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As some of you may have already noticed, a new "shroomwriter" usergroup (Special:ListUsers/shroomwriter) has been added to the wiki. The 'Shroom namespace and all articles have been restricted to this group, and anybody who holds the shroomwriter rank has the permissions necessary to edit our pages. All 'Shroom staff members (Core Staff, staff consultants, and writers) have been added to this group.

Even if you have the permissions to edit articles, please be sure to request staff approval before: (1.) making major changes to any 'Shroom content posted; (2.) creating any type of page in the namespace; (3.) editing any article on a release day. If a Core Staff member undoes any change that you make, please contact that member privately and resolve the matter before making any further edits.

If you do not have the permission to edit 'Shroom articles and would like to request that a change to a page in the namespace be made, please post about it in the Request for 'Shroom article edits topic or contact a Core Staff member.

Credit to Stooben Rooben, Walkazo, and Porplemontage for getting this whole idea together and functioning.

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please to note that fixing typos or small coding errors is acceptable without permission, that's small details, just... maybe wait until after the core staff have finished posting everything for the issue so there's no edit conflicts


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man what a great idea

thanks stoob, walkazo, and porple for this