, Tucayo, and I'm here to review the film adaptation of the popular game, Critic Corner. The game itself was released in 2012 but this movie has just released this summer; so, if you're looking for something more dramatic than Civil War, definitely not as child-friendly as Finding Dory, at times more polemic than Ghostbusters, and actually funnier than Zoolander 2 even though it is not a comedy, then Critic Corner is just for you.
The plot of the movie revolves around a team of brilliant people who are part of a secret, international organization disguised as a monthly opinion magazine named "The Critic Corner" whose goal is to infiltrate in as many national governments as possible and control world politics. From the moment I heard the main plot I was sold, and then with the first trailer we were able to see the terrific ensemble cast this movie has, just take a look at it:

  • Danny DeVito in the role of Anton "Hypnotoad", the head of the team whom also holds various high-ranking positions in government and businesses. Very talented at convincing people, some even go as far as to claim he has hypnotizing powers.

  • James Franco as PowerKamek, the team's newest member. He's rather popular in the outer world, something which will prove to be a double-edged sword. Let's see if he can use that to his advantage.

  • Emma Watson playing DragonFreak, an eccentric and very friendly gamer with great deduction and puzzle-solving abilities.

  • Christian Bale as Yoshi876, a British cinephile who alternates his free time between going to the movies and hitting the gym. He's the muscle of the team and he also has great charisma.

  • Robert Downey Jr. in the role of Meta Knight, a former soldier whose knowledge of military tactics will be of paramount importance.

  • Brie Larson playing FunkyK38, an artist and baseball fanatic who hides many tricks up her sleeve and will prove to have the solution to more than one problem.

  • Nicole Kidman with a special cameo as Crocodile Dippy, the former leader of the team. Even though she's retired, the rest of the team knows they can count on her to lend a hand when it's needed the most.

I'm not one to spoil a good movie so I'll just tell you this is the must-watch movie of the year. Very good dramatic scenes, a fair share of funny moments, an action sequence that will keep you at the edge of your seat, but above all, a terrific performance by everyone in the cast; they poured they hear into it and it shows. Critic Corner has everything you want and more, so go watch it as soon as you can!

From The Mushroom Vaults
HI, readers! I'm your strategic presenter, Tucayo, and in this installment of FTMV I will give you some useful tips and tricks for The 'Shroom Game Studio's latest release and first RPG ever, Strategy Wing. But first, some background; Strategy Wing was released in July 2015 and it's the first game The 'Shroom has released since 2012's Critic Corner. And believe me, those three years were put into good use and they resulted in what is an excellent game, so let's take a look at some tips and unlockables from this game.

Let's start off with a tip for the final boss battle, which most users have had problems with. The game's final boss is none other than Stooben Rooben, who actually doesn't have the highest HP out of the game's bosses (that would be Meta Knight, with 1000 HP). Stooben has 500 HP, which at first doesn't seem like a lot, but what makes his battle the most challenging is the fact that he will use his Heal spell every five turns, completely healing himself. This means you only have five turns to beat him; and while this may sound easy if you have a high Attack or Special Attack, Stooben's Special Defense is the highest in the game by far (111). If you remember, the boss of the Mario Kart Dungeon, Yoshi876, has a Defense of 95; this means magical attacks won't do anything against Stooben just like physical attacks didn't do anything to 876, so don't waste one of your five turns attacking him with magic.

The most effective strategy against Stooben is to attack his nose in the first turn after he heals himself, as he will be temporarily vulnerable and attacking his nose will cause double damage on him; however, this will make him use his Pigeon to attack you in the next turn, an attack that deals between 230 and 250 HP and nullifies armor rating. So, before you attack his nose, be sure to have full HP; max-level players will have around that exact HP without any upgrades, so it's recommended you equip the Diamond Mario badge for 30 additional HP. Assuming you have maxed out on your Attack stat, your hit to his nose will deal around 250 HP damage (or up to 350 HP in the very off chance you score a critical hit, which is very much not likely as Stooben has a 95% resistance against criticals; be sure to equip the Poochy amulet before the battle to double your chances of a critical). You will surely have to use a Staff SOTM Potion in the next turn to heal your HP to the max, since you will have between 30 and 50 HP remaining. This will leave you with three turns to deal between 150 and 250 damage, which, if you have the 'Shroom Awards sword equipped it shouldn't be a problem as each hit will deal 90 damage; just don't aim for the nose again as that will repeat the Pigeon attack!

In summary, you need to:
Equip: Poochy amulet (to double chances of a critical), Diamond Mario badge (to increase HP by 30), 'Shroom Awards sword (highest attack rating in the game).
Attack his nose in the first turn after he heals (not the first turn in the battle).
Heal yourself in the second turn.
Attack him on turns 3, 4, and 5 with the 'Shroom Awards sword. Don't aim at the nose again or you will have to waste another turn healing yourself.
If you do this correctly, you will manage to beat him in the fifth turn (or fourth turn if you were lucky enough to score a critical).

