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Posting on behalf of Dippy, who could not be here due to time zones.

G'day mates, Crocodile Dippy here, a semi-retired user who used to be a hotshot around the wiki until some drama happened and I half-bailed from the community, only occasionally jumping in to make a sarcastic quip or write something like this. What is this? Well, it's kind of an introduction to the Awards Ceremony that this lovely community hosts every year to honour the anniversary of the creation of this wonderful Wiki that has brought us all together and continues to thrive with the involvement and dedication of this ever-growing community. This is the 11th year since this Wiki was created, and it's quite an impressive feat that we've made it this far... of course, I'm not here to talk about that. I'm here to talk about someone who, unfortunately, wasn't able to be here for this occasion, and never will be again... not just one of the most devoted members of this community, who put countless time and effort into making this site as good as it could possibly be, to ensure it'd be the pinnacle of Mario-based information... but was also my best friend... I'm of course talking about Walkazo, a long-standing Bureaucrat and loving friend who tragically passed away in a car accident on Easter Sunday earlier in the year. I wrote at length about what this user meant to me on a personal level for The 'Shroom a few months ago, so instead, I will dedicate this to her professional and academic accomplishments.
Walkazo's importance to the Wiki has been absolutely paramount, even from her earliest days on the Wiki when she joined on July 27th, 2007. She initially shared her account with her brother, Pantaro Paratroopa, although Walkazo herself was the one more involved in editing the wiki, with her very first edit being a small edit to to the Mario Strikers Charged page, just some small typo correction that typified a lot of early users' contributions - gnome work has proven a very understated, but still useful aspect of Wiki contribution. It wasn't until about a year and a half later on January 29th, 2009, that she would be promoted to an administrator role, making her the first female user to be promoted to a position of administrative power on the MarioWiki. She would become hugely involved in Proposals, where users would post ideas for large-scale changes to the wiki that would require community input before they would be presented - indeed, she gained a reputation for discussing and voting on virtually every single proposal that was posted up, something that she often lamented in personal conversations with me due to the frustrations of seeing many simple, functional processes challenged for no discernible reason. Walkazo also took to learning Japanese, partly due to her own personal interest in anime, but primarily because she wanted to help translate material from the Mario series, something that was primarily being handled by 2257 at the time. She often showed off to me whenever she made a significant advancement in her Japanese studies, and while it was great to see her actually learning another language with genuine gusto and intrigue, I often just called her a goddamn weeaboo as a joke. That's ok, she called me her slut all the time, because I was thirsty for her attention; it was a thing we had going on. She never let up on her participation in the Wiki and its associated administrative affairs, which makes it no surprise at all that she was promoted to Bureaucrat on July 22nd, 2011, again making community history by being the first (and so far, only) female Bureaucrat on the MarioWiki.

However, her biggest accomplishments on the Wiki are absolutely the walls of text that make up much of the Wiki's policies, including but not limited to Good Writing, Coverage, Blocking, Administrators, Patrollers, and Bureaucrats as well as helping to update and expand other policy pages like Naming, Changing username, and Citation. Alongside Glowsquid, Walkazo was probably the most devoted to establishing guidelines, rules, and easy-to-access information for the wiki and its many contributors - a particularly notable contribution due to how tedious policy writing tends to be for many people, myself including, since I am just not an academic person at all. But Walkazo? She loved doing this shit, she thrived on it; she was well-aware of the reputation she had as a stuffy librarian and bureaucrat that laid the law down hard with massive dissertations of why her approach was the far more beneficial one, and she was often frustrated that most other admins aside from Glowsquid lacked the same sort of drive and obsession with the Wiki as she did. She could be very difficult to work with, I'm not ignorant to that, but she genuinely earned her right to be self-assured and have such high expectations, since she wasn't just an important centrepiece of what made the MarioWiki a brilliant encyclopedia; she was also a full-time student and volunteer, as well.
Walkazo's biggest passion was always birds, it didn't matter what kind; she loved birds, and wanted to look after them and learn more about them even from a very young age. She attempted to volunteer at the Tommy Thompson Park Bird Research Station as early as 12, but she was turned away for being too young and instructed to return when she had come of age, which she did - and she absolutely didn't do it as a hobby. 4AM starts were very common for her, as I would often catch her on Skype late at night for me here in Australia but super early for her, as she was preparing to head out to look after injured birds and document all the new birds she was fortunate enough to tend to. Her favourite species of bird were Grackles, but she really wasn't picky at all - if it was an avian, she loved it, and she wanted to cuddle them all. She often showed me pictures of the birds she had taken care of, and it was always the highlight of my day to see a big fluffy owl or whatever, seeing the lovely creatures that Walkazo held so dear to her. These were precious moments, I just wish I appreciated them more...

