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Welcome to the Official Userpedia Awards VIII Ceremony!

I’m proud to say that this year’s attempt to up the quantity of votes while maintaining the quality of them we had last year was a success!! Both of the community awards (Shroom and UP) receive easily 4x/5x the amount of votes we had last year, and all of the results make sense! No Dry Bones Jr, thank goodness. The dossiers got some more attention that they deserved, without throwing it into the mass public to receive hundreds of uninformed votes. Plus, I spammed them every day in chat, so, !!!. This method worked out quite well and will likely be maintained next year.

As for the state of UP as I usually give out each year as host, we’re chuggin’ along! Nothing really too new in terms of site design or integrity; things are quite steady. I do thank the UP staff for sticking around despite minimal activity because while it’s a sleepy site it does house pretty much all of our community’s information and fan works, and provides a space for people to store their creative things.

Before I try too hard to be long-winded, let’s just get to the awards! That’s what we’re here for, right?

tb and tfp are up next with U1 - Favorite Retired User