Which Nintendo game has the best graphics?

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For me, it's Mario Kart 8. The graphics look almost as good as a PS4/Xbox One game.
None of them. Nintendo games aren't about the graphics.
"None" is not an appropriate answer. The topic is asking out of all Nintendo games, which ones have the best graphics. It's not comparing them to other game systems. You can still say which Nintendo game you think has the best graphics out of other Nintendo games.

Mario Kart 8's rendering and lighting effects are great but the game's lack of anti-aliasing and low poly models of characters don't make it the Wii U's best graphical game. Mario Tennis Ultra Smash and Mario & Sonic have better graphics than Mario Kart 8. I don't know how they match up against the likes of Xenoblade or something though.
Baby Luigi said:
"None" is not an appropriate answer.

Okay then definitely Mario Kart 8.

I was severely unimpressed by how pikmin 3 ended up looking (expected far more), and most other wii u games look more like theyre a few years older than they actually are.
The Mario & Sonic stuff.

Too bad the other aspects of the games (aside from the soundtrack) blow.
Xenoblade Chronicles X has a beautiful world. Everything is just a spectacle, and I love exploring things.
I'd probably give it to XCX as well. It is a treat to fly over the scenery during a sunset or explore a place like Noctilum at night.
wind waker for 3d, and probably super metroid for 2d.
I'm pretty sure that if Super Mario Galaxy were made for Wii U, it would have been the best looking game on the console.
If you mean personal favourite I like the graphics of SNES games because they're simple but cool, but if you mean actual quality, Mario Kart 8 and Xenoblade X are gourgeous.
hmm probably a tie between ttyd and metroid prime.

Infact i really like nintendo graphics in general i often find myself being awed in the nes version of smb3, loving to watch yoshis island, or just unloading missles into enemies in metroid prime.