Video game songs that still remain stuck in your head.

Swiftie_Luma said:
Second best DK song.

Right now it's Plantera's theme from Terraria.

The Tragic Prince is a song that also remains stuck in my head.


these two get stuck in my head from time to time
This one is always stuck in my head everyday.
Search Man's theme also does kinda remain stuck in my head.

House of Sacred Remains is another one that remains stuck in my head.

Any Undertale songs. Megalovania the most, as I always listen to it and its remixes. But seriously, praise Toby Fox for these songs.
This song is so repetitive that it remains stuck in my head.

countless hours on my part are not due to playing badly, but rather due to speedrunning, and believe me, 3 hours is not such a long time, especially not for a blind run. I believe my first one was 4ish hours

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Sorry, Youtube has flagged this video for saxual content and hornography. Could still use some more violince.
Corneria from Star Fox is now officially stuck in my head after hearing it manny times. Same with MK8 Sweet sweet canyon.