Her love for birds encouraged her to study ornithology - that is, the study of birds - so she could become a researcher to help advance our understanding of birds and better ways to conserve their habitats and take care of them. She often lectured me on things that I could do to better help the local birds in my area, although I often just humoured her rather than really take it on board... not going to make that mistake again, believe me; next kitten I get is going to be trained to only go outside on a leash under my supervision so it doesn't harm any poor birdies. Walkazo often complained to me about the stresses of her studies, volunteering, Wiki politics, and her own personal home drama, but she always tried to maintain a positive outlook on life; she had a goal, she had a dream, and dammit, she was going to accomplish it! Her passion for birds saw her go to Baltimore, the United Kingdom, and even South Africa as part of her studies, and she would tell me about her plan to hop onto a study trip to Australia - I doubt she'd have been anywhere near where I live, but it still would've been awesome to hear what she thinks about my country and the avian life here. I wish I spent more time listening to her talk about the birds she loved, and I hate that after all that stress she endured, hoping for a bright light at the end of the tunnel to make it all worthwhile (as I constantly insisted it would), her life was cut tragically short before she was able to see the fruits of her labour truly bloom... I have absolutely no doubt in mind that had she survived the crash, or had it not even happened, and she were still around, she would no doubt go on to become a world famous researcher. I truly believe she was that focused, dedicated, and intelligent.

Rest in peace, Walkazo, you beautiful, lovely girl... you may have left us far too soon, but your legacy will be with us until we, too, pass on. I loved you, Walkazo, and I always will, and I hope that the rest of this ceremony will do you and the effort you invested into this Wiki and its community justice.


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that was absolutely heartwarming dippy, great tribute shows how much of a legend walkazo actually was


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Welcome to the Official User Awards IX Ceremony!

I would like to thank Crocodile Dippy for opening this year’s events with a tribute to late Bureaucrat, Walkazo. We thought it would be very fitting and appropriate to acknowledge one of the greatest contributors to this wiki, and friend to many of this community. I can assure you that she has touched the hearts of many here, as you will see in many upcoming presentations.

Continuing our streak, the turnout was higher than last year and the results still make sense! It seems we’ve found a magical middle ground with how we’ve set the dossiers up. It makes me proud knowing that each year we keep successfully refining the awards, both Userpedia Awards and the whole shebang in general.

If you’ve noticed, we went through a minor renaming. Rather than “Userpedia Awards”, we’ve gone to “User Awards”. This isn’t to signify the loss of Userpedia or anything like that, but more an acknowledgment that Userpedia has developed into a site that simply cannot support 10 awards for itself; it’s become more of a (dated) archive and image/comic/story hosting site for our users. Plus we felt that it was time to expand, recognizing other parts of the community that do not necessarily fall under the purview of Userpedia, such as our new Wiki Contributor Award.

Short and sweet introduction, time to get to the awards!

Neptune99 is up first with U6 - Favorite 2015 Awards Presentation!


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Number of votes
Percentage of votes
1A23. Favorite DK Character - TheFreshPrince + Stooben1021.28%
2A1. Favorite Game Soundtrack (Original) - Stooben48.51%
2F1. Worst Character - Walkazo48.51%
2F4. Worst PM Sidekick - MrConcreteDonkey48.51%
5F15. Worst Game - Glowsquid36.38%
5S7. Best Use of Images - Anton36.38%
5U1. Favorite Retired User - Toadbert101 + TheFreshPrince36.38%
8A22. Favorite Koopaling - Walkazo24.26%
8A4. Favorite Mario Kart Course - Lakituthequick24.26%
8F14. Worst Location - Mr. Edo24.26%
8S1. Favorite Directing Staff - Crocodile Dippy24.26%
8S2. Favorite Team - Mr. Edo24.26%
8U10. Outstanding Community Achievement Award - Uniju24.26%
8U3. Favorite Comic - Neptune24.26%
15A16. Favorite Item - Gamefreak7512.13%
15O. A30. Favorite Modern Game (GCN/GBA and newer) - Pidgey12.13%
17A15. Hardest Boss - Banjonator100.00%
17S3. Favorite Core Staff - MrConcreteDonkey00.00%
17S5. Favorite Veteran Writer - Super Mario Bros.00.00%
Total Votes: 47
results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

