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Awards Ceremony
Friday, August 12th, 2016

Chat Party: // (11:00 (11:00) PDT / 14:00 (2:00) EDT / 19:00 (7:00) BST)

User Awards IX
// (11:55 (11:55) PDT / 14:55 (2:55) EDT / 19:55 (7:55) BST)

- Walkazo Tribute - Crocodile Dippy
- Opening Script - Anton
- U6. Favorite 2015 Awards Presentation - Neptune99
- U7. Favorite Community LPer - Freakworld
- U3. Favorite Comic - Gabumon
- U4. Favorite User Design - MrConcreteDonkey
- U9. Wiki Contributor Award 2016 - YoshiKong
- U8. Favorite Mafia Game 2015-2016 - Gabumon
- U2. Favorite Written Fiction - NEXandGBX
- U5. Favorite Artist - The Pyro Guy
- U10. Outstanding Community Achievement Award - Contra
- Closing Script - Anton

'Shroom Awards VII
// (13:05 (1:05) PDT / 16:05 (4:05) EDT / 21:00 (9:05) BST)

- Opening Script - RandomYoshi
- S1. Favorite Director - RandomYoshi
- S8. Favorite Written Section Past Year - MrConcreteDonkey
- S2. Favorite Team - Tucayo
- S6. Favorite New Writer - Yoshi2
- S7. Best Use of Images - Freakworld
- S3. Favorite Core Staff - The Pyro Guy
- S5. Favorite Veteran Writer - Andymii
- S9. Favorite Special Issue - Anton
- S4. Favorite Retired Writer - Meta Knight
- S10. 'Shroom Person of the Year 2015-2016 - Gabumon
- Closing Script - RandomYoshi

Fail Awards VIII
// (14:10 (2:10) PDT / 17:10 (5:10) EDT / 22:10 (10:10) BST)

- Opening Script - Turboo
- F1. Worst Character - Gabumon
- F14. Worst Setting - GBAToad
- F12. Worst Game Objective - DragonFreak
- F2. Worst 2D Level - Magikrazy
- F11. Biggest Missed Opportunity - Chibiki Daisy
- F10. Worst Game Mechanic - Gamefreak75
- F8. Worst Mario Kart Course - DragonFreak & N64dude
- F6. Worst Spin-off - Freakworld
- F7. Worst Enemy - Yoshi876
- F3. Worst 3D Level - LN1
- F13. Worst Mario Party Minigame - Cirdec
- F5. Worst Level Concept - Superchao
- F9. Worst Direction of Series - Gabumon
- F4. Worst RPG Area - Nysic
- F15. Most Disappointing Game - Uniju
- Closing Script - Turboo

Mario Awards X
// (15:40 (3:40) PDT / 18:40 (6:40) EDT / 23:40 (11:40) BST)

- Opening Script - Anton/Gabumon/2257
- M1. Best Sound Design - DragonFreak
- M13. Favorite Level Theme - Gabumon
- M12. Favorite Supporting Character - Gabumon
- M22. Favorite Mario Maker Design Element - GBAToad
- M18. Favorite Mario Party Game - Banjonator1
- M4. Favorite Mario Kart Course - Meta Knight
- M5. Favorite DK Game - YoshiKong
- M16. Favorite Item - Chibiki Daisy
- M25. Favorite 2D Level - DragonFreak
- M19. Favorite SSB Character - Stooben Rooben & Super-Yoshi
- M6. Favorite Wario Game - GBAToad
- M3. Favorite Mario Platformer - Meta Knight
- M10. Favorite Partner Developer - Meta Knight
- M8. Favorite Art Style - Gabumon
- M29. Favorite Classic Game (N64/GBC and older) - Toadbert101 & Super-Yoshi
- Bloopers - Anton/Gabumon/2257
- M26. Favorite 3D Level - NSY
- M24. Favorite Wario Character - GBAToad
- M7. Favorite Yoshi Game - Meta Knight
- M14. Favorite Species - Turboo
- M23. Favorite DK Character - Gabumon
- M21. Favorite Puzzle Game - Chibiki Daisy
- M28. Favorite Game Setting - Meta Knight
- M9. Favorite DLC - NSY
- M2. Favorite Mario Kart Game - Lakituthequick
- M27. Favorite Boss Battle - Neptune99
- M11. Favorite Major Character - The Pyro Guy
- M20. Favorite Sports Game - SonicMario
- M17. Favorite Mario RPG - Nabber
- M15. Hardest Boss - The Pyro Guy
- M30. Favorite Game - Anton & N64dude
- Closing Script - Anton/Gabumon/2257

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Chat Party Log 2016


El Psy Kongroo
Banned User
Chiaki Nanami said:
When is signups?
february, its in the other thread.


