Mario Kart 7 Tournament - THE FINALS


Celestial Guide

Welcome to our Mario Kart 7 tournament! Again! My name is Stargazing, as always.

Racers will be pooled in groups of 4-6. The top 2-4 will move on to the next round, and the final 4-6 will face off in the finals. This will take place over the span of tbd (probably 5 days again). The races will either be held in late June or early July. Everything will be adjusted with amount of signups.

There will be 4 races per group, and if anyone does manage to tie with the other in a spot that matters, they will stay in the community and do one more race.

Each group will have their own racing community. Online > Communities and you will be there. Just enter the code in the appropriate section.

I may not participate this year.

  • Don’t use hacking in this tournament. Shortcuts in the courses are allowed, but nothing like an infinite item hack or hacked stats.
  • Board rules still apply in this thread.
  • Don’t give your code to people not in your group.
  • You must report all problems to your racers (and myself, if I’m free) in any form of message whether it be Skype, PM, IRC, Discord, or whatever else you may be using. If you cannot sort out the problem in time, you will be booted out of the race.
  • Don't use this thread to sort out your problems.
  • Please choose random for the courses! If you accidentally don’t, it’s fine, but try your best.
  • Please PM all results to me. I am on Skype, the Mario Boards, and IRC. I just need the ending scores, but you can always send me the after-each-race scores, if you wish.


1st in the Tournament- 35
2nd in the Tournament- 25
3rd in the Tournament- 20

1st in a Round- 15
2nd in a Round- 10
3rd in a Round- 8
4th in a Round- 5

Eliminated Round 1- 5
Eliminated Round 2- 8


Please post your Mii name and timezone. Your friend code is not needed for this.
  • Stargazing (Sasha, UTC-4)
  • Nyrie (Marie, UTC-4)
  • Cirdec (Cirdec, UTC+2)
  • Packy (Ben, UTC-4)
  • Freakworld (Freakworld, UTC+2)
  • Turb (Turb, UTC-7)
  • Meta Knight (MetaKnight, UTC-7)
  • PowerKamek (Paula, UTC-6)
  • RandomBomb-omb (BombBoo256, UTC-4)
  • Crackin (Crackin, UTC+11)
  • Glitchy (Marcia, UTC-4)
  • NSY (NSY, UTC+1)
  • Smg2daisy (Smg2daisy, UTC+8)
  • Ninelevendo (Nin11do, UTC+10)

Red Barchetta

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Re: Mario Kart 7 Tournament - Signups!


Mii: Ben
Timezone: EST


El Psy Kongroo
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Re: Mario Kart 7 Tournament - Signups!

I've been in all MK7 Tournaments so far, not missing this one.

Mii: Freakworld
Timezone: I don't like Timezones (CEST, UTC+2)


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Re: Mario Kart 7 Tournament - Signups!


mii: turb
timezone: ??? arizona time. i think it's synced up with pacific right now but i forgot

Meta Knight

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Re: Mario Kart 7 Tournament - Signups!

Mii: MetaKnight
Time: Pacific (UTC-8 I think)


Celestial Guide
Re: Mario Kart 7 Tournament - Signups!

Mii: NSY
Timezone: BST


Celestial Guide
Re: Mario Kart 7 Tournament - Signups!

Still looking for more signups! The signups will close fairly soon (not sure of the date yet), so be sure to sign up soon.


Celestial Guide
Re: Mario Kart 7 Tournament - Signups!

I'm still working out timezones and my schedule, but this will most likely start next week! (EDIT: Note that by "next week", I mean the week starting on Sunday July 17th. I am very tired right now, bear with me.) Signups are now open until July 14th!


Dry Bowser
Re: Mario Kart 7 Tournament - Signups (CLOSE JULY 14TH)

Haven't played in ages, and my R Button is broken so why the heck not?

Mii: Nin11do

Timezone: AEST (GMT +10)

Grell Sutcliff

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Re: Mario Kart 7 Tournament - Signups (CLOSE JULY 14TH)

I'm sorry, but I have to drop out of this tournament. It takes place the week I'm on vacation, and there's no way I'll have enough free time during it to do races.