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"Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us at the Super Mario Wiki! In honor of Ms. Dalziel, a long time contributor here, we gathered this donation to send to you, in hope of your continued efforts to research our feathered friends."

You can tweak it if there are parts you don't like, but I think it accurately sums up why we're giving them the money.
you dont know how hard it was not to put in there somewhere "this donation is for the birds"


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I sent the donation, here is the automated email I got back:

Dear [my name],

Thank you very much for your donation of $1,000.00 to The Living City Foundation in memory of B. "Walkazo" Dalziel.

Your gift will be directed to the Tommy Thompson Park Bird Research Station.

Your support is very much appreciated and will help us to fund projects of Toronto Region Conservation and beyond. Rest assured that your gift will help us to make a difference where human settlement can flourish as a part of nature's beauty and diversity.

If you have any questions, please feel to contact me at 416-667-6291 or by email at

Again, my thanks.

The Living City Foundation
I did receive a pdf to use for tax purposes that I can use as proof of donation. If anyone feels that they need it, I can provide a copy, as well as screen caps of me receiving monetary donations and moving the money around (I had to put it in my bank account because they didn't accept paypal, just bank cards).

I will keep you all updated with any other message I receive.

I also felt I should share this find from the TTPBRS site:

A raptor researcher in Thailand, had heard about the tragedy we had in March concerning Bronwyn. He was moved by her story and commitment to bird research at TTPBRS.

He contacted us and asked if it would be ok to name one of his satellite transmitted birds, Bronwyn. We thought that was a perfect way to honor her.

Only 2 Japanese sparrowhawks have ever been fitted with transmitters. They move through Thailand and Malaysia and little is known on the timing and migration strategies used by these birds.

Bronwyn's movements can be seen on the map.