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congrats on your gold and silver double stoob


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Alex95 and Lord Bowser have both received 1 Vote as a Write-In (2.17%)

Number of votes
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1Mr. Edo1941.30%
5Crocodile Dippy36.52%
8O. Alex9512.17%
8O. Lord Bowser12.17%
Total Votes: 46
results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

Mr. Edo is up next with U3 - Favorite Comic!

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U3 - Favorite Comic
by Mr. Edo

Some random day in July 2014, I had a sudden idea: I wanted to start another collaboration project like "Hey Mason". So I approached an old friend of mine, Walkazo, and pitched the general concept to her. She was as excited about it as I was, and so I drew up a shoddy first chapter and created a thread called "I heard you have a dragon problem?". We had no idea where exactly this was going to go, but with both of us being fairly ambitious storytellers, we already anticipated that it would probably explode way past any scope we envisioned at that time.

Under the combined efforts of both of us, the comic would run for several months until its conclusion in March 2015. Starting out with just a few loose set-pieces, it would weave everything into a coherent narrative over 50 chapters, partly improvised, partly preconceived. It now stands as one of the biggest completed works on Userpedia, and has been read by people both inside and outside the MarioWiki community.

What a lot of people don't know is just how stressful the production of this comic was. There were creative differences, difficulties from the outside, bad moods, and arguments. In its final stages, the tension turned outright hostile, with her rejecting and insulting my ideas as bad writing, and me being a suffocating and controlling presence in the project. We both said some extremely nasty things to each other, things that make me outright afraid of going back and reading any of the PMs from that time. In the end, the strain was so great it damaged our friendship, and by the comic's completion we were no longer on speaking terms.

It fills me with great sadness that things happened that way. And now, with Walkazo's passing, we have both been denied any chance of closure. The months following her passing have been filled with confusion and internal conflict. I keep asking myself questions like:

"Am I allowed to grieve?"

"Should I be allowed to be sad even though I treated her badly?"

"Would she be angry if she knew I cried for her?"

I have no answers for these questions. My mind gets caught in an infinite loop every time I try and think about it. There is no answer. There is nothing I can do but say that I regret what happened, that I wish I would have been more attentive and seen the signs, that maybe I could have been better at not offending her or making her feel inferior. And there is nothing I can do but pray that, wherever, in whatever form she exists now, somehow this sentiment is going to reach her, and she knows that I am sorry for what happened.

Walkazo was a good friend. When I arrived in this community as some sort of drifting rando-shmoe who was gonna fix some grammar mistakes and piss off after making a bunch of shitty level articles, she was the one who asked me to please stay, because there are so many good people who arrive and immediately leave again. Before all of this turned sour, she told me that she viewed convincing me to stay as one of her greatest accomplishments of her admin career. One of my greatest fears is that I caused this to be not true anymore.

Walkazo had to make a lot of sacrifices to realize the creation of this comic. Hard sacrifices that the public has no idea had to be made. Hardships that no one but a few knew existed. So the next time you read the comic for whatever reason, know who made it all possible, know just how much she had to put in to make it possible...

...and then give her the recognition and credit she deserves.

Number of votes
Percentage of votes
1I heard you have a Dragon Problem?2543.10%
2Uniju Holiday Theatre1118.97%
4Space Pizzas Ate Monday46.90%
5The totally radically amazingly amazing adventures of anti-malware man & norton gordon35.17%
6MarioWiki Saga23.45%
6Toadbert Plays Oregon Trail23.45%
9Brawl of the Wiki11.72%
9Tales from the Moon11.72%
11Mario Boards Dinosaur Comics00.00%
11The Adventure For Us00.00%
Total Votes: 58

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