Your favorite VG music.

I don't really play the Souls games but I enjoy watching people play them. The audio of these games is a big reason as to why I think these games are fun to watch.

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The following BGM track from Kirby Star Allies comes to mind.

It plays when you're facing the Three Mage-Sisters at Heroes in Another Dimension, and when facing Morpho Knight EX as the Three Mage-Sisters. However, it also seems to work well in scenarios where the final boss is at critical health, or when Kirby is using a Super Ability (such as Ultra Sword).

tales games have some good music sometimes

In memory of the best rendition of DK Island Swing that was wrongfully excluded from Smash Ultimate
make way for the king

I absolutely did not find this through a certain popular animation. Nope.
I've been going through and finding songs I like from all the games I own, usually just 1 per title but I've been unable to narrow down the choices from Diddy Kong Racing, Paper Mario TTYD and the Kiseki series. I came across One Piece Pirate Warriors and I remembered this gem and its remix.

The games I mentioned before I already knew I wouldn't be able to choose from but I didn't think OP Pirate Warriors would be in that list too lol.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2's OST is so good...