Fan-favorite Yoshi876 returned as a dungeon boss after his appearance in 2012's Pipe Plaza, and this led to fans worldwide petitioning for the other popular bosses in The 'Shroom's games to be released as DLC. But little did they know you can actually fight MrConcreteDonkey, Andymii, FunkyK38, Yoshi876, Crocodile Dippy, and Anton directly prior to fighting Stooben Rooben. And actually, this is the only way to get the elusive "Favorite Team" ending, which is definitely the best one.

But how do you get to fight them all? You need to collect the five "Team badges" that are found throughout the game. These are badges that can't be equipped, can't be dropped, can't be sold, can't be stored, nada. Chances are if you already found one you will have forgotten you have it since they just sit in your inventory and do nothing unless you have the six of them when you are about to fight Stooben. Let's take a look at how to get each of them:

Fake News Badge
First, you will need to have Waluigi in your party. If you have been near the sewers, you may have encountered an odd half-bat, half-dragon creature who sells "hidden truths" for 1,000 coins each. The first five you buy from him sound just like conspirationist stuff, but the sixth one tells you to make your way to the Fake News Cemetery (north of the temple made of pasta and bread) and go up to Elvin Parsley’s tombstone (between Santa Claus and Pokémon Trainer) and interact with it at exactly 4:20 AM. Or you can just not pay him 6,000 coins and go straight to Elvin.

Anyway, Elvin will ask you to go to a prisoner camp in Dry Dry Desert and retrieve a Shy Guy tribal music tape. Yes, I'm as confused as you are by that. When you get there, a guard will be blocking the entrance and will demand you give him a "Mushroom made by one of his kin" to give you access. As you will find out, he will not accept any Mushroom you may be carrying. You will then have to pay a visit to the famous Shy Guy chef in Toad Town; he will be rambling on about "real" mushrooms, but once you mention you were sent by another Shy Guy he will listen to you. He will then proceed to give you a very complex way to produce a Mushroom, involving 60,000 coins; remember, this is the only way to get access to the Dry Dry Desert camp. Once you have followed the Shy Guy's instructions, go back to the camp and search for a Shy Guy kid. He will give you the tape you need to take to Elvin at exactly 4:20 AM again. After giving the tape to Elvin, he will disappear, leaving a top-hat shaped badge behind. One down, five more to go.

Fun Stuff Badge
The instructions to get this badge are not as convoluted but they require your puzzle skills. You need to go to the Fun Stuff Arcade and beat the following games in order: Quiz, Crossword, Word Search, Mystery Image, and Picross. Once you do this, talk to the very large Pokémon who's at the front desk, he will be so impressed by your feat he will grant you access to the Secret Room; but, before reaching the room, you will have to navigate through three mazes, each increasing in difficulty. After clearing the mazes, you will get to a small room with only one game called Guess Who?; insert one coin and the game will start. You have to guess 100 characters consecutively; miss one question, and Donald Trump and John Cena will get you out of the arcade and you will have to start from scratch.

When you beat Guess Who?, the arcade will give you a small badge in the shape of a Fire Flower.

Palette Swap Badge
In order to be able to get this badge, you will have to download and enable the mod that lets you play as a baby version of your character, otherwise you won't be able to get the badge. After doing this, make your way to the Palette Swap studio, where a Shy Guy that suspiciously looks like the chef we visited earlier will bestow upon you a game cartridge, saying he needs you to get an artwork for it and a soundtrack. Since the playable characters can't even play the tambourine, you will have to lure deep into the area known as the Fan Creations Board and there you will have to convince two people of helping you out. If your speech rating is high, this shouldn't be a problem.

Return to the Shy Guy and present him with the Art and Music for his game; in return, he will give you a program that emulates sound chips in retro video game consoles. Huh, that's quite a specific quest item. The Shy Guy will give you the cryptic clue "recess is over". You have to find out this takes you to the School, more specifically the playground in it. Activate the program, which will play a chiptune; after the song plays in full, a small kid with a red hat will approach you and give you a badge in the shape of a bird.

Pipe Plaza Badge
Make your way to the Pipe Plaza Office Building. I know what you may be thinking, "that doesn't sound as interesting as a cemetery, an arcade, or an art studio", but trust me, it very well is because there is a lot going on in here. Approach the elevator towards the back of the lobby, and make sure the guards aren't looking in your direction or they will escort you (kick you) out. When you get to the elevator you will be asked for the code, so type in "876", this will open the elevator's doors. There are 50 floors to choose from; the long way to do this is just to visit them one by one and talk to everyone in hope they are relevant to our quest, but these are the only floors that are useful to us: 7, 15, 23, 29, 35, 42, 45, and 49. In them you will find a character that will give you a quest item. You can visit them in any order but we'll start from the bottom and work our way up.