Anton said:
tbd; will fill out once a solid schedule begins to develop, but the general idea is:

February = AC Sign-Ups

March - June = Weekly AC Meetings

Mid-June = Polls Open; Tournaments begin

EarlyJuly = Presentation Sign-Ups

Mid-July = Polls Close

Early August = Presentations Due

Mid-August = Awards Ceremony

Late-August = Tournaments wrap up; Prize distribution begins


Uh, Ken. Role.
Poll Committee
Bartz Klauser said:
there's no official form or anything; you send a message to Anton asking if you can sign up, that's all
Also send it to Edo according to the page on the wiki.

But what about SonicMario? He just added himself. Did they let him on?

Hibiki Tachibana

Gekisou Gungnir
Forum Moderator
Chat Operator
Core 'Shroom Staff
Awards Committee
Poll Committee
I... don't believe so. If he didn't, then his name is going to be taken off the list unless he applies properly. You'd have to ask Anton, Edo, or 22 to be sure, though.

Either way, just adding yourself to the committee won't do anything, anyway. You need to contact the Awards Staff in order to be added to the group and the hidden board.


King Bowser
I'll join this year. I had plans to last year, but I decided to wait until 2016, now that I experienced on presenting awards (S6, A26).


Celestial Guide
I... I sent in a full application. I decided it would be better to be safe than sorry and send that in. If it was too much work for you I'm really sorry and I'll refrain from doing that.


Star Spirit
Sorry about that Blocky. I PMed Anton and Edo about it cause I realized too late that I was supposed to apply first. It's been a while since I last joined the committee and simply signing up was how it worked before.


Uh, Ken. Role.
Poll Committee
I read on the wiki page that all you needed to do was tell Anton and Edo that you were signing up, but just to be safe I sent a full-ish application.

Ice Cream Man

And It Don't Stop
Core 'Shroom Staff
Poll Committee
I wish I could sign up, but even checking the private board wouldn't help the fact that the meetings are at 1AM in my time zone.


Chat Administrator
Core 'Shroom Staff
Awards Committee
Yeah sending a full application is fine but it's honestly a bit of a lax process. Don't worry either way if you sent us a complete resumé or just said "hey i wanna join".

The Pyro Guy said:
I wish I could sign up, but even checking the private board wouldn't help the fact that the meetings are at 1AM in my time zone.
The meetings are set at a time where the bulk of users would be able to attend, but yeah it's a recurring problem that non-North American users have some issues with attendance as a result. While attending meetings is important, it's not critical. Meeting logs are posted after each one and decisions that have been made can be brought up and reversed in a later meeting. Discussions also take place in the Awards Staff underground board.

In addition, we'll be going through applications shortly. Some of them might not have been sent a message to acknowledge that we've received it but that's likely because I just got back from work and Edo and 22 are away right now, but I promise that tonight we will filter through what we've got and send out results.


Chat Administrator
Core 'Shroom Staff
Awards Committee
Heya, a heads up to a change in policy. We will be stopping AC sign-ups after we process these last few that have been sent in. This is the largest committee we've ever had and I'm quite surprised at how eager everyone's been! Even if you missed the cut you are still welcome to hang out in the awards channel on irc or make posts within this public board here. Thanks to everyone who signed up !!


Chat Administrator
Core 'Shroom Staff
Awards Committee
I went and created the Full List 10 document just to get it started. Currently all it has right now is the last list copy/pasted and highlighted in yellow to show parts that are unedited.

First meeting is in under a month and we're starting right off with A1 and working down, so if you have any ideas now's the time to throw them into our suggestion box so we can work them into meetings :bowjr:


Chat Administrator
Core 'Shroom Staff
Awards Committee
SMB has decided to step down as the Host of 'Shroom Awards due to not having enough time to properly manage the 'Shroom ceremony and the work going into it. RandomYoshi will be taking his place and will be performing all of the duties of 'Shroom Awards Host from now on. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask us or send us a message, but keep in mind now that all official 'Shroom Awards news will be passed through RandomYoshi now!

SMB will still be part of the Awards Committee. We wish both SMB and RandomYoshi good luck!


Chat Administrator
Core 'Shroom Staff
Awards Committee
We have just concluded the final regular AC Meeting of the year. All decisions and discussions from now on will take place in either the Staff board or this public one here.

Things to be expecting coming up are the creation of the polls, tournaments started beginning in June, and presentation sign-ups starting July 1st

くコ:彡 くコ:彡 くコ:彡


Chat Administrator
Core 'Shroom Staff
Awards Committee
Polls are up! VOTE VOTE VOTE