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The highlight of the show, Mario Awards IX, will be held here in under 5 hours at 16:40 (4:40) PDT / 19:40 (7:40) EDT / 00:40 (12:40) BST! This ceremony focuses on the absolute best of the Mario series.

16:40 - Mario opening script - Anton
16:45 - A1. Favorite Game Soundtrack (Original) - Stooben (Part 1) (Part 2)
16:50 - A28. Favorite Place - Neptune
16:55 - A27. Favorite Boss Battle - Shoey
17:00 - A7. Favorite Yoshi Game - Meta Knight
17:05 - A14. Favorite Species - Nysic
17:10 - A5. Favorite DK Game - Shoey
17:15 - A17. Favorite Mario RPG - NSY
17:20 - A19. Favorite SSB Character - Cirdec
17:25 - A25. Favorite Super Mario 64/Sunshine Level - Edo
17:30 - A15. Hardest Boss - Banjo
17:35 - A20. Favorite Sports Game - Superchao
17:40 - A3. Favorite Mario Platformer - Smasher
17:45 - A10. Favorite Partner Developer - Meta Knight
17:50 - A8. Favorite Art Direction - Lakituthequick
17:55 - A29. Favorite Classic Game (N64/GBC and older) - Edo


18:05 (6:05) PDT / 21:05 (9:05) EDT / 02:05 (2:05) BST

18:05 - Bloopers - Anton/Smasher
18:15 - A11. Favorite Major Character - SonicMario
18:20 - A22. Favorite Koopaling - Walkazo
18:25 - A4. Favorite Mario Kart Course - Lakituthequick
18:30 - A21. Favorite Puzzle Game - Chibiki Daisy
18:35 - A23. Favorite DK Character - tfp + Stooben
18:40 - A13. Favorite Galaxy - Smg2daisy
18:45 - A9. Most Anticipated Upcoming Game - Yoshi876
18:50 - A2. Favorite Mario Kart Game - Neptune
18:55 - A24. Favorite Wario Character - Bonesy
19:00 - A12. Favorite Supporting Character - Glitchy
19:05 - A26. Favorite Super Mario 3D World Level - Viper26
19:10 - A6. Favorite Wario Game - DragonFreak
19:15 - A18. Favorite Mario Party Game - Chibiki Daisy
19:20 - A16. Favorite Item - Gamefreak75
19:25 - A30. Favorite Modern Game (GCN/GBA and newer) - SLNO
19:30 - Bonus A30 Script - Pidgey
19:35 - Mario closing script - Smasher

Red Barchetta

Talk less, smile more.
I won't be here for the party or anything, but I just wanted to say happy anniversary and I hope today's show is the best one yet! Have fun, everyone <333


Celestial Guide
So it ends at my 4:30 AM. Yeah... definitively not going to stay awake for the whole ceremony.


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idk what you're all waitin' for, awards are canceled


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Core 'Shroom Staff
Awards Committee
Welcome to the Official Mario Awards IX Ceremony!

Tonight is the 10th Anniversary of our beloved Mario Wiki (well actually a couple of night’s ago on the 12th, but, details), with many of us having been here for most if not all of it, and many of you enjoying your first anniversary ceremony tonight! So far this year we’ve all enjoyed a whole lot more tournament than we’ve ever hosted before (many of which are still on-going!), along with the fantastic release of the ‘Shroom’s 100th issue, ‘Shroom, UP, and Fail Awards Ceremonies, and now finally the main event: The Mario Awards Ceremony!

I want to thank our back-up presenters (Shoey, Ltq, and Edo) for taking on as many awards as they did this year. I hope the midway checkpoint helped ease some of the wait and stress off of doing last-minute presentations; I know I felt it helped a lot!

Also I’d like to thank the Awards Committee, the rest of our presenters, and anyone else who has helped along the way. Running the entire ceremony start-to-finish sure is a lot different than just hosting Userpedia Awards, but everything has gone as smoothly as it could have, and I hope the rest of the night goes the same!

Rather than blabbing too much now, I’ll save whatever else I can think of for after the ceremony runs its course.

Hope you all enjoy our show and all of the hard work put into it!!

Stooben is up first with A1 - Favorite Game Soundtrack (Original)