In floor 7 you'll find a Yoshi made out of paper that will give you a report of last month's operations. He'll tell you to hand it to the boss.
Once you've helped the Yoshi, we can move up to floor 15, where you will find the archives, going from "3Dejong" to "Z3r0 Tw0". You need to look into every file until you find one marked with "Retro Feature"; the file changes every time you enter the room, so don't leave without having found it and taken it.
Moving on, in floor 23 you will come across a studio where a Boo and a Mega Man-type robot are interviewing someone else; you can either wait for them to finish, or you can interrupt them, which brings up some funny dialogue. They'll give you a transcript of the interview and you'll be able to proceed.
Up in floor 29 there will be a Koopaling working on a desk; approach him and he will give you his reports on the community.
In floor 35 there will just be a note saying "See you at the end" next to a folder labeled "Threads of the Month". Take the folder and move on.
Floor 42 hosts apparently the marketing team, since they are running polls and surveys. Talk to any of them and they will hand you a folder with poll results. Just be sure not to choose the "Polls are a fad and will die soon, I don't care" dialogue option when they ask you if you like polls, or you'll have to wait a day until you can come back in again.
Upon getting to floor 45, a blue-shelled Paratroopa will start yelling at you. Or talking very loudly, I'm not sure which. He'll give you five binders each with a weight of 15, so you may need to get rid of some of your stuff.
Lastly, in floor 49 you will encounter a Lakitu talking about some sort of ceremony. Just take the folder from him.

If you tried to press the button for the 50th floor before doing all this, you'd have noticed nothing happened at all, but you can press it now. When you get to the top floor, an assistant will tell you the boss is busy with something important; he'll just take the folders from you and give you a pipe-shaped badge for your troubles.

Critic Corner Badge
To get this badge, you will need to make your way to the Critic Corner Theater (spelled Theatre in-game) and find a Kamek backstage playing a game. You need to tell him you're here to audition and he'll ask you to go on-stage. When you do, you'll see in front of you five chairs, of which only two are taken; one by the Kamek you already met and another one by a purple dragon. The dragon will mention her coworkers should be taking the other chairs but that they have been acting odd as of late and that only they will conduct the audition. The audition consists of them asking you many questions, and you have to give a specific answer to each; if you give a different answer than the ones here, they'll just tell you they'll be in touch with you and you will have to wait a week before repeating this process. Here are the questions:

The dragon will ask you what your favorite gaming genre is; you will need to pick the "RPG" option.
Next, the Kamek will ask you how much you love Mario games. Your options are "A lot", "More than anything else", and "I live for Mario games"; the answer you'll want to choose is the last one.
Back to the dragon, she will mention they should probably ask something in their coworkers' places; she asks what's your favorite part in a video game; the correct answer is "Fighting the bosses!"
The next question is what do you like to do in your free time. "Go to the movies" is the answer you want. "Work out" will give you a positive comment but it's not the answer we need to get the badge.
Your final question will be what type of books do you prefer, and you should answer "Graphic novels".

After giving these answers, the dragon will tell you you're in and will give you a badge in the shape of a pair of glasses. Try not to look too much at it.

Strategy Wing Badge
This badge is found in Meta Knight's chambers, which you can only access after you have defeated him, which means you have to backtrack a bit. After you have taken on the game's second-to-last boss, you will need to go to the tower opposite to where you are now, which was locked before the battle. Once in there, you need to interact with the Calendar on the right wall and search for the day marked as "Galactic Expedition". The date for that day is actually the code to open the safe in the room. However, before you manage to open it, a cube-shaped ghost will enter the room and will challenge you to a battle. You can either fight him or talk him out of it by pretending to be the servant. I suggest the latter as we are getting very close to the final set of battles and you'll need all your items. When he leaves the room, open the safe and take the sword-shaped Badge.

And we have done it! We have all the badges. Now, the dialogue when confronting Stooben before the final battle will be different. He will mention how an adventurer like you has probably heard of the legendary Team Badges, and he says he'd give anything in exchange for those six badges. You then have the choice to tell him to forget about it, in which case the final battle starts as usual and you did this for nothing; or you have the choice to tell him you'll give him the badges if he stops his army, which, being the game's main villain, Stooben of course won't do. Regardless, you should choose this option; Stooben will then take the badges and say with their accumulated power he can summon his partners and they'll all tear you to pieces. MrConcreteDonkey, Andymii, FunkyK38, Yoshi876, Crocodile Dippy, and Anton then materialize from the badges and the battle with MCD starts. You are already familiar with them, so good luck beating them!

If you are strong (and lucky) enough to beat the seven bosses, you will get the famous "Favorite Team" ending, which includes a parade in the pure style of the Paper Mario games. I hope you found this guide to be useful, and I'll leave you with some images from this parade:

Number of votes
Percentage of votes
1Fake News2544.64%
2Critic Corner916.07%
3Pipe Plaza814.29%
4Fun Stuff712.50%
5Strategy Wing47.14%
6Palette Swap35.36%
Total Votes: